Muhammad Al Bizry – Hadeeth – Misconceptions of Mustalah Al-Hadeeth

Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The segment discusses misconceptions and mistaken statements about the scope of the internet, including the history of the Prophet Sun's title and the use of symbols in English. The speakers also touch on the origin of the Arabic language, its protection by the Prophet sallimm, and the use of masala Hadith in various fields. The transcript highlights misunderstandings and mistaken statements about the meaning of "has" in Arabic, and suggests that people should apply it to others.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah masala Hadith week five. Today inshallah tada we're just going to focus on one thing and one thing only and that is misconceptions of masala Hadith, misconceptions of the sides. And this is all under my bad Muslim Hadith introductory matters so everything we've been taking is actually in the introductory matters next week we're actually going to go finally deep into the issues of meten Senate is not what they all mean and so forth. So today inshallah as the last lesson will be focused on introductory matters. So if you're going to title it, it's misconceptions about Mr. Left and Howdy.

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So there are five number one among the many misconceptions and I'm going to do in red so you know, it's a big no no, is that people say the Quran? was the only thing protected and not the Hadith.

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The true, absolutely not.

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Is it possible My dear brothers, that Allah azza wa jal promised to protect his words, but not the meanings of the Quran? The possibility of course, if possible, we know Allah has promised to protect the words of the Quran. In una Zelnick. We're in La Jolla half is on the Lamia la haffi loan is called lemon was a holocaust. And Islam is used for Toki a surety confirmation guarantee allies promising and he said happy loan. He didn't say in a father Hall. Happy loan is the name. It's an ism in Arabic. And the names they indicate what steadfastness consistency repetition, Tibet is Demerol, there was always gonna protect 100% is going to keep on protecting it. As we said, a name

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is given to someone who is usually has an occupation, or that suffer that attribute is part and parcel of that person's nature. So it's part and parcel of al Qaeda to believe that was going to protect the Quran up until the day of judgment. So no doubt the Quran words are protected by a lot of people thinking only stops they know how to be it doesn't stop there, but the words and the meanings are protected. How is it possible that a lot of protect the words but not the meanings, which are just as important, just as important? And where do you find the meanings of the Quran? In the Prophet Sunnah and the profit center where do you find the sooner

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the ahaadeeth and the prophets of Allah center spoke which language Arabic therefore, therefore, by default, the Arabic language is also been protected. So that chain reaction, so we say, the words are protected, the meanings of the Quran are protected, the Sooners protected which means that Heidi's are protected which means a lot of Arabic the Arabic language is protected, all those things are protected suparna law they have to be protected. And Alhamdulillah history has testified to this fact.

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Let's go through them one by one. All right, I'm on the board. So we said

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the core ns words are protected by Alico Salama

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which means also

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not just the words but the core ns meanings

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are protected which means the sun is protected

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because the sun explains the Quran, which means the ahaadeeth which plural for Hadith

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are protected, which means also the Arabic language is protected. How are they going to be protected if the Arabic language is lost? So by default, all of these things are protected and we're going to show how that is the case inshallah, one by one.

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And this is something that no other religion or the culture has what hamdulillah Islam is unique and be proud of what hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen.

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That's the first misconception.

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As for the preservation of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the one who explained and clarified the Quran, as Allah said, is sort of a a 44. If you're going to use this for the sort of 44 laws of Genesis, we're under a lake ASIC and we've sent down to you You're a sulla ASIC. ASIC is another name for

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the Quran. Lessing we've sent them the Quran to jasola why literally to a yearly nassima newsela la him. So you may clarify to the people what was revealed to them. asuma was the one who came and explained the Quran clarified the Quran. Allah is not going to leave the Quran for us to clarify and explain.

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The rather he sent the messenger salatu salam if allows us to use our rational thinking for everything. The more we send the messenger sure, but it will center this religion is all about Monday. till about logic, you don't really need to follow the

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Had it if that's the case, then why would Allah send the messenger he would have just sent the book for angels he go take it and explain on your own. So Pamela, you know, as humans, we need, you know, practical role models. And that's why even when you just buy furniture from fantastic furniture or freedom, if you don't have that booklet, it shows you how to put that bookcase together. Right, Liam? What did you buy recently?

