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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam O Allah Mallanna via Raja

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anomala Nevada, Nevada Houma de Wanaka Tabata kitabi whereas Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado favela Hina shade shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem kuliah eva de la nostra who Allah foresee him. Latifah to me Rahmatullah in the La Jolla Pharaoh's Uber Jamia in the hula fudo Rahim Sara falafel awesome.

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very respected elders and brothers we stand today on the last Juma of this present Ramadan And may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our exertions, even if it might not be

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worth your presenting before mighty loss of Hannah huhtala In fact, definitely it is not worth your presenting before mighty Allah. However,

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a statement of hazard Maulana Sandra holiday comes to mind when he says, You continue striving to do what Allah has commanded, perform your Salah perform your fasting, even if you do not get the desired type of impact the desired effect even if you do not feel that I have done justice and how beautifully he puts it. He said even if you read the best of salad today you fail that you know everything of my salad was correct. See, today you will feel free to record everything of my salad was right. I hit the required concentration determination everything he says that also is not worth it and not equivalent to the greatness of Allah. So you say you continue doing what you can. So

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inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala can crown it with acceptance, but as we come towards the end of Ramadan, there is a mix and duel type of feeling. However, keeping in mind whatever What am I have made mentioned that in the initial stages of our life, we should have the greater fear of Almighty Allah but towards the end of anything, you should always nice to end off with hoping a little as mercy always good to end off in the hope of Allah's mercy. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of our amalan deeds, Allah subhanho wa Taala has created dual type of capacities in each and every human being. And the Holy Quran says, Allah Maha foodora hahahahaha. Allah is inspiring Allah, Allah

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is put within human being, the capacity to do good and to do evil. These two things are within a human being each and every human being. He has an aspect of doing good and an aspect of evil. That is why it is not surprising. And I'm saying this very deliberately not surprising, that sometimes our thought fluctuates. Sometimes you have such a noble thought, that during the course of the day, the very same day after you had had a good thought, as you are lying in bed, you might just a thought comes that might be completely evil. And I will never have made mentioned sometimes there is 1000s of thoughts that come into our minds daily. And it is not possible that each and every thought

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of ours is ever, ever going to be only Noble. So natella has kept his jewel aspects within humankind. And this is perhaps one of the beauties of human beings. The way allama Iqbal has made mentioned in one of his poems, the deal it was a pedicure in sanko

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Tata, Tata, Tata to Allah tala, Malika cooperativo Caleta in Santo para,

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Allah would not have created human being if only the objective objective was only to do good. They showed us another dimension with regard to human being, and what is that dimension? He said, I mentioned that he has temptation to do evil. And then sometimes he resists that evil. Allah subhanaw taala elevates the status and elevate his status, because he resisted evil, if that aspect of evil was not in him, if that aspect of evil was not in him, and what serve and what reward would have been in him resisting evil, then sometimes a person does the aspects that are wrong. And then he when he does wrong, he turns towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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forgives his sin. There is also another dimension. So a Muslim has got a hadith and we've got to keep this very, very understanding this hadith. It is not a license to do evil deeds. lolium tetani boo, if you do not comment Guna and sin, Allah will create another Muslim, Allah will pay another creation who will commit sin and after committing sin they will ask Allah for forgiveness and I will forgive them.

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The reason it's here mclubbe Nick Atlanta munakata jo orosa Jana, Jana kurata

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Kalka Nikki Jessica Muslim Yanni. But it means there are certain attributes of Allah that needs fulfillment. That means manifestation. Love the forehead. If Allah is merciful, Allah is Forgiving that Who is he gonna show forgiveness to?

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Allah Murphy Karnataka masquerader mollepata Monica Monica Monica Tokunaga masquerader that is another. Now when Allah Allah has kept these aspects, our making mention of that Allah does not like our disobedience to Allah. When

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Allah is not happy with your Cofer and disbelief. Therefore the Quran season hoorah. Hoorah.

