Muhammad Al Bizry – Seerah – Episode 06

Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the birth of Messala Benmarket and Messala Benmarket's father, the loss of women and children due to the pandemic, and the negative impact of the pandemic on people, including lost of work and lack of social interaction. The desert culture is described as clean and purer, with no evil traits or evil behavior. The importance of motherhood is also emphasized, with animals being produced milk and milk taken out of the desert to provide food for their children. The speaker emphasizes the importance of patient and caring for animals, as well as the importance of being patient with flocks and not giving too much information.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So in this field necta under the chapter of his birth, we're going to look at, firstly,

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his nursing, who looked after him as a young baby boy, then we're going to look at his childhood,

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early 80s and then we're going to look at his adulthood as a young man,

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his type of work, what he did for work, what he did as a tradesman.

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And then that'll take us into because of his work Alhamdulillah he married the love of his life, how deja brought the law one

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and then from there, we go into inshallah Tada. When he would, when isolation became beloved to him,

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and preferred so he would go to the cave of headlock and that's when he received the first revelation. We'll leave that to the end inshallah Tada. As for his nursing,

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the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was first nursed by

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of course, yes, his mother and oh, amen. Apart from his mother, who was first noticed by a man in your notes of the shield nectar. It says,

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the first woman who cycled him after his mother was through yaiba, ortho webvr

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Naam, the freed slave,

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the conky one will have because Allah was his uncle was the Son masrour.

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So she shackled him, and she also cycled Hamza.

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Ignore Abdulmutallab. Therefore, his uncle was also his foster brother, and others so he had many foster brothers and foster sisters. However, he did not have blood brothers and blood sisters. He was the only child Mohamed Salah Salah was the only child but he had many foster brothers and sisters. So he was first cycled by her and she was also Allahu Allah with the same one on what a man or woman was, could be her Konya. Now, as for when he was a baby,

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it was the custom of the Arabs to send their kids out to the deserts in the rural life way.

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Good because of the Arabic number one, as you know, in cities, especially where cities that receive a lot of migrants and so forth, it can affect the language they can come with your own terms slang, etc. And it can corrupt the late the original Arabic language, therefore, the outer parts of the city, like in the desert, they will most eloquent therefore they would send them out to learn the Arabic properly. That's one reason. Secondly,

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yes, to also it was a harsher lifestyle over there. And when things are tough and rough, it actually consolidates your character strengthens you. The struggles you face today are developing the strengths that you need for tomorrow, because it was a rough lifestyle. It was actually better for the kids. When you give your kid and you give a child everything, blessings upon blessings, and every game they want every toy they want, what happens? spoil them. That's why it's called spoil because I literally become spoiled. You've wrecked them. You've wrecked them. So to teach them to toughen up a little bit, it's actually a good thing. And that's why they say be cruel to be kind.

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Not actually because you hate your child, but rather to discipline them. So the discipline was good there. Another reason?

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Good, the deserts were healthy environments, why bacteria and so forth can survive in extremely hot environments. Literally, it will die. It's not a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and so forth. And it was much cleaner and pure there in the desert.

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And especially when people would come to Mecca because of what

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pilgrimage, Hajj they come from other parts of the land, other parts of Arabia, and they may bring diseases. So it was much purer and cleaner to go out to the desert areas. Another reason?

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Yes, good manners. Usually you find the rural areas, they have more morals and manners and so forth. Those who live out in the farms and so forth. But you find the vices, those evil qualities and traits in the society they found in the cities. Go to the city, you see pubs, clubs, brothels are the biller, you go out into maybe more western suburbs, or you go out further into the farmland, you don't have such evil there are not as much. So the city is a place of corruption, because of corruption. That's what you find a lot of people who work as farmers they have the pure fitrah hasn't been corrupted like those in the city. So many benefits. So they knew that they knew that so

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that would send the kids to be nursed. They send them away outside of the cities into the desert areas. So

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what would happen is that these women from the desert areas, they would come every year, and they'll come and take some children to look after them. So everyone wins because now they're earning money. So the parents benefit because they

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kids are learning all of these, as we said, morals and manners and so forth and it's healthier. And these women who come to suckle and nurse the children, they're getting money out of it the type of work.

