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The speakers discuss the cultural significance of "has" in Arabic language, including its use in relationships and the importance of forgiveness in marriage. They emphasize the need for individuals to address these issues and address them in their own ways. The speakers also touch on the cultural significance of "monster" and its negative impact on society.

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Okay, let's start with the rows.

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You're starting with your free course will

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it stay seated? Hello. Your teacher

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says no problem because understand the finish work is the best we can do you finish work late, and you need a and the scholar said in the tone that the local and the stomachs get hungry, the minds vanish. So rather you eat and pay attention then sit there and think what you're gonna have a Doug is after the lesson.

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This is lesson six and Heidi. Yes. And next week is Sharla he probably would have all got the notifications about the quizzes. So next week is revision Sharla everything we've taken Any questions about that?

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And believe it or not this tonight insha Allah when we look at Hadith tonight is actually the first list and when we start with mustonen Hadith in terms of definitions, everything we've been taking his

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introductory matters to Mustafa Holly. So tonight Shabbat Salah we're going to look at the term Hadith, and what it means linguistically islamically and then the way it is used in the Quran and the Sunnah. And the next term, inshallah, we're going to look at other definitions, such as What does a thought mean? How's it different from how about how the different Hadith, or the different from Hadith neverwet and how these could see. And so we're actually going to look at the definitions, and tonight is the first lesson of those definitions. So let's look at the word Hadeeth. We're going to define Hadith

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number one, linguistically.

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And that's three paths.

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Then we're going to define the word Hadith according to the Shaddai, Islamic meaning.

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And then finally, we're going to look at the usage

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of the word Hadith in the Quran and the Sunnah. In other words, when you find the word, Hadith, what's the intent behind it?

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Usually when people think this, what do they think? parler Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, or how do you think al Bukhari Muslim, but it's not restricted to that? So we're going to look at linguistically what it means. And of course, the way it relates to islamically. Because there's always always always a connection between the linguistic definition and the Islamic definition. For example, the word Salah, the word Salah, linguistically, what did it mean?

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prior to the Prophet sallallaahu Selim Robinhood M. Indra.

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For example, someone came over your house, you invited someone for dinner, and I'll make draft for you they'll say solid alikhan Malaika Malaika may draw for you. So Sala linguistically to the Arab prior to Rasulullah Prophethood mandra. And of course when Islam came it had a different meaning the Salah according to Islam is acquired in a file the words the statements and actions that you perform bainitic with the harem, but the slim etc. What we know the five daily prayers but as you can see there's a connection between the linguistic definition salado and the Shara definition What is it? Because in the Salah, there is a lot of

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connection. Also the words occur linguistically What does it mean

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to purify? But after Harmon does that he is referring to purification of the soul. So that's what it means linguistically is that guy he was a key and as a chemistry purify, so what's the connection between the Quran you give money

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purifies your your money and your heart from short book from miserliness. Dangerous, etc. So if you're for your wealth and your heart, there's a connection also the words that can means NEMA growth because when you give us a car, your wealth grows, there's always a connection between the stomach and the linguistic definitions of particular words. So we're going to look at that today. First and foremost, the word howdy it is a singular, plural.

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singular, what's the plural?

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A Heidi is another plural.

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Hey, da,

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da da.

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No, there you go. That's why I'm here.

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Howdy is singular.

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So I had it is plural.

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And of course, Hayden says to

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me find these common Arabic. Sometimes I will have more than one plural. What's the plural for caffeine

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and caffeine. What's the plural form a B and B, and the

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Be your own Navy. So you have one word with has many plurals and it's actually other words have more than two plurals. And it's interesting for those who are doing the Arabic course you will say that something which is regular plurals and something which I call the power plurals. There's general color, and General capsula as a plural, which is Somali number three to 10. And is a plural which is greater than that. So that's something for the Arabic studies for those who are enrolled in that course. So that's the word Hadith, first and foremost, the singular and the plural. As for linguistically, the word Hadith has

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also many more meanings, but we're going to restrict it to three first and foremost.

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The word Hadith is as the scholars of law stated, called Luma. You had that to be anything which is spoken. That's what the word Hadith linguistically means. Anything spoken. Give me an example of something spoken, spoken. conversation. What else?

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recent TV news report.

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What else when you told your kids a bedtime

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stories, fables, myth, etc. So anything spoken is called Hadith linguistically? What about if it's false is still referred to as Hadith? Yes, linguistically, we're talking about we're not talking about of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. linguistically Hadith is true or false. Something which is spoken is referred to Hadith in the Arabic language.

