Why Don’t They Practice What They Preach?

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Salam Alaikum many times we tell people to do things, and we do the opposite. Hmm. That's not good enough, my brothers and sisters strengthen yourselves at that moon and NASA bill Billy Watson Sona and full circle one 232 Nikita insalata bacara. Allah gives an example. And Allah says, Are you instructing people to do good and you forget yourselves and yet you're reading revelation, you're reading the book Subhana Allah. So in society and community, when you're instructing people and saying things try to lead by example, yes, you're a human being, you may falter. But it shouldn't be a habit, you might make a mistake, or two times we pay a heavy price for mistakes we've made. But

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remember, my brothers and sisters, if we make it our business, to try our best to practice upon what we preach, we will actually empower people. And they would be able to take our message with greater seriousness than if we were the opposite of what we preached. And this is why it's upmost importance, it's of utmost importance that we ask Allah to strengthen us, and to help us to practice upon what we preach. May Allah strengthen all of us, and make us from those who can put into practice? What we've learned before we actually preach it. But there is a question, if you have a weakness, I'm going to give you an example of smoking. Are you allowed to tell others not to smoke?

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The answer is yes, you are. Even though you might have the weakness you can tell your children look, I'm an addict, I'm addicted to this. I know it's wrong, but I don't want you guys to do it. And you know what, I am not allowing it in this house. But you need to promise yourself and promise Allah, that you will quit as soon as possible. any bad habit that you don't like for others should not be correct for you. And if there is a bad habit that you're engaged in, please never encourage others to participate in it. Don't ever say well, I'm smoking you can smoke. No, I am committing this sin so you can committed It's okay. Don't ever say that. Because in that case, you earn a sin for

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everyone who follows that bad example that you're setting the bad teaching and the bad instruction, you will get a reward because sorry, you get a sin because you pointed them towards something that was bad and you encouraged it. And Allah says what I want to believe attack wha wha wha No, Allah if you want to do and

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encourage each other and help each other when it comes to righteousness and piety, goodness, good things, things that will please Allah and don't encourage each other don't help each other when it comes to sin, and enmity don't. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has warned us and the simple reason when you tell people to do good and if they do the good, you will earn a reward not only for having told them, but for everyone who practices upon it until the day of judgment. And if you were to tell people to do bad, you get a sin for telling them to do bad, then you get a sinful everyone who followed the bad and everyone from that who told others to do the same bad. And it goes on and on.

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Which one do you want? And this is why we say learn to practice what you preach, especially the good that you teach. And may Allah strengthen all of us and grant us ease. akula Kohli hava was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah