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The "monster" situation is a reality where most people want to return to normal, but the reality is that most of us will be in this for the long haul. The "monster" situation is where everyone wants to return to normal, but the reality is that most of us are going to be in this for the long haul. The "monster" situation is where everyone wants to return to normal, but the reality is that most of us are going to be in this for the long haul. The "monster" situation is where everyone wants to return to normal, but the reality is that most of us are going to be in this for the long haul. The "monster" situation is where everyone wants to return to normal, but the reality is that most of us are going to be in this for the long haul. The "monster" situation is where everyone wants to return to normal, but the reality is that most of us are going to be in this

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We have with in front of us and hamdulillah a unique chance with this Ramadan. And it is Ramadan.

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What I want to remind myself and my brothers and sisters of is that

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in a lot of times we're looking at it as a negative thing, the situation that went, whereas in reality, there's a lot of positive. In fact, as Muslims, we have a unique chance during any this Ramadan to lock down with Corona that no one else in the world has its special only process Muslims. What is that? And shall I'm gonna share it with you guys in a minute. But before I do, I want to talk about the reality of the situation that we're in. And that is that the world as we know, has come to an end.

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Many of us would like to believe that in another month or a couple of weeks that things are going to go back to normal. But the reality is that most likely in shallow Tada, we're in this for the long haul, we're going to be in this situation for quite a long time. There's what many of the ESP experts say and this is what it seems when you study in detail about what's really going on around the world. And this is not you know, some pessimistic outlook or or this is this is the reality, when you look into the situation

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any as they say the New World Order has come and this new oil or this New World Order is going to be implemented and he by any means necessary. And is this a reality? Is it a conspiracy theory alo Adam Only time will tell. But the reality is an expert in this area is saying the same thing is that the world as we know it is going to change forever. The economical change even just yesterday,

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and one of the news platforms, I believe ABC in America where they said until 2022 we're most likely going to have to do social distancing. So when we look at the situation as Muslims, we have to realize that it might not change soon

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that it might not change them. And we have to ask ourselves several questions. First of all, why does Allah subhana wa Tada allow such things to happen?

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What does Allah and then what does the Lord want from us?

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Like I said, there's a unique opportunity that we have only as Muslims want to share it with you inshallah Tada. But

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the reality is, is that, first of all, we need to ask ourselves, why does the law allow such things to happen?

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When you look at the situation, of the human beings all around the world.

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When Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in some of the short verses in sort of Aladdin, the reality of mankind killed in an internal Jaqua that no but very man, transgressors, the boundaries and disbelief and evil, Allahu Stogner, because he sees that he has become self sufficient, but the reality that they need to be reminded out in Arabic Raja, that indeed you are going to return to your Lord.

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When we look at the situation all around the world, what the world has become, and how mankind have transgressed, spreading corruption upon Earth, spreading oppression, oppressing others in the innocence, the injustice, the mischief, the indecency, the morals have been lost all of these things happening all around the world. And worse than all of that, is that in the times that we've lived in the we live in, many of them

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have denied the Creator.

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They denied Allah subhanho wa taala, they deny the existence of the Creator, and they are so impressed with their technology, with their science, with their economies, and what they reached actually, it's amazing what's been reached in those fields, no doubt, but it led many of them as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the verse or Allahu Stogner Do you see if he sees himself self sufficient, self made, it's about me, it's about what we've done. And they forgot that the Creator has gave them the ability to reach these higher levels and they denied the Creator Subhanallah and he reminds us of a different verses in the Quran. When we see the situation, Allah tells us about

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these individuals who reach this level and then they deny the Creator Allah said, Yeah, Ala Moana wa he Rahman Al Hadith dunya. Will whom and to Whom have you learned that they know that was apparent from this worldly life, but when it comes to the hereafter, the headless

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Subhan Allah these these these signs and even and they are supposed to bring us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala when we advance in technology when we advance and we have good economist supposed to make what what what are we supposed to do as muslims are supposed to be thankful of the namah the blessing we have not to transgress the boundaries that the Creator that Allah subhanaw taala has put down for us when we reach we reach and science is something we want from mankind to better ourselves and to better humanity not to come in to deny the greater what has their economies done for them today.

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What is their science and technology has it been able to save them hasn't been able to help them. The countries with the dollar most advanced the most technologies they're the ones suffering the most parallel they're the ones with the biggest numbers.