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Right? If you don't have that bookcase, diagram, we don't have the manual to show you how to do it. You're going to be in love with something just as a bookcase. What about the human beings lifestyle, far more complicated than a bookshelf or a bookcase or some piece of furniture alone was done.

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So it's very important. So therefore, the houses are protected. And we're going to establish that and that means the Arabic language is protected and no other language has that virtue, my dear brothers, just look at English for example, the English we speak today is far different to the English 100 years ago, go back even further. 200 years ago, big difference. Go back to the 1600s in the times of Shakespeare, even more different. You find every language changes over time. And language is one of those examples and it's getting worse actually. It's getting worse we're going back to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics where we're using symbols now, like emoticons, we're not

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even speaking in words anymore. In fact, these letters now lol and ruffle and i and j said Kay so we're getting worse. And that's how you find by Arabic. So part a lot a lot. A lot of E alpha is preserved till today. You want to speak and understand how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam communicated, you're able to do that. If you want to speak the language of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, guess what? Too bad 16th Aramaic say later, and other languages of other prophets you don't have that. Only the Arabic language, the only language that a prophet spoke that his existence today is the Arabic word hamdulillah. We have. So therefore, that's the first misconception.

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A sir. I'm not sure exactly. I have to look into it. But it's probably it's it's a it's a type of Hebrew. But it's not like the what they have today. Yeah, big difference.

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Yeah, it could have been I'm not sure. Let me check it up for you. Does anyone need this? Maybe someone you've got the internet as you can maybe do a Google search for us.

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But you don't have it. That's why they don't have the original Bible today. They've had to translate it. Some said he was Latin actually somebody spoke Latin, but I don't know. I haven't actually looked into it. But either way, it hasn't been preserved and protected.

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The original books have been corrupted.

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Number two, misconception of masala Hadith. They say that this science stone Hadith only came about in the fourth century.

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Where would I get this from? They say because the first person to officially document a book on stolen Hadith was about Mohammed bin Khaled or Rama who musi who died in the 360 after his role. So Mohammed bin Khalid and Rama Rama, Rama, Rama Rama Zhi, this man, who was the first to write a book on masala Hadith, and this was in the fourth century. So they said, therefore, this is when this science came about. Now, of course, it's a misconception. How do you do this? How do you disprove this very easily? You say who became who came before him? And remember Buhari, who was in the third century?

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Where did you get these ideas from in the science of Hadith? He came before him and who became who came before the underbody of a madman. And it became who came before me my man. Yeah, the medic or before or chef right then Molly,

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Chef, Alabama chef, then Elijah Malik, then Alabama sniffer and, of course, our lemma and masala Hadith. And before them Abu Bakr

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when the prophet SAW Selim went on the night journey, and he came back, and the fire was spreading this news like wildfire, trying to make a mockery of Rasul Allah and Albacore was out of town that day, he came into town, and they came up to him. So what do you say about this? 123 he said in Pilar papatoetoe. If the Prophet said it, it is a truth sing if he's showing us, Rolando the importance of verification of ahaadeeth

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if he said at first we have to establish that the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said it. So it started in the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam verification also in the Quran? Yeah, even Medina Mo, what's the ayah in jakim fantasycon whenever in furtiva, you know, if an evildoer comes to you with news verify, so it's in the Quran in the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. This science was not initiated and Nastar in the fourth century, just because the first book was documented in the fourth century. It doesn't mean it started then. And we can just prove another way. So how does that make sense? How can it not start in the fourth century when was the first book compiled then very

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We know that the first person to author a book in Arabic grammar was Abdullah sweat do le abou s where the de la was in the time of Iloilo Delano. He was commissioned by Lena Dunham to compile a book of narrow. Why? Because Islam was expanding at lightning speed to other countries who were not Arabs. And people started to mess up their dissertation of the Quran. And they started to make errors because they're not familiar with Arabic. So Allah told him to compile a book, some notes on a novel a lot, a lot of the grammar. So he did, he did so. But you can't say natural didn't exist before then. What were the what were the Arab speaking before then? What was the Prophet so as I'm

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speaking, what was who then saw the haleema salam speaking so just because he was the first to officially document something doesn't mean it didn't exist before. But rather he was the first to as we said, officially put something together to standardize it. Why because of perhaps misconceptions or denial and ignorance becoming widespread, but it existed before then. So that's the second misconception

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that this science came about in the fourth century wrong

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yes, no, no no. Correct.

