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The host of a qal burrow discusses the upcoming session on Al hipid Al reconfirmation, focusing on the academic side of the topic. They discuss Al prep, Al's meaning, Al's meaning, Al's meaning in English, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al's meaning in Arabic, Al

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Woman sent an

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email he saw the how

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many Mina most Nene

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here what occurs to Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Addy he will be here woman who Allah.

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Welcome back after a hiatus for the month of Ramadan, we have not had our regular q&a for quite a while. And for those who are going to be watching in sha Allah many years or many months from down the line. Also we have just witnessed and seen very severe tragedy that took place and also includes. And so today we have a special q&a session that is going to be dedicated to some of the academic points about Masjid Al Aqsa. And I chose an email that was sent to me a sister Aneesa email, she has written a few paragraphs of questions, and I've chosen some of them for today's q&a. And a part of those questions are, she asks, Can you tell us some of the blessings of mustard OFSAA?

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And what does the name imply and mean? And what is the reward of praying in this message? And then she says that she was told that it is not correct to call Masjidul outside the third haram in Islam, even though she grew up hearing that Alexa is the third Hold on. So can I explain some of these issues. So that will be our entire q&a for today. Now, before I begin, I'd like to obviously point out for those of you that are watching this live or in the current timeframe, you are well aware that I have given at least half a dozen talks and hilltop and de Roos, and emotional if you like,

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hot areas after the solder in the last two weeks regarding the recent bombardment of Alexa. And for those that are watching later on, we're talking about what happened in May of 2021. And so, obviously, I'm not going to go over all of that again. Today. This is our q&a session. So we're going to do some of the more academic side some of the things that I want people to be aware of. Also, today's q&a is not going to be about the history of Alexa, I myself have given a number of lectures, and you will find plenty of material online about the history of Alexa, we're going to be concentrating on some of the more knowledge based questions and answers regarding Masjid Al Aqsa,

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and I've chosen some of them for today. And we begin by our sister asking What does Miss judul Alcocer mean, and what are some of the names of Masjidul outside? So an axon means the furthest most Al Aqsa means that which is the furthest and Masjid Al Aqsa is called Masjid Al Aqsa because it was the furthest Masjid from Makkah at the timeframe that when the religion of Islam when the Quran was revealed, the furthest place from Maccha that was we can call it a messenger that Allah azza wa jal called it to be a place of worship is Miss Juden Alcocer and it is the furthest Masjid that is visited from Makkah and from Medina as well, Makkah and Medina are relatively closer together,

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outside is the furthest from them. And one can also say an oxide could imply sanctity and holiness. It is the furthest removed from filth and from being sacrilege. So an axon means the exalted one can also say, so these are the meanings of Masjid Al Aqsa. Now, there are other names for Western Oxford as well. And the Quran uses a number of these names. And the Hadith also mentions these names. And of the names one of the most common names especially in the hadith is Baitul muck this way to unlock this, the house that is sanctified and how SEER means house of Allah, like we call the Kaaba beta law, so the house of Allah so Allah has been called Bay to unlock this way to unlock this the house

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that is pure the house that is sanctified the house that is holy, it is also called Bay to Al mocha deaths Baytrail mocha deaths. So it is spelt the same Methodist and mocha does but there is a slight difference in meaning here, mocha, this means that which is purified that which has been made holy. So that is a masjid that has been made holy, sanctified blessing. Anybody who prays there also becomes blessing. So this is another title Bay to address. Of course, in in Hebrew, it is called Euro Shalem in ancient Hebrew, and this means the city of peace. So the beta is Salam. We'll call it an Arabic that the city of peace Shalom, shalom in Hebrew and Salaam in in Arabic, so it is called

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The border the land of peace. Now, when the Romans conquered Baytril bhaktas, when they conquered rocksalt, they wanted to destroy its Jewish heritage. And so they Latinized it, and they gave it a Latin or Roman name. And they called it Aelia Capitolina Aelia Capitolina. This is the name that was given to it, by the Romans by the Byzantine. And when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was preaching in Makkah, it was controlled by the Romans by the Byzantine Empire. And this was the name that was that it was called by, and they for simplicity's sake, they will call it, Ilya. And so in the Hadith in Sahih, Bukhari and other Hadith, we find the name Ely, Aelia, for Jerusalem. So this