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So something anything spoken.

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That's the first meaning of how these linguistically cool domains to be. And by the way, this, this introduction on the word, Heidi's I'm taking it from this book, also headed by Dr. Willard Phillips, very good book, and I'm just using the introduction. But of course, I've added my own personal notes. He doesn't mention Arabic, but I'm giving that to today in Charlottetown.

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Second meaning of the word Hadith

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is that it came from the Arabic word had as we know in Arabic, big words come from small words, had us means. Yeah, something that happened. It could be an accident, it could be an occurrence, it could be an event. So an event

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or an occurrence.

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Or an incident is called a huddle.

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huddle. I'm Danny Walker.

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Had a salami Something happened at the Auto boot sale. Melody had asked what happened I had a third so how does something happened?

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Mel How does what's the issue? What's the event? And that's what the accident in Arabic slang is code how this how this but it's had if and how differ. So an event and occurrence an incident? Maybe an accident? They call it in Arabic slang, how this tadi came from Hadith

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as is

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an event or occurrence or an incident.

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So you could say melody hadn't happened? What happened?

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Yeah, sure. Sorry, sir. Nana Sato is to occur also to become sada means to become.

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Yeah, they use it. Yes. Correct. Correct. Yeah, it's still used to today, you had and how this how this? Sure they are upset I say hello, how this for accident, retired if and also the events of the day of judgment, the events, occurrences, incidents, what are they called?

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the events of the last day, see the word adapt came from a hadith and Hadith and Hadith. Just remember that when word share letters, they share meanings. Remember that as a general principle, Arabic, if there's a word that you've never heard before, but it has the same letters, as Hadith has it linguistically it's an event, something that happens as well. attacca

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Musa attacca, Hadith last year, the event of the washer, the event of Moosa, so it's an event it's a story, etc. We're going to get into that in a moment. The third meaning of Hadith linguistically, the word Hadith linguistically can mean God what studied new, new and recent

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so it can be used for it can be used for new like also, for example, how the pilot one jaded new pen because I had a column on Hadith. Hadith linguistically means new say, Yara, what's the COO, a casa Yara had etha meaning a new car linguistically I'm talking about doesn't mean the car gives you information about what's in alcohol in Muslim. So I'm referring to it linguistically. So y'all

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Khadija, so you can refer to something new, but also recent. For example, I'll say to Safar to Ella look, Nan, Hadith and I traveled to Lebanon recently, so far to include Nan Hadith. So the word Hadith can be used for reason. And that's why when you're learning Arabic, they'll teach you the word for example was sir knucklehead etha. Modern means of transport was his means, and nothing takes you one place to another has a different meaning recent modern modern means of transport was sell and nothing had eaten

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was the knucklehead knuckleheaded. Also, if you wanted to say a person accepted Islam recently, you say as Lama Bob Hadith, and recently he accepted Islam. So you can use it for a verb to mean recently, I did this hadith and I did that Hadith and I had Ethan, you can you can use Hadith and Arabic to be recent. And of course, it's all connected to what we mentioned earlier, because something that happened just now. It's new. And usually people speak about it. They tell you what happened recently. Right? It's news. It's like the latest gas hot, hot gas. So something that happens is spoken about and it's recent. Otherwise, people don't usually talk about old stuff. Old

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newscaster about it. People are bored with that.

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So that's the linguistic definition of Hadith. What are the number one

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common Spoken like?

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Anything stories, fables, information, reports, news, excellent. Second, meaning, an event an event or occurrence? Third, recent something new, good. Even example of that in a sentence, new

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car, a new car. Good. So those are all the meanings of the word Hadith, linguistically, something spoken and event or occurrence or something new. Let's look at the Islamic definition of Hadith.

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And this is something you can all relate to people when they hear the word Hadith today, what do they think of all a pseudo loss of loss I love many sayings or his actions or his tacit approvals or his appearance, physical description and manners. That's exactly what the definition of had islamically acquired was a file. What? Well, a Nabi sallallahu wasallam easy, awkward his sayings, a file his actions were when his appearance, his manners is tacit approvals. On the lower level. So when we say the word Hadith islamically that's what it means. So for those who just came in, we said we look with today is the start of a series of lessons on definitions. So tonight we're going to

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define the word Hadith, linguistically, and islamically so we've taken the linguistic definition of Hadith I mean those three things the Islamic definition is as follows.

