Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 156A Translation Maryam 1-40

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses their upcoming events and plans, including a news report about a man named Raj Murthy of mercy and a woman named Maria Marley who was killed by a man. They also mention various events and people involved, but the details are unclear. The segment then explores a variety of topics, including a date bomb, a woman named Maria, a woman named Leah, a woman named Apollon, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman named Leah, a woman
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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now whether we want to Sunday or out of Saudi we'll get him a Madatha with a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim my Beshara Haley's solidity where Siddeley Emery wash Luna rock bottom really sunny Kahu holy Robina Ziggler in

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lesson number 157 surah. Maryam is number one to 14

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girth her year are in solid.

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Give her Yeah, I saw

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the crew. A report mentioned Raj Murthy of mercy, Rob Baker of your Rob Arbor the WHO to his servant. Zakariya Zekeriya I think

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if when neither he called out robber who do his job neither and a supplication for for a year. One private caller he said Robbie Oh my Rob in me indeed. I wahana it has become weak. allows me the bones many from me. What an itch tharla It has flared up a lot. So the head Schaber with all age wallum and never occurred. I am Bidra Iike in supplicating you Robbie. Oh my Rob Sherpa year. One unhappy

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we're in need, and indeed I 50 I feared Elmo le the successors of mine. Men from Worre II behind me. What can it and she was a more at my wife Archelon one Baron for her. So grant Lee for me, men from La Mancha near you Walia and air.

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Yanni Sunni, he will inherit from me wire the zoo and he will inherit men from early family your group of your coop and insulin. What your Alou and make him rugby. Oh my rub. Probably yeah, one pleasing.

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Yeah, oh, Zakariya Zakariya in indeed with noble Shuka we give you good news, Bill gulaman off a boy is smooth his name. Yeah, here is yeah here. lum not Nigel. We make Lahu for him. Men from cabelo before semiya a namesake? semiya a namesake? God. He said. Robbie. Oh my Rob Amna. How your Kulu he will be leave for me when I'm on a boy. What can it and she was employed at my wife Archelon one Baron. Were called while in fact, below two I have reached men from El Kiba be old age 80 year extremity

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color he said Gallica thus likewise. Colin he said Rob Booker Europe whoever it is or Layyah upon me Heikkinen one easy workout and in fact halacha I created you men from a blue before while I'm and not that you were che anything

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Bala he said Robbie Oh my age are you make leave for me. I attend a sign Allah He said I had to get your sign hola that not Tucker Lima usual speak Anessa to the people the latter three late nights. So we hear while being sound

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for her Roger. So he came out. Isla upon call me he his people. Men from Al Mishra the prayer chamber

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for our her. Then he signaled

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Oh Ha. Then he signaled Eli him to them. And that, sir be who you are glorified. Book rotten a morning. Why she here and in evening?

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Yeah, you're here. Or you're here who take al Kitab the Book because you're working with strength. What are they now who and we gave him an hookman the judgment? The wisdom slubby. Yeah. As a child.

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What Hana cannon and affection. Men from Laguna near us.

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was the captain and purity what can and he was the year one God fearing

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well above one and beautiful be wildly de to his two parents while I'm and not yakun he was just bail on a tyrant ously Yeah, one who is very disobedient

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wassalam on and peace or lay he upon him Yoma on day one leader he was born way OMA and on day your Moto he dies way over and on day ubuY so he will be raised how Yeah, one alive

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what good and mentioned Phil Kitabi in the book, Maria Maria Marley hustler

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is when interpreted, she withdrew men from a family her family mccannon do ugly it's shouldn't be here of East but the horror that then she took men from Dooney him beside them or other than them hijab and a screen for us and then we sent la her to her Rue Hannah. I will rule our angel

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Fatima Stella. Then he represented then he took form Lucha for her by Sharon. Amen. So we yeah well proportioned

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so we Yeah, well proportion.

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Pilot she said in the indeed. URL do I seek refuge below man with the Most Merciful Minka from you in if you were the one who is God fearing?

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Color he said in nama indeed not but I am rasuluh messenger Rob beaky of Europe, Leah Herbert so that I give lucky to you gulaman a boy Zakia one who is pure. Call it she said. Anna how your Kunal he will be lead for me when I'm on a boy 1am And not himself SNI he touches me by Sharon a man while I'm and not a coup, I have been or I am Baliya one who is unchaste

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on he said kudelski thus likewise order he said Prabhu key Europe poor it is aleja upon me how you known one easy while in Nigeria Nigella who and so we will make him a attend assign the nurse for the people. What Rama and immersi Mina from us walk in and it was a moron a matter McCullough Yeah, one that is already decreed

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for hemella to so she conceived him

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Fanta but then she withdrew. Be with him mccannon to replace costly Yeah. One that is distant

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for Ajah her then it drove her for her then it drove her alma Haldol the pains of childbirth. Isla to get drunk enough of the day palm oil that she said yeah later knee or would that i i wish mitt to I had died of Ebola before Heather This worked on too and I was nursing in Oblivion Nicean in Oblivion man Seiya one who is forgotten

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for another her. Then he called her men from Dashti her underneath her. Allah that not that zani you grieve God in fact, Geralyn he made Kabuki Europe, Turkey beneath you, Surya a stream where Huzi and shake Leakey toward yourself bijouterie with drunk inocula of the date bomb to circuit it will drop our Leakey upon you, Ruth Obon dates Jenny here fresh Feghouli so you eat wash will be and you drink, workout and cool rest Aina eyes for ima then if there are Hyndman you definitely see men from El Basha the man I hadn't anyone for coolie then you say in me indeed I needed to I have vowed Liverman for the Most Merciful Salman a fast Falon so never open Lima. I shall speak Aloma today. In

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See ya.

