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The Story of the Elephant

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We're going to look at lessons from the story of the elephant.

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We said in our last lesson, we took the religious background of Arabia. And we stopped at Christianity, where abraha The Hobbit came to destroy what? the Kaaba. And what happened was, when he came on his way and the outskirts of Mecca. He and his soldiers, sees some camels 200 belong to her.

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And Abdulmutallab wanted to hold the meeting. She's not right, and cause for us to get my camels back. So he called for a meeting and Abdullah had decided, Okay, this guy's a leader from his people. Okay, I have a meeting with him. And I believe that's what we stopped. Yes. So shala we're gonna look at that story. So we're going to take that now. And then we're going to take the lessons from Surah tofield.

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So when Abdulmutallab walked into this meeting, and Abdulmutallab was described as a man of dignity and honor and respect, he had this haber about him. So when I saw this, he goes, Oh, my God, this is not right. I'm a king sitting up on the throne. And this man comes with such dignity and honor Nananana it's not right. I can't have this. It's not appropriate. But he didn't want to get Abdulmutallab to sit on the throne with him because only the king sits there. So what did he do? He went down and he sat on the floor with Abu Talib and he says, What would you like? I said, your soldiers, see his camels on the way to Mecca. 200 belong to me. I want him back. I was shocked. He

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says what? We've come to destroy your honor, your heritage, your ancestry, your religion, your carbon for crying out loud, and I asked him about his camels. Because when you work, then I'll put you up here. So much respect for you. But now,

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didn't he have lost all respect for you? So Abdulmutallab gives an amazing response. He said, I am the master of my camels are protect them. The Kaaba has its master.

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Allah, he'll protect it.

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Abroad the know what to say? Yes. All right. Give him his camels back. What is he going to say to that? He takes his camels Abdulmutallab goes back to his people because everyone else evacuate. We're leaving this place we're gonna be talking about is don't worry a lower protect this house. They all go to the mountaintops looking on to see what's going to happen with these elephants. And Abdulmutallab begins began to make up for a lot to protect his house.

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Now Abraham is there with his army and at the head of the army, what is it a big elephant. So he tells the elephant attack the elephant sits down.

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As the climax it's going on attack the elephant attack one go anyway. So they go strong with this elephant I start stabbing it literally with the species doesn't move. Take it left it goes left take a right it goes right take it back it goes back go forward and attack the Kaaba sits down.

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Later on in the theater we're gonna learn about a similar incident where a camel sat down did a refuse to move and also la said

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hi basata are happy habits or habits will feel the one who restrained it is the one who restrain the elephant meaning Allah leave it upon a law that's later in the sealer. So this elephant refused. Okay, hold on, so we're going to go on without it. So they all go in to destroy the Kaaba with the army. But Allah sends an army upon them an army of birds, that suit will feel what happened in the story of the elephant. I'm not dedicated a soldier to it into Zambia. We're going to look at the words from that sorta to show us and show us all of the eloquence of Allah's words and the lessons we can derive from it. What Allah says, and I'm Tara Kay FIFA and our Oh boo cabbie us. Hi, Bill

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feel. Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant? Lm Yeah, Jaden Kay the home fee totally did not make the plan go astray. Waldo Salah I lay him on a Bobby. He said upon them. Bird in multitudes flux upon flux daarmee here behind him in CG, throwing upon them stones of hardened clay by gyla whom cast him swim cool. And it left them in heaps of eating up straw and grass. When an animal eats some leaves straw grass in the remainder fall out of its mouth and just stay on the floor. That's calcium. Cool. That's how they looked.

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Have you ever seen birds in multitudes?

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will lay it an amazing sight. I

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want to show you something. If you go on YouTube, even on your phone if you want to pull it out and type in starlings or birds in flux on YouTube. And you'll see something algae

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wanted to show you if your take out your phone type in stylings.

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Look at that.

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eyewitness accounts say that the Oh was it was the sky was black literally black. And you can see when birds gather like that they make the sky black literally.

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Those are birds.

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Now, Allah tala says lm Tara. Okay follow bookmobiles haven't seen the word tala

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in Arabic is not like right and right. This is the present tense use of the word.