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So as we said as a side note, the first to compile a book was on Hadith

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correct. Abu Mohammed

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Rami hermoza

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interesting name he does a nice 360 off the Hydra and his book was called Alamo had this alpha cell the book was called and Moe had this Alfonsin

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third misconception the word masala the word masala is only restricted to masala and how do you know it's not restricted? The scholar said liquidly element is still available. Every science has its own istilah what is the law

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terminology every science has its own terminologies. So that third misconception is the term masala is restricted to Mr. LaHood is no it's not restricted. Rather, every site has its own solahart what are some of the istilah out of the Arabic language?

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What are we mentioned earlier? The first author a book on Now the word narrow when he narrow you think Arabic what else when you hear it you think Arabic

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is a small file is Wilma for all sorts of bellava when you hear those terms you think a lot a lot of media correct? What about some installa? hotswap either when you hear them you think athletes?

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So hate rubia Polo hear

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a smell or sefa?

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Okay, we're gonna get this. Yeah, yeah. Okay, we're gonna get to that. Interesting. What else? after that? Yeah.

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I'll say that you forgot it. By the way, the term athlete classically was known as a man, a man when the random I wanted to refer to a play, they'll say amen, amen, yet so forth. And today, it was known as known as RP there, but it's the same thing. You know, it's not really a problem, the different terms. So make up new terms. It's not an issue. It's what's the reason or what's the goal behind that term? What's the intent? That's the that's the issue. A new term is not a problem. It's not a me account with the terms of what will be an od e excetera. So the intent behind that that's the issue.

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What are some is still a hot now. When you hear them you think of

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fald wajib.

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mess. Correct? massala

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phoneky faia methods? Yeah, you're correct. Correct. So when you hear those terms, do you think folks so there's almost a hat, you see, though, is still a hat of different fields. So to say the term masala is restricted to Hadeeth. No. Remember this phrase, the colonial minister Lahore, every science has it already still a tabula

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rasa class.

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So that's the third misconception.

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So what did the scholars say?

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licola admin is still every science has its own is still a hat.

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We gave examples we think many here and I hope you think Arabic When you hear shitcan Cofer you think after either an email when you hear macro etc, etc. So that's very important.

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However as a side point, my dear brothers, there's no science called masala except masala Honey, you're not going to find the science called masala

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No, you find the pseudo you're not going to find the science called masala tilapia, you're not going to find the science called masala jalapeno. So as a title, you're only going to find masala Hadith, but every site has its own.

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What is the law hat and terminologies and terminologies.

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And that leads us on to the fourth misconception that masala hat cannot be shared amongst other sciences. And I believe that's what Abraham was getting to the third mistake. Fourth misconception.

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Mr. lahat terminologies

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cannot be shared amongst other sciences. No, they can.

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I'll give you a classic example. The word soon now when you hear it, what do you usually think of?

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Yeah, the biography of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Sera, but you can also associate that with

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and he sooner you can associate with. Sometimes it's used to indicate something which is Mr. Habits encouraged. So as soon as that word shouldn't that can be shared. amongst various sciences, it can be shared amongst the science of Sierra and Firth. And guess what? upgraded, upgraded. There's a science, there's a book by

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Dr. mercola he called keto sooner, guess what he's discussing?

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keto sooner but even if he asked him keto, bossa nova even if we asked him is discussing a man enough either, so he used the term certain to describe after either, so as you can see, sooner, can be shared amongst various sciences, no problem.

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You can use it. In fact, you can use it in sila, you can use it in Quran, you can use it in a man after either

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someone asked you would sooner you according to his definition,

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according to which scientists referring to sometimes it can mean for like a man is. Sometimes it can mean mazahub design. Sometimes it could mean the profits way. Sometimes it can mean what the prophet said, sometimes it can mean what the Prophet did. Sometimes you can mean his approval, sometimes you can mean how we looked.