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is a name that it was commonly known as, because of the Byzantine Empire because of the Roman Roman Empire, and elior or Aliah, Capitolina Aelia, goes back to the family name of the Emperor, Hadrian. And so the Emperor's family it is the elior family. And so they named it after the Emperor and Capitolina. It was something that was for one of their gods, I believe, Jupiter or something. And so the Romans obviously, they put that name, after the collapse of the Byzantine Empire, this name is completely gone. But if you read books of history, especially books that talk about this time frame, and even our own books, as we said, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and all the other books of

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Hadith, you find beta knock this beta moped this, and you also find the Ely elior. And this is because it was known by that during the time of the sahaba. And during the time of the conquest, it was called Aelia. So these are all names that have been used, and there are more than these, but these are the primary names. When was it built? I said, I'm not going to go to history, but we have to just mention a hadith about the history. We're not going to go into the detailed history. But when was it built? Well, the Hadith mentions a very interesting fact that later commentators have discussed in a lot of detail that hadith is inside a body without a refinery ask the prophets of

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Allahu Allah he was setting them, the Messenger of Allah, which mosque was built the first that was the first mosque built built on Earth. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded as Masjid Al haram, which is the the Kaaba Masjid Al haram. So then he said which one was next? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said admist. You will also hear the term Mr. Officer is used. It is also the Quranic term Subhanallah the SRB AB de la la mina msgid Haram we ll Masjidul Kasab so this is a Quranic term as well. A Buddha defined it then said, what was the timeframe between building the caliber and building my student aogsoft So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said 14 years

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out about una Sena. Now, this hadith reported Bahauddin Muslim, it has caused a lot of commentators to go into various opinions because some people said that how do we understand this 40 years when the cab was built by the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam and the temple in Jerusalem was built by Solomon. And so they man and the the timeframe between Ibrahim and Sunni man is more than 1000 years Sulaiman Ali his Salam is coming after one of the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim it has set up by many, many centuries at least 1000 If not 2000 years between Ibrahim Ali Salim and Sulaiman. So how do we understand the prophets, Allah Salam, saying 14 years this has led to a number of discussion.

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One opinion is that we are talking about the original building of the car, but there is a

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apocryphal story, it's not authentic, it's not something that is ascertained, but might be true, that the money has Salem was the first to worship in this location. It's not that he built a structure, but that he was there and he sanctified the structure. So he sanctified the location. And so one theory goes and this is what half of the Ben hedgehog and others also support that the 40 years gap is between Adam Alayhis Salam in Makkah, and maybe one of the sons of Adam, maybe sheath they said, or others, Seth, they say they sent English or sheath in Arabic, that he might have been in my studio outside. And it is not as if they built a structure, but rather that they prayed there

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and they sanctified and they were the ones who were the first to bless that land. So this is one opinion. Another opinion, is that and this is Ibn Taymiyyah seems to lean towards this. Even Taymiyah says that Ibrahim alayhis salam built the cab with a smile at his sedan, and then later on in his life later on in his life. He also then laid the foundations or he prayed or he sanctified the area that is now Mr. OXA. And so it is Ibrahim

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either his salon and his student, even though claim he championed yet a third theory, which is I think the one that makes quite a lot of sense to me and Allah knows best we do not know. It's all we were not there. But if you don't play him says, No, it wasn't Ibrahim, it was rather his grand son Yaqoob. It was Yaqoob the son of is half and this makes actually a lot more sense that

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the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam built the kava and then Yaqoob and we know for a fact that Jaco was the one living in that land. In fact, it is called after him Bani Israel, it is called after him that area in that region. So yeah, Israelis, his title, Jaco was living in that land and in that region, and we can assume that he would have built at least if not physically built, he would have had a piece of land in which they worshipped Allah, we would call it a masjid, they will call it something else back then. But it is the concept that there is a plot of land there is a holy area where he and his descendants and the believers with him would worship Allah subhanho wa taala. Not

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that he built a magnificent temple, maybe there was nothing there. Maybe it was just an empty plot. Maybe it was just a few bricks, but the point is that something was there that identified that area, and that is now called Mr. Du Aqsa, and to me this opinion makes the most sense and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada knows best that the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam was the one who built the Kaaba, an actual structure, and then his grand son Iacobelli. His Salam around 40 years later, built or consecrated that area, that is called Mr. Du Al Aqsa. Now, our sister also asks that

