Waleed Basyouni – Is a Divorced Person Bad

Waleed Basyouni
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is a divorced woman bad woman is a divorced man bad man

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is not right. And I think it is so sad that in so many cultures, we look especially in the look at women when they are divorced as less or they

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did something terrible and a great sin and unforgivable sins. You know, I started remember once a man told me a father told me when I told him your wife is suffering, her husband is abusing her physically even forcing her to use drugs. He said I would rather her dead than a divorce.

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It is terrible when when they hear things like this. And this is Jenny yet, you know what is not even Jackie Lee? Because in the ignorant days, and it's called the ignorant days, okay. You do need before the profits or some time divorced woman we're always looked at a something good actually, people will compete over marrying a divorce woman in the old days. And that's very common read the history, you will find the divorce one will be the first to go actually, when it comes to marriage. But unfortunately, for some reason to die, that divorced woman have this reputation, which is not fair. Not right. Absolutely. And Islamic. You know, in Islam, there are so many Muslim great woman

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were divorced, a look at some even of that prophet SAW sometimes wives, and look at the companions, wives, you will find many were divorced.

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So we need to change this culture we should, as a community also stand up for for our brothers and sisters not to make the divorce something to stain them or to shame them. That's why sometimes sisters will rather to stay married to a man who's abusing her to be in a relationship which is very abusive, which is very bad, or that is no love, but actually suffering just because she doesn't want to be called diversity. Just because she don't want to dig that title. I'm a divorced woman or a divorced man. Nobody want to marry them again. Nobody want to be cut. That's that's wrong. That's honest. Let me get to know where that came from. Because I have some of the law on hand Debbie's

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asylum, divorce her they nearly married her again as

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a loss Mandela ordered him to marry her again. And he said

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of Jaffa inasa woman, a woman take her back. She is a woman who fasts a lot and

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prays a lot. So that notion that a divorce woman or a divorced man is a bad man, that's not true. What do you need to look at? When somebody get divorced? Why they got divorce? You know, if it's your business, you know, to know let's say somebody proposed your daughter propose to you? You would like to know what's the reason for them to get divorced. I always believe that is a lot of good sisters. A lot of good brothers got divorce, not because they are bad, they still good, but maybe they are not good for each others. And there is a big difference between these two. They are good but not necessarily that they are good for each other. Maybe they're not the just the right match.

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Maybe she will be a great woman with another man and he will be a great man with another woman. So make sure that whenever we see a divorce take place in our community to be supportive. Not to be nosy not to be to pointing finger not to make Riba or gossip does not allow in Islam and it is it could be it is a sin actually, is to mock or to do liba to your brothers and sisters about their divorce once a scholar divorce his wife, so they asked him in the process why you want to divorce This is my wife I'm not gonna say anything bad about her. So after a divorce her said okay, now she's divorced. Why did you What's wrong with her? He said now she's my sister and I will not talk

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about about my sister. So you know what, an Eman and the Brotherhood between us and the sisterhood between us as a community. It will always remain even if she's not my wife. She's still my sister. And it's not it's still my my brother in law said what happened so called law penico Don't forget about the good things that was between both of you may have lost panatela protect all of us and give us happiness in our life.

In the Muslim community divorced people, especially women, tend to get this negative stigma of them being a bad person because they got divorced. Question that comes up: Is a divorced woman a bad woman? Or, is a divorced man a bad man?

The short answer….It’s not right to think that way.

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