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So someone asks you what is sooner? That's a big question that's loaded. So let me sit down for a few hours. But that's why so you can't really sometimes give off these answers. So I actually got a question recently, boys Oh, you probably knows Oh, he's coming a few times one Muslim photos him actually. No, but he actually has been asking me and he asked me Just recently, a couple days ago, what is sooner, and you have to follow it. It's a big topic. Sometimes you have to follow it. Sometimes it's desired. Like for example, Family Medicine, in the sense of its desired Mr. hub, but if you don't do what are you singing? No. So therefore in that sense, it's Mr. hub, but the Prophet

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he may not be there and following him Allah has sought to slim in terms of a better is well you know, sometimes as you can see it sometimes it's not depending on which way you want to interpret it. So that's a fourth misconception that no masala had can be shared. And the fifth and the final one

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is that

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you don't need to learn.

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Install Hadith on the machine. Can people have knowledge? big misconception, in fact, that can be applied for all the sciences. You can learn on your own, you don't need to study under people have knowledge wrong.

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Even if something seems to be as you can see, self explanatory.

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If a person is not a doctor, they will not dare give medical advice.

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When it comes to issues of the dunya people don't give advice if they're not qualified to do so. When it comes to the dean, it seems everyone's qualified. shortage of other met you say just took out Facebook.

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Everyone's a scholar. And that's a shame that people have no shame to speak about the issues of the DNA based on guesswork and one. Yes, I

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currently follow that opinion. Good. Yeah, good. As long as you're speaking with knowledge, and you're saying I heard chef so and so say this, and you've studied it enough to pass it on. And you have permission from Rasulullah. To do so he said well, the one you will know

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The issue is when people don't learn under someone, or they just think they know or they guess that's the issue. It's speaking without knowledge. But if you have knowledge, no problem. In fact, you could be held accountable. You could be sinful if you don't speak when you have knowledge. So in the form of him, and hamdullah, the brothers here have proven that they can comprehend information in the exams and in the essays and they can give knowledge. So if someone asks you a question, how are performed, we'll do it as I'm not a scholar, I can't teach you how to teach them, teach them. It's we're talking about when you don't have knowledge and you're guessing that's very important.

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And if you always want to say, Look, I'll get back to you give me a few moments and so forth to check it. If you're not sure that's even better. That's even better. And I'll give you an example of this.

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You might hear a term. For example, this hadith is Hasson and you apply the linguistic meaning of it, not knowing the context or usage of such words according to the scholar or that particular science. For example, listen to this funny story. True story. Also, I remember that hubby who was a student of potamia he once heard a strange narration with guess what an even stranger chain of narration. He had a very strange method and a very strange way it's not and he says follows and it is as follows. He heard of integration on the authority of a lesson taken from a bill Hasson generated from even a bill Hasson we heard from Allison and boiserie. It took her from Apple hasn't

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it been a before lip that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, I sent an Hello.

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Every person in that chain was called hazard. And the Hadith is about a sudden Hello.

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So I remember that hubby said commentating on this hadith he had had had eaten Hassan Hassan al Hassan.

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Allah Now, did he mean Hasson meaning good linguistically? No, a person might either be said this hadith is Hassan. Hassan in Arabic means good, you actually name your children hasn't hasn't seen me something good. Great. I'll ask them the best, the better. So he said, Hassan, What did he mean by the remain? It's authentic person that the Prophet said it? No, he met fabricated? How did you get fabricated from Hassan. Because back then, the aroma and the machine from the students of knowledge you have mastered the Hadith and memorize all of them, especially those that are most common. Therefore, because they knew them all, to go over and over and over, sometimes you kind of lose that

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sweetness because it's sometimes you've gone over so many times. Right? So what he meant was hacer linguistically and according to the custom of the people, for they use the word huson to describe the beauty and eloquence of weak and fabricated ahadeeth due to the strangeness and exotic nature, because they haven't heard it before. Because when you get used to something, as we said, you lose interest, like the normal in MLM Albania, you've heard 100 times you lose interest, but when you hear something new,

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it's happened to the ears. It's exotic, it's different. So that's what he meant by hassane. Not according to the sooner that it's authentic, but rather, it's fabricated, it's exotic, it's strange. That's what he meant. And something happened to the IRS was actually strange upon law. So therefore, my dear brothers, when you read this hadith is Hassan, don't just run with the test and the testing goes on Facebook. Rather, we have to understand what are the scholar mean by this? What is his intent, as we're studying the under personal knowledge, or under the machine or actually the terminology of particular and very important before actually take taking the Hadith and running with

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him? So those are five common misconceptions to do with masala Hadith who do quick revision? What was the first one we said?

