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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the importance of learning the story of Moosa and fitout in order to achieve Islam's goal. The speakers emphasize the need to listen and understand the truth behind events, including the events of the previous year and the current year. The importance of leadership and community leaders is also discussed, as well as the negative impact of social media on Muslims and the potential for deeper reflection in the future. The segment also touches on Subhana Allah's actions and his impact on people, including those who do not want to say or do anything.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala ala MV mursaleen Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ultramarine. On the standard is similar to Eli Yoni Dini among buried brothers and sisters. I've said it many times. So welcome to another brand new episode of our tafsir journey. And now we begin with pseudo puzzles, which is the 28th surah of the quarter and Sudoku puzzles. It's also a connection with our previous series, which that which we just completed, which was the Tafseer of pseudo Baha and Alhamdulillah. We talked a lot about Musa alayhis, salaam, we introduced this great prophet, we went through a lot of

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his journey with respect to altercation with fit our own some of the things that had happened between him and fit around. And lots of wonderful and amazing details were introduced to us. And one of the things that was really interesting about sort of Baja is that it was basically like season one or an introduction to the story and life of mozzarella. He said, I'm, so little Bukhara has a chunk of that sort of that fills in some blanks for us. And of course, we have sudut suited to shore out off, as well as sort of the puzzle. So we have quite a few suitors that allude and talk about musar, les slim, but pseudo Paul have. And so the total costs are the most detailed of the of the

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sutras. So these are the two and this is why we wanted to sort of keep that theme together and link these two suitors together. So although they don't come consecutively, one after the other, the point is just because of the storyline, we want to keep them linked to each other. And this particular soda soda process is now going to fill in a lot of the blanks that we see in soda, as well as soda show out off. Now with that being said, let's jump right into this mechi Sutra, in which it introduces the sort of very different from sort of tall hair. So now you're going to see and hear me, I'll do this a lot to where I'll keep jumping back and forth from this sorta to Baja,

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just so that we can make that connection. And we can appreciate both sides of the story, we can appreciate the introduction there, and what Allah fills in in terms of details here. So with that being said, it's going to be a shorter session at what we're accustomed to. But those of you joining us for the first time, just keep in mind, we've been doing this for some time, all the videos that we have gone through since COVID, began back in March are all on my YouTube channel. So please take some time and see if you find something that you would like there. And so my youtube channel is just my name will slack on and you'll see it'll pop up. Secondly, these videos are usually around 20

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minutes, sometimes I go a little overboard. So 2025 minutes, something like that. And we try to tackle as many lessons as we can. And we primarily focus on how the quarter end develops us as human beings and as Muslims. So even though we go through a lot of these stories, we go through certain concepts, certain subjects, at the end of the day, my focus is always How does that

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make me a better person. And that's what I try to focus on when I study the core. And so I hope that all of you who start this journey with us today for the first time that you continue to do so. And if you need any assistance, if you need any support, you will definitely notice some names on this live feed that are really consistent. There are certain names here that have been with us since day one who have gone through hundreds of videos with us with a lead in hand. So if you ever noticed that just pop them a line and say salaam aleikum to them. And in sha Allah hoteller you can coordinate and support one another in that regard. But that being said, brothers and sisters, let's

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begin we got four verses that we're going to start with today. Insha Allah. So with that being said, We ask Allah subhana wa Taala as we started all of our series with a Dora ally, so it will continue to teach us his beautiful message. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the strength, the ability, the knowledge, the focus, the sincerity, that we begin something for his sake, we journey it for his sake, and we completed for his sake, along mean. So let's begin. Now we'll be letting him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim bar seen me now these three letters they've been found also in previous suitors as well. And what's interesting, and I'm not saying that this is a you

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know, a connection in any way or an explanation in any way, but it's just nice to know

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Every suitor that starts off with ba has a story of Musa alayhis. Salam in it. So Paul, her posse mean, they all have a connection with Musa alayhis salaam. So some of the element of Tafseer say that as soon as you see a soda that begins with the letter PA, then you know Moosa and fitout are going to be discussed in that sort of just an interesting point. A lot while right, we don't know what the wisdom is behind that. And we'll leave it at that tilaka yet, we'll keep tabs we'll move in. This is the A yet or these are the yet in this book that are clear, moo bean, literally from beigene, which means clarity. There's no ambiguity in any of this. What's interesting also is that

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there are several sources in the quarter end that start off the exact same way. One that is very similar to this is sort of abusive, and Islamorada.

