Moutasem al-Hameedy – In The Light Of The Quran – 12

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a culture where individuals are encouraged to not act like others, but rather follow instructions given by others. The culture also includes some kind of publicity and pride, but it is not real. The speakers discuss the importance of privacy and privacy in Islam, and warn against anyone trying to enter a house or room without permission. They stress the importance of protecting individual privacy and privacy for the Muslim population, emphasizing the need for individuals to not go beyond their limits and comply with rules.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to In the light of the Quran, all praises due to Allah, we thank him for all the blessings that He has given us, and for the wisdoms and the light that He has given us in the Quran, so that and we asked him to help us to benefit from it. And we sent Peace and blessings upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, today's light will take you from the surah of light, the Surah Surah to no it is the surah of light, and there is a lot of light in it, and it because it talks as well about the light of Allah subhanaw taala the life of our Creator and Allah has given us so, so many instructions in this verse that

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help us

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especially in the Muslim society, the law talks about here about the importance of decency and respecting the other people's rights and it shows us that Allah wants from us to be the best society the best community on the best nation and the lowest teach us how to respect each other, each other each other and how to how to really pay and understand other people's rights. So we do not transgress against them, there are wonderful etiquette social etiquette they contain a lot of wisdom and a lot of light will try to get this light and this wisdom and shall not act upon that act according to it abide by that because these instructions are wonderful. And actually these

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instructions are very important. Especially for the youth we will see in sha Allah has been recited the verses then talk about their meaning

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back. Now, after reciting these verses from the surah

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sorta to note, we'll try to see the light that it gives us. And as I said, today's wisdom, today's light is the social, some kind of social instructions that are very important to the, to the preservation of the Muslim community, to the preservation of people's chastity, people's rights. And the problem with the world that we live in today, that they promote what they call liberation and liberty. But actually, it is not real liberation. It is about violating other people's rights. We hear some so many times, on so many occasions, people say, especially like when they talk about the chastity of women and the covering of women, they say, well, it's my right to uncover myself to

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this, to show display my body to display my beauty, it's my beauty, I shouldn't bury it by covering it with the proper hijab. And these are the claims that they have. But actually, the people who have to speak with this kind of tone, or this kind of language, they are very short sighted, they, they say it's my own liberties, my freedom to do that. But a lot, when once it gives us this light, it increases its widens. And it broadens our insight. With this light, we can see the reality of this issue.

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You know, with a great deal of understanding and wisdom. So we'll see what's the wisdom behind covering, as we come to explaining these verses, the first thing a lot talks about is that he wants to believe is Allah says all you who believe, do not, do not enter the houses of other people. Except after you have seen you have sought permission. So first you seek permission, maybe you can call the person, tell him I'm going to visit you or make an appointment or come to visit you. That's a way. Another way maybe is to come to the house, knock on the door, you cannot enter the house straight away, even if it's the house of your brother, even if it's the house of your system,

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because people have you know, they have their own privacy, and we should preserve their privacy, we should not violate it. So whenever you insert a house or a room, or somebody's property, knock on the door or seek permission before you go in, these are the systemic etiquettes. And we Muslims are the should be the first ones to abide by these etiquettes. Unfortunately, in some countries, in some Muslim societies, the culture has overcome the systemic etiquettes this should not be the case with us. No, we have we take the stomach etiquettes we take the stomach light from the hole. And now this is the first etiquette Allah teaches us then Allah says, If you seek permission, this is the best

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way for you to do. And if you don't find anyone there, even if the door is open, do not enter. It's not your property. It's not your right to enter there. Now by setting the rules to show other people's rights and the boundaries that we should not go beyond then unless if you don't find people there, don't enter. Go back to where you came from. don't violate other people's property, other people's rights. And if even if it's said to you,

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if that is the person that you are trying to visit, apologizes, I said No, I can't.

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If he says you can come later, not now. We shouldn't be offended. That's an Islamic etiquette. What are you there at the local mall, geophone geophys said to you, we can reset you We apologize, we cannot host you now we were very busy. Or we cannot open our house for you. Now you cannot enter now. There's no harm in that so many people get offended.

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They get offended when you tell them, I can't really have you now as a guest. This should not be the case with the sun, we should be satisfied with it, that's fine. If it said to you returned if such you, the people apologize to you, that's fine, I'm happy. There must have an excuse. That's fine, we shouldn't ask about it. Then Allah says this is better for you. This is better for your hearts. And Allah knows what you do. So these are some of the tickets that are forsaken, unfortunately, in our land, in our societies as Muslims, so even if I go to someone says to me, he apologizes, I cannot have you today, I'm very busy or I have certain circumstances, private circumstances, we have said

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without effect of taking it as an offense. So this should be this should be semuc attitude. Then a lot of says that I like is the instruction to the believers. He says to him the CDP say to the Muslims, the male Muslims, say to the men to lower their gaze to save God, their eyes do not look at the things that are forbidden for them to see do not look at other women, the other people and then Allah says and protect your private parts do not fall into fornication and anything that leads to it. Imagine because what leads actually to fornication is not to restrain your gaze to give you Eyes Free Play, to look at whatever at once. Look at naked women look at naked pictures, look at some

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kind of erotic movies and all that

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stuff that is unfortunately, becoming very common and widespread among Muslims.

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Why? These things will lead to fornication and a lot of evil. And the thing the reason what I was saying that because Allah wants to preserve our hearts fornication, and even not lowering your gaze is very evil for the heart It destroys your heart, destroys your soul kills the sincerity and kills the nobility in you.

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This is why Allah is forbidding us from

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from unrestrained or failing to restrain and restrict our gazes. No, we should control our case, and protect our private footpaths from falling into fornication. And Allah says that he's aware of everything we do, then luggages the instructions that the women should cover themselves and luggage details whom they can show some of their beauty to their fathers, their brothers, their nephews, that's fine. But Allah is pointing to a very important fact that it's not the right of a woman to show her view to show her body to show her nakedness. No, this should not be the case. Because even someone who came to our freedom, it's not your freedom because you are affecting somebody else. Now

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when men see the beauty of women, we know what happens to them.

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And likewise, when women see the beauty of men as well, we know what happens to them. It causes a lot of destruction. So we Some people claim is our rights. It's not your rights because you are affecting somebody, you're harming somebody else, you are violating the rights of somebody else by causing them these feelings that cannot be restrained sometimes, because they need an outlet to this. And there are so many the Muslim youth suffer from this. And we say to the Western woman today, protect your chastity and cover your bodies. This is better for your hearts and the hearts of the men and the males in your society. Most legislators benefit from the slight and these wisdoms

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and until we meet next time with another wisdom another light from the Quran. I leave you in the care of our last panel with Allah wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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