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what are some of the blessings of Masjid Al Aqsa, how many times Salah do we get extra when we pray in Masjid Al Aqsa now, the blessings of OXA are very, very many overall the blessings are very, very many. And the fact of the matter is that in fact I have given longer lectures and others have given many lectures of the blessed about the blessings of OXA in fact many are the scholars that have even written entire treatises and entire books of Hadith in which they have compiled the blessings of Arkansas and especially those callers that used to live in an Arkansas and they were called an especial there is a great family. I'll make this the family I will make a DC because they lived in

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the Mocha this land so of the names of AXA is another Mocha, this is the holy land. This is in the Quran, allowable Mocha, this is the holy land. And the there was a group of scholars that live there have a great family many centuries, there's at least half a dozen. The hallmark of this is Alma kabisa. And to this day, their descendants are there. In fact, one famous democracy he actually wrote one of the most famous books and compilation of Hadith about the blessings of mestu do Allah Azza so there is many, many blessings of Masjid Arcsoft and of course, the greatest blessing for us is that it is the land of the prophets and the land of the first qibla in the area that our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would face for 1415 years of his life, the entire makin syrup, the face of the makin timeframe that the Qibla was made to mock this Masjid outside. And then the first few months of migrating to Medina it was also Mr. OXA. And then the prophets Assam turned to face Makkah and the fact that he traveled there and prayed so he physically sallallahu alayhi wa sallam visited an axon, and it is the only place on Earth that all the prophets simultaneously gathered and pray to raka as we learn in the books of Sera, the only place on Earth to no other place has been chosen by Allah, that all the prophets gathered over there. And Allah azza wa jal mentions that it is blessed

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it and the land around it is blessed, and that it is blessed for all of mankind for under the Barack now if you heard it, I mean, the verse in the Quran says, this is the land that we have blessed for all nations, and to this day, Muslims, Christians and Jews and they are the majority of mankind, these three religions put together or more than 50% of mankind, that all of the groups of mankind they consider Jerusalem to be holy, no other land is considered to be holy, by so many people, no other land on Earth is considered to be blessed and holy by so many people than Al Aqsa. And the the concept or the question of how many prayers more is a blessing? How many prayers more as a blessing.

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This is something that many scholars have differed over because what we have actually is that a number of opinions exist about how many times blessing it is, and we do have a number of Hadith that bless Al Aqsa generically, for example, there is a Hadith and Sunnah a necessity, in which our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when Suleiman abunda would finish the building the bay

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to knock this, he asked Allah subhana wa Tada for three blessings. Number one, that

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his verdict would be correct and that the verdict that soon a man chooses or the judgment that Saudi man chooses would be the judgment of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So whenever he gave a judgement whenever he did a decree, it would be the correct decree. And number two, a kingdom, the likes of which no one after him would ever have. And number three, that no one comes to this masjid, wanting to pray in it, except that all of his sins shall be forgiven when he comes in praise and messenger do Aqsa and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, for sure he was given the first two. And I'm hopeful I'm optimistic that he was given the last one as well. This is a Hadith in the Sunnah of an

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Imam and necessity. So a professor said that three things he asked the last one being that whoever prays in Mr. OXA shall have all of his sins forgiven. And we also have a number of traditions in EBIT margin others and some of these have been disputed in their trade chains. But the concept is there that even if you cannot pray and message to the officer, at least give some oil to Mr. OXA to land the lanterns to give some light to most of the officer. So the point is that we should try our best to service my student Arcsoft. So if we are told to give some oil so that the lights can be given the lanterns can have some oil, then what do you think about defending that area in which the

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lights are? So if we're told to even light the place up? How much more so to defend the area with all that we have? So we have a number of traditions that praise Mr. OXA. With regards to this specific question of our sister, how many more Salawat is it counted because we're all aware that when we pray, in the Haram in Mecca, we get 100,000 times reward. And when we pray in the masjid of Medina, we get 1000 times reward extra what is the blessings for praying in Messenger do Arcsoft what is the blessings for praying in this location? So, there are a number of traditions in this regard. And unfortunately, all of them they have you know disputes about how authentic they are. So