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If any man

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further than she came be with him or her to her people that made her who she was carrying him. Follow they said yeah, oh, Maria Maria Nakata certainly do you have come che and a thing for a year unprecedented for the year unprecedented are fabricated. Yeah. Oh, author sister, Haroon of her own man not Ghana. He was a bulky your father Imran men. So in an evil woman and not Gannett she was on mochi, your mother Billy Yeah. And just for a shower. Then she pointed Elaine to him. Or Lou they said kafer how Luca limo we speak manku Khanna he was fee in LMFT the cradle Sobia as a child caller he said in me indeed I are Buddhu servant Allah He of Allah attorney he gave me al Kitab the Book

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what you're learning and he made me now be here a prophet what Jelani and he made me mobile rockin one bless it. A NEMA wherever going to I was what else Swanee and he has enjoined me this seletti with the prayer was the karate and bazooka and the charity madam to as long as I remained my doom two as long as I remained here, alive

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while Baldwin and dutiful, be wildly dirty with my mother wallum and not your journey. He has made me Jabarin a tyrant Shaka year, one who is wretched. One who is unlucky

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was Sudan and the peace or layer upon me Yama on day will lead to I was born way OMA and on day, a move to I will die, ye OMA and on day Oberursel I will be raised here alive Danika that Risa, Risa Ibnu son Maria Maria of Maria cola word and help of the truth Allah the witch fi in it yum Tarun they dispute they doubt

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MA Not Ghana was Lilla he for Allah and that yet deadly that he takes men from Walla then any child Subhana who Glorified is He either when Baba he decreed? Omran a matter for in nama than indeed not but your colo he says no who for it gon be for your corner, then it is what in and indeed Allahu Allah, Robbie is my wallet Bukom and Europe Farah boo so you all worship Him. Heather, this surah torn apart was the claim one straight, fractal effort then he deferred Allah reserved the factions the group's men from binding him between them for Weiland. So lil Lavina for those who go through the disbelieved men from Mashhad seem site young of de Aleem tremendous

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a smear be him how clearly they will hear how good they will hear what upset and how seeing

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Yoma andI yet Dona Ana, they will come to us lacking but a volume on the wrongdoers Aloma today. fee in Berlin error will be in one clear

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what and then home and warn them Yo Ma en de al Hassan the regret is when Claudia it was concluded. It was decreed al Umbra the matter we're home and they feel in love letting heedlessness we're home and they love not human alone they believe

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in indeed we national we nerdy so we will inherit of the earth woman and whoever or lay her is upon it was Elena and to us you Jeroen they will be returned.

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Let's listen to this edition.

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This means

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See, all the v cross match your big moves and carry

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for the

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order of all the

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more money was done on social

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He got on visual thing he

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was in his early

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on Nancy Morante

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URI Tony via resume resuming

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yes I carry

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in yoga Viola Minister we actually

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bothers me

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Paul V.

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Kuhn only

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one can be more anti

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according to me at

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all and Canada can follow

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you know

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Paul out of BGR li

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token Lehman

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perform follow me mean

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or she yeah here holding kita wanting

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to know sabe

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gonna tell the

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world about BYD they knew

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more do I oh my god I thought he was gonna

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be Motoyama Ed does that mean

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tell her that me only him he

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we all

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Lt. Allah

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Viki li

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since neither show

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ball and Canada and we keep on walking who are the

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one who didn't mean

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one can

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be like

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Oh, Haldol Isla de during nothing, nothing at all at all antiA la gente. Me too bothered I had

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Zani, according

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to kita tech is very

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well mozzie Leakey big enough alleging

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Cooley was Chabi one or v vi ina

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Capaldi in Nina don't duel your boss man in Solomon

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to be here oh my gosh meno Paulo

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Mochi belly

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for Asha, Les. Paul okay then Oakley Munna again I feel in my body

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all day

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kita the origin the wa jal me muda among can

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only be solved

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It was

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too high here.

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We're about BYOD then to you and me

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to wire to wire.

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Dally guys

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he and

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Turkey them you

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00:20:43 --> 00:20:43


00:20:45 --> 00:20:45


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la How about v1 a book on

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doubting dust first

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Zaboo bein any

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lady in

00:21:03 --> 00:21:08

McGeady a woman now me as MIT V him

00:21:09 --> 00:21:14

to Nana Lakia body moon and

00:21:16 --> 00:21:18


00:21:20 --> 00:21:23

Rumia woman has Swati E. Coli

00:21:29 --> 00:21:32

in Arizona born and

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