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Allah tala could have said. Allah, Allah. Allah tala, for example uses that in another sorta, or eight and letter you can be will be Dean, or eight is past tense from

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past tense. Now what's the difference in Arabic just like in English, past tense verbs only refer to the past. Present tense verbs refer to the present and future. Like for example, the word ate. You only use that for the past, you can say by tomorrow, you can use it for the future. But you can use the word eating which is used for now. And the future you say I'm eating now and I'll be eating out tomorrow is the let's call them OData form in Arabic Madonna is present and future. So Allah Allah is saying lm Tara, the present future tense. You might ask why this happened in the past. Although Allah azza wa jal is showing us what he did to those companions of the elephant in the past. This is

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a lesson for every tyrant every oppressor in history. This is a lesson for all those who wish to transgress against the commands of Allah. So it's a lesson for the oppressors

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how Allah will deal with them in every age. That's the beauty of Allah Santera. Although this happened in the past as the first lesson

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and Amir al Qaeda home feet of Lille, commonly translated and if you want to take out the most half or the your phone and look at the ayat before your very eyes, that'll actually be better. I'd prefer that that way. You can see the the eloquence and beauty of last words before you lm Mia al Qaeda, Humphrey totally did not make their plot go astray. Yeah, john. Now john,

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is commonly translated as did not make and so forth. And there's other words in Arabic filmakers sana, there's Hanukkah there's antiA, what's the difference? Now Hanukkah would be used for something when you make something out of nothing. Whereas Java is not. Not necessarily. For example, you take an apple and you convert it to apple juice. That's gyla show is to take something and make it into something else. In other words to transform.

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That's Giada. So Allah azza wa jal, he took the plot there, Kate, what did he do? He transformed it. And he transformed it into something else. What did he transform it into? And let me educate on fee what totally what's the lead

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astray like the word bond, and ball lien, and Allah, Allah, all those words connect that lead astray? So he took their plot right at the end, and he made it go astray. He made it veer off, literally. You might ask, Well, why didn't Allah destroy them from here? Well, at the beginning, why did he allow them to get all the way to Mecca and then destroy them?

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Because Allah azza wa jal made them amass the wealth, gather the resources, get the army, secure the funds, secure the training, secure the soldiers, get the elephants get everything, make all the way there and then make it go astray. And that is far worse, because now they've wasted all of their wealth and all of their resources. The punishment is far worse. Allah azza wa jal extends to Kufa in the rebellion. He asked me about Bashar Al Asad, for example. This is what Allah azza wa jal does. He said another area, William would do home fito Yanni him Yama, Hoon, Yama, Dahomey stretches them out, he extends them in their rebellion. Peto Yan him in a transgression why, I think it's good for

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them happy. It's actually worse for them. They are digging the grave deeper. You can imagine at school for example, a kid at lunchtime is mucking up and the teacher sees him. He doesn't bust him just yet. He's looking looking looking. Keep going. The kid doesn't know. The kid doesn't know the teachers watching. Is that good for him? The kids thinks he is getting away with it thinks it's got free. I love it. slapping this kid pinching that kid Isn't that good? He thinks Ah, no one's watching me. The teachers watching by the teacher doesn't get him just yet why? He's filing a case against him literally. But at the end of lunch, what happens? Oh, come in, and that kid is finished.

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That kid is finished. But if the teacher got it from the beginning won't be as bad. Like when a person goes on a high speed car chase but the cops the cop just wanted to pull them over because of a tail light. But the guy he runs red light and he's destroying property. He kills a few people on the way

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Megha is done with my the book is read on him. So the scholars said this is what allows us to the kuffar the guy thinks is free and the gaffer will say that to you, my I drink, I commit fornication I do drugs. Where's God? What's gonna happen to me now, mate? Right? What's happening? Nothing. See, I'm a free guide, and No, you're not. And the scholars gave the parable of a dog. Yeah, poor diagram. I know. He's on a leash. It's a one meter leash, right? one meter leash. Now when that dog tries to get away, what's going to happen? It's just literally going to get tugged, right?

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Compare now. Not you don't have a one meter leash, you have a 100 meter leash? What's gonna happen to that dog? That dog thinks it's free? It's gonna run 100 miles an hour. What happens when it reaches 100 meters?

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Literally can rebel it's Nick. Which is far more painful one meter or 100 meters under meters, no doubt. That is what allowed us to look for. That is what Allah azza wa jal does to the tyrants and the presses. William would do him as we said, we told him don't think Allah is heedless. Now Allah knows. He's waiting. That's actually digging the grave deeper. So that's the beauty of an EMEA al Qaeda fetal blood, right at the last minute he transformed it. That's far more worse. That's what allows it we just said about the Kufa that they will use their money, their resources, go to war with the Muslims, that will lose and they'll be thrown into the hellfire. So get America right now

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they are in millions upon millions and billions of dollars in debt. And they're regretting it. Why? Because of what they own hands of course, in wars, they call it the war on terror. No, I call it the war of terror. That's the beauty of that. So Allah azza wa jal, he extends, Cofer

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extends them in their rebellion.

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Because they are digging the graves deeper.

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And we gave the example of we said the dog and also the child at school or the person trying to run away from the cops. So these are all examples that we can relate to.

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One or two words in the Quran that just give you so much meaning you can give shorthand for like an hour. But when you read the translation, it doesn't give you those gems unfortunately.

