Zahir Mahmood – Baha – The 13 Year Old Mechanic

Zahir Mahmood
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over the land who said who's a multi millionaire?

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He says ameerul momineen let's go back It's cold. It's dunk. And Omar said I swear by Allah, I will not move from this place until I see these children smiling like I saw them crying.

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When you see the suffering firsthand of people,

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and these are brothers and sisters,

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you know we should you, you give what you can.

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The honestly will lie more than even giving I honestly believe this more than even giving, you should save up to three 400 pounds and go on to field trip.

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It will make your image stronger, it will bring your life into perspective because when you will see these people who have nothing who have no tomorrow dounia wise, but they're still saying Alhamdulillah

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there is a boy we met when we went to our SAR enabled baja is one of the first children we bumped into.

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So we were speaking to him, again, father killed by the regime. So the translator was telling us that he works. He's 13 years old, is your two siblings and a mother. So the garage was there.

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You could see the garage. He works as a mechanic at the age of 13.

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What are what are our children doing at the age of 13?

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School PlayStation central heating,

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no food.

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And I looked online, I looked at the children I was thinking to myself.

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Look how beautiful the children

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look how intelligent the children are.

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A lot waited.

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But Allah test is in a different way. Allah gives us this conflicts.

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And Allah hasn't given them the complete but maybe Allah is furnishing de Jana

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for enamel OCD usara because after every difficulty This is silver lining.

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And therefore brothers.

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I want to finish off with a story which came to my mind many times when like when I was sitting there, you know me and a brother Rafe was speaking said You know, every time I sit in one of those houses, I just think of my own kids

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are just thinking those kids could be my kids.

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You know, once

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Omar on the line who went and he walked around the streets of Medina.

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And this is what Omar will do every evening.

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And he walked in the streets or outside Medina and he saw this woman and she had lit a fire.

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And on the fire she had put a pot of water. And she was pretending that she was cooking because she had nothing to cook. And she was hoping that the children will think that she's cooking and they will go to sleep. But they were out of hunger. They were sitting there and they were crying

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to Omar watching this for a little while.

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And then Omar walks up to me gives us Salaam

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and Omar speaks to us. And then Omar says to her, says What is your opinion of Omar?

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She said I complained to Allah about

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this was the man with a dog drowned in the Euphrates. He was concerned that Allah will ask him on the Day of Judgment.

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She said I complained to Allah about

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maybe he doesn't know your state. She said he's our Amir and he doesn't know the state of his subjects.

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And Omar went back into Medina. He went to the mall.

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And he said give me a sack full of food. So they give him a sack full of food and almost they place it on my back. And they keep saying oh, I'll carry it and almost had no place on my back. And he said oh Mommy, I'll carry it. Over said

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Mama. He said will you carry my sins also on the day of judgment

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as he will you carry my sins on the Day of Judgment.

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And over now walk through Medina, the most powerful man on the face of this earth with a sack on his back.

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And he went to the camp. He lit the fires in regions mentioned that the smoke was coming through his bid

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and he cooked the food with his own hands.

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And then almost shot there and the children are playing. And this woman still isn't always on top.

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And she turns over and she says, I swear by Allah you are better than

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The Allahu is David Omar.

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the man who said who's a multi millionaire.

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He says ameerul momineen. Let's go back. It's cold. It's dunk. And Omar said I swear by Allah. I will not move from this place until I see these children smiling like I saw them crying.

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And then Omar went to Medina.

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He went to the machine ob Salalah Alayhi Salaam, and he led the foot of salah

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and Marina overstays it I swear by Allah. I cannot explain to you how Omar cried when he led the future Salah

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because he saw believers

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crying out of hunger


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