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And reminds us of what will be said you will not the AMA

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when the last panel was out it was will say Lima Neil Moon kill yo add to who belongs the kingdom today. The lair Hill wa Haider kaha to Allah the one that propelling subhanho, wa Taala

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that all belongs to Allah, that even if they come in the in the virus and because it's man made a minute, it cannot spread and it cannot do what it's doing except for the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and perhaps, if they're being honest that it's spread and they can control it now.

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Also once again reminds us of the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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all of this is meant to bring us back to Allah. Allah told us in the Quran, when I noticed a little bit at letter quiver that we only send the if the signs at the weaver that as a way to scare you to bring you back to a law. All throughout the Quran. Allah mentions what he wants from us because now we understand that in a while more or less these things happen. These people have transgressed Allah has sent sign after sign in these days. Look at the earthquakes look at this tsunami, they hit us up natural disasters of any famine in different countries to remind us of the name of the blessing we have is yes, why is there suffering? Why are these people suffering

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and Somalia different countries around the world where they were starving to remind us who are overfilling their stomach and date of the blessing that we have to bring us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us be from those as a lot tourists in the Quran with a mouth as of now whom you will be tune in from what We have provided for them that we're spending we're helping out those who are in need a lot of test this with the money with the blessing the test is first of all,

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have you been thankful how's your cartoon?

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Allah told us when Shaka to bless it and know that if you're thankful I would increase you.

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When give automatic rather than Allah's punishment is going to be severe. The punishment of Allah subhanaw taala will be severe if you're not thankfully I'm grateful. And this is the reality of mankind, around stubborn killer in in Salah HealthVault he transgressed that the mankind

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they see themselves self sufficient, don't care about anyone else, transgressing or pressing those upon the earth.

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And then they wonder why these things happen. Allah mentions throughout the Quran what he wants from us, we need that we understand why it's happening. The Lord tells him what he wants from us, and several verses, Lana, whom into the role so that they might believe in us in humility, they come back to us and the other verse, Allah whom you have Jeroen, that perhaps they will come back they will come back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And I mentioned two examples

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of both of these ads when many I had to end with this meeting, but an example and so total verse 42 When Allah subhana wa Tada said, Well I thought outsell in Isla almond milk public. But I have now him build that say what the ROI and we have already said to the messenger the nation's before you. And we've tested them we seize them with poverty and hardships. Pay attention to the worst poverty and hardships. Because we said we won't be in this for the long haul. Beware.

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What's going to come after this? It might be worse.

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The poverty and the hardships. Why? What is the objective? Yeah, Allah.

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What do you want from this? Yeah, Allah. La I love them. It's adorable, that perhaps they will believe with humility, they will come back to come back to Allah subhanaw taala no believe, to come back in to be humble in front of their Creator.

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And the other verse

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and sorted the room verse 41.

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The haram for sadhu Phil burry will bury that corruption has become widespread on the land and on the sea. How did it become widespread? Why did it become widespread? Bhima kissa but a Venus

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Whew that was a people have earned with their own hands to do with vehicle whom bother Lady amazulu. So that our law will test them, let them taste part of what they've done. This is what your own hands have done, the corruption that we have allowed to be established upon Earth, the corruption that they have put upon Earth, and then we become like the sheep and we follow. What happens in the end, The corruption continues to spread, and the evil continues to spread and the oppression continues, right? And what does the Lord want from us and look at the end of the verse, la la mayor Joe, that perhaps they will return, they returned to righteousness, they want to return to good.

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The reality of the situation, when you look at the studies, is that most likely it's not going to end anytime soon.

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This is a reality, we have to get into our mind if it doesn't Hamdulillah. And I'm looking outside right now.

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Here in Turkey, and I'm seeing the beautiful weather, I'm seeing everything green, I want to go outside, I want to get I want to get in the mountains, I want to run I want to I want to enjoy myself like anyone else. But here just like you I'm locked down. And it could be like this for a long time. As it starts to get nicer the summer is coming. And what happened to the house. Now this is the reality, what are we going to do?

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The studies are saying there's two aspects of the full moon when it comes to the studies, first of all, from the health side of it. Because even if it goes away, it might come back and it might come back again, it might just be one of the diseases that's around us all the time. So maybe the issue of the herd immunity like literally sweetness, the only way in the end, it's going to work Allahu Allah. But there was what they're saying is that even if it goes away now in the summer, it might come back later. So we have to prepare that this Coronavirus now might be part of our lives, just as the flu and other diseases kills us each year, there's going to be one of those that's going to kill

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us. And perhaps with the herd immunity, as they're saying, perhaps this might work. And it may make it easier. But it seems to be here for the long haul. Also the economy, they're saying most likely it's going to take years to recover. And that it may never recover the way we work. It was what it was before. So the good life that we had before that we were ungrateful for that we didn't think Allah subhanaw taala for

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now call us, and most likely most places is going to be gone. This is the reality get in your mind. All that faith, all that blessing, all that ease there was going to tell us it's gone. And most countries around the world, now they're going to come up with a new economical system. Now making enough money like you used to do not having the benefits that you used to have things are gonna get difficult. Now we'll go back to what we said at the beginning of this bed,

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that us as Muslims, this being the reality for us, we'll talk about the reality. We talked about why law allows this to happen and what Allah wants from us. Now back to what we said at the beginning.