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tilka to kitabi, mubin. Same exact way. So the point is, is that Allah subhanaw taala now refers that all of these eight that he's going to mention meaning what's going to be talked about in this book, in this quarter, and everything in and of itself, are not only indicators or miracles of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But they are clear and they're explicit there. No, there's no confusion behind it. If you find yourself confused, that's, that's a reflection of your own limited knowledge of the quarter and doesn't mean that something is unclear about the Quran, or there's a contradiction, or it doesn't make any sense. No, you and I don't make any sense, but the book itself does. So Allah

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sets the tone. Now with respect to the story of fit arm, there are so many versions different religions have their own take on the story. A lot says Now I'm going to give you clarity on all of that. You got bits and pieces of previous sodas balaghat and shore at all. Now I'm going to share with you in clarity in as much detail as possible. Clearly now what happened between Musa and fit around and why it's important not to do where I lay came in nebith immersa we are going to recite upon you O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because remember, these soldiers are given to the Prophet Muhammad Ali starts with Salaam although it's talking about Musa This is a an indication a

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lesson to the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam that look.

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Although several years hundreds of years ago, this whole incident this whole generation took place on all of the series of events have happened then it could very well happen to you in Mecca. It could happen to you in your profit. So you need to know this and you need to pay attention to it. So naturally I like him he never he Moosa. Here's the second point. Allah says never, never one. Allah didn't say natural. I like Chris SATA Musa, we're not we're going to recite upon you the story of Musa Allah says we're going to recite upon you never in never he never when is one of the words to describe news. In Arabic We have never done. And we also have hubbardton, or Hubble. Hubble is just

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general type of news like I'm going to start the series today. It's not like headline news. It's not profound. It's just Hey, this is what's going to happen. Never own is headline news. It's the breaking story. So Alice says that we are going to narrate the story of Moosa and fit our own. But we're gonna do it in such a way that you need to hear this and take its lesson. Even though you may have known or heard of it prior, you need to listen up because this is important. And a lot doesn't stop there by using the word Nebo. When he says minetta emo says what theater our own and fit our own bill help. How peered will help God we obviously know literally means truth. But here in the

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surah, we are going to tell it to you explicitly and clearly without any doubt. So not only is this the truth, but what the less emphasizing is you need to know and understand this well.

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It's going to be the truth because a lot doesn't lie. When I as a biller, I would always be left for even saying something like that right Allah doesn't misguide or, or tell fibs or anything like that. So the fact that Allah says we're going to reveal this the story in its entirety with truth meaning, this is so important. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you really have to know about this. Now. What's the lesson for you and nine leaders out there? community leaders, teachers, all of you that have some responsibility in leadership in whatever way shape or form this story is particularly important for you.

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Now Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to highlight specifically things about the story of Musashi, Selim, that are so important. And because he's talking directly to the Prophet, it starts with Sam, who is the leader of all the Muslims was the leader of Islam. So our lesson is, if I hold some kind of leadership, then I need to hear this too. They'll call me you'd be known for a nation that has a man that has the quality of a man in them. So you know how you watch a movie, right? I mean, those of you who do that sort of thing, right? If you watch a movie, you know how, like the first scene or two pretty much kind of gives away, and it sets the tone of what to expect for the rest of the

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movie. So for example, you'll watch a show or movie where it starts off ladies walking in the park, and her child gets kidnapped. Okay, her child gets kidnapped. She doesn't realize that the child was kidnapped until later on, and she looks and then she gets in her car and everything starts to unfold and the rest of the movie is her trying to catch the the perpetrators who kidnapped her child trying to get those kidnappers, right. So the point is, is that the first two or three minutes, set the tone now and got the audience intrigued now Oh my god, what's going to happen? Wow, that's it's only been like two minutes of the movie and it's going crazy already. That's what Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is doing here and I'm not trying to compare a suitor to a movie. I'm trying to compare the pattern. A lot starts off I am going to teach you something about these eight that are profound and clear. meant to do I like him and never Moosa, I'm going to tell you all Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the story of Musa but it's not storytime, I'm going to give it to you as though it is headline breaking news, Bill Huck, and you need to hear this because it is the truth. It's unpleasant. It may not make you happy. It's not something you might want to share with your kids. But it is the hardcore truth. So you have to listen to it. And it's only going to make sense to

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people who have at least an ounce of faith or amen in them. And you're just sitting there and you're like, Okay, I'm listening. Whoa, why? Wow, okay. I'm here. I'm here, you have my full attention. Okay, I got I got it, I got it. So then a love begins.