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One of these women what was called Halima, Halima Sadie from bento sad.

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She says she came to Mecca one year and this was a year of famine, you have drought, your poverty and hardship.

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And among the many kids, we saw this one child by the name of Muhammad,

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this young, beautiful boy, but no one wanted to take him why

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he was an orphan, has no father who's gonna pay up. Of course, they're looking for work, usually an orphan. An orphan by definition, has no father, they're not going to pay as much as someone else. So he was neglected. No one wanted to take him. So Halima says that night, all the women went back to the campsite, Camp area, each having a child that they're going to take back, except myself. So I said to my husband, look, I don't have anyone and the only child that was left with this young boy named Muhammad is an orphan boy, maybe I'll go back tomorrow and get him. He said, perhaps a lot. Allah will bless us by that she's okay. So she decides to go back the next morning and take Muhammad

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Yunus. So she does so she takes him back. She says also Halima a few nights before that. She was complaining of having very little sleep, why

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her baby will keep crying because she had no milk. As we said it was a year of famine, drought, hardship, she had no milk, literally to provide for her son. And the fact that the animals also couldn't graze, as we said, a year of drought, and so forth, they couldn't graze properly. They also had no milk. So the last few nights were extremely difficult on her and her husband, because her son would keep her up all night. And you know, as your child is up all night, you can't sleep it was very difficult. She said, as soon as I took Mohammed, he immediately came to my breast and he began to cycle and I was surprised to see how much milk was available for him. All this milk just came out

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all of a sudden, and he had to refill. And I had enough milk also left over for my son, and he had to refill as well. Immediately the Basilica of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was a parent.

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And she said on the way to Mecca,

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of course they had to ride there. We had this old frail donkey, very slow holding everyone up. Everyone was complaining about us. On the way back it was the fastest donkey of the lot. It was bidding everyone, the bulk of russula had already, as we said become apparent and evident. So the people began to say hey, Halima, is this the same donkey you came to Mecca with said yes, same one. Again, something's up here. When they went back to the land,

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as we said, because it was a year of drought and famine, the animals they couldn't graze, but there wasn't, you know, proper pasture lands and so forth. He said, however, immediately there was and the animals all began to graze properly, and they were producing a lot of milk for us. So the other tribes and other people, they began to tell the shepherds go and take your animals to graze where haleema animals are grazing, maybe you'll get some of the Baraka. So Paula, so the husband of haleema said, You have brought back to us a blessing. So this young boy, he said, there's so much Baraka in him and they knew it was from this young boy, Mohammed Solanas, and and of course, they

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didn't know what was gonna happen in the future.

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So now we're already enjoying the fruits of the Baraka of Mohammed's a lesson, although he's only a newborn, so panel or very young, so she looked after him for how many years?

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It's supposed to be up to two years, right unites them for two years. So upon the completion of two years, you take them back. So at the completion of this two year period, Halima takes Mohammed back to his mother, what's her name?

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Amina. However, they didn't want to give him up. Because of all the Baraka that they were enjoying, you know, enjoying all the fruits. So they went to his mother and they said, Look, they made up all of these excuses, the city's not safe, you might get harmed diseases, let him stay with us for a bit more, they get the she goes okay, they managed to give into Alhamdulillah. So, they Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam ends up staying with Halle, Malanga and some duration, say five to six years.

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Forget the money that I'm going to get from his father. She's getting all these extra balika so it was worth it. They wanted to keep him. Allahu Akbar.

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If you go to the next page,

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it goes on to mention back to his compassionate mother.

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Why did he go back to his mother because there was an incident that happened when he was around five or six years old. One day, his foster brother runs into the house, crying a human kurush a human kurush my brother from Christ, my brother from Croatia. Hello, Mrs. What happened? He said Mohammed has been killed. What do you mean? He said two men came from the heavens dressed in white. They pinned him to the floor and they split open his chest and killed him is murdered.

