Why Casually Delaying or Missing Prayer is A Serious Mistake

Haitham al-Haddad


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Subhanallah yesterday, I saw an old man. He looks martial law religious, and he prays always in the front line. And I saw I noticed that he was praying, praying, praying after acid. Then I went to him. I said, Chef, after acid, it is a time where Salah is either mcru or prohibited. It is disliked to pray nothing. After you pray. He said to me that he is praying cause up. I said, What do you mean? He said, two days ago, I didn't pray. And I'm praying this as a compensation as well. So why didn't you pray? He said, Yeah, I was ill, and there was some smoke and I don't know he started to explain his medical problem. I said, so you didn't pray for your Bahasa Indonesia? He said no. And I

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was really shocked. He is a religious person. He's an old person, somehow he understands that he is an excused he has an excuse not to pray. Brothers and sisters, please on you know, again we are facing these global problems because the but this is Salah, this is the right of Allah Allah Allah Allah the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, how well in sunny in Tamil Kosala, the Havilland incident there is no space for the person in Islam. If he leaves salah and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said the criteria between us and the disbelievers is Salah Allah Allah Allah Allah says in salata cannot allow more meaning or Kitab, no Kuta the prophets Allah Allah, you want your son to sell them when

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he was ill, he prayed in a sitting position. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Pray in a standing position. If you can't then in a sitting position. If you are ill, there were reports one of the companions, he was in jihad. And because he was going towards the enemies, he prayed while he was walking. Now some scholars allow this or not, I'm not talking about this. I'm talking about the importance of Salah Ramadan, probably Allah Allah and when he was established, he lost consciousness. And then people didn't know whether he was dead or not. I think I even said, listen, he doesn't care about anything as he cares about salah so liters, called the Adhan. Yeah. And let us

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see whether he is alive or not. So they started to say, a Salah Ameerul Momineen Salah time Salah Tang, then he woke up Subhanallah I can go on and on talking about what about Asana, it is the second pillar of Islam. If you leave it you are not Muslim. So imagine a good person practicing person for whatever understanding he did not pray for one whole day. I remembered a person who had depression and he told me that he did not pray for two weeks. I said what for two weeks you didn't pray? He said yeah, because of depression. I said depression is not an excuse people sometimes they feel that they are nervous in the hospital. I remember a lady she told me she was asking me how to

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make up the days that she missed. I said why did you miss those slots sister? She said I was in the hospital I said so what she said I was not clean. Yeah, but you still you should pray. She said even if I have no Jassa on my body I said even if you haven't adjusted on your body, you must pray. So brothers and sisters, imams, please tell people about this educate people about this. If we don't educate them about this will lie there is no higher Allah will become angry at us. Allah Allah Allah Allah took the covenant from the people of knowledge to a seaplane the matters of the deen to the people were either after the Allahu Allah you know it will Kitab Allah to be you know, no holiness

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he will not have to Moana so it will become little bit aggressive. But I was really shocked. I heard that this number of times, and I want the community to take the matter. Seriously, there is no excuse for any person. Even on his deathbed the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on his deathbed he was saying our salah, our salah, when Allah cut a man, there is no excuse for the person to leave a Salah whether he has an agenda, whether he is ill, whether he cannot stand up whenever he cannot stop. He is driving you have to pray as much as you can. May Allah Allah Allah help us to understand our religion does not favor