Your Ramadan 2014 #14 The power of smile

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smella 100 and also to summer celestial America of light and overcast Israel was as you were coming in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014. Day 14.

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I'm going to be making it pretty quick and brief and shallow data, something quick that will earn your love of SNL something quick that will earn you charity, something quick that will make you happy.

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Something that the Prophet Mohammed used to do constantly, something as simple as doesn't cost you In fact, nothing. It's a smile, the power of a smile.

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The Prophet Mohammed Aliso celeb,

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as reported, you know, when he says to them, if you wish Africa, South Africa, you know, a smile in the face of your brother is charity, it is charity, just like your reading. And in fact, it's a bad just like your your your brain in a smile in the face of your brother is considered to be charity soda, you know, and in fact, the effect of smile.

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In people who who tend to smile, they tend to they will studies in fact done by people who who smile a lot they say the effect of a smile, they tend to manage they tend to teach and sell more effectively. They also raise happier, happier children, the people who smile is, in fact some common law studies done by non Muslims about you know, smile.

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Also, the people who who smile a lot they tend to smile a lot are the effect of part of smile is in fact, it's powerful, even when and seen because there was a study done by by telephone companies in the US.

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And the program was called

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fun. It's called phone power from power. They're teaching people you know, who are taking phone calls like cell companies, you know, people who sell things

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they teaching them to smile were talking to to the customers. And it's been Pamela the study came with with what some believe in or unbelieving In fact,

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results that even the people who are you dealing with you as a customer, I'm dealing with you as the as the salesperson on the phone, I can feel your smile Subhanallah it affects that transaction that we do and people tend to buy a lot more you know, when when when when when you're dealing with somebody who smiles not even something that you can even see but even on the phone, so a smile comes to your voice Subhanallah you know And no wonder why the Prophet Mohammed is or Sam used to have a smiley face now. So force yourself my business is especially Ramadan, you go around, you know in the markets in the Muslim countries and even non Muslim countries to go around. You know, look at people

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Subhana Allah, they tend to front a lot of heat, as if smiling is is a burden on on people. You know your front end law. Show your smile If people are frowning. Show your smile, force yourself to smile every day even if you don't want to. It will help you psychologically inshallah Tada. Let me see the smile shala Let me see it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make your life full of flowers Smiley's May Allah subhanho wa Taala raise you amongst those said the pain was too high that was sort of hain until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2014. Keep smiling. Is that Kamala Harris Mr.

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