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we have one group of traditions for example, an outcome, even a commonality which is reported in the Muslim Imam and other books of Hadith that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the Salah in Makkah is better than 1000 prayers compared to by to mock this okay, the Salah in Makkah is better than 1000 prayers, that is compared to beta rock this so 1000 times 1000 gives you 100,000. So, according to this understanding, according to this understanding, praying in beta rock, this will be around 1000 times that is one opinion that has been derived that has been derived. Another opinion is that the Salah in the the Masjid Al Aqsa is worth one watt is worth 500 of the prayers

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outside of Masjid oxide and that is mentioned in a hadith in the Muslim world bizarre and others that whoever prays a Salah in the masjid of an Aqsa it will be hum shimmy it sila tin it is going to be equal to 500 prayers. So we have the ratio of one to 500 so much of the oxide becomes 500 and then we have one tradition which is in the midst of Rocco and Hakim and the Sunnah of Adara openly from within early Friday that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the prayer in my Masjid is better than for prayers in messenger between mark this and less sugar oxide and beta Democritus. So, this gives us the ratio of one to 250 Okay 250 times, now, we have therefore three

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numbers 1502 50. Now, by the way, there is a tradition that is considered fabricated or rejected, in which it says that one Salah is equal to 50,000 salawat and that is something that is considered to be not an authentic Absolutely. However, these three are Hadith 1502 50 They are all similar in terms of credibility, and this has led to a lot of discussion. Some people say that, firstly, the prophets have said 250 Then he upgraded it to 500 then he upgraded it to 1000. So according to this opinion, the prayer in Mr. doxa and the prayer in Medina is the same that is one opinion and perhaps shall bind and others they kind of lean towards that position towards the end of their lives. Other

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groups of scholars say that it depends on the horseshoe of the person praying that

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If it's low short, it's 250. If it's high Hoosier is going to be 500 or 1000. This is another opinion. And Abdelkarim famously remarked that the strongest hadith is the 501. So he said that the Masjid Al Aqsa is worth praying 500 Salawat compared to anywhere else, in the end of the day, dear sister and all of us that are watching in the end of the day, the technicalities of how many more is really not the important point. The point is that it is a blessing place and it is a place that we should travel to. And of course, the most authentic hadith about the blessings of masjid or OXA is the famous hadith of Abu Huraira. The Allah one reported in Behati and in Muslim that our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said LA to shut down rehab that the camel is not made ready and prepared to travel except to one of three locations, Masjid Al haram, and my Masjid here in Medina and must you do UK salt the meaning of this hadith is very clear, and that is that there is no region on Earth that is considered to be extra blessing to worship Allah in other than these three regions, okay. You should not make what we call an English a pilgrimage. When I say pilgrimage. I don't mean the Hajj, or pilgrimage is a holy journey. A pilgrimage is a journey that you go to get blessings. Now, we may travel for sightseeing, we may travel for business, we may travel for knowledge, we may

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have traveled to get married, we may travel for a billion reasons on Earth. But to travel, thinking that the destination you're going to is holier than you are at there's only three places, there's only three places on earth that are inherently blessed it and that's what our profit system is saying. So whoever isn't you know, I live in currently in Dallas, Texas, okay, there is no mosque anywhere in the earth. That is worthy for me to travel to just for the sake of praying there, I can travel to meet a friend I can travel to give a lecture but to think that oh there is a masjid, you know, in let's say Cincinnati, or in Timbuktu, whatever it is. And that Masjid is worthy for me to

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spend my time and money and to go there to travel. There is no such place on earth, there are only three Holy Lands three blessed places that inherently to go there simply for the sake of making dua, and making extra Zikr. And reading the Quran and giving charity and praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala only three places are extra holy. And these are obviously Makkah and Medina and Jerusalem. So this is what this hadith means that there are three inherently holy places on earth. Now, another point that is relevant is what exactly constitutes the mess you do outside. And we can I wish we can I forgot to log on or I forgot to show you a picture but you can log on to any picture on the

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internet. And you can find the map of the entire area. There's a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to defining the actual precise location of Westeros OXA. Because Masjid Al Aqsa, there is a complex in Jerusalem that is massive, there's over 30 acres of land, okay, a large piece of land to walk from one side to the other will take you maybe 10 minutes to walk the entire perimeter 20 minutes or so actually more than this to walk the entire perimeter and it is shared by multiple faith traditions. So you have the Muslims have the largest space over there. And then there is the Wailing Wall on the other side of it that is the Jewish

