Hasan Ali – Devil wants to steal this from you!

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how shaytan is trying to steal something from the other person, but they are working for their own clarifications. They emphasize the importance of remembering one's statement and bringing back the statement to the other person. The conversation is difficult to follow and the speaker struggles to explain their actions.
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One of the early stuff, one of the early predecessors, he said a wonderful thing. He said, a thief only goes to a house where there are valuables.

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You don't go to an empty house to steal.

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Did you guys understand?

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So the fact that shaytan came to you means that you got Iman, he's got something to steal. If you got nothing to steal, then he shouldn't you know, he's not even bothered with you. Just like all those of the Muslims out there who don't practice Islam. They don't get doubts. They're like, Yo, you know, thug life. You know, let's enjoy it, man. They don't get no doubts. Why because there's nothing to steal inside them. But you and me we are working for our Eman because something valuable there we treasuring in. So shaytan wants to come and steal it, that's why he will look for one way or another way to try and make us doubtful of what we've got inside us. Okay, so it's a good sign

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you've got that now, the Sahara the Allahumma advisor experience that they experienced vice versa they experienced whisperings this was a natural thing that happened Okay, so don't be you know, shaken by that. But what we mean you need to do is we need to make that that Eman heavier and heavier and heavier, so heavy that those whisperings don't even make any difference to us or those students don't even come to us. You know, if you ever get whisperings, one brilliant way of getting rid of whisperings is you know, and if you try this Subhanallah it's a brilliant way of you getting rid of any words for songwriter you know, sometimes you have these doubts occurring in your

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brilliant way, which is as soon as you get the whispering coming inside you and they say you know why? What what is why this why that? What you do is straight away start to remember Allah azza wa jal just say Lila Allah Allah Allah, Allah and Allah Allah Allah and to the whispering say Jazak Allah shaytaan shaitan May Allah reward you Yeah, you just made me want to remember my Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah is still going on. Hey, do you believe in Lila? Hello thank you very much Nile Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah. Thank you. Thank you yay good good, you're good. Okay, just kind of what's gonna happen is the second time he comes and does the same whisperings in

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you. Okay, again, Lila. Thank you, man, your man. Yeah, man. You reminded me thank you very much May Allah reward you make you muslim as well. So you can remember him Allah remember Allah, Allah, you know what will happen? I can guarantee you after a few times, those verses will stop because shaytan thinks man, I can't do injection to him. Yeah, forget that. He turns the needle around and he injects me, right? So instead of me tagging him, he attacks me with my own gun. So I'm not going to do that anymore. And And seriously, I've said this to a lot of people. Whoever's used this has not come back to me and said it doesn't work. So just remember Allah azza wa jal

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