How to Keep Your Heart Firm

Ammar Alshukry


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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah. So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he used to always be concerned with the notion of the hearts changing. So one of his most consistent drives was, yeah, Oliver Calusa bit called the allergenic Oh Turner of hearts make my heart firm upon your faith. And that is something that we should be worried about, you know, none of us should feel secure that after we've been guided, that we're always going to be guided for the rest of our lives rather, our most consistent prayer that we make at Salah every single day is to hit the nail salon and still team guide us to the straight path guide us the straight path meaning guide is to it and guide us

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while we're on it, so that we never lose it. And Allah Azza he says with regards to Topo Where does talk fall into this? Allah says yeah, you will let me know Oh you who believe into Takala looking for Karna if you have Taqwa of Allah, Allah azza wa jal will make for you for con Allah azza wa jal will make for your criteria. Allah azza wa jal will create for you a mechanism through which you will be able to see the truth as being truth and to see falsehood as being falsehood. You will be able to see it you will be able to recognize it or you can fit and come say to come and he will forgive you your he will erase for you, your your misdeeds and your sins. Well, good luck to them

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and forgive you. And Allah azza wa jal is the Possessor of great, great bounty. And so this is a huge, a huge benefit of duck one we're living in a world where information is coming to us from every direction and you really feel like you're living in the time that the province the Law Center says seems odd that that these are deceptive years where the days themselves are deceptive, where the truthful are belied and the liars are believed. And the the the information highway that's the Internet has just provided so much information and you don't know what is true anymore, then you're going to need something beyond your sight. And that's insight something beyond your basalt or your

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your what your eyes can see which is bosina which is insight which is a light in sha Allah to Allah that Allah azza wa jal Places in the Heart of his believing slave through which he's able to see things as they really are. And that is developed this for con this criterion comes through the Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal. And so Taqwa isn't just something that you reap the benefit of in the asset rather stuck with something that you reap the benefit immediately in the dunya and it leads you to reap the benefits of it in the actual