Muhammad Alshareef – Taraweeh Truffles Day 4 a Little Cup of Sugar

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of knowing the audience and being willing to speak accordingly in speech. They also mention the use of the phrase "the head of the beast" in the Bible, as it relates to the companionship of the Prophet Muhammad. The speaker emphasizes the need to be ahead of the crowd and speak accordingly in a speech.
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boiling water, okay, if you were to take a pot of boiling water, hopefully not with your bare hands like this, but if you were to take a pot of boiling water and you were to put in a carrot, what would happen to the carrot? It would soften. Okay, so you think that boiling water softens everything you go around boiling water boiling water while it softens the carrot. But if you were to take that same pot of boiling water and put an egg into it, would it soften the egg? No, you say it would harden the egg. Okay, so the same boiling water that softens the carrot hardens the egg, meaning that you need to know your audience. Let's take a look at this verse today. Semi mount

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Meena lOn.

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Della home, while Oaken one Ali Ivana Mila, from Moomin Holic thoughtform foreign whom was still Fetullah, home washer with room

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for either

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law in law, hang him boom with our King.

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In this verse, Allah subhanaw taala is recalling the moment in the Battle of ahould. When the Prophet said Allah they sent him took the consultation from his companions. And even though he wanted to fight inside the city, the prophets of the lightest sent him followed their consultation and went out to the plains of or HUD. Check this out. If we were with a group of people, and we did consultation with people and they chose the wrong thing, but we went with it anyway. And then things didn't turn out. What would we do? We would get angry at them, we would say I told you so we will keep doing things like that. But that's not how the prophets of Allah Allah said, unreacted Allah

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subhanaw taala said that it's out of Allah's mercy that the prophets of Allah, Allah said him, treated them gently. And if he was harsh or hard hearted with them, they would have left him and they would have dispersed from amongst him. So the lesson that we learned today as followers of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Is that us too when we're teaching the youth or we're speaking to elders, or speaking to people in this class of society, or people in that area society, our speech can't just be boiling water everywhere we go, we need to understand our audience, and we need to speak accordingly. Ali Radi Allahu taala, on who gave an amazing statement in this regard, I

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laid out the allowance on Iran who said had Dieter Naseby, Marathi phone, speak to people about things that they understand what Tao Yun Kiran, and leave aside things that they don't understand. And let me just give you a personal example if I'm going to give a speech. And you know, they tell me that the audience is going to be adults. And then when I arrive at the location, all of a sudden, there's like a Quran School of little children that are brought out of the school and they're like, here's your audience, you would understand that the speech can't be the same. I can speak to children, the way that I would speak to adults, the speech has to change. And so therefore, as well

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in your life, you have to change up your speech, depending on who your audience is. Another beautiful point about this idea is that it speaks of the virtues of the companions, lovely Allah Tala, I don't see not everybody, if you treat them harshly, will go away from you. People who have low self esteem people are just like, you know, there's issues with them. If you treat them really harshly, that they will stay and they will obey. So for example, for their own hair, his people, Allah subhanaw taala said he lied to them, he treated them harshly, but they listened to fit our own. And that was at the time of Musa so this verse shows that the companions that are the Allah

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horn, whom were people of honor people who if somebody treated them badly, they wouldn't stand for that and they would move away. And so you see the nobility and the power of the companions that are the Allah Donna, I know, even in the same family, right? Yeah, brothers and sisters, or you might have you know, your siblings older and younger. If you look at it from the parents perspective, that the advice that you give to one child in a certain way or the way you speak to them, doesn't necessarily work with his brother or with his sister, and so on, so forth.

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That's even in one family than what about the whole community and the people that you deal with. The bottom line is this be wise in your speech and be merciful with people and forgive them?

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