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Everyone we are back in the United Alhamdulillah this time in Nigeria Abuja Guess who's driving us not crazy but who's driving?

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Said I'm gonna have to let guys know I told them they asked me at what point do you drive your own vehicle in a country I said if you visit 17 times the 18th time you drive your own car shall I visit a finish each time so I can

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Shala Masha Allah Allah, Allah so we just visited Masha Allah Mr. Sulu Allah ma This is a gathering all the scholars in the movies and the dua of Nigeria the meet on Thursday, mine and it has become a regular routine every time we visit. MashAllah Nigeria, especially Abuja, we have to visit with them and exchange some matura and some Thali, beautiful beautiful Allah, masha Allah all the scholars of Abuja hola my daddy, we just finished and we are on our way to the venue to meet with the volunteers of tomorrow's event, the event of this weekend in Abuja, which will be about changing the narrative. It's a continuation of another event, which we concluded last weekend in Lagos and yesterday we were

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in Kaduna. Masha Allah an amazing event. The turnout was so beautiful. I will let me tell you about it. And after the Kaduna event, we had an event in Abuja we flew back and went straight to the university called BASS University. I thought it was busy university but it's actually based university be sad And subhanAllah we had a massive turnout one speaking on addictions and you know, haram and so on and what and mashallah, Mashallah. It was just a mean, I was not supposed to go to Kaduna in the first place, but then schedule change. I went to Kaduna and because I wasn't, you know,

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part of the event Subhanallah he didn't introduce me. But then somebody took the stage and introduced me Subhanallah are the guests who no look, the reason why I introduced him is because you see, people need to know who they're talking to where they come from. They are in order to understand the value of the person and the message is not. I mean, while Ibrahim did not come all the way from Perth to Abuja, or Nigeria or Kaduna, just in order to he didn't come to have a break and a holiday he came to work and mashallah, in his field, he is one of his much needs. In fact, he I think he's the only guy that I know on that level, who really speaks about these behavioral

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addictions and porn and so on which people are really they need guidance and they need help a lot of people reach out for it so much of help, who's helping them so that's the reason Habibi why I did the introduction. Just so people understand who who is speaking to them. That's what it is. And there's something also for everyone to know that we are not in competition, we are complementing one another. The word Allah, Allah, Allah Almighty, keep this group. This is a very unique group, where we actually favor one another over our own selves. As, as we all walk in into the imaginary saloon and Matt, I was surprised that Mufti mink said, You're the only one who's going to speak why? He

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said, we've made them a showdown we decided you're the only one who's going to speak Subhanallah in Ghana, we did similar things. What do we say meant you're the only one who's going to speak or represent us. May Allah Almighty purify our hearts and keep us all united? This is what is most beautiful about this unique group where it doesn't matter who speaks it doesn't matter who raises the banner. What really matter is that the banner is already raised by whom it doesn't matter.

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And we've been here doesn't matter who's driving

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and by the way, I do have a seatbelt on with the fit if you can just show the guys you see because it's under my shoulder because of this scarf. It seems like I don't have a seatbelt but it's right here. This is not the time on which

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almost for a week but the unplug session was delayed why is that often why we did in the movie maker was not here.

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Brother would this to bring his name the swimming pool criminal.

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He was not here you know? Mashallah. Could have done it but we really missed him and we decided we're not going to make another unplugged episode until then he just arrived today Al Hamdulillah.

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Masha Allah La Quinta in Neverland. So what are we doing right now? We are the volunteers. We're going to meet the volunteers for the event and mashallah, there is a little banquet for them. And again, we probably choose a few people to speak by the way, we have a few other scholars whom I'm meeting for the first time and some of our brothers are meeting for the first time each other we'll try and see if they want to participate in the unplugged as well. And inshallah we'll introduce you guys to the by the will of Allah by the way of dimming. As you know, you will see a stop sign in red right

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This is not a Coca Cola sign. That's a stop sign. Oh, by the way they wrote it.

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mashallah, look, this is the national method that we're going to pass by. It's a beautiful method with four. No, this is not the national massages. I believe this is another one. What is this? This one is the one that you played it. Oh, sorry we did it. This is my Yes is the one I'm giving the hotbed of tomorrow. What's the name of this Masjid?

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we have forgotten totally and this is really on the you know, I'm to be blamed for that. We have to introduce Ahmed Hannah. Yes, masha Allah. This is Brother

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our brother, brother from Nigeria. When we meet everywhere, Mashallah. MashAllah and two alarms? Oh, no.

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Can I tell you guys the story.