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people go there to say their prayers as well. There is a massive complex and within the complex you have iconic structures. The most iconic structure is the famous Dome of the Rock. This is the Dome of the Rock with this is the dome that is golden and turquoise blue in color. And it was built by Abdul Malik ibn Marwan in the first century of the Hijra around 60 years after the hedger of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. 70 years after the hit of the Prophet system, Abdul Malik Ibn Mattawan he built this magnificent structure that was considered to be the most beautiful Masjid of its time. And he brought the greatest architects to build it. And he built it on top of a mini hill

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or a small mountain that used to be the center of the complex. So there was a mountain it's still there, obviously. And he built this the Dome of the Rock that's why it's called the Dome of the Rock. He built the dome on top of this rock, and this rock is

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alleged to be a legend. It's not authentic, but it's stories that are told the place where our Prophet says and went up to a restaurant, one Mirage you went up to the heavens from the rock now this is just a tale that is told it is not found in the actual books of the Sierra. We do not know where our profits are some stuff

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heard, when he began the ascent, we do not know that maybe he stood on a rock, maybe he didn't we don't know. Nonetheless, the legends later on, they love to make all of the details and fill in the gaps. And so common folklore and the legends of the people to this day is that the the rock was where he was taken up to the heavens from in reality, the rock is not considered to be any extra holy or not, the whole region is holy. It's not just that wrong. Now, there's a lot of talk that I don't want to go into too much detail that there are

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there are accusations let us say that Abdul Malik ibn Marwan he built this magnificent Dome of the Rock in order to bring people to visit Mr. OFSAA. And so he wanted to build a structure, basically, we would say for tourism, and for a political goal as well, because at the timeframe, Makkah and Medina were not in his control. They were under the control of Abdullah bin Zubaydah. Now, I don't want to go into a lot of detail. But to be very simple about this, we don't care what his intentions were, the land is holy, really, it doesn't matter if he hired the best architects because he went to tourism because he wanted people to come because he wanted to make him make himself more prestigious

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and whatnot, that is between him and Allah azza wa jal, we don't care what his intentions were in the end of the day. It is a blessed land and area. And he did build a magnificent structure and we can marvel at the architecture, but we should be aware that the Dome of the Rock is not exclusively Masjid Al Aqsa, and a lot of people when they think of muscular OFSAA they think of the Dome of the Rock we say nothing wrong, you can think of the Dome of the Rock but realize the Dome of the Rock is in the center and it is much much larger than this. Now other people get very irritated and they say How dare you show the Dome of the Rock and then the title mess to the upside this is wrong they say

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and they say the Masjid Al Aqsa is the masjid that is in front of the dome and not the dome. So they say it is wrong to show the picture of the Dome of the Rock and call it Mr. Oxide. And we say to this, you are incorrect to say that this is incorrect because the dome is a part of mustard oxide and the masjid you're referring to is also a part of metal oxide. So there's nothing wrong with showing a picture of the Dome of the Rock but we educate the people that the Dome of the Rock is a part of the Masjid. In fact, as even Tamia says that a mess to the officer is Moon Lee Jamie will miss you the lady by now who Sulaiman that the mystery of SAAB is the term or the title given to the

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entire complex that Sulaiman Alayhis Salam built is not just one small spot, it is a massive area. And he said some people later on restricted Masjid Al Aqsa to be the mosque and the front of the complex and it is not to be restricted. In other words, it is a mistake of all sides to consider Mr. The officer to be one part of the complex. On the contrary, even the complex as it currently stands, this is average it sorry, not average, I mean estimation, it is an estimation, even the complex as it currently stands, it is that we are estimating roughly we do not know neither us nor the Jewish people know exactly the foundations of the temple where they were. And that is because the Temple of

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Solomon was built 1000s of years ago, and it was destroyed completely multiple times. Now I know if you go to Arkansas, some of the guys will point to some of the rocks and stones and say this is the original, you know, Temple of Solomon. And the fact of the matter once again, this is folklore. This is legend, in all likelihood, what they are showing you is Roman reconstructions in the time of the Romans, I should say, and that is king, he rod, he Oro de King Harold also is pronounced King Herod was actually a Jewish king. Believe it or not, it was a very interesting story, that the Roman Empire allowed him to be a mini king of the city of Jerusalem. And so he wanted to rebuild the

