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Should The Home Mortgage be Deducted When Calculating Zakat – Ask Shaykh YQ #147

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Yasir Qadhi

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We have next question, brother Hashem from Virginia. He says that he has a home mortgage that he has to pay off. And he's asking for the sake of the Zakat that should he deduct the debt from the amount of his savings to calculate the cap?

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So, with regards to the issue of home mortgage, I have given a much longer lecture with a conversation that I had with myself and Dr. Hyman, how'd you can look this up as an hour long conversation, and we concluded that really, mortgages really should be avoided unless there is some, you know, some type of need, or strong need or necessity, and there is no Islamic alternative. Nonetheless, the brother is not asking about that. He's basically saying that he has already had a mortgage. And he's asking, does he deduct the debt of the mortgage? So suppose the house costs, you know, he still has $250,000 left on it. And of course, he might have savings and cash and whatnot,

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come time of the cup, should he deduct $250,000 from his total quantity that he has in the bank and then give Zakat on that? And the response is that no, you do not deduct what is called a long term debt. You see, the debts that are owed are of two types. its immediate, short term and long term. And long term is a debt that it is understood that you can pay it off in a very lengthy period of time, and those types of debts. And the classic example is, in fact, the house mortgage, that if we were to consider this when we calculate the cut, then for most of us there would be those of us that have a house mortgage, there would never be any ziggurat for 30 years and that goes against the

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goals of the shediac we know that we have to pay 1500 2000 per month for the the the mortgage whatever it might be, and we are earning, you know a good amount more than this. And therefore by the time the year finishes, we have a savings amount that we have had for a year that we can give Zakat on and therefore, to answer your question simply No, you do not deduct the value of the remaining mortgage in order to calculate seca. And the last panel with Allah knows best