Would you sleep with your front door left open?

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So what do we do we have people who are telling us on one hand, lay your trust in Allah completely. Don't worry, don't do anything about it. If death is written for you, it will come for you. We ask them, why don't you leave your doors open at night? Why don't you leave your cars open and then say we have moved meaning we believe in Allah. If anything is gonna happen, let it happen. Why don't you do that? They will say because you're taught to tie the camel while the same camel applies here. Don't Don't be a person have double and triple and quadruple standards. Care for everyone, not just for yourself. So it is a crisis. People are blackmailing us by telling us that it negates your Eman

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to be worried about something and concerned.

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It does not negate your Eman to be concerned and take precautions Not at all. If we were to say my brothers and sisters, bring your own masala sajida when you are coming to the masjid so that there is no contamination one law he we are not giving you the wrong advice. If we were to tell you wash up at home, use the toilet at home make sure you come in. Don't shake hands. We are not giving you the wrong advice. We are scholars we are people who have studied the deen. These are unprecedented times not known in living memory. So how the law unprecedented times we have never ever come across this type of scenario. If we don't rise to the occasion, we will be failing humanity. And we should

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not be bothered about what those who don't see the light we've seen are saying we need to still go on and present our opinions. I can let you know something very interesting a few weeks ago, I was from one of those who was thinking perhaps this is a big hoax. Perhaps this is just you know something and it's over exaggerated. I promise you it took me just a little bit of travel, a little bit of research, a little bit of concern for the oma to quickly change my mind to say you know what, as a leader, you should never say those words. Luckily, I never said them in public. So panela

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and those who are saying today that don't ever do anything about it. Two weeks from now or a few weeks from now they will cry tears of blood if they truly have the concern for humanity. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us understanding