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The speaker is discussing the importance of preparing for retirement and achieving gender roles. They stress the need for people to live in a area where they feel secure and where they know they can achieve their goals. The speaker also talks about the need for people to avoid harming themselves by insulting others and compromising their gender roles.

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And I want to draw your attention to something amazing.

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I've asked people and even if I were to ask you many people who would give me a similar answer, you want to live life when they get married. You want to have your your own home who would like to have their own little house, you know, nice place in a nice area where I'm saved and secure. Listen to the words, you look for a location around where you know, it's considered a decent suburb, I can inshallah get this house, my children have a school nearby, we have perhaps a Masjid nearby, etc. Mashallah good. You want the house that you want to have a little investment so that one day you can retire, you no longer need to work and you have a passive income that's coming in? Everyone will

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tell you that, don't you agree? My brother, my sister, that preparation is brilliant. I agree. If you have it, Allah blessed you but the blessing is short. You know why? You need to prepare with even greater zeal for the eternal abode in the hereafter. What about your suburb in the hereafter? You don't want to go into the middle of a war zone known as Johanna, you don't you don't want to go into the middle of a suburb where everyone is stealing and pinching? The same way you don't want that here. What about the way to achieve that? salatu salam ala Aisha your truthfulness, you're worshiping Allah alone. You're adopting the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim, your respect for

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others. I have noticed something on my own, that sometimes outwardly pious looking people lose the plot by insulting and abusing and belittling others. They lost it. No matter who you are, you need help. I need help. Help what doing achieving? What? Fighting shaytan? You think shaitan doesn't come to a pious man? I believe shaitan tries different tricks with the pious person. He comes in make him feel you are pious initially says no, I'm nobody. But you're very pious. You got up for the 100 others don't say no and nobody say no, but you are extremely pious. Look at the are you making you crying? I'm pious true. Color satin. Got you why he convinced you. That's the very moment you start

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building these guys don't even get that for that dude. I am that dude. You know, and these guys, what are they? You know, we have an issue at the moment with the Coronavirus and I take the liberty to say it this difference of opinion. So what does that mean? Does that give us the license to insult others you follow the view you believe is correct and move on. Don't compromise your asherah by arguing and fighting and belittling and swearing and insulting that is against the law against Islam. You're compromising your paradise. Allah grant us Jenna.

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This is why I say let's not forget where we are focused. This world is only a means to get to a gender fulfill those I want it and you want it and we all want it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us gender