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So Dr. Mohammed came to Abuja and you know what he was

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in Lagos, illegal. So in Lagos, so he came to in Lagos we were sleeping and 24 hours of traveling, staying awake and we all agreed that we would meet in my room at a certain time at salata at quarter to six slot on February, everyone will come to my room and we'll read Salah to fit together. So Dr. Mohammed, firstly, I set my alarm for 530 thinking that you know what, I'll get up the 525 someone rings My someone knocks my door. It was Brother Ahmed Adama and he came in for Salah so I was thinking is 20 minutes early, but mashallah it was a good thing. Next thing Dr. Muhammad and everyone comes we do Salah to fracture and Dr. Muhammad says you know what? Someone's alarm went off

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at 230 or three room index room next door to me and it was just going on and on and on and I got I had to get up and I had to knock on the guy's door because he just didn't turn the alarm off. So Ahmed casually looks at me says also it was you knocked on my

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door is funny and ignored it he set up two phones alarms and the keep going off ringing

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Subhanallah and he still doesn't wake up he's enjoying the sound while asleep so between him and me there is a door you know sometimes they have those sweets where he can open the door. I didn't know who is my neighbor but I just thought you know come on man I need to sleep. So I got up and he knocked on his door hopefully he will wake up but in vain of course. And it was in the know but to be honest with you it's the fault of the hotel because the hotel should have a room that is soundproof

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you know sometimes in these hotels that are not soundproof some of the sounds we hear are embarrassing you know? You know what is really funny? Is how I was telling you my terrible experience after 24 hours of traveling and I couldn't sleep because of the guy next door. And then he says it was me hola hola. Even though we came together to fly in together. And the way he said it was me. He says also you are the one

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well, what he taught me is by the ACMA gets up very early May Allah accept all our Ibadah and may Allah make us all people who actually fulfill tahajjud and who are there for us even earlier than the time he taught me as well that he doesn't care when he goes off the next day and doesn't have to own the alarm is the one that called me and wakes me up

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the alarm

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Allah He so mashallah, this is the these are the roads if you want to see the roads in Abuja, in front of us is just a security van if you can see he's got his hazards on. I turned off the hazards in order not to make a sound for our video. But these are some of the most beautiful roads of Abuja and Alhamdulillah. You know, it's just amazing. I enjoy the drive here. And you know, it's the rule people don't really stick to rules as much although they are rules and they do relatively stick to it, but not that much. They are a little bit strict now and again, some of the places mashallah here is traffic, we're just about to hit traffic. I think we may go on to the side perhaps if the

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security that is escorting us decides to do that. Have you been allowed to add that since we all remember our brothers and sisters in Palestine, that Masha Allah, every day and every event? We ask the congregation to pray and we pray and we take the lead. We pray for our brothers and sisters victory and may Allah alleviate their suffering and may Allah have mercy on those who have been, who have been martyred among them, and those who are who have been wounded May Allah give them a speedy recovery. And may Allah make them victorious. So they are in the heart. I have a suggestion. Yes. Can we dedicate one of the unplugged sessions? Real Estate tech to be

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Allahu Akbar in sha Allah.

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You see why I'm saying this is because we all have done a lot and mashallah some of us have done more than what people may know. I'm talking all meaning everyone now across the globe but because of our frustration we all feel that the other person has not done enough sign of frustration. But don't let that frustration make you hate on one another Wallahi you don't know what someone else has done. And the worst thing you could do is out of your frustration you call someone a Zionist you call them pro pro this you know these guys are you don't know what they've done. So don't let your frustration make you disunited to the degree that you start calling on people and machete names and it's not the

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time for all of that in Sharla. So I think we can dedicate one of our sessions totally only for the

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early orientia. Tomorrow evening, or maybe tomorrow after fajr perhaps.

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Or have okay Feldman Tabata colourfix So, so yeah, we will see you guys what did we want to say? I wanted to mention about the

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the issue regarding race University. Mashallah. So based university brother while Ibrahim's, you know, program was advertised in a beautiful way, and I, myself and Dr. Muhammad were supposed to go to Kaduna, we were supposed to go there and come back and while Ibrahim had another event at Baylor University in Abuja, so he was not supposed to come with us but mashallah you know, one of the brothers decided we will take you with a private jet instead of going by road so it saved a lot of time. So we we told ya libera him let's all go together. With mashallah we went and he had an opportunity we cut our time instead of one hour each. We decided we will just speak for 3035 minutes

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each. And we let all three of us speak now Masha Allah, look at the traffic SubhanAllah. So we spoke and we came back when we came back, Dr. Mohammed had a live event on online so he couldn't join us. But I said, Look, I will join you will surprise the people at Bass University and others join you for this particular event of yours. I might say a few words, you know, but we'll keep it secret. We'll keep it a surprise. So one of our brothers was excited and he informed one of the organizers you know, Mufti mink is coming. And this was like 20 minutes we were on our way 20 minutes before the event. And unfortunately the organizers Oh in their excitement, we want to change the venue, we