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That right now,

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we have a unique chance in front of us a unique opportunity that no one else in the world has only Muslims happens only Muslims.

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And this unique chance of this unique opportunity is from two angles. First of all the mental states of the Muslim and secondly, the opportunity of Ramadan right now.

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When you look at the mental state of the Muslim,

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first of all, how do we look at calamities.

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Allah told us in the Quran, what he wants from the calamities we understand what Allah wants from the calamities is to return to him also from the meanings of the Quran, the teachings of the Quran, that Allah once Allah wants us to look at things in a positive light for as Santa crocheter or Cairo level that perhaps you dislike something, but it's good for you. We know the teachings of our beloved Prophet alayhi salatu salam Ajiboye emerald movement in the Ummah who Kulu Kulu that How wonderful is the affairs of the believer, because it's all good. So good. It's all wonderful. But why is it wonderful?

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Because if the good times come check it for kind of Havilah who is staying for it's good for him, with us all the raw, every difficulty comes to him. And he's patient, and it's good for him. So we're going to make it good. We have to have this mindset, whatever comes that it's always going to be good. From our belief as Muslims with the man who

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is believing in the other theory, he was sharing the good and the bad, it comes from ALLAH SubhanA wa Damasus. So whatever is going to come from there, we're ready for it mentally, emotionally, we're ready for what's going to come. If

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we're afflicted with this virus, which is spread it gets out of control, maybe even get it gets worse. Maybe we start to drop like flies, possibly Alhamdulillah and Chautala is going to be Chahat we're going to be martyrs and hamdulillah these are mindset as Muslims that hamdulillah if we see our loved ones drop in front of us, we say hamdulillah Allah bless them with the Shahada. So we're going to be able to

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be able to handle it mentally. Even when you look into the Syrah when you look into the Quran, we see example after example

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of being patient and enduring during the long haul, pay attention, the long haul the difficulty in the syrup, during the time in Mecca and Shab. When they were isolated for three years, people are not allowed to buy from them not allowed to sell for them, they became so hungry,

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they had to eat from leaves they could find from dry animal skin. This was this what they will eat to in order to survive three years of injustice. And what came after that Allah gave them the safe place in Medina. And then they started to and they were successful, they were victorious. All of that came later. But they had to go through that difficult time 13 years of

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being persecuted mecca of being tortured, some of them being killed three years during that 13 of being completely isolated. If you look into the Quran,

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and the story of use of La Silla, another example and these examples are not just for us to come and read all mashallah examples are for us, to make it part of our DNA and part of our mindset, how we think as Muslims Subhanallah now, when we read the story of use of Ali, salaam, how many years was he in prison time in prison

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was up to 12 years in prison, and he's in there frozen for a long time in prison. The point is he he's he's unjustly, unjustly imprisoned. But what came after that, where he was then came to success after the isolation after the lockdown. And then

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on top of that, look what happened during his rule, seven years of ease seven years of difficulty,

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drought, not having enough, being prepared for those seven years to come. Now as a Muslim, don't be going forward and gather all this stuff and harm others as we saw people happening, but be prepared, save a little bit of money have know something on the side, no problem. Yeah. Because you don't know what's coming up here. You have to be ready. There's one thing that the Quran is teaching us be ready for those difficult times. It's not going to be all ease. And that's why from the beautiful teachings of homearama photography, Allah and he said it's notional. And it'd be rough sometimes don't always you know, have the pleasure make it easy. You know, first class five star all the time

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he said be rough sometimes, when the NAM lair to doom he said to the blessing, they don't last, eventually they go. So if you can rub it off, sometimes even if you have money, you have the ability, you rock it off. Sometimes when the ability comes, then hamdullah you got to be able to do it and shadow Tana but we always it's always ease always ease, it's going to be very difficult for you to handle the difficulty.