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Hadith islamically means

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a question

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what a file

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what one

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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so the profits

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what my brother's

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sorry, saying? Yep, and

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appear appearance correct. And manners, excellent.

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And his tacit approvals

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the word well, is plural for

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hell kafer Hi, Luke, how's your hair you state your being? So it's a word to describe your look your appearance, your manners. So it's, it's more deeper than just how you are has more than this in Arabic.

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As far as tacit approval they're solid approvals, tacit mean silent, when the province sort of low, sell them will see something and remain silent. That's proof that that is what is a what he saw, or what he heard, is permissible. Why? Because not befitting for the greatest messenger, Mohammed Salah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to see something wrong and Moncada and not change, it remains not possible, even at school, when a kid is mucking up at recess or lunch, pinching this person hitting that person teasing that person. And if the teacher can look and smile,

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keep going, right? Either they'll get him in trouble now or later. That won't just leave it at that even if a kid is doing something wrong in the classroom. they'll pull them up and face the wall. Go in the corner something. So what about the greatest teacher of all kind of all

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Mankind. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam surely Fie something so something wrong, he's going to correct it. The fact that he was silent about it means it's permissible. It's permissible. For example, once holiday mobileread is type of visit What was it called?

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adopted? Yeah, this type of lizard asuma didn't like holiday mode it

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was either almost the one bite that was cooked by the way. Yes. Rasulullah saw him eating it but he didn't man Corolla he didn't disapprove of it, showing us that that type of lizard is

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halaal no problem permissible to eight, but asuma didn't want to.

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And if I was him, I wouldn't want to know my type of dish.

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So those are what we refer to as the Hadith islamically the Prophet sayings actions manage description, tacit approval, acquired, fired, or when in Arabic three words can give you a lot. That's the meaning of the word Hadith islamically.

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So take a look now on hamdulillah.

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So it says,

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like other Arabic words, like Salah as its meaning change in Islam linguistically to Islamic definition. From the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, historians and communications dominated all other forms of communication. Because Islam became the predominant way of life. Hamas was understood that from a word linguistically, it changed to what it was known islamically so consequently, the term Hadith began to be used almost exclusively for reports that spoke of his actions and sayings. And

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now let's look at the usage of the word Hadith.

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How is the word Hadith used in the Quran and the Sunnah? Who needs this this will be put online as the other masala haha these notes have been as well. So don't worry, if you miss something here, it will be put online for you. But of course, you need to attend class to because this is where we explain. And if you just merely rely on the notes, you may misunderstand something or you may not understand something completely. So finally, let's look at the usage of the word Howdy.

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How is this word used in the Quran and the Sunnah, it's used in many ways, many forms, however,

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three ways became the most predominant. Three ways became the most predominant. So if you're going to number them 123

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the word Hadees was used for

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the Quran itself.

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Was the proof

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so rattle column

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44. Allah says further only one way you can double we haven't had these laws we're just saying let me deal with the one who denies belies and rejects this hadith or Hadith.

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The Quran itself so Allah azza wa jal use the word Hadith refer to the Quran because in isn't the Quran spoken?

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is a spoken It sure is who spoke of the Quran, Allah. So we said linguistically the word Hadith is called Luma you to have this will be anything spoken linguistically is referred to as Howdy. So this is of course connects to the shorter meaning for a lot of money one way you can be beheaded Hadith also let me deal with this person. Let me deal with this Hydra. This ignorant one, the one who denies belies and rejects he could earn sort of column 44 if you want the sort of column is 44 also you find this in their Hadith where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says in a journal howdy Kitab Allah and Callum Allah. No doubt the best Heidi the best speech is speech of a lot. That's the best

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speech in San Jose de que tabula rasa referred to as the best Hadith, the Quran, he referred to the Quran as the best Hadith. So those are two ways you can of course use as proof to show that the word Hadith means the Quran means

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Therefore, my dear brothers, the best pitch is the word of Allah, and not the words of Shakespeare, or Huckleberry hound, or whoever other name you can get from history, right? Whatever. But unfortunately, today we live in tons of people, they like to refer to the statements of so called otherwise people and leave the sayings of Lazarus and His messenger to the side alone, Stan, no problem using them occasionally, but understand this element. If I said, No one brings me I was saying except I showed them something similar or better in the Quran and the Sunnah, it's covered everything. So much so that I remember what he said, because he knew all of the almost all of the

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Hadith and so many, he said your whole life

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your whole life, whether you can see it or not, don't worry, everything that you need to know about life. This world and the Hereafter is in the Hadith. And remember Buhari could make such a bold statement, because you know, the amount of a hadith is memorized. We've already taken that.