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Next scene in the theater, Oneida feel out of fear around was high, and above, on the land, a couple of meanings behind this. His status, His power, His authority, his control, was above anyone else. He was the most powerful human being at that time. I left him out. He had control. He manipulated his propaganda. You know, we he was the evil genius. So his level of evil this, all of this thing made him that he had some status on the land. I left Phil out of, well, Jared, Shira, here's where I got the title of this video from. And he made his people separated into factions and groups, the word Shia. Shira literally means that when when you have a group that is separated, and then

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concentrated on a particular ideology, they're known for that ideology or that movements, that that is called Shia or Shia, I want you to just take it out of your head, you know, the whole Islamic discourse of Sunni and Shia, not that domain. When it comes to this word, I want you to think about it linguistically. So fit around what he did, is he separated, and he created multiple factions and division amongst his people. So Benny is so tall, he could not get along with the Egyptians, the objections wouldn't get along with the Israelis. So he intentionally ensured that this could be the case because why, if you're unified, then what happens? You become powerful a movement, a revolution

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can begin. Power is in unity. Strength is in unity. So fairground already knows this, and he wants to ensure that he is always eila feel out of, he's always above his people. So he ensures that he keeps that kind of division. And here's the thing about this point here. If you put aside historically, how this concept how nations after nation, generations after generation, we're talking about countries, we're talking about religions, we're talking about civilizations, armies, you name it. All have taken the same method of approach that fit our own head, as long as we keep a people divided that they can

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Fight and bicker and hate on one another, then we always will have the upper hand. And once we have the upper hand, then we can start slowly picking away at their civil rights will take away one thing. They're too weak because they're divided. They can't say anything. They can do anything. Sir like, okay, they didn't do much. Let's take another one.

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And another one. And another one. Muslims.

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Does this sound familiar?

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The lesson for us here. Think about our Muslim communities. I know, you know, it was coming. You know, I'm going to talk about this. Think about our Muslim communities. You know, we have like spiritual borders.

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You know, if a community has a different opinion, even Subhanallah a different opinion. You know, we shouldn't press and re we shouldn't look a certain way. You know, the Imam doesn't wear a hat. We can't pray behind him. What do they end up doing? They start their own Masjid.

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And they invite and welcome people who think the same way or carry the same ideology, who have the same beliefs and go there. And then you start your own QA. And if there's a problem there, then Okay, you start another one and another one. And what ends up happening, or what has ended up happening is, you have these pockets of massages, and Muslim communities, just like Bedouins, we're just kind of pitching our messages, pitching our tents, with pegs in the ground all over the community. So when there's a problem that targets Muslims, or Islamophobia, or hatred or something, you'll have a small sort of, you know, small, tiny group that would sort of shout, and it doesn't

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really create as much of an impact as you want. Nobody really mean people hear your voice, but they kind of don't. Somebody might be an ultra liberal Muslim, as opposed to an ultra conservative Muslim, then you have in between and they're all just up against each other. So where did this all come from? Subhana Allah? Where did all of this come from? Where did all of this allude to look what Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us about Pharaoh. So we've almost adapted some of the habits of fit around himself. Subhana Allah.

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This is one of the things and I mean, me being an Islamic leader. Right. And within the community, I see this firsthand, every single day, wherever I go. Just how disunited for the most trivial trivial silliness, silly things like you you like I don't even think five year olds would five would fight over some of the things that Muslims will fight over some kind of law. I don't know what to say about it. I think there are a number of things, a number of factors that involve in this a lot of things that contributed to that. But the point is, at the end of the day, that level of immaturity, that level of disunity, we become easy picking. That's where other communities that are unified can

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literally leave us in the dust we could be large in number like the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, we're large in number, but we would have literally next to we can have little or zero impact in anything May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us strength. So that comes Look, that's the first or this was a third opening a is Subhana Allah, then Allah azza wa jal continues as a football if at a minimum, this is what fairground did. He particularly focused on the week so he we can a group of them and how did he do that? Use them up in a home way stay in his home. He slaughtered their children, and he kept their women alive.

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You know what I think about when I hear that?

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How is it possible? Like how weak that these people become? that their children were being slaughtered in front of their eyes and they couldn't say or do anything. They just cried. How how much of a level of weakness did fit around instill on these people that he could take their children slaughtered them in before in front of in front of their faces in their homes, and they're going to do anything? Once again, Muslims. Sound familiar?