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want to do this, we want to go to another hole we want to this and you know, move to make is coming and so on. So when I heard that Wallah, he I heard about it just about 10 minutes later, I was so upset because I said Firstly, it's not my event. Secondly, I'm coming to support my brother. Thirdly, it's wrong to change venues and all that last minute the public that has come and they've come into the hall and so on and you're telling them let's go because you know, now we're going into a bigger hole after all that was unnecessary. So alhamdulillah the organizers decided we're going to keep it at the same place because because I told them not to change a thing. And then Alhamdulillah

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we went it was such a superb event. You know, it was so beautiful. The the boys and girls was super delighted and so happy. And to you know, to hear while Ibrahim in his unique way of presenting a topic that is very sensitive, but bearing in mind the sensitivity still he came across and he he really did a brilliant job and I then got up and just said a few words of thanks. It's not like I said, it's not my event in the beautiful masala Tabata Cola, your presence and a lot of value. And some people may think Oh, came along then, you know, he's stealing the show and stole Alhamdulillah not a single thought of that came into my mind on my heart. I was so excited. In fact, when you

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heard that somebody told me he's coming he wants to go back to the hotel. I said no way that is not the reason why I want to go back to the hotel I can explain to you is because habibi. I'm also I know, between us, we don't have that. But the thing is to discipline some of the, you know, some of the volunteers and some of the people to say, Listen, if you hear something within us about the discussion, and you know that this is supposed to be private, you don't go around spreading things, and the brother is a lovely brother. He's an amazing, superb human being but, you know, people can make a little bit of a blunder. So for that reason, insha Allah, I don't think he would do that

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again, because he understood what we tried to say. And at the same time, it was a good event. The reason I said that, imagine if it was someone else, and the same mistake happened with a third party and people can feel hurt to say, Oh, this guy's coming, stealing your show. That's why I told him Look, I don't even need to enter this hole. I can go away because my right I wasn't even supposed to be here. Although I know between us, there is nothing like that. But you know, insha Allah, may Allah accept it from all of us.

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In fact, Alhamdulillah Allah has created such a beautiful song, bond and love between us. Allah knows that when I get up at night to

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pray. I pray for you guys. Allah in my prayer. May

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Allah and hamdulillah Shaka ALLAH because ALLAH chose you has chosen you for this mission. And the prayer does wonders, and you guys get tired, you travel a lot, you get really exhausted experience fatigue, and many of us are actually sick. So we need the DUA. We pray for each other. We pray for the audience. We pray for the problem. And you two guys pray for us. Because maybe your son Allah and your son, were humbled, it will help Paul Bradley Hola, Juan was going for umbra. And the Prophet didn't join him. So he said, Yeah, okay. My brother Omar, please include us in your prayer. So it is very important to pray for one another. It does multiple benefits. Number one, it

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eliminates any envy any has any score from the heart when you pray for someone. Number two, of course, they do ha for others in their absence. Allah subhana wa Tada appoints an engine to say, Oh Allah, accept his dua and give him likewise. So when I pay for mink in my schedule, I'm actually paying for myself when they pay for wine and for others, and even for the DUA, whom I've never met. When I see Masha Allah, Allah has given them access to influence the public and to bring them to Taliban to do good deeds. I'm very happy. I'm very happy and delighted. Alhamdulillah so I include them in my blog, we pray for each other, and dua does wonders, and it purifies the heart of the

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Invoker from any thing again is the people whom you are praying for. Once again, it doesn't really matter who speaks who presents who raises the banner, or treaty matters, that the banner is always raised by me or any of my colleagues by any Muslim and hamdulillah mission is accomplished.

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I'm gonna bore the audience for longer than that. More than anything brother McCarthy's hand it seems to be a little bit shaky. No

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I think he's getting used to it we're building his muscle you know.

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Beautiful Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allah muscle Salli ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala Nabina. Muhammad was heavy a very bustling la Marana alumna and Busan our electoral field and our Conan Cassidy Allah Most of the Quran and also I've seen a few Philistine amongst

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a loved one and understood our female also didn't matter to me. I mean, Allah McCauley who Annina Allah Allahumma ZIL urato chata academic

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January when?

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The year manca year I'm if you're on our Harmon our Corona obey

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Allah Mara of alumna for Santa William tofield and I want to hang out and

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say no, I'm saying well, I mean a lot of Mamia so Luca federal mafia the Laila

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Idaho I will be coming surely mafia heavy Laila to me surely my bad now in the Subhanak in economic inequality mean? So Allahu ala Nabina Muhammad Al hamdu Lillahi wa salam ala ala Sayidina Muhammad when he was five years Rangers, Akron, Ohio