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Temple of Solomon, in the time of Jesus Christ. This is not Solomon, this is not no this is very late. And this is right during the time of the childhood of the prophets, or when the Prophet system is basically, you know, growing up in Makkah, you have the king of the Jewish king in Jerusalem, he rebuilt the temple. So this is a building that is Roman in nature, and it is built by Roman architects and its style is Roman, but he built it King Herod, he wanted to estimate and so he guessed that this would be the location or the exactly what we know of course, the generic location, the center of Jerusalem, but the exact demarcation we do not know so the king built this a

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Temple and that too was destroyed 40 years after

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Jesus Christ, Sorry, my mistake and a king here I'd built the temple not before the coming of the process and before the coming of Jesus, I meant sorry. Scrub that point. It was the timeframe before Jesus not the coming of the Prophet scissor. So King here I rebuilt the temple before the coming of Jesus when Jesus was when Maria Medina has said I was growing up. That was when King Herod built the temple, Jesus saw the Temple of Huron, he saw that temple he interacted with that temple, then after Jesus Christ, that temple was completely destroyed when our profit system visited by the way, technically, the city did not have any temple whatsoever, they had converted into a a dump for the

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trash because they did not respect the Jewish sanctity of that region. Nonetheless, the point is that we do not know exactly the demarcations of the temple. So as a guesstimate, as an estimation, the area that we now call the complex is what has been considered to be the original. However, in all likelihood, it is slightly larger than this, and maybe even the entire city, the blessings apply. So the point being, we should not be so technical, that when we step outside of that complex, the blessings finish, on the contrary, that entire region, and frankly, the entire city of Jerusalem, and especially the Old City of Jerusalem, that that can be considered to be all of it can

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be considered to be sacred and holy. But for us, what we call the complex and even beyond the complex, it can constitute a mess to do alcohol. So that entire area if we were to pray to Dhaka or do vicar or Quran, or charity or whatnot, that it is extra rewarded in that entire complex. Now, the final point that our sister asks and this is actually a very interesting point, and I'm going to have to summarize it because it is a little bit technical, that our sister says that she was corrected once that she called it the third home and somebody said that it is not a haram. So this confused her. So in order to answer this question, we have to go into a little bit of a tangent what

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is a haram? And what is which Haram is do we have? So the word haram, the word haram, it comes from the same root as haram and haram means you don't do something you're not allowed to do something. And the in Islamic law, there are places on earth that are called haram because certain things that are halal outside of this area become haram inside the area. So the term haram means extra holy or extra sacred because that which might be permissible outside it becomes haram inside. So that's why a haram is called haram. Now, I'm not going to go into too much technicalities for the purposes of this lecture on q&a. Let me say the vast majority of scholars say that there are two haram in Islam.

00:32:59--> 00:33:40

Pause your footnote with the OMA has agreed that Maca is a haram there is one of the medicines one of the format herbs one of them says that Medina is blessing and holy but it's not a haram but this is an incorrect opinion. The other three med hubs and the majority of their own AMA and the perception that the people have Medina is also haram. So we're gonna just go with this. So continue. There are two harems without a doubt to Mecca and Medina. And this means certain things are prohibited inside Makkah and Medina that are allowed outside of Mecca and Medina also by unanimous consensus of all the scholars of Islam. The haram of maca has more laws and it is more stringent

00:33:40--> 00:34:24

than the Haram of Medina. So the Haram of Makkah, there's a long list of things you cannot do inside the Haram of Makkah. In Medina, the list is shorter, and the penalties are less. So Medina is also a haram, but it is not to the level in terms of how long in terms of that laws. I'm not talking about blessings. That's a key point here. When we say haram, it's a legal technical definition, what it means certain things are not allowed in the Haram that are allowed outside the haram. And let me give you some examples. By the way, Allah mentions himself in the Quran. Our mirror under Jana. How Rahman Amina didn't Did they see that we made the Haram a safe place? And Allah himself says in the

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

Quran Subhan Allah the astroglia I'm the Lena mineral Masjidul haram me Elon Musk to the Aqsa the Masjid Al haram he calls MCCA must you do al haram and all of Mecca is Mr. Haram. By the way, it's not just the cab. MK is Masjid Al haram. Just like we said. Masjid Al Aqsa isn't just that one temple or one rock or whatnot. It is the entire region. So what is not allowed inside of Mecca that is allowed outside of Mecca? Well, first and foremost, according to many scholars, and this is an opinion there's a controversy as well in this that you must enter the house

