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Do you Believe in Accountability by Mufti Ismail Ibnu Musa Menk

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa capital.

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Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam.

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ala alihi wa sahbihi.

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We pray the loss of Panama to Allah and blessings and salutations upon Mohamed Salah while he was seldom told his companions, his entire household May Allah, Allah bless them all. Brothers and sisters, there are so many hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we all know that his words were inspired from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What he uttered, was not just from himself as a loved one.

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In Hawaii,

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he does not utter words from his own desires. It is indeed revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we take seriously the statements made by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his movements, his character, his conduct, and anything he did in his life, we take it very seriously. From amongst these words, we will come to learn, and I'm sure we have come across certain weddings when he has described true believers. And sometimes he has gone forth to say, whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should do this, or should do that. Today, I want to spend a few moments going through some of these innovations, because the purpose of them was addressing the believers, those who claim

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to believe, and he was informing them of what is required of them to be considered true believers. So these issues that he might have raised would perhaps have been met with some of us might take for granted not realizing it is a part of your Eman. You claim to be a moment will ask yourself, how do you behave? You claim to be a Muslim? Well ask yourself the following questions. If the answers of those questions are negative, then we need to improve before we can actually consider ourselves, good Muslims, good believers. So let's take a look at one of these innovations. There is innovation which is

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needed is upon the highest level of authenticity generated by

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said, Man, can you mean Oh Billahi min ash, allow you to be jaho

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powerful statement, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not harm his neighbor.

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Imagine his

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enemies uttering a word. Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, I think a lot of us would have thought he would have said, you know, something that we might have considered much more important, but this is of utmost importance. It is the fact that we don't even think for a moment how have I harmed my neighbor? Let me pause there for a moment. First, let's analyze these words who ever believed in Allah and the Last Day, we are believers, we believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala is one we believe the formula it was upon the final Nabhi his statements are final. We believe in the angels, the books of the prophets, the last day of resurrection, good and bad pages from Allah all

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this week, we believe, but Allah subhanho wa Taala has added on top of the statement here in the wake of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When he says, whosoever believes in, it was enough for me to have said that he didn't need to say and the last day because believe me the last day is part of belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the reason why the last day was added what is going to happen on that last day, accounts are going to be taken, of whom have myself and yourselves all the deeds, we've done anything that has happened. So the good will matter with me and the bad is going to lead to my detriment. So this is why he raised that issue to say be careful, not only

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believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala but part of belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala is to know that you and I are accountable completely to Allah subhanho wa Taala and if you are definitely a person who's worried about the last day, you know what that means? Every day I'm worried what will happen the day I meet with Allah, I'm going to beginning my accounts I'm going to be answering questions I'm responsible for everything I did was to say,

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if I'm worried about that, what will I say? What will I attend What will I do through my life everything will be in order and every day when I do things I will be worried to myself has Allah accepted this and I will have hope in Allah Allah I tried my basic safety from me Mashallah. And whenever I post a little bit, I will have such a big worry. Forgive me, even if it was something minor, something small, but my wife was

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Last day will make me constantly asked about forgiveness. And this is why arrogant is He who does not ask about forgiveness because nobody can claim that he or she is perfect without even realizing what I just did was totally wrong. You know, sometimes the way we talk anything the way we walk sometimes it gives off this impression that we are haughty. May Allah forgive us and make us come across humble to come across humble with humility is a part of Eman. It's a part of your conduct. That is a requirement of your deen is mentioned in the Quran. So if a person is worried every moment about the day he's going to meet with Allah, by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala his life will

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become sweeter sweet. So let's talk about forgiveness. Now he says after we look at why he has mentioned separately beliefs in the last day now we look at the issue. Do not harm your neighbor. I need to live right next to me right now there are so many people what sense Am I letting off have I bothered to come to the masjid with a good smell and my head is bad or have I for example made my Hulu properly or or my feet smelly? Am I such perspiration that the people next to me are suffocating Hello protected. That's the neighbor of a different nature. Someone is sitting next to you they are closing anyone nearby to you in any way is considered your neighbor, anyone nearby to

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you whether it is the house next door, the country next door that a person driving nearby to you any form of proximity whereby there is a means of interaction of any nature that is your neighbor, make sure that that interaction is totally beneficial. Like for example some of the books have made mention of a smoke or a fire that you might have lit to cook some food and if the smoke is going to the neighbors that for example is it shows that a person doesn't have the decency to go to the neighbors to apologize or to ask or to say a word or two bare minimum if it's a beautiful bride Mashallah with all the Nando's sauces that we are used to today in the beach next door Mashallah