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Also, the Quran teaches us for the mental aspect. And we look at the whole issue of who's behind this what are their true objectives? Allah teaches us throughout the Quran, the Mecca the planning of the enemies of Islam and how they want to corrupt and some some people can't understand and can't cut How is it possible that a group of elite would want to shut down the entire world the entire economy and will be willing to sacrifice their own citizens and have them die for some agenda that they want to accomplish? If this is the case with the studies this what seems to be apparent although Anna Stewart at a time will tell time will tell inshallah Tada but this is this is this

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seems to be the case.

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And he their own people and our speaking out against him. This is what they're doing. How could they do this? The Quran trains us. And so the Bacara we reflect on this other day with the brothers

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to Mufasa Kulu boom embody Derek

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Bahia can he Geraghty a worship to a sua Subhanallah Allah said that their hearts become hardened. And then it comes so hard that it becomes like a rock or even harder than a rock house. There's no hail coming into that no good coming into their heart. Their hearts have been so hard is what is the reality of these individuals. Allah tells us

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we am Karuna William could a law located back in the day plan in law plans and law as the best of plans. They're going to plan their plans when Chautala the fate of the good will be to those who persevere those who are patient, and those who strive for good and shallow time. There's what we all need to do. Any Muslim, non Muslim that we all come together now and work together to strive for good. There's so much good on this Earth so much clearer to them all has blessed us with we have to be thankful for it. And we have to be willing to share with others and give this fear for others what a favor others not to isolate for a select for an elite. This has to be the way it has to be

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for everyone. What the hate is spread for everyone everyone to enjoy the beauty is in the blessings that Allah has blessed us with on this earth.

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That is the mind the mental state of the Muslim if we're like this and hamdulillah even if we're in for the long haul and hamdulillah we're going to be able to deal with it. And other non Muslims even now I know many non Muslims in the West

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We speak with even some of my relatives, they're close to committing suicide. And you're going to see that if we go in the long haul, that the suicide rates are going to shoot through the roof, they're not going to be able to have been locked down like this. But Hamdulillah we can find pleasure in isolation, we see what comes from isolation, even Islam teaches and we have the lecture we gave on Islam 21. So you can see it on the website, and on my website as well, where we talked about the issue of the beauty of isolation and how it's actually a blessing from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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It's actually a blessing to take advantage of this, even if it's for years, we can come out in sha Allah and have truly benefit from this. This is the mindset of the Muslim. The other issue that we have in front of us

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that makes this situation so unique for us

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the fact that we have been blessed with Ramadan.

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I don't know if any of you have sat down and thought about this. I was just reflecting the other day.

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The fact that they're saying that it's actually going to get worse.

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In the next month or so it's going to get worse. The situation is what they're saying, getting us ready for a low lockdown. It's going to get worse. Allah blessed us during this time of difficulty with a blessed month of Ramadan. It's our annual yearly bootcamp training session, we come in as Muslim to train ourselves. But now if we come in with the proper mentality, we're going to take Ramadan to another level we're going to benefit from Ramadan, like we never benefited before we're like

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we're gonna look at the fast in a different light Subhanallah that is food we have it's an AMA

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you've looked at him Coronel really it's a lockdown and you can't get your food you might have to go without food he might be fasting a lot fasting through hunger. It's possible get yourself mentally prepared Ramadan string you now what's coming be ready.

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We pray Inshallah, that it's not as it gets better. But the reality is, it might not.

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And let's just just stop for a second to reflect and ask ourselves. Did any of us think this would ever be possible? If I were to have come to you in January or February and said that the entire world is going to be locked down? Would you have ever believed it? No way no one would have believed it is impossible. But yet here we are in this situation. So get yourself ready to fast

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take from the things that the past is teaching you patience Southern, you're gonna have to have a whole lot of southern Why is the Quran mentioned in any throughout the Quran? How many times in the Quran southerlies as soberano get the reward, the reward of having some more Spiro sabe through all of these messages to auto Quran. As you reflect on the Quran, look how many times it's submission and look at how it's mentioned that different forms in different ways and different scenarios amazing

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reflect on that as you know you hear the word suburb, your spiritual is Bureau any type of any in the form of Arabic language stop, go back to your translation if you don't understand Arabic, reflect on that meaning take out some time. Because with the Quran, we have our objectives to finish as many times as we can Ramadan but

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we also need to have that time we sit down we reflect on the meanings and the tempo

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and no Quran and when the month of the Quran, the Quran is what's going to keep us safe.

