Mufti Menk – Try

17/02/2019, London

Allah the Almighty tests not on what we achieve. Rather it is the good we try to achieve. Trying to wake up in time for fajr prayers even though you slept at three; trying to get out of bed even though all you want to do is sink back into it. Trying to face the day-to-day obstacles in the best way possible – with a smile even though that’s the last thing you want to do.

Imagine the lives of those who live in danger zones. Imagine how trying and terrifying each and every day must be for them. Its not a question of what to wear to the meeting today or how to convince the boss to approve their leave; rather it’s the very real uncertainty of ‘will I live to see the sun set or is this the last stale morsel I feed my baby’.

And yet they do not give up. They hold fast to Allah’s promise the His reward is with those who are sincere in their efforts to face the trials and tribulations of life.

Hence – try. Do not give up. We aspire paradise. Maybe never in this world will you be applauded for effort but certainly in the hereafter your Creator shall reward you paradise for trying.