Haifaa Younis – Q&A – Salah during Labour

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the concept of "med component" and explains that it refers to the process of producing a breast. He uses the analogy of a "med component" to describe the process of breastfeeding a baby. He also mentions that "medicals and breast tissue" are two separate things.
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what stage of labor the woman does not require to perform salah and it basically depends on what your school of thought you follow. The Imam Ahmed el madhhab will humbly humbly school of thought it actually nefas or postpartum starts when the woman starts passing a blood associated with labor. So she's still pregnant, but she's in labor pass the blood nifa starts the three school of thoughts, the other three school of thoughts. Actually, the new fast postpartum starts after the delivery of the baby. And

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once the woman pass the deliver the baby, then usually the postpartum period starts

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