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Okay, lesson three what what can we learn from the soldier

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based on the language?

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What else Allah Allah him?

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Allah tala sent upon employed, what's the toil?

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Literally birds.

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You think birds why birds? These kuffaar come with the creature.

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They did what creature, the elephant so Allah azza wa jal came with a creature as well. Birds see the beauty there. They came with a creature of luck and with his own creature. So that's showing you the beauty of Allah we're sending birds a type of creature.

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And if you look at the difference between the elephant and the bird, the elephant is huge. The bird is small. The elephant can crush it literally by stepping on it splat. Allah has a region. His show is teaching us something it's not about size.

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And it's not about strength. Because birds, what do you associate with them? strength or weakness? weakness, right? Usually birds are weak. Have you ever heard of someone getting stomped to death by bird? Maybe Big Bird in Sesame Street? That's really the biggest again, again.

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front page news. I got to get his brain picked up by a bird. You never hear that. You hear a cat person got eaten by a shark? Or a lion? Or a bear? Right? That's possible. But birds you don't hear a bird killing people. So Allah azza wa jal is showing us that yes, although you associate weakness to birds, but don't worry. It's not about strength here. It's not about artillery. It's not about size. It's not about numbers. It's about having a law on your side. That's what counts. That's what counts to the believer. It's about having a larger region on your side because if a law is all that you have, it's all that you need. That's what we are concerned about in Islam have a lot of agents.

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So although the elephants you associate strength with Allah, Allah is saying now, doesn't matter how strong you may think you are. Allah, that is far stronger. He is a cabal, Allahu Akbar. He is the greatest he's the strongest. And that's the beautiful lesson we can learn. They came with a creature Allah came with the creature birds a week but when it comes to Allah azza wa jal one mega Allah mudaraba Allah who no one knows the soldiers of Alexey team.

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Now something beautiful from the grammar.

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In the Hadith, Allah, Allah said by Allah He didn't say avoid.

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Avoid is different from point. What do you notice at the beginning? Elif lab, what is Alif lambda What does it mean?

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Specify something verb. It means when something is known, you put Alif Lam, it's called a Latif literally tarrif means something, you know from out of it. For example, if I said did you go to the lesson, the lecture, I use the word V, because something you know about, but if I said did you go to a lecture or lecture? So this is used when it's something which is known, right? But a lot didn't say, added here, meaning these were unknown. These words were unknown. When Abdulmutallab saw them. He said, How did you do? Well, they said Germania, these birds are not from Yemen, not from Niger never seen these type of birds before. These were birds that were unknown to the Arabs before they

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knew what birds were, but they never seen these types of birds. Why did Allah send birds that were unknown? Because they came with something that was unknown to the Arabs before? They came with something which is unknown in warfare? What was it the elephants see the beauty work what they came with something that was unknown to the Arabs? elephants when they saw the photos of dinosaur was this whenever seen this hidden warfare before? So Allah sent upon them something which is unknown. Another amazing lesson you can derive just by Allah, not even mentioning an unknown birds because they came with unknown elephants in warfare. Elephants weren't used in war before.

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Not to the Arabs but ever seen in Yes.

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Tamim fourth lesson

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thermi him behind your messages what started me him translated us

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to throw? Right Tell me him.

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The word Tommy it came from Rami

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what's wrong me?

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It's a type of sport.

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archery, in Arabic. Rami is archery.

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What do you associate with archery?

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Good, trying to hit

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a target.

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These birds came with hegemons g that came with stones, hardened stones targeting h gaffer and majorem. These were like homing missile devices upon a lot. In other words, each bird came with a special Black Ops mission to assassinate each Muslim h criminal literally, it came with a targeted missile attack that had two stones, one in each claw. One it's Big Sur three altogether. And that will come in literally they'll throw them and I'll come targeted at each person literally with a missile with his name on it coming right for his head. That's the beauty of that me him from Rami archery. you aim at something. And when you shooting an arrow, do you shoot it from a close distance

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or from a far distance? far right? This indicates that a medium that is archery it was at a distance these birds were high up in the sky. And the higher something is the harder it

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falls acceleration due to gravity. These stones were coming at lightning speed. They were coming so fast. It's mentioned in the Tafseer that they would penetrate their skulls and come out through their backsides What's something today that could do that what something so hard that can penetrate the skull and we know the scores the hardest bone in the body bullets literally, but they were coming faster than bullets because usually bullets stay within you if they if you get shot with one these are coming out the other end. So they're coming at lightning speeds upon law, acceleration

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due to gravity

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and it's one thing to hit your target. But to hit it with speed and lightning speed is another and these were coming really fast. The last thing we can learn from Tommy him

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is it's not a metronome or a metronome is the from Rama the past tense that meet him is not past tense, it's

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back remember present tense metadata and future tense. So the present future tense form of the verb was used.