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Yeah, the Quran was preserved and not the Hadith. How could you refute that misconception?

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Correct. You can't have the Quran without the student because the student and reality explains the poor. A person who wants to just follow the code and know how they're going to pray, how they're going to give how they're going to perform Hajj the details away from the Quran.

00:24:07 --> 00:24:21

In the Sunnah Nia Hadees. Yes, at times, you might find some details in the Quran. But generally speaking in the Khurana general principles, the general guidelines, generally speaking, and you find the details usually in the sooner but you don't find the details of the Sala.

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Have you ever come across a ad where it says how to give the advantage to a farmer Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Which suit is a?

00:24:32 --> 00:24:40

No, you're not gonna find that it's rather in the suit. Now that's one way you can see another way to say those who say that the ahaadeeth are not protected.

00:24:41 --> 00:24:47

Yes, Susanna has a 44 What was it? Allah said. He said that the Quran why

00:24:49 --> 00:24:57

sort of silica can explain clarify to the people correct? Little by iannelli nassima New Zealand correct. And yes,

00:25:03 --> 00:25:25

The Quran Yes, no it's in the Quran in Nananana we're in Allahu Allah Hafiz on the ayah shows us that the Quran is going to be protected and we said it doesn't make sense that the words of the Quran will be protected and the meanings won't be protected How can you protect the words but not the meanings? So that's really that's just as important and the ahaadeeth know there are going to be protected Yes.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:46

So therefore the words meanings are protected which means as soon as protected which means they are protected which means Arabic language is protected good so if someone wants the short answer you can give them that use the IRS or the national and give that as we said guidelines but if they want the long answer you have to enroll in masala holidays course second misconception

00:25:48 --> 00:25:49

or do we say

00:25:51 --> 00:25:56

correct they say these sorts of masala holidays came around the fourth century How do you quickly refute that

00:25:59 --> 00:26:01

Buhari scheffau came before them are they doing

00:26:03 --> 00:26:13

according to some people self correct and it's because you author a book or something doesn't mean it didn't exist before but rather due to misconceptions a scholar may author a particular good third misconception

00:26:16 --> 00:26:17

What is it

00:26:18 --> 00:26:28

correct that the term masala only exists in Hadeeth but no every site has its own terminologies Mr. Hart Give me an example

00:26:30 --> 00:26:33

for a semester how to film or sold

00:26:36 --> 00:26:37

another science

00:26:39 --> 00:26:41

either with some sort of upgraded

00:26:43 --> 00:26:44

Ruby Olivia correct

00:26:45 --> 00:26:55

how we said however masala had had it as a title is the only one that exists Do you have masala hillfolk no you have also alpha etc good fourth misconception

00:27:00 --> 00:27:08

correct masala hat cannot be shared can they be shared? The show can give me an example. Watson who authored the book that was sooner

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00:27:15 --> 00:27:25

everyone missed it. Airbnb awesome. has a book called key taboo soon. It's all about what I think the safarnama even if you asked him correct.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:34

Fifth, last one, even though it's on the board but it's good so you can say it to when you say something you will inshallah remember when you get involved.

00:27:35 --> 00:27:41

You have to study under people have knowledge and so forth. How would you give an example of a mistake? A person my phone too?

00:27:44 --> 00:27:48

Yes, correct. misinterpreting terminologies like hasin What happened?

00:27:49 --> 00:27:51

You can remember who was the man

00:27:53 --> 00:27:56

I remember who he was a student of everything me what happened?

00:27:58 --> 00:28:01

Correct. All the underwriters have the name Hasson and what was

00:28:03 --> 00:28:04

good about

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Arsenal Whoa, look the best character and hello Paul Hudson is good character. I hope that he's ever had it had had Ethan has an Manhasset natural hazard. From the best of the best. That's what he's saying it linguistically, but he didn't mean Hassan in the sense of it's authentic. He meant

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fabricated. Why? Because people when they hear something new, it's what it's exotic, exotic. So it's very important. We study sciences under the people's knowledge and avoid becoming a fortune a lot of people are falling into where they start to believe that they've achieved such a level where they start putting other people down.

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