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La nelco for our for suka one

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have created dislike of poofer into our hearts will not create create dislike of Guna and son in our hearts. Macias we must dislike because that is what allow my happy millennial man What can we

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do lot of news to say in in hirafu

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that mean regards Guna in some as burdensome as sitting under a mountain and waiting that perhaps anytime a bowl days will come to destroy him. muscle man kabhi Guna kochalka Nisa Mr. Amin never ever regards Guna is something that is light. And brothers we must make mentioned today sometimes you and I we justify some of the wrongs that we have done which is not correct. And how do we justify it? I'll give you examples because sometimes we also talk about it, but everyone is doing it. Everyone does. It doesn't make it correct. Sometimes we say what must we do? We got caught up. That doesn't make it correct. So our Guna Ensign is no ordinary matter. Who am I have also made

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mentioned that there are certain things that makes sense even worse. hecto Guna tohave Licken sometimes Allah tala says it make mention certain things make Guna even worse guanaco Alka Samana to regard Puna as insignificant is makes the sin even worse. The other aspect is gonna push wanna The second thing is to to become happy after doing lacuna Hanson that makes the son even more serious in eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala guanaco para ser Karna to repeatedly make the same sin and Guna Taka farrakhan and then to take pride in yourself for things Allah say make the sin even more worse than what it is. So you've got to stay away from it and Guna and sin is like a small you know a small

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aspect of fire. Now a small aspect of fire one small aspect of fire can put up and burn an entire house you know Guna and sun is no ordinary matter. Now how do we deal with that which is so destructive, which can destroy us spiritually. I have made mentioned that it is Allah tala we cannot remain what sin there is an antidote that Allah tala has given with regard to sin, and that is the foreign Toba. So that means that is the foreign Toba we can wipe away our sins The way that we are carrying them it said it womanism become a number. A person who repents for the sins that he has committed in the eyes of Allah it is acps comitted newsone jolkona que por esta farrotto baccata to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala kinetic si una Guna KEANEY. This is another aspect that we got to keep in mind. So you know Mata Ki was when he gives us very beautiful example. He said one day he was going into a garden orchard he's traveled very widely and extensively and he was in the orchard he was just about to pick a flower. He was just about to pick it a flower. When the guide of the orchard in the guide of the garden said Don't touch that Flower Flower it is poisonous. Don't touch your flower, it is poisonous, if you touch it, it will harm you. He said as he was just as he pulled his hand away. I told him but you know Allah tala normally the nature is such wherever this flower is,

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these are now another flower next week, which is an antidote to the poison of this flower. So say we normally nature wherever this flower you find, you will find another flower. That is an antidote for the poison of this flower. Makita SAP says this is an aspect with regard to our Guna and sun. Sun is a poison. The antidote is tobuy.

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The first thing Allah tala tells us with regard Christopher make excessive, is too far of corner of your senses we have committed. Allah tala has kept many other benefits of his farm unless the man is too far.

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Allah when a woman, Maharajah Allah, Allah says whoever makes ecfr a part and parcel of his routine in his daily life, and learn together with having his sins forgiven, Allah subhanho wa Taala will open up a door from every difficulty of ease is a very interesting incident that has been made mentioned that you know, your Mama.

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Mama has been very, very great scholar, someone with your respect and reverence across all schools of thoughts. So one day Mr. Medina humble was a traveler, he came to a Masjid and the person did not recognize him. amamagna humble, so he did not allow him

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to slip in the machine. So remember, hammer a hammer, in a very despondent state, not knowing where he's going to spend his knife. When outside the masjid, looking around what is going to happen? When the person next to the masjid saw him? I didn't know it was American. He saw an old person. He said What is your problem is I don't know have any way to sleep? They stopped me to sleep in the masjid. So he said come I will be your host come sleep in my house. And Mr. Muhammad Ali notice that this person was reciting ecfr constantly, he was reciting ecfr constantly. So towards the end when he was about to leave,

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he asked him I noticed that you read his differ constantly tell me the reason why you do so. He said of this aspect that Allah Allah has promised the person who made history for all types of difficulties remover from all types of difficulty. He said whatever I wanted, whenever I read is the first letter Allah granted me that he said I got one more Wish

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I got one more wish.

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And I hope allatra by me resetting the system for Allah will grant me that wishes. So he said what is that wish? So he said I want to meet

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Mr. Hoffman.

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He said I want to read

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and I hope for Allah tala would make it possible. And Mr. Muhammad Ali had to spend the night in his house. So this is the aspect of is the firm together with that is why they said 101 day a person came to me and said, Oh, mama, Oh Ha son, grandson of the nephew of Allah. I have difficulty. I don't have any risk. So my husband told him that go into Christopher after while he told him that someone came in told him no I do not have children. I have difficulty in paying my my debts to convenience. the going rate is different. Students said every time someone came with the difficulty was that it is tougher. He said Allah Allah says in the Holy Quran for call to Stella Ferrara back

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home in Canada for Euro silly sama ra comida. Aurora going make ecfr Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you a sense Allah tala will grant you rain. Indeed cumbia.