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Halima rushes out the old Russia. And I see Hamilton was a young boy five or six years old. He's on the floor. He's okay but he's pale and white. What happened? The prophet SAW the lesson and told us jabril la Selim descended with another angel. And they literally opened up his chest and took out his heart. They watched the exam and they removed something. It's called How to shade on the portion and shade of shade on they removed it from his heart. They washed his heart with Zamora and then they put it back into his chest, literally. And one of the Sahaba said, I've seen the mark on the Prophet sallallahu sallam, his chest, where it was split, it literally happened. And I'm not sure

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halakha sobre

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Allah, they literally split it open his chest to split on three different occasions. That was one another was before the revelation, because it's going to get ready for the words of Allah that a heavy, and the third was on La slotland Mirage before he communicates to Allah.

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So happened three times all up? Yes, three times. So the first was here.

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splitting of his chest.

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It was split three times. Yes. This just was split three times first was there. And his youngboy second was before revelation. And the third was when he was taken up to La slotland Mirage, because you're going to communicate with a lot. A lot of people they get anxious and nervous when they're going to stand before their boss or in front of a judge. Right? start sweating and panicking. You're not going to stand before a boss here. You're going to stand before a ladder, which is the king of kings, the judge of judges. So it's going to be a terrifying experience. Your heart needs to be ready for it. approximately six years old. Yeah, five to six years old. That's right. So that's when

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it goes back to his compassionate mother after this event. It says in your notes. So nectar haleema was worried about the boy. She's worried now. She said, Okay, what happened? This boys is telling me these two men came down from heaven. She thought it was a shake on. He shot some devil some devil has come to him and literally ripped out his chest. She became frightened. She took Mohammed back to his mother to come back to Amina. He can take your son back now.

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I don't want anything to do with it. Why? Amina was worried. What do you mean? You just said you wanted him when you're scared for his welfare. And she's not it's better for him to be with his mother. And she goes No, no, no, no, no. Tell me what's going on. She said she told him of the story. She's I feel that a devil could harm him. She said no.

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This is the Prophet Muhammad's mother. Amina said no. I had the lightest pregnancy with him. And when I delivered him, I saw this light emerged from me reaching all the way out to be allowed to Sham said no, no harm will touch him. He's protected by law. So his mother knew deep down knowing that this This boy is not going to be harmed by a shaper. So he goes back to his mother. So that's now his nursing. As for his childhood.

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He stays with his mother Amina

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until which age?

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Yes, until he is six.

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So he didn't really say much with us upon

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six years old. Amina his mother decides to go and visit her husband's grave 400 kilometers away name and Medina as a quarter of a lot that she does on the way back. So now Mohammed Salah Selim is left without any parents. But don't worry, never doubt Allah's plan. Because he became the master and leader of orphans of the future the orphan who inherited the world, a large region is preparing him. Sometimes people they look at others and they say that person had a very bad history broken home and don't let that fool you. That person can sometimes be the best of people.

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Use of Allah Islam, before he became a leader of Egypt, a lot prepared him out. Firstly separated him from his family. Secondly, false accusations. Thirdly, imprisonment.

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Glad tidings to the Muslim prisoners, brothers and sisters who are locked up glad tidings to them, separate from the family falsely accused imprisoned local. These trials that you go through, don't worry, they actually strengthening you. So he now he stays with her after his mother passed away. He stays with

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Abdulmutallab Who was that?

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Profits grandfather from six years old, and he stays with him for how many years?

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Two years only. So when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was eight years of age what happens? Abdulmutallab also passed away Allahu Akbar to test after test, although he's very young.

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So who did you go to now? I will call him his uncle

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sam Mohammed salatu salam is looked after by Abu Talib for the next 40 years.

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As it says exactly there in your notes from the

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For the next 40 years his uncle Abu Talib will look after him support him financially, emotionally and otherwise, up until he receives Prophethood and beyond obatala Rasul Allah had a deep love and attachment

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and although he died as a gift,

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unfortunately the prophet SAW LaSalle and made that for him and because of the drought and his intercession, he is placed in a shallow part of the Hellfire

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that is so hot. Although shallow, it's so hot that his brain will boil.

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That's a shallow pot you can only imagine the depths of jahannam a terrifying

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no person who dies as a catfish dies is associating a pile of Allah will stay in Hellfire for

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no and that's not surprising because we find other prophets had family members who were disbelievers. Like Lord, Abraham's father was a gift that his father

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Lot's wife, nurse wife

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will leave that for another time, inshallah.

