Ramadan Goals 01

Ali Albarghouthi


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Speaker 1 discusses the importance of having a goal for the month and mentions the need to work on forgiveness and a project. They encourage Speaker 2 to prioritize achieving these goals and share their own goals for the month. Speaker 1 suggests creating a permanent goal and sharing recommendations for rewarding employees.

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So now when you come home from law, one of the things that will help us get more out of Yvonne is for us to have a goal for that month. Something that we want to work on. And I don't mean here is big, broad goals like taqwa and forgiveness. These are good. This is what do we want to get out of the month, but something that is concrete specific that we can work on every single day, from the first day till the end, so that when we finish the month, we can look back and say, I was able to achieve this, get this or get rid of that. So think about a specific goal or a project for the month of Ramadan. Look at yourself, what do you want to achieve? And think about something? I have some

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ideas, but I want you to think about it first. And if you have any suggestions or recommendations, put them in the comments. Maybe somebody will look at them, and we'll be able to benefit from them and get the reward inshallah ceremony