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everything emanates from Allah.

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We trust in Allah, Allah is the power. But still in the dunya you use resources.

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The DUA the Mercy of Allah was a political blog.

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He made a DUA, oh Allah give me one of these two people, both of whom the greatest enemies of Islam and Bucha Hello, Ahmed, one of the two

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give me one of the two. And I Bucha his real name was Amarinder Hashem and he was known before Islam with the name of

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the Father, the wise one,

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the father wisdom. And then the board was ALLAH said, I'm calling him a Bucha. The opposite because of enmity towards Islam. And that's an aesthetic until the Day of Judgment. Nobody knows. Nobody knows the name, I'm more of an action you know, a Bucha has

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it stuck?

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So the message of Allah is Allah Allah Allah He was made this dua,

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Luca Subhan, Allah if you look in the Quran, you see Musa alayhis salam Salam makes a DUA or Allah sent me her rule my brother

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sent me Haroon when we go to Pharaoh also he would support me the Mercy of Allah because there was no nobody to come after the Mercy of Allah, the Mercy of Allah made a dua for who followed.

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And he said, if there was a levy to come after me, it would have been who it would have been