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it seems that they Dinah's disbelievers. And that's not surprising, because Abraham Hardin law says that was a disbeliever they did not die on the top hit.

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There were some who didn't know of Islam in the time, but they still had that natural disposition to worship Allah like they did Mama.

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He died, although before Prophethood he died in the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when the Prophet was alive, but he knew, while it was still a system, he knew that Allah is the only one worthy of worship.

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This man zayde able to fail, they did not. He knew that Allah is the only one worthy of worship, he left Mecca to search for the religion of truth. And he looked into Christianity, he rejected it. He looked into Judaism, he rejected it. And he said, Look, I'm on the religion of Abraham. This was before the Prophet sort of last and then became a prophet. But Rasul Allah was still alive in his time. He said, I reject all of this. I am on the way of Abraham say he would go to Mecca. He he'll stand next to the Kaaba to say all of you, none of you to say, none of you are following the way we blame except myself is our law. If I knew a way to worship You, I would have done so he's only doing

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the best that he can. He's tried to worship a lion in a manner that he only knew. And if only he had guidance of the Sharia, he would have followed it.

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He died and his son actually became a Muslim. He became once upon a loss due to the his father's upbringing. So his son astrosolar soul is now the Prophet. What's the demise of my father? What happened to him? What's where's he ended up that he ended up in Ghana.

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And he will come on the day of judgment as an Omani zone.

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Now why because he had no profit to follow. So he won't come with the profit more Sally slim part of his own is not going to come with the oma visa. He came as in he's gonna come as in Oman, his own Hello at birth. So he can he tell him that he died as a believer before probably so you have those people also? What if no, failed, also, he died on Islam. It was a Christian. But when he heard of what happened to the Prophet, sort of Larissa lemon, he believed in him. He believed him and he died on Islam. So he gets to rewards. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was with Abu Talib,

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12 years of age, they went to Syria one day to do some business. When they get there, they meet a monk by the name of the hero is also called georgeous. That was his real name, dude. It just sits there in

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Georgia. And he George, right. That's the Arabic.

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So his real name was George's but he's called the hero of the month. When I got there, the hero said, and this, this monk was extremely generous to them. He met them with extreme hospitality. As I was saying, What's going on? And this guy is I don't even know him and he's being so generous. And he said, this young boy is the leader of mankind. He's the master of humanity. can imagine what this this boy Mohammed Tov is of the Yes. It said, What makes you say that? He said, when you were coming from the direction of Alaska, I saw the trees and the stones prostrating to him and that didn't do that except for a profit.

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And I can also see the seal of prophethood on his shoulder on his back. There was a seal of Provo literally, it looked like some narrations. As I mentioned in the book. They're a small Apple, others a an egg of a dove, but it is CEO of profitable it's like a mark and allameh so that happened when the profits of lasagna was 12 years old. So behera said, take him back to Mecca because if the Jews find this out, they will kill him.

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enmity from day one, they had

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the cabinet in front.

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Okay, so that is now we've taken his childhood as an adult

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Of course you need to work.

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So what did he used to do?

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before that?

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a shepherd.

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He was a shepherd, literally.

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And all the prophets were shepherds, all of his great lessons behind that.

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If no hydrolysed palani mentioned some of the wisdoms of the prophets being shepherds, there's great wisdom behind them being shepherds, because it trains them. Barrel Sula wasn't just a shepherd of any animal.

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It was a shepherd of sheep.

00:20:37 --> 00:20:43

Because a shepherd of camels will give you a harsher nature, because camels are arrogant beasts.