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Iran in the State of Iran, and again, the same concept Iran, you are called mohideen or Iran, because certain things are not allowed in the State of Iran that are allowed outside, for example, trimming your nails and your hair and whatnot. Also, of the things that is not allowed in the Haram is to harm or to capture anybody, even if they deserve to be captured. So anybody who commits a crime, you are allowed to call the police, the police can go and arrest this criminal and take them to jail. As for the harm of Maccha, even criminals, when they come to the cab from outside they have committed the crime, only the criminals inside Maccha right. So if a criminal if a murderer commits

00:35:43--> 00:36:25

a murder anywhere in the world, and then he flees and runs to Makkah, in Makkah you cannot touch him. in Makkah, he is free. Because Allah says in the Quran woman, the holla who can Amina whoever enters Makkah shall be considered safe. So technically in Islamic law, no matter what crime a person has done outside of Makkah, if they come inside Makkah, then they are protected. Now the only exception if they have done the crime inside Makkah, then they have lost the sanctity of Mecca criminals of Makkah are punished in Mecca. Yes, but criminals outside of Mecca if they turn to Makkah, and by the way, why would they turn come to Makkah to repent to Allah to come closer to

00:36:25--> 00:37:03

Allah so in that case, we cannot touch them, we leave the affair to Allah subhanho wa taala. Also, in MCE, we cannot touch any natural vegetation, and we cannot hunt any animals. So once upon a time, there were gazelles and deers in the desert. You know, there were these antelopes and whatnot in Morocco. By the way, this is the case not not anymore. in Arabia, all of these gazelles and Wildlife has basically gone. But once upon a time, there were deers. In fact, there were even by the way, believe it or not zebras in the Arabian Peninsula, they were actual zebras that would be in the Arabian Peninsula, and the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and so these animals would be

00:37:03--> 00:37:43

hunted. And obviously, hunting these animals is what you do to to live and to eat. in Makkah, you could not hunt, if the animal the gazelle was wandering, you cannot hunt it, no one is allowed to hunt animals in Maccha, even natural vegetation, plants that are coming, you are not allowed to just pluck that plant, if it's natural, if it is a farmer who who harvested and he wants to take the plot of the fruits that is permissible, but somebody that is seeing a natural plant a tree that is growing there, you cannot touch it as an outsider as a visitor. Now, the scholars say that the municipality, if they need to build a road or whatnot, that's something separate, but you cannot for

00:37:43--> 00:38:25

no reason, touch an animal or even a tree, all wildlife and all animals are protected inside of the Haram unless, of course it is something that will harm you. So there is a scorpion, you're going to kill the scorpion or a dangerous snake. Otherwise, you do not touch any animal over there. Also, of the interesting points of the Haram of Maca is that if a person sees a lost item, he sees something that doesn't belong to him, that he is not allowed to touch it. So you see somebody's wallet, you cannot touch that wallet, you leave it there. Some Roma have said if there is a lost and found you give it to them, and others have said no, you just leave it there and you leave it for the lost and

00:38:25--> 00:39:11

found staff to find you cannot touch a lost item over there. So you have a lot of different rulings as well. In fact, believe it or not, by the way, another ruling you cannot carry weapons inside of the house. Now again, this is for non security, the average person cannot carry weapons in the house. Also, of course anybody who intends harm in the Haram, the penalty has been made more for him. By the an interesting point here. The majority of early scholars said now this is an opinion that has been abandoned and even an earliest Now there were one method that allows it the majority of early scholars said that one cannot rent any land or any property and even cannot be sold because

00:39:11--> 00:39:44

it is an endowment to walk from Allah subhanho wa taala. And if we follow this opinion, then life would be very difficult for people because then how would they live and whatnot. So because of this, the reality is that a minority position has become the majority and that's how people live because how are you going to you're going to not rent a room you're not going to rent somebody's you know, apartment or hotel to live in when you go there. But there was an opinion in early Islam which was actually the majority opinion that Mecca is so holy, there should not be buying and selling of the property or of the land or even renting of the land but that is a position that we cannot follow and

00:39:44--> 00:40:00

as we said that one of the methods allowed it of the past and that has become the standard. Now this is the home of Mecca. As for the home of Medina, as we said, it is also sacred but to a lesser degree. And you know, we there's no time to get into the technicalities of why or how that is the case.