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Allah will help you with wealth. Allah subhanho wa Taala will help you with children is the forest such a great aspect, our energy comes from said that in Evers nama Amal there is there is excessive istighfar that person is most fortunate. So make this a reality My dear respective of this then with regard to our having our assistance for given the cornerstone is nada.

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Nada not to have regret over the wrong that we have done. In console Amanda is a hadith that nebbia cream sauce limited when a person has regret for the wrongs that he has done. When a person has regret for the wrongs that he has done. Then even before he's even utters the words of Allah Allah forgives him.

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Allah tala forgives him the way someone had said, dolor de Mille gay dholak A Milka hokey actc

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when a person cries with regard to his wrongs that he is done, then his Guna gets wiped away from him. So it's too far. Toba then to rectify the wrongs that we have done with regard kotoba if we have taken someone's well to return it, if we have not performed to perform our Salah, these are aspects that inshallah will have, that the destructive aspects of some inshallah will leave us in Allah subhanho wa Taala will make us free from all types of sin. However, inshallah, we also have hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we are entitled to have that hope, why we also feel nothing as punishment, in favor of the Messiah Mahmoud, the subject no one should regard

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himself secure from there's this aspect that allies love for him. Therefore, don't worry about the aspect of retribution, worry about unless punishment is not the hallmark of a believer in other therapy him masamune the believer, Allah Allah says, never regard himself secure from the punishment of Allah. But together with that, we are also we also have hope in the mercy of

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Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala he said

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he used to make the following three drawers of Allah. You have said in the hadith of Your Beloved Habib, that there are 100 portions of your mercy and only one portion you have distributed amongst the people of this world, only one portion and 99 portions you will leave in gentlemen, who will know when you will exhibit the remainder of your mercy on the day of Tiamat Do we have the right to aspire for your mercy on the day of 99 portions of your mercy would be in the after our law. If your reward is reserved for the obedient in your in your mercy. His leave is reserved for the obedient. I would aspire for your report even though I was not from the obedient, why should aspire for your

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mercy when I am a sinner? I made mention of this previously, as Mary Rama Talalay one day saw a person rendering some very hot rendering a shot in the arm. And he went to go and see him who was rendering the Sasha he found it to be Zener IBD, the grandson of our beloved Livia, Kareem saw silom the son of other Hussain even in Toronto and amongst those those those bullets was one in Canada Judah Kala euro juicy 13 for me, yeah, dude who will ask me who will live the sinners? If the sinners cannot hope in your mercy? Then who are you going to shower your mercy upon the day of and who should the sinners turn to with regard to your mercy? And who do they turn to when they seek

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Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh Allah, if you have faith agenda for your friends, and you have deprived the kuffar there and made him despondent of entering it, the angels are not in need of Allah you are also independent of Jenna, then for who can be made except for the believers. This was the work of

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lolly brothers in this particular matter. We can also take great amount of consolation from the hadith of our beloved nebia Kareem Salah Salem Witch, there is no room amazingly this time when I went to Madina munawwara as you are walking towards the rosary Mubarak, as you are walking towards the rosary Mubarak on the left hand side, written in brass is this most beautiful Hadith shefa ottilia

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Mati intermediate is that my intercession Muslim said is for the people who have committed Guna

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my intercession Leah Hill Cava in amati, he is for those people who have committed wrong amongst my alma that is my intercession would be on the day of gamma one so for you ot kharab bukata, under the under the Tafseer of This Is Our Allah have said that when this ayat was revealed, Allah will grant you a prophet of Almighty Allah that which pleases you, Allah will grant you that which pleases you. When nebia Karim saw cillum this ayat was revealed. Let me grab his hands into his head, Oh Allah, if you have promised to please me, I would not be pleased until every mature of minds is in Jelena What am I have made mentioned in the debate, which is the eye which has induces the greatest muscle

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to is come to mind to is to say that you know one is Julio Eva de la nostra unforseen. Oh, you who have done wrong, I always amazed that this ayah Allah is not addressing the NaVi allies not addressing the saints, Allah My dear respected brothers, he's addressing people who are gonna guard like you and I, people who are sinners and people who have committed wrong like you and I. And Allah is saying so beautifully. Oh my bones among those who have done wrong to your soul by just obeying me. You didn't have me by your grace of India, what did you have me? Allah Allah is such that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that

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Allah tala Masia does not harm Allah Allah. So

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Allah, don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive all types of sins provided you are sincere in repentance. And the second is which Allah mercy induces the greatest amount of Hope is when a soulful you will take care of bukata Nakamoto

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he wrote it in a crappy group when he compared these two verses. His judgment was that this is similar so for your ticker of bukata the Elektra says I will give you a prophet of Almighty Allah that which pleases you. He says this to me induces greater hope in the mercy of another any other

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more than any other is in control Melissa de novia creme de la Vela is limited. There were two people have been to Israel. One was someone who was a very devout person making worship making about it.