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The Quran is what's going to keep us safe and the Quran is what's going to keep us sane inshallah Tada

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the Quran teaches us everything that we need to know and hamdulillah the Quran is everything that we need to know the plus of the enemies of Islam, the difficulties that the past nations went through any difficulties that they face the difficulties that that we are going to face to prepare yourself to be ready. If you're if you live with the Quran hamdulillah it's going to make it easier, it's gonna make it easy for you to deal with the difficulties that are coming.

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Also, emotionally spiritually, the Quran is going to help you get through

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we do necesito mineral Quran Maharshi fell, well Rama mumineen Allah so we sent out from the Coronavirus ship, what is a cure and a Rama for the believers. And we need this this this Shiva we need this Rama, this mercy and this cure during the difficult times that are coming. We need to be prepared

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and the Quran is going to help us say state the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he said and has written with that and I'm gonna end with this incredible data

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to show us how the Quran is going to keep us safe inshallah.

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He said and hydrated with that is his farewell privileges he knows he keeps telling the people who do and even NASA will take from me you monastic your hydrates, because you might not see me after this year. This might be the end.

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He said it in the in the few words that he gave, at least in his sermon, focused on certain issues and from the things he said at least talk to people by intimacy to be led to the low body I left behind without which if you hold for for him to you will never go

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History After mi Kitab Allah the book of Allah is the Quran, the Quran that we've neglected for so many years.

00:25:08--> 00:25:21

Read it, sometimes don't read it, most of the time. We didn't Ramadan, then put on the shelf for 11 months. Now, going through one of the most difficult times during modern history, maybe in history altogether. We don't know how bad it's going to be.

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And now we're looking for a way out. Allah has blessed us with Ramadan, the month of the Quran. Here's the way come back to the Quran.

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You want to be safe you want to make it do this live with the Quran

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reflecting on reading the Quran, having different types of of custom one we might read it a bit fast to review your HIV to try to finish a novel no problem, but you need to have that. That time when you sit down read the Quran slowly as a low tourist lottario Quran 30 Let and read the Quran with her to slow melody. Enjoy the impact as we restore like that has a huge impact on you. Reflect on his meanings of Allah azza wa jal Quran Amana Peruvian upstyle Do they not reflect?

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Do they not contemplate to make the deadbolt of the Quran are they have locks on their hearts? Now is the time now is the time to take the locks off our hearts and sit down to reflect on the on the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Allah has given us time to learn the language of the Quran. As we're locked down to learn Arabic to learn the meanings of the Quran. It's not difficult. Well Acharya Sona analyst Vicky Hellman within here also we made the product easy for tickets to be reminded to read, to memorize to understand to act upon law made easy, we have to make the effort if you make the effort, Allah is going to make it easy for you and shovels out.

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Hadn't been with decker bus everyone's gonna be reminded like at the end of the verse, this is the thing are you going to take the effort and make the take out the time to renew that relationship with the Quran. Allah has blessed us with this time in Ramadan to come closer to the Quran to help us be safe. And Amanda with a verse and surah

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Allah Muhammad Allah subhanho wa Taala

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said why testing will be heavily Lehi, Jimmy and will at the vulnerable and hold firm to the rule of law and do not differ amongst yourselves. When you go back to the Tafseer scholars in the robe of a law we need the Quran in In the religion of Allah hold firm to religion at the time of difficulty hold firm to the Quran. And look at the word that she was happy.

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And my series about the correct reflections we reflected on this in detail you can you can see it on my YouTube channel.

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But desire they showed the rope

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the rope of Allah why is the word rope used? Because when you need to be saved

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in a sea and you're about to drown they send down that helicopter says that the rope to you you got off a cliff and they come they say how do you hold on to that rope? You hold on to it for dear life so you can be safe and you can be saved. And Allah is telling us what to say no. Hold firm to what heavily led to the Quran hold firm to the Quran. And if you do, you're going to be safe in shallow Thailand and there's many other lessons that you reflect on them during Ramadan. How Ramadan is going to get us mentally prepared inshallah Asana to be strong to be ready for any difficulties that we might face in Shabbos Allah we pray to ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that this Ramadan will truly be a

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unique changing point for all of us. That will be from those who returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we will be from those that Allah will make strong and keep firm. If the fitness and the turmoil was in the trials and the tribulations that we might face after this calamity, that it becomes even worse we pray that Allah subhanaw taala will keep us strong and make it easy for us. And hamdulillah has given us this opportunity with Ramadan to prepare ourselves we ask Allah subhana wa Taala that we can be properly prepared inshallah Tada and Allah knows best. Allah anima sola was delivered Baraka Muhammad, which is located on Silla Marie compared to La he