Parents Blaming Black Magic

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea of black magic and how it is difficult to blame children for anything. They argue that children are not the path of Islam and that black magic is the easiest step to take. The speaker also criticizes parents who use black magic and calls for more public acknowledgment.
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When the mother is pregnant, and when she's breastfeeding, she neglects the child, the parents, both of them neglect the child when the child is 1234. We don't think about the Islamic database, we don't think we are not concerned about the Islamic upbringing. We are not concerned we let them do whatever they want. And when they grow up, or when they're teenagers when they're 18. And when they get into drugs and this and that, then we complain what happened to our children? And then what happens? What do we do? Oh, you know, I don't know my child has left the path of Islam and he's run away with a girl and run away with a boy and this and that. Probably I know someone's black magic.

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You know what I say to these people, you've done black magic yourself. Seriously, you've done black magic yourself. Not

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literally speaking, but you have because you've neglected your child. And if you neglect your child, then it's very easy nowadays everybody blames I'm not saying for a moment it does not exist. But the easiest thing to blame in life is black magic. You can deflect the responsibility from yourself. It's easy. You know, you won't you don't want to be known to be someone who's been not too good parents are using black magic so people won't say you're a bad parent. Oh, I'm a very good parent. But what can I do? I did the best in my life. But people are doing black magic is not easy. It's the easiest thing to blame. No, this is a big problem in the society. Everyone was any problem. marital

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problem, black magic. Parents are never the path of Islam black magic to this case by their sister recently you know once she was speaking to me and she got so involved and absorbed by this whole idea of black magic that a spoon falls in the kitchen and shake someone's hand black magic. Someone anyone else black magic. Come on. We get ill we are human beings. This life is full of tests and trials. This is not Jana, this is duniya