Quranic Reflections #11 Prayer, Path of Salvation

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So last time the last time I was really loud outside of Israel Hamas Alia Have you been living in a homeless cinema, film or wedding or cellular home or selling Mubarak and have you been out of you know, Hamas I said Good afternoon. alarmist idea. Have you known Avena Mohamed salah is in McCollum and Nicaragua vaccuum number, we'll call him I've often indicated life and we're all presidents for last because no one knows we reveal and those that we can seal and even those with the animals feel, we thank him we praise Him and on him we have reliance that is to him we only turn to for guidance. We ask them to send us pieces blessings, has mercy on the best of human beings, the Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So we're continuing our illumination series, Quranic reflections from the Halloween, today's re citation of the Imam started, so let allow off. And basically the entire citation from a soda dial off, which is surah. Number seven. And this is macchia. And from among its objectives is to speak about the struggle between truth and falsehood and the people of truth in the people of falsehood, through the Stories of the Prophets and how they dealt with, essentially their people, and especially those who reject it, and different groups of people that are rejected. And it's a very powerful sword, there's a lot of discussion there about

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what it takes to be steadfast on faith. What it takes to overcome criticism, overcome the natural, of course, tendency for human beings to reject Islam, and, of course, Muslims, and what and how, in essence, Allah directs believers to stand firm on their faith. So sorted off is a powerful Surah, which speaks about this, and also speaks about the struggle of men in general, and how that struggle started from its very early.

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You know, creation of Adam, and in essence also speaks about the struggle of man starts with himself. And that was the story of Adam, it has to them, in essence, how he was kicked out of paradise and why he was kicked out of paradise. And it speaks to a very powerful motif and a lesson. And the reflection that I was having is

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when I went through this verse, is the notion that our real struggles to always start with our own, our own desires, our own ego, our own self. And this powerful lesson, is something that we just kind of have to kind of internalize that, to understand that the point of Islam, while it is to be an established society, is primarily the most important lesson behind all of that is that Islam is not a tribal or ethnic or national affiliation, and will be of no benefit to anyone unless they realize that the entire point of Islam is to rectify oneself, one's knifes, one's ego, one's character refines one soul, remove vices and adopt virtues, and all for the sake of the Lord Almighty, Allah

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subhanaw taala alone. And I want you all to just kind of reflect on the is without off when

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our mother and father made the mistake. And

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it was from their fate to make that mistake. But then what was it that saved them? It was understanding this exact message, that the whole point of the creation is to seek salvation through rectification of the self. So one should never seek to justify their wrongs or their shortcomings. One should always try to amend them and to see, even if someone is saying something wrong to us. If what they're actually saying is true, we should always accept the truth the way it is. And even though people may be approaching us the wrong way, this has not changed the truth for us to rectify whatever it is that we're being called to. So this is why the lesson here is prayer is salvation.

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Prayer is salvation in and of itself. What saved Adam and however Adam and Eve is their prayer that they made when they made a mistake. Last time, there's this call out by now vollum fusina, we're in them tells a federal and our hamdulillah Coonan, Emil ha city or Lord, we have wronged ourselves. So if you do not forgive us, and have mercy on us, we will certainly be able to losers. And we've talked about this before previously on the session. But you know, for those of you are my students, you know about this concept of internal locus of control an external locus of control, psychologists use this term, which is who do you blame for your problems? You blame other external factors? Or do

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you look within what can you change you can only change within? And do you always constantly point at all of the other people that they wronged me, they did this and you don't take blame for the things that you have done yourself. This is a che phonic kind of characteristic. So the whole point being is to rectify one's own shortcomings and to stop pointing and to try to justify others and they did this and they did that and reality that just as doesn't bring you any benefit other than cause you more

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sending a sense of distraught. So the lesson of

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Prayer is salvation is When one accepts one's own faults. That is the path to their own salvation.

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They said what our mother and father when they made a mistake, adamant and however when they made the mistake, they said we wronged or Lord, we wronged ourselves. So if you don't forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be able to losers.

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And then what happens? The consequence still occurs, they still have to pay for their consequences. Allah says the next ayat, Allah had beautiful valuable company Maldonado. What a configure the monster Kawamata army ready to send you both meaning Adam and Hawa versus stripe on a bliss, to send both of you to, to to the earth for the consequences of your deeds, and you will be enemies to one another. And you'll find the earth as a residence and a provision for your appointed stay, you still have to go through the consequences of certain actions that you've done in life. So

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the path to salvation here is accepting one's old false. And it's very, very simple when two people get into an argument with it with what they usually do. The other side always points out what the other person has done. Once you sit down and reflect maybe you didn't approach her things the wrong way, as well as maybe they are the ones who also did certain things is better than Iraq. But once the person has internal reflection, they're the they're the ones that can overcome the sense of

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wrong that they have done. They're the ones that can overcome it. Whereas the other one, what are they doing? They're constantly burning themselves inside pointing at the other person, they are the ones who did this. And they're the ones who did that? Well, okay. Well, you know, when you understand how to overcome when you understand how to deal with your own ego,

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and your own self and your own internalized problems. So this is what our faith teaches us. Because if we constantly just sit and wait for people to in essence,

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be the product of our reform, and you think that justice will be served when the person that wronged you was going to be held accountable for everything that they did wrong without keyword here, without you thinking of yourself in your own rectifying the wrongs that you did. This isn't true justice. And this is something that most human beings need to learn because why we're constantly busy by pointing fingers to other people.

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And then there's some people who Subhanallah you try to rectify, you're wrong, and they will rectify theirs.

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But guess what, you can live with peaceful heart and mind because as long as you've rectified your own, they are responsible for themselves couldn't do enough seem Bhima Kassala Mahina. Every single soul is responsible for what itself? Bears but more importantly, it's going to be held in contempt and responsible for what itself has done.

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Ally hammock

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the hammock testified last congresses that it is it's going to receive what it earns for itself. So as long as you have a conscience which allows you to not become Contentful and cynical, but rather overcome your own wrongdoing. Then you are the one who is going to be on the path to salvation. And that's the reflection for today with illuminations. Quranic reflections from coming from sources off May Allah Allah allow us to have that element of self reflection and self reproach, which frees us, like our mother and father Adam, and how well had they accepted their own wrong and that essentially was their path to salvation. What did Sheikh on not to do? He did not accept this path, which is

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what accepting his own wrong. So the one who does not accept their own wrong is actually following the path of Satan and the one that accepts their own wrong their path they're following the path of salvation of Adam and how

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and they will be of those who are righteous. And also the makers of them was awesome. Have you interviewed him hammered? While he was I heard race particle we have the cash flow line eyelid, still critical to excel and extra