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I have 44 of Swords column. So column I'm not sure of the number. Maybe someone can check it up. 68 I'm gonna say 67

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Yeah, this other idea, of course, but I'll just making it easy for you. Yeah, there's many we find that the word Hades unigram? The word Hades by the way came in the Quran 23 times from the writer as a side point. The word Hadith came in 23 times.

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Secondly, how else is the word Hadith used in the Quran and the sooner

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it used to refer

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to a historical event

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whether in the past or future.

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As for the past, give me proof from the Quran.

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attacker had the samosa has the hadith of Musa come to, meaning not just the narration, but the story the event of Musa has a reshoot hell attack howdy samosa. So story of Musa in the Quran

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Surah nezhat.

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And also hell attacker,

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ha de la Shia. The Harsha is which day,

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the day of judgment. So Judgment Day is the event of the future. They're both huge historical events.

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They both nakulan of course, isn't easy to find,

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sort of the last year

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and sort of the nezhat.

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Another way, the word Hadith is using a parameter. Now, as we said, there are many ways but notably, these are the three most common thirdly is used to refer to a

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What's the proof?

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source? Kareem?

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is three.

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What is a sovereign Navy you will about the US Reggie? Heidi.

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had a private consultation, a private conversation with one of his wives with a southern Navy unibody as well as he had ether. So as we said, howdy, Asada from seal forces said, Yeah, secret, a secret private conversation with one of his wives. Long story to what happened if you read the Sierra Club, very interesting. the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim got jealous with each other. Of course, they're so happy at the women, there are angels. They played a trick on one of the other wives where they told the Prophet Look, this smell we don't like it was honey that the prophet SAW Selim was having at one of his other wives else's, why is it doesn't go

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there anymore. So they did this. They didn't want him to go jealous of her. So Allah azza wa jal, he revealed some of these on the ayah to the prophet SAW Selim informing him. So Allah, Allah had mentioned this in sort of the same way the southern Nabeel in the valley as well he had ether and his wisdom behind why, whenever you're going through a marital issue with your spouse, let's look at the cedar. And in that there is a an example for you. The prophet SAW Salim is a role model and these are role models. So if they had at times issues with the needs to discuss and so forth, therefore, they think everything's going to be always rosy. You know, after the honeymoon, your

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spouse might play a different tune.

00:24:04--> 00:24:18

So get ready and you will differ, you will differ a lot promise that while they said that Kuru Calhoun's Allah said the males don't like the female, you're gonna defer habibie guaranteed. If you're a bachelor thinking, don't make us know you cuz

00:24:20--> 00:24:43

you're gonna differ, trust me again, if you're gonna have a problem or two, it's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. But it's not about how compatible you are. No, that doesn't make a successful marriage, but rather how you deal with in compatibility. That's what makes a successful marriage. As Jeff Miller, the northern love doctor always says a perfect marriage is about two imperfect people never giving up on each other.

00:24:44--> 00:25:00

That's a perfect marriage. Two people are not perfect. They refuse to give up. So don't worry, you're gonna have problems. I guarantee it. But the key is forgiveness. Forgiveness in marriage is like fueling the car. Without it. You're gonna stay

00:25:00--> 00:25:00

stuck with you

00:25:02--> 00:25:15

you have to punish as they say in me right living explain punish, you have to let it go because in that same area so panelo What does the law say? After with a subtle Nebula the body has already had ether of alcohol Well,

00:25:16--> 00:25:21

he made some of the issues known and ignored many others out of Idaho.

00:25:22--> 00:25:28

So don't pull up your spouse on every floor mistake for the one who does. So, we soon left without one.

00:25:30--> 00:25:36

You want to pick on every single floor mistake error step up of your spouse, guess what have you been especially in good and leave you?

