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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of success in their organization, which is focused on creating intellectual academic activism. They emphasize the need for people around the world to share the truth and lead with the cause. The speaker encourages viewers to donate and support the cause.
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What are you focusing on? Focus is success. At Sapiens Institute we are not only focused on producing books delivering academic workshops, writing essays responding to doubts and removing misconceptions we are dedicated to creating and developing intellectual academic activists. We need people around the world academically and intellectually share the deal. So far in less than a year, we empowered and delivered training to over 6000 Muslims, atheism, social Darwinism, post modernism, Neo liberalism and many other isms started with an idea that was developed academically and then filtered down to the masses. We need our leaders to do the same but with the truth be a leader.

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