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Goodman, Panama's Allah bless us because there is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when you are cooking some stew he says exactly this, when you are cooking some still add a little bit more water and give some to the neighbors. Wow, that is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam amazing without some kind of love, he won't mind the things going the for hungry children next door probably thinking hey, they're having a beautiful bride next door and they themselves don't really have much to eat, what type of a movement is that? What type of bleaching the last day that that person has. Surely there is a bit of panel beating that is required. May Allah protect

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myself and yourselves and Goddess goodness. So let's become people who help those around us when we are driving courtesy on the road is included in this honey crate as you all know people might say but how that's your name but be courteous we are all guilty sometimes of being in a rush sometimes, you know, we've just got a lovely vehicle which is racing down the road mela forgive us all. So have a look. But the truth is, we need to be courteous you need to let people in you need to understand one day you might be in a rush and so on May Allah goddess goodness, you believe in the last day, you're going to look at the benefit of the neighbor and the person you've interacted with. So before

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we move to the next point, I want to cap this by saying my brothers and sisters, anyone and everyone you interact with in your entire life. Ask yourself How have I let them have I let them having benefited from me or have I left them in a way that they have been harmed by the law protect us. If we cannot benefit them, one of the biggest things you could do is don't count.

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Today, a person looks at others and he sees a lot of people he says that 100 meters one stone by Monday that was this that one back by the county that one. And so what happens is society degrades itself to a very low. But the minimum is if you see someone this man has never harmed me today you can smile at him and I greet him nicely because he hasn't harmed you we have changed the world has changed a lot meaning supposed to benefit. But if you cannot benefit the bare minimum no harm to Allah help us in this way. So this goes back to the hottie Montana, you know Billa

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whosoever believes truly in Allah and the Last Day they will never have those they interact with. And here's the Hadith what is mentioned specifically is the neighbor. And I've explained explained the broad translation of the term neighbor. Let's move to one of the other parts of the hobby mechanic. He was young, he

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only a small, whosoever believes in Allah Subhana Allah and the Last Day should only utter that which is beneficial or should remain silent. Amazing. Why is it that I'm worried about my account? That's the truth. So when Allah says wherever he believes in Allah and the Last Day he means Who else?

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From a man who is really worried about dying, whoever from amongst you is really worried about meeting with Allah, just once your mouth. That's what he said. Whoever is worried about meeting with Allah, if we watch our mouths who kind of love when we meet with Allah subhanho wa Taala they'll only be good words that will come up, as it only has been words

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that are so beautiful that whenever we want to say something negative, we forced ourselves to keep quiet. And I want to draw your attention to a very powerful piece of fantasy

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that has narrated. He says law is the chemo Emanuel Abdi meaning the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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lies to a man who has died the key makalu the man the belief of a person, the belief of a worshipper of Allah will never be upon steadfastness until his heart is straight. So your belief is not going to be straight until your heart is straight. That means I need to fight throughout my life to make sure that my heart is upright, clean heart, good heart, look at things in a positive way. lead a life of happiness by the word of Allah come with him. That doesn't just come without a struggle. You need to condition yourself to be happy with the degree of Allah otherwise you will be a sad man or a sad woman forever. Allah protect us and help us to condition ourselves and he continues to say what

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is the team Emanuel activity what is the team Elisa, Alicia

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and the email of a believer a person's belief cannot be straight until his tongue is straight.

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Which means my Eman is displayed to my tongue. If I'm a good believer, I watch what I say I've made sure that I speak good words. Every one of us myself included, we can do more to inshallah enhance the way we use our tongues and each other we can use good words, we can select the words we under, we can say words that will put smiles on people's faces. If you want to sweat, keep quiet, just remain silent, you know, metal a projector, and without the struggle is not going to come you know some people have a habit, especially those who might be working with colleagues and so on. And they get irritated because work is not done. And sometimes we begin to utter words that are not the words

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of a movement, that Hadees is your image is displayed through your time. The minute you start uttering those dirty words shows this man the man is weak. What is the meaning of the man go back to the hobbies. If you believe in the last day you will watch your tongue which means if you are worried about the day you're going to meet with Allah, you better keep quiet, you're going to make sure that everything I say is paying the down by the angels as a positive statement, not the negative one. So surely my brothers and sisters we must make an effort to enhance the way we use our tongues. And like I said without an effort you achieve zero nothing no, no point to go out and say

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while we are Muslims to the powerful honey, well, a lot of people actually think you know what is one thing and Muslims another thing well a protector, we are supposed to be one of the same thing, man.

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believes in Allah and whoever is concerned very very seriously about the day that they will have to be giving in their accounts to Allah will make sure that they are to a good word, lovely word beneficial word for the remain side. And to me the idea of the man who he says well is the key Melissa Lu, while is 30 Melissa over Julie ma Yattaman Zhao, who

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is added which is connected he says and these, the tongue of a person will never be straightened if his neighbors are not protected from his home.