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

So we're not really interested in in that issue. I mean, for example, there is no penalty for hunting animals in Medina, but there is a penalty for hunting animals in Mecca. Also the vegetation in Medina is not sacred compared to the vegetation of Makkah that you can pluck the vegetation within and other things as well. You don't enter Medina in the State of Iran, though you have a number of different differences between Mecca and Medina. But still, Medina is a haram and it is considered to be a sanctuary and it is safe and that the jungle will not enter either Mecca or Medina. So all of this is there and valid. Now. How about Jerusalem? How about Jerusalem?

00:40:41--> 00:41:37

Technically speaking, and please listen to me entirely. Jerusalem is not a haram in the legal sense. What this means is that there is nothing that is forbidden in Jerusalem, that is allowed outside of Jerusalem, you can hunt the animals, you can pluck the trees, other things are allowed. So Jerusalem does not have the Haram technical definition that Makkah and Medina do. Now, this has nothing to do with the sanctity or the blessedness or the baraka of Jerusalem. That's the key point here. Baraka is not the same as haram status. And Baraka is broader than haram. Every harem is blessed it there are blessing areas that are not haram as simple as that and Jerusalem is Mobarak. But it is not

00:41:37--> 00:41:58

technically a haram. And that is because as we said, there are no special laws in Jerusalem that allow things or prohibit things that are not allowed outside. And therefore we say that the common phrase that Mr. Officer is 30 through al Haramain. It is the third of the two harems.

00:42:00--> 00:42:51

If they mean by this, that it is a blessing land than they are right and Jerusalem is the blessing land. And if they mean that Jerusalem is a technical legal haram, then we say actually that is not the case. Even Taymiyah writes in as reported image more than fatawa there is no haram on Earth, except for the two homes of Mecca and Medina and this includes Jerusalem and other lands they are not harems. Nothing else is called a haram besides Makkah and Medina and then he says, Even if an ignorant person says are Haram al mocha does and haram Al Khalifa, the Haram of Ibrahim, he said these lands are not haram by the Iijima of all the scholars of Islam. The only haram in which there

00:42:51--> 00:43:35

is a Juma is Makkah. And as for Medina, a majority say It is haram and a minority will say it is not as I said, there is a difference of opinion but it is haram because of a number of a hadith about this point and quote here, the point being that we differentiate between the term haram in a technical or legal sense and between the Haram in a spiritual sense. And if somebody were to say that Alexa is that it will have domain and they mean by it sanctified and bless it insha Allah that is not a problem. But if they mean that it is technically and legally a haram, that we should correct this and say actually, it is not quite that that definition, but it is a blessing and the

00:43:35--> 00:44:22

Holy Land. Now, this answers the question of our sister. And the fact of the matter is that much more can be said and I have said much more about the the political issues going on these days and what we should do in our rights. But all of this is I was wanting to answer this issue so that we understand that an ALC saw Mr. doxa is a part of our theology, it is a part of our communal heritage. It is not just a political issue. Yes, there's an element of politics. But for us, my struggle Oxo is also a part of our deen. It is a part of our theology. It is a blessing land, and it has multiple names in the Quran. And it has been praised many different ways in the Quran and in the

00:44:22--> 00:45:00

Sunnah, and to travel there and to pray there and to make dua there and to do his mother. All of this is things that we are required to do. And that is why all of these are Hadith about vital market this and master OXA our Prophet sallallahu sallam said them and master the OXA was not even in the hands of the Muslims. To me, this is a very significant point. Our Prophet system is talking about the blessings of beta Democritus and beta lock. This is under Roman control. And he's talking about traveling tbaytel mark this and it is under the control of the Byzantine Empire. What

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

Does this demonstrate that the land and the area is holy for us and it is our heritage, even if politically others might control it, it is our territory and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam praised it and the people around it in so many different narrations and with this insha Allah Tada we come to the conclusion of today's q&a, which was a special episode about Alexa inshallah next week, we will resume our regular q&a Going back to our regular multiple questions, and we conclude by making a special dua to Allah subhana wa Taala to protect an officer and the people of officer and to return it offshore to its rightful owners mean just like Moloch it was Saramonic what was

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hula hula barakato

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what's going on longer fee a yamim.

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