00:25:37--> 00:25:58

Now, you have to let atomics ignore ignore but no there are sometimes things are too big to ignore. These are general principles. Sometimes you have to divorce sometimes because the issues are too big. And and hamdulillah Islam is a way out for us not like other religions we can never divorce to death do us part. No Habibi to antibiotic was

00:26:01--> 00:26:33

the only there are ways out when hamdulillah this noble religion has given us a way and an answer for everything. hamdulillah now collect a lot of people think and it's turning into a marriage course. But then we have to have a whole semester on this return in serum Believe it or not. The left has five again. Some people say bollock is haram. No. Can't say that. It's one of five. Just like some foods or some actions or some things are haram or halal. Any permissible or

00:26:34--> 00:26:38

recommended mazahub or macro disliked or

00:26:39--> 00:26:40

who said that

00:26:41--> 00:27:21

were obligatory. So it takes one of the five back and forth. Sometimes the voice is obligatory, obligatory Yes, maybe you and your spouse are going to kill each other literally. Islam doesn't want you to kill each other, to prevent death, get a divorce better. Are you gonna kill the kids or something? So it's where GPA sometimes it's haram haram to divorce, you're divorcing to her your spouse? haram? Sometimes it's makrooh you're divorcing for no reason when you've got kids and no reason at all. Sometimes micro dislike sometimes it's desired, desired better for you better for your deen. Sometimes it's permissible. You have the right to do so. So as you can see, my dear

00:27:21--> 00:27:33

brothers Don't be as some people say tolac is the most hated of the permissible things doesn't make sense. The most hated of the peaceful things say the permissible Allah hater Which one?

00:27:34--> 00:27:42

It doesn't make sense now rather text one or fallback m depending on the situation. So therefore, based on the situation, take it to a shareholder person knowledge.

00:27:43--> 00:28:26

But don't also be quick to judge between people as well. This is something I don't answer. When people send me messages. I've got a problem with my wife, spouse. I prefer Nana leave that I'll leave it to Anisha fees or shahabad nan Salaam and they're the marriage experts. And please, I don't have the time. And I think I need the headaches also a big issue. So the word Hadeeth can refer to conversation we'll take one more thing and we'll end there. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a hadith to indicate that the word Hadees can mean conversation he said many stemma illa Hadi at home and whoever listens to the Hadeeth the conversation of a people minister Mariela had at home in our

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home law who carry horn and they do not like him to hear they don't want him to hear that I want to hear that conversation. So Buffy only Anak Moulton lead reporting that person is

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is a hadith narrated by Al Bukhari. Authentic he is dropping my dear brothers, it's a major sin. So how did you get major sin? When I action has a punishment mentioned in the hereafter? It's a major sin, major sin, eavesdropping and unfortunate how many people fall into this today.

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There are exceptions of course. Now if you're a parent, and it's warranted, it's justified the problem because you turn and you're doing it to protect them. Yes. Talking about generally you walk in this way. Oh, what's going on here?

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So maybe we'll do that. They're walking you're minding their business. I'll just put my ear on put on the door right let's see what's going on now Habibi. If you're a conversation that is not meant for you then do not he did not he and his wisdom behind that because perhaps is talking about you. Yes, reps are talking about you. And Islam was to prevent fitna not cause it.

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It's something as as the saying goes that which you don't know why it hurt you. Perhaps it's talking about you and it causes fitness. So it's better not to know sometimes one of the seller approached his companion. And he said so and so said this, this and this about you.

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He said he said whatever makes a decision is he said that man, find an arrow in my direction.

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That missed me, Ella, you have come and taken those arrows and stabbed him in my heart. When she told me

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how many times that happened. And I happened recently, a man came, one of the brothers came up to Shahada is a jerk so and so said this initial value. How do you do that? Why causing enmity between people who wanted to cook really well? But why would you do that? so and so? said you're a snack brother. Because you don't the other night and all you say that what would you classify as you should be extinguishing fires? When the prophet SAW Selim heard about the news of the leader of the NFL phone? He was speaking about the prophet SAW Selim, what did he say? Allah recorded the insulting Vanessa calling itself Leo regional as domina then the Honored One, this is a hypocrite

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talking. Say I'm the only one I'm going to drive out the lowly one meaning Mohammed Billa. If that's not Cooper, no worries. A Spoofer is the leader of the Mexican or Sula heard this and was confirmed what is it similar? Do you guys spread it amongst Sahaba quick put on Facebook and Twitter. Quick make refutation video about him. Make a hot beverage? No. It took the Sahaba for entire days and nights journey. Why? To distract them from these fitna? Who's a fitna repellants Allah wa sallam didn't cause it wanted to spread he wanted to minimize mellado Jamaicans among those who follow these amazing a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, so panicle of Mohammed I shall do

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one or two