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What does that mean? That means those I interact with those I mentioned, whether it's in the masjid, whether it's a neighbor of the house, which is the primary neighbor, whether it is anyone else that I've come across or interacted with the neighbor at the workplace, at the school wherever else it is, if they are not protected from my home, that means my tongue will not be straight. And that means my email is not straight. And that means my heart is not straight May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect the soul and maybe help us to strengthen ourselves.

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It's amazing how powerful these words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And if we take a look at more of the same Hadith, where the Prophet speaks about those who are worried about the day of accounts, we will find the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, woman can be like a young man

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who ever believed in Allah and is concerned about the last day concerned about the day they're going to have to give you their account. They will always honor their gift. What is the meaning of honoring their gifts, a person who lives

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A person is your guest, you will honor them, you will find provide for them, facilitate for them, make things easy for them, make them feel comfortable and make them feel at home. To be honest, this is a sign of the man Do you know if you look at this, the pathway, it says they will be protected from your home, that is the path that is ensuring that you do not harm someone the pathway, it says that they will honor their gift it is apart showing that now not only will you not harm them, you will go out to benefit. You see the link between the two, once we've protected ourselves from harming others and they are protected from our harm. Now I need to ask myself, that's not enough.

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Let me go on. Let me go and you know, give something let me at least respect and when we say the crown crown does not just mean to give them food. A lot of people have this misconception that you know, the guest came to my home and I did he come and when you ask them what does that mean? This is a fried samosa I had some tea, I had my brother but you were swearing and you were backbiting and as soon as they get to say these people shouldn't have been here and so on proper economics is that they have saved from the evil of your tongue, and you make them feel at home and comfortable. And you honor them even if that

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person comes to your home and stays for three days. And Mashallah you make them feel like a king. And as soon as they leave, you say Hey, that was tough. It shouldn't have been here. Well, what you did is you poured water over the whole hospitality. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala grounds us good that you should be happy. Do you know the Sahaba when visitors did not come to their home for a day or two, they were worried that way. Because they were taught by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that Nevada which means when people visiting the Baraka has visited,

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someone sustenance is living in your home.

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every form of goodness, and maybe open our doors. I want to raise the pertinent point. This is speaking about your case by case. We are visiting the house of Allah, whose guests are we right now? The guests of Allah. If Allah is telling you to honor the guests of your house, what do you think is the status of the guests of Allah, the guests of the house of Allah, this is why when you come to a musky, do not let a single person feel unwanted in the house of Allah, you are a guest and so am I and so is everyone else. We are all guests of Allah here. So what we're doing here we're learning from the Hadith where Allah subhana wa jal is telling us through the blessing of Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, someone visits you honor them. And from that we take it a step ahead, and we say what if someone is the visitor of Allah, and he's the guest of Allah, you honor them more. So when I look at you in the house of Allah, I'ma smile at you. I should not raise issues that will make you feel uncomfortable in the least. I want to see you here again. And you should see me here again and again and again. Because those who meet each other for the sake of Allah will be earning gentleness, with the great mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if we meet here often, and we learn to love one another because we meet here, and because it's the sake of Allah, and so on, and we make people feel

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comfortable the house of Allah, and we do not pressurize them into anything that they would not see like engaging in a way that tomorrow they're here again and the following day, they're here again, and Mashallah, this entire bond makes us feel part of a family. I love those people, I look at them with a special mercy, they deserve a special shake on the day of piano.

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So my brothers and sisters, when we arrive at the house of Allah, each one must be conscious of how you have looked at the other, let smile greet those, you know, greet those who don't know, and don't get into Nitty gritties that will make people feel uncomfortable. But you know, I came to your shop the other day, I found your stuff quite expensive.

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Why are you saying that in the house of Allah which is the guest of Allah He did not come here to do a deal.

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That statement should have been added elsewhere because now we have harmed the gifts of Allah by raising something which is cheap and low in the world. May Allah subhanahu Allah bless as the same applies you look at someone and you start to hear his he went through a divorce What happened? Like Who are you to ask such question, leave that out. It's not none of your business. number one number two is if you really worried about him without him or her know if you can make to ask for them. But here to make them feel wanted and I think that is the policy we have had and we pray to maintain because it is.

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So I have made mention of a few of these. They are still there is still one more I just wanted to say in passing, but I won't go into each detail.

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Woman Carla, you know Billa he was

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the lucky man who ever believed in Allah. And he's worried about the day of accounts. They should go forth to maintain their family ties and to repair the broken family ties that shows and proves that you are worried about the day you're going to meet with Allah because you go out of your way to make Family Ties

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No, and inshallah we will speak about that perhaps if we get a chance and we will go into the details of it, which Allah we'd like to talk about the issue of maintaining family ties in Sharla in another lecture for now, I have said what I have May Allah grant me the benefit of it, and every single one of us will fall in love with Santa Monica island.