Mufti Menk – When Angels Descended – Battle of Badr

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a fight between the Muslims and their enemy, which turned into a victory for the Muslims. The fight was a battle for butter, and the enemy had thousands of angels to help. The fight ended with the enemy eventually winning and receiving victory.
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Now, in the Battle of better, which was one of the first battles that was fought by the Muslims to regain what they had lost, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that two qualities if they are found in people, the angels may come to help them. Well, at times of difficulty, the angels will come to assist Subhan Allah Hello, Bill. I mean, when I think of this, it brings tears to my eyes, in the Battle of butter, if I can just go back take you to that battle. The Muslims were only 313 and the enemy was actually 1000 strong, and the Muslims didn't really go to fight. They just went for a certain purpose and Allah took them all the way to the place known as better. And then Allah

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subhanho wa Taala tells them Do you know, we sent 3000 angels to help you on the day of butter.

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And guess what? It's amazing, the day of crisis, the day of war, the day when the belief of the believers was being tested. And Allah says, while other nesara common law will be better remember when we helped you during the Battle of better Subhana Allah, amazing, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and this is verse number 145. Allah says,

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when we inform you of the 3000 angels and you told the believers of the 3000 angels Subhana Allah, what happened? Yes, Allah gave them even better news of another 2000 angels who would actually come if they had two qualities on that day, Bella

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delco wire to

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foundry him had young leader kamaboko B hum Sati. Allah

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insha Allah says, nay behold, if you bear patience, and you develop your taqwa, if you're conscious of Allah, and you bear patience, with those two characteristics, if the enemy were to swipe at you right now, we would send you 5000 angels to protect you. Guess what? They were patient, they developed their taqwa. They were conscious of Allah. They were very, very patient. On that day, they continued doing whatever they had to they fought the enemy as best as they could. And they overcame the enemy with the help of Allah who sent 5000 angels to assist them.

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Amazing. Look at the day of crisis and the comfort sent by Allah. What was that comfort sent by? by two qualities sobor and taqwa, develop your patience, develop your relationship with Allah and hear against the enemy, Allah will grant you victory. And in the same way my brothers and sisters throughout our lives, there will be so many challenges so many things happening, our enemies, people who don't like us for the right reasons for the wrong reasons, whatever it may be.

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You know what, if you develop sovereign taqwa, then they will never have a right reason to hate you. Or to be your enemy. It will always be a wrong reason, but you will always emerge victorious. May Allah grant us victory at all times. Aku Kohli hada or sal Allahu wa salam o Baraka, Alana, Bina Mohammed

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