00:20:45 --> 00:21:24

So it'll rub off on your character and eliminate an aural out of the hem of Allah. He mentioned how your occupation has an effect on your personality, and the personality that you have all decide and determine what type of job you choose. As for your occupation that affects you. He said, you find a teacher who's always teaching kids and giving advice, they become like a fatherly figure. And they're giving people advice all the time. And that's their nature because they're used to that. He said, a mechanic who's always dealing with machines tends to get robotic. As opposed to a farmer's always dealing with nature, plants and animals have more of a softer tender nature. And he gave the

00:21:24 --> 00:22:03

example of also politicians you find a lot of them, they turn very deceptive. That's what politics does to look at Tony mega and others. Right? That's what it does to you. It makes you become very deceptive and lying. That's so true, they tend to act in a certain way. So the type of occupation that you have, will no doubt affect your character and personality. So he mentioned in no huddle, Escalante's quote in federal Daddy, unfortunately, bad is a commentary on zaharie Amazing, amazing volumes of knowledge. photog badie, is a commentary on Sahil Buhari, every Hadith he gives commentary on it, that I'm not sure if it's been translated into English but if it has, you have to

00:22:03 --> 00:22:14

read it. So it Mohajer goes on to mention some of the wisdoms of the Prophet sallallaahu Selim being a shepherd of sheep, or teach them what? Patience That's right.

00:22:17 --> 00:22:46

You have to be extremely patient to be a shepherd of sheep. The sheep take they take their time when they want to eat. I take the time when they grazing, because like a hobby, we have to go now let's get out of here. I've got an appointment. No, no, they're gonna stay, they're gonna, they're gonna look at you and just keep on going. They're not gonna listen to anyone. You have to just wait you have to wait all day until they're finished. And they're very slow eaters. They have to wait. So it's gonna teach you patience and animals especially sheep. You can't reason with them. You tell it to go right it's gonna go left you tell it to go left it's gonna go right to go forward. It's gonna

00:22:46 --> 00:23:12

go backwards. It's very difficult. So it's gonna teach you patience. So it'll Suma would have that patience with them. Thus it will preparing them to be patient with the oma and dealing with people in a lot of patience. Just ask yourself what it is that people problems. Like what? Especially the machine if you need a lot of patience to be a sheaf. What's another wisdom behind the shepherds? Yeah, to be caring good. It teaches you to have, you know, to be caring and to be merciful.

00:23:15 --> 00:23:20

And that's how exactly the prophets of Los Alamos he was extremely caring, merciful, and loving. Yes.

00:23:22 --> 00:23:23

Yes, that's right.

00:23:24 --> 00:23:29

Lazarus sister said, you look out for danger. In other words, you become more protective.

00:23:32 --> 00:24:09

Because sheep, the quite small animals they can't see far. They can't see of impeding danger. The wolf for example, therefore, you as the shepherd, you will look out for that danger and you'll protect them. That's how the province of Los Alamos for the oma, he tried to protect us. And it has this concern as a true leader as a tree man to look after his flock, meaning the oma and he said hello camera and all of you are shepherds, even us. We'll call Luca masala, and I'm writing. Every single one of us is a shepherd of our flocks. So your kids are your flock. Anyone under you is your flock, you have to look after them as a shepherd or a shepherd us Yes.

00:24:11 --> 00:24:15

Yes, it teaches you responsibility. Very important.

00:24:18 --> 00:24:50

You have to for example, take them out certain times of the day, bring them back certain times of the day, you have to look after them. You can't just neglect them teaches you must Olia responsibility, when to feed them, when to give them to drink, when to look after them. locking up after yourself, for example, you can just let them roam free. So it teaches you responsibility and many other things. So there's great wisdom with the prophets. All of them were shepherds and Rasulullah was no different. He was a shepherd, but he's also a shepherd of sheep and gave him other benefits and qualities. So that's what he did as an adult. And for his work, and one day, because as

00:24:50 --> 00:25:00

a teenager, he's a young man. He said to his friend who was also a shepherd. He asked him to look after his sheep one evening. He said I want to go down to the people.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:34

of Mecca and see what they're doing. They have parties and they have gatherings I want to join in and see what goes on. The Prophet Muhammad is young man. He wants to see what goes on in these parties and these get togethers. So he said, okay, he agreed he's friend agreed. The Prophet Muhammad goes down to see what's going to happen at these gatherings and these parties. The Prophet sallahu wa sallam said that as soon as he heard as soon as he got closer, and he heard the music a lot as a region, made him fall asleep. And he would wake up the next day, fast. He was being protected from entering. Yeah, so he, as soon as he heard it, so upon law, he would just blank out

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and he would fall asleep. And he'd wake up the next day. And of course, the party's over. So the next day, he still says, friend, look, I want to go to the party. I want to go to this gathering tonight. For him to ask, can you go last night? What happened?