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And another one was, who was not so worship he used to do is for is sometimes used to commit sin and you should do something that was wrong. And the person who was a devout person used to tell him that you are a sinner, you are doing this wrong, you are doing that wrong. He said yes, I acknowledge that I'm doing all this wrong, but I hope inshallah Allah Allah will forgive me. And one day the devout person, out of a foot of rates if you have committed sin, Allah will never forgive you. Allah will never forgive you. And when he said that, it comes in a hadith that Allah tala took an oath by His Majesty, Allah took an oath by His Majesty, he said, Who is there, who makes a judgment on my

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behalf that I will not forgive the person who has committed sin, go I have forgiven the person who have committed the sin. And I will put in jahannam the person who is proud with regard to his ibaadat I will put in as a journalist that was fabulous serve our country and he will happily makes mention of this concern that a person opening Israel maybe bought it for 500 years, for 500 years he made he bought it and on the day of Tiamat, Allah will tell him go because of My Mercy go into Genet

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going to Jeanette and he will say well, now my 500 keepers have departed What happened to them? You saying because of My Mercy go to China What about my father

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in law will see then take your ibaadat take your earbud in wait it was my boundaries, it will be found that one glass of water that Allah tala gives us was more weightier than 500 years of divided

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and then when this case was done, then a lot right said we have lost out now your letter will tell him tell the angels take him towards his he's going into January was he

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and I will call him back then I will call him back and Allah will say Say that again. What's your law out of your mercy grant pigeon? Will tell him Oh my panda I created you I was not compelled to create you he said My Mercy or not he said yes. I gave you water to drink was it My Mercy or not? What did you do for me to create you? What did you do for me to grant you a glass of water? Brothers, we need the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala You know, there is a very interesting incident of

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which I will conclude as if

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it was a very old, old person, he was a scholar, he passed away. And it is said that Ahmed bin suhaila to lolly saw him in a dream after you passed away and he said yeah, how did not reach you?

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So yeah, he said, Allah called me and said Joshua altucher wakawaka old person when you are in this world who did this wrong that day you did this from that day you did this wrong that day. You did this wrong. Do you acknowledge what we have done? So yeah, he's telling this person was in a dream. Yeah, hit me up some said. He said yes, Allah acknowledge but this is not what I read about you.

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This is not what I heard about you. So Allah will tell him that Yeah, what did you hear about it? He narrated the long chain of the retest at the senior terrassa

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and Ayesha de la Rosa called me so hurry told him this one told him until now via cream sauce tempura Ayesha, and Alyssa came in Tell me a cream sauce llama Hadith he could see and what was it how do you support see that in the last the heat and to Alibaba Shiva.

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Latina says I feel ashamed of punishing a person whose beard has become white while he has remained steadfast on Islam. So

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Allah, Allah This is what I've heard about you. So Allah Allah will say all the people who have naked the Hadith all have spoken the truth. Go Yeah, I have forgiven you go into

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others. Allah is waiting for us. It comes in a hurry. In the law of sujeta will be laelia to komatsuna. Allah Allah stretches his hand of mercy every day, to forgive the people who have done wrong in the night. And every night Allah Allah stretches his hand of mercy to forgive the people who have done wrong during the day. Let us not allow this last few days of Ramadan to go by. Without coming closer closer to it Allah. Allah tala is so good for Rahim, Allah is so great. It is said about Ravi Malala when she passed away in the angels came and asked her, Olivia, do you know Allah, Morocco? And she said, Go ahead tell Allah who until Allah I am one of the pioneers of human beings.

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I am one of billions of human beings in Allah did not forgive forget me. And I had only one object of remembrance How can I forget Allah has come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in us this last few days in coming closer towards Almighty Allah having our sins forgiven, keeping in mind worried about the punishment of Allah worried about our evil deeds.

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But at the same time having entitlement to have every right of having hope in the mercy of Allah hoping that inshallah the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala will engulf us and make us pure from our sins with the required conditions and inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant us His forgiveness, with the dual requisites that we have to adopt through that one