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The fact that the melodic form of the word was used that made him not a metronome not past tense In other words, it wasn't just one throw of Iraq and that is it. They kept coming present future tense In other words, these stones pellets bullet could come in one after another. You can imagine this carefully hammers hammers, you know, they're gonna keep on coming. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, like a rain of stones, rain of bullets, Allahu Akbar. So that's what it indicates it in the case. It was like a continuous, pelting, a continuous bashing of stones. That's painful. We have had rocks thrown in here.

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These are just rocks. The rocks going so fast. They're like bullets. So it's continuous rain of bullets.

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Rain of stones a lot, but the only That's amazing.

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Just from one word, my brother's. Look how much Allah azza wa jal is giving us thermae him tells you that and more but we're not

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Time to go into more. But finally

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point five in a person might ask why all of these graphic details

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quite vivid imagery, isn't it? Why?

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Because of how Allah began the sutra he said lm tala okay for

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what escape me how it's okay for hi Luca, how are you? So kafer in Arabic means how? When you ask how it's going to come with details. A lot of them say lm Tara mattifier rabuka What did you do? Oh, he destroyed them that is the end of story but he said gave her father How did he destroy them? How did he deal with them? You know when you ask for example, what did you eat? Pasta? What? simple answer how did you cook that's going to come with details about the water but the pastor and put the oil put the bottle put the tomato paste 123 so when you ask how how gives you details. So see the beauty of Allah azza wa jal giving us details because he said okay for how did you deal with him? He

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did this and he died in 123 is Allah. So that's the beauty of Allah, we're just starting off with Ganesha. And he giving us all of these details and more that's a summary based on the language of Allah azza wa jal using details of how he dealt with us haberfield

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and Dr. Fahad andis.

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He's a scholar who specializes in the field of aviation, and engineering.

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And he has a PhD in these fields. And he's written a book called A player on

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aviation in the Quran. And he goes on to describe the details of how Allah azza wa jal gives us so much detail about aviation and other topics and other fields in the Qur'an. And among the topics. Among the details of aviation come in this sort of sorted field. He says sorted field tells you gives you an idea about strength.

00:22:03--> 00:22:07

It gives you also details about position of strength.

00:22:09--> 00:22:11

And it also gives you details

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about modern day warfare.

00:22:17--> 00:22:31

Yeah, this year, you could say, maybe separate year. So although I forgot about this point is really six as we said in the beginning, point six was this modern day warfare. Now, modern day warfare, you have an advantage when you are

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above aerial advantage, just like today, modern day warfare, where they used to have an aero advantage fighter jets. So this sorta is literally telling you about modern day means of technology today that we have is telling you about having an aerial advantage over your enemies of your opponents. And modern day warfare shows us this exactly. With fighter jets usually when a nation as far as just a very powerful, they can destroy countries, villages on mass. And usually what are the fighter jets carry?

00:23:04--> 00:23:13

bombs, missiles, and where do they carry them beneath or on top? beneath, usually, and so where did these birds carry their homing missile devices beneath them?

00:23:14--> 00:23:51

Exactly how modern day usage of warfare with fighter jets? Well, what about the Qur'an gives us so much so Dr. Fahad landers. He goes on to say, how much is the man lost by abandoning the column lost so much over this? This is the answer. We want to omit to get back to its glory. We got to get back to the Grand full stop. Many people ask why is Obama like this? Because of abandoned nuclear medicine? That is the mother of all the books. People go to every book except that first No, we start with the Quran. We ask Allah azza wa jal to give us understanding and implementation of his book. I mean, does that come along later on?

00:23:52--> 00:23:55

for homework? Question.

00:23:56--> 00:24:05

Abraham is army what religion were they Christians, the people of Aqaba, the Missouri corn. What is closer to Islam?

00:24:06--> 00:24:20

Christianity, Christians, why did Allah destroy the Christians and leave those economic mosque? Wait a minute, the machico no further away from Islam? Why did Allah destroy the Christian? The closer to Islam? Interesting. Give me an answer.

00:24:24--> 00:24:54

Yeah, because that Christianity was Abra. That's the story. That's his whole story. So we talked about it a little bit, I can send you the recording. We went on to mention how a man went to a Yemen. And he started to call to Christianity and the boy and the king and the companions of the ditch. And then that man after the believers were massacred. One man went to complain. He went to the Romans, the Romans called the Emmons the abyssinians on them, when they went took a Valium and an Abra came from there. And he decided to build his own Cathedral.

00:24:55--> 00:25:00

That was the whole study. So that's how they came to Arabia because

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

The story of the companions of the ditch