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What kind of people do you think about when you hear a statement or a sentence like that? I'll tell you for me what comes to mind. I think about Palestine. I think about the Rohingya Muslims. You know how the genocide that is going there, where children are being kidnapped and they're being killed parents, you name it. I think about so many others.

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different places around the world within the Muslim world Subhana Allah.

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And it's frightening, to say the least. But how weak does a nation have to be that their own families taken from them and they can't say or do anything? Subhana Allah? May Allah azza wa jal give us strength. Las panatela is the pain and suffering, particularly for those who go through this daily Aloma me.

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In Oregon, Amina Alamo city and finally hit around. He was such a disgusting, corrupt, he was from them of sitting. You know, it's one thing to say that he was a mooch said.

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And another thing to say that he was amongst them of sitting, if you say he was a wolf said, it could mean that okay, it was just fit around. But those that followed him or worked with him, maybe not a lot grouped all of them together, there was a group of leadership on all of fit arounds, workers has security and so on. They all came under the same category. So Allah says him fit around was amongst all of them. They're all the same. They were all accountable. So yeah, maybe you didn't actually take the life of that child. But the fact that you support it or you stood there, you did nothing. The fact that you stayed on the same team or even if the captain is punished, so is his

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teammates. So Subhana Allah Subhana Allah inna, who can me no more sitting very powerful, very powerful, how Allah sets the tone. And guys,

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that's only for a set of shared with you today. That's the intro. Now I just again, imagine you're sitting there watching this unfold on TV. That's what we have. So panela that's how Allah introduced it. If you thought pseudo Taha was intense when it came to the story. We've only done four verses, and we're already talking about he slaughtered children. He left the women alive to watch and witness that stuff. He was from the move city and he was corrupt. He was a disgusting human being. He divided his people, he weaken them, he separated them, he did this as his own for his own, for his own preferences for his own ideologies for his own agenda, all of this stuff. And we're just at

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four verses, we haven't even really started the solar yet. So panel. So brace yourself, brace yourself, because there is a lot in this Sora. The way that it starts is very different from the way that it ends. But there is a lot of details, so many different things I am telling you this is again, one of those suitors that will raise your eyebrows as you're listening to it. And you're just going to be like, Oh my goodness, this man actually walked the face of the earth. This fit around was this was the kind of person he was, and what might even what might shock you even more is, look how many field rounds we have a life today.

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And even if we don't have the rounds to his level, we have a bunch of mini rounds, maybe as close as maybe I might have a mini federal right next to me, in my home somewhere it within the family within the extended family within the community. We might have little mini Federalists walking around, you'll see brothers and sisters in Charlottesville as we continue, you will see you will see you will see. So we will go into the sutra in as much detail as possible. So you really capture what it's all about.

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The sutra we have 88 verses. Okay, 88 verses so it's much shorter than soda. However, however, here's the thing. This is one of the last sources and this is what I conclude with brothers and sisters. This is one of the last suitors that will mention the story of Musa alayhis salaam in such detail. And he'll be mentioned in some other sources. But very briefly, it's kind of alluded to. And I think we're all going to miss it. Once we finish the Sora. And we sort of put behind us the story of Musa alayhis salam and all the detail that we would have studied through, we will miss these kinds of sources. Because after pseudo causes all the students that come after they they're much

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shorter. So the long students would have most, if not all the stories of the quarter and are kind of behind us. So maybe we can go back and tackle another story. I don't know. We'll see. We'll see when that time comes. But keep that in the back of your mind. That sort of thought process is one of the last of the long suitors of the quarter end. And so it kind of leaves you with this feeling that oh my god

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What a history. Look what this planet has been. Look what's been on this earth look at how these people suffered. Look at the hands of fit around what he did. How is it a human being like that was able to get away with so much what is a login to do to him and those who followed him? And even if they weren't alive then what is Allah going to do to the people who follow those teachings or the same pattern of fit around today? These are the things you're going to start to think about as you go through the story in sha Allah Charla let's pause there guys. Let all of this sink in. Because I tell you man I don't know about you guys but this role fit around story is heavy for me. Because I

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think about it and I process it in my brain for the rest of the day. You know I'll go into a meeting and I'll fit around is on my mind. I'll have dinner and fit how it is in my head. It is just it's unreal. But this is what we want. We want the depth but we want deep reflection when it comes to this sort of thing. So in shallow hotel, I leave you with that reflect and think about if you have any questions, type it into the comments and I'll take a look at that as the day continues. Wherever you are May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect you and bless you Allah home mean, so stay tuned Part Two for tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah wa Salaam Marley Kumara to lucky well

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