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Who made me? And why am I here? So let's go back to that.

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Someone made you now if he made you, he made you for a purpose, what was the purpose? We will never have an answer except from Revelation. I can't just see people come in, spend a few years and go some coming and go in a short span of time, and some live a little bit longer. I can't just see people come do as they please and leave. I can't just see people come and some of them don't do as they please. They are disciplined, and then they leave. So all of this Subhanallah if I were to look at it, there must be a purpose. He who made me couldn't have left me without anything. He has to have taught me something. Why did he make me so he says

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he wanted to create a create a creation or a creature, humankind. A creature that was neither an angel, nor a devil

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Subhan Allah.

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I believe they're angels. Okay, angels, Leah asuna, la Hama, amerihome, Wirefly Luna, Mario marone. They don't disobey the almighty at all. They do whatever they're told. They don't have the capacity to disobey and they're completely sin free. Those are the angels one hand and the other hand, there is Satan the devil.

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So this devil, he is arrogant. He has denied Allah knowing Allah. He knew Allah. And he, he is arrogant. That arrogance had has led him to denial. He won't worship Allah and he won't listen. And that's the devil. Okay? Allah has control over him. But Allah has left it for a purpose. He's left it for a bit. He has these two on either side. One, actually insults the almighty belittles the Almighty and has this arrogance. This is why we're always taught to protect ourselves from arrogance. So he defies the maker in everything. And on the other hand, you have total obedience. So Allah says in the middle, we made humankind and we want to reward humankind. We, it's Allah, Allah

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enjoys this, he wanted it, he loved it, and he loves to see us and all these words are used in the Quran, you know, that Allah loves and Allah wanted, and Allah did this and so on. And not just in the Quran, but revelation before the Quran, that was from heaven. Subhana Allah. So, Allah Almighty says, I created humankind, humankind will come on the earth, and their parents, the parents, you know, the first human was created from dust and soil, and made and after that Allah created the reproductive system that worked. And then the rest of us were created through that reproductive system. Obviously, Eve or Hawa May peace be upon her was created a little bit differently, and Jesus

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May peace be upon him was also created a little bit differently. Besides those three, Adam, even Jesus, the rest of us are created through male and female. So Adam, no male nor female, Eve through male without the involvement of a female, Jesus through female without the involvement of a male Subhana Allah, that was the decree of the Almighty the words of the Almighty, the power of the Almighty Allah, and the rest of us through male and female. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, you know, your parents, it's their duty to give you a good name, and to give you a decent upbringing, they would clothe you initially and they will have to take care of you as part of their test. So

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Allah created us here to test us, while another one, we will definitely test all of you. That's what Allah says. So He created us to test us with what joueur hunger, how fear knocks, minimum, one loss of wealth, will enforce loss of lives, loss of produce, and Allah says their patients, their patients keep worshiping me when I give you worship me when I take away from you worship me their patience, and you'll get back to me very soon, like later today. May Allah grant us a good return to Him. I mean,