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No, something happened. Okay, face friend agreed. So it'll suit a lot goes again. Now in the sealed necta. It says he actually went in, and he says what's going on, they said, this is a wedding party. As soon as he heard the music, he sat down and fell asleep. And he woke up the next day, with the sun beaming on his face. He said, After that I realized this is a sign from Allah is being protected from committing the how long even as a young man as an adult, as a teenager, Allahu Akbar. Now, among the other things of his work was trading. He built a very good name for himself. He was extremely honest. In his dealings, he was trustworthy and so forth.

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There was this wealthy businesswoman by the name of Khadija. She had high status, high repute, she'd been divorced. And a lot of the time people would like to marry her as well. They were they were proposing to her because she was wealthy, she had high status, a respectable woman, she would reject everyone.

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But she heard of this man who was extremely honest in his dealings and trustworthy rather than a hammer. Okay, maybe I can use him. So she hires him to do some business for her in Syria. He the Prophet sallallahu Sallam accepted this job from Khadija and he went to Syria with her service, my sorrow. And then when upon returning Masada reports to her deja. He said, this guy's awesome. Basically, he's so generous. He's so honest, he's so trustworthy. Every single dollar came back to where it belongs. He didn't just keep some for himself, so no one's gonna look around, and he takes him for huge, you know, don't say anything. Now. He was extremely honest. And my solder reported

00:27:19 --> 00:27:43

back to Felicia, and there was so much barakah in that wealth, she actually had more than she expected. So she inquired about him, and of course, you only heard good things. So she told one of her family members or close friends about her intention to marry him if possible, but she expressed interest. Her uncle spoke to the uncles of Rasul Allah had a meeting and hamdulillah the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam ends up marrying Khadija, who was to be the mother of his

00:27:44 --> 00:27:46

Yeah, the only mother of his children except one.

00:27:47 --> 00:28:25

Yes, yes. She was to be the love of his life. Yes. So she, he worked for her, did a couple of jobs and she saw how honest he was. And you know what, sisters, that's so true. You don't really know someone until you work with them and you deal with money. You don't know someone until you have money dealings with them will lie. I thought I knew some people until I dealt with them in terms of money, money and business. That's when the true character comes out along with Stan. So he married the love of his life. And he had so much love for her deja. And she said I never became jealous if any wife of the Prophet then Khadija, even after her death, Rasul Allah would always remember, and

00:28:25 --> 00:28:49

he would, whenever he would have some food left over. He would also distribute among, amongst her friends. That's how much love he had for her, even after her death. Without the law on her, she supported him financially, emotionally, she was basically the backbone of his Darwin early stages. So sisters be like that. Be like that with your husbands, support them in the tower, support them in their goals in their objectives in life.

00:28:50 --> 00:29:04

And don't be like an obstacle, but rather help them if it's helpful, help them help them in a system. And surely you get double the reward, you get double the reward. So he ends up marrying Khadija. And she was the only mother of his children, she bought all of his children.

00:29:05 --> 00:29:23

Except Ibrahim, except one. That means Fatima was from Khadija and thus the lineage of the province of wasallam. His ancestry is via deja, just before 40 hopefully by Allah holla he loves seclusion love to be alone, so he'd go to the cave of headlight, to

00:29:24 --> 00:29:37

be alone and to get away from the shark and the crimes or the vices of Mecca. And that's when he received the first revelation if the angel Debian and that's where we can continue next time inshallah. Tada. Does that come along?

00:29:38 --> 00:29:39


00:29:40 --> 00:29:59

So he married Khadija when she was 40 years old, and he was 25. And she bought all of his children. Yes, even at 40 panela. And that shows you that our son law was not a womanizer, as many people say. If he was a womanizer, then why would he choose to marry a divorcee? Many is a senior when he was an adult

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

handsome young bachelor I could have had any woman.

00:30:03 --> 00:30:06

But yeah, that shows you so he married her

Prophet’s Childhood, Adulthood & Marriage

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