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On the day of judgment, there will be people who will be given pulpits of light, their faces will be light, they will be on the right hand side of the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala they will be put in the shade of Allah, who these people are, we will come to know shortly inshallah so stay tuned.

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Indeed, All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid, and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whomsoever alarmists guides, none can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, and His Messenger Dear viewers, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato, will come to you in your program, for the sake of Allah. This is a new program in which insha Allah we will highlight the beauty and the high position of an Islamic value and value that

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Allah Subhana Allah has instructed us with, and Allah has made it the criterion for Allah men. And Allah made it a way leading to paradise. And this is one of the most important bonds in the Muslim society. Now, human beings are sociable creatures is the way Allah subhanaw taala created them, they need to interact with with each other, they need someone to depend on someone to talk to someone to tell secrets to someone to have something in common with. This is human nature, we have someone to be with someone to share experiences with. And this is from the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that a person will find it very hard and extremely hard to live by himself. And if this happens,

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then after some time, the person will go mad. This is a necessity. And it's inevitable through experiences that some people had in some time or some stage at history. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala creating this or making this one of the inevitable things or the natural things that human beings have one of the traits and characteristics of human beings, Allah has set rules and regulations in order to use it in a way that is beneficial for human beings. So that when people interact with one another, they will not fall in oppression.

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Some of them will not take advantage of others, allow us to establish justice and allow wants to to keep this bond and this relationship between this why Allah subhanaw taala directed the believers specifically to have love for one another. And the law has set rules and regulations. If we follow them, we will have a perfect society, we will have a perfect world where people will love one another. People will care for one another. And people will be attached emotionally and psychologically to one another. Now one of the great scholars of Islam is not a human, Josie said anyone who believes that Islam has come in order to guide the people to paradise only, then he is

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mistaken. Allah has sent his religion, the religion of Islam with all the laws that it has in itself, and all the regulations that it presents to the people in order to regulate people's life to grant them a life of tranquility, a life of peace and a perfect way of living in this life. And even in the next inshallah, we will try to highlight the beauty of this beautiful value of this Islamic trade and characteristic in order to present our dear viewers with the beautiful perspective of Islam on brotherhood, the beautiful perspective of Islam, on friendship, and how to interact with our fellow human beings and our fellow Muslims. inshallah we will have today, two guests, two

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brothers, who start with brother, Abdul Rahman, who spent some time in Canada, I can say he grew up in Canada. He comes from an Arab origin he's originally from Egypt, and we have Brother Mohammed as well. He's from Egypt, and both of them inshallah we will share with them, their experience in terms of brotherhood, they will take part in our conversation, and inshallah, we will interact with each other

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are trying to make clear the systemic perspective on brotherhood. Because the fact is, there are many people and unfortunately I can say many Muslims who misunderstand and they don't really realize the high position of brotherhood in Islam. Now, Allah subhanho, wa Taala, to show the Muslims and demonstrate to them, the reward that he has prepared for those who love one another, for the sake of Allah, because in Islam, everything is related to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Everything you do, you have to have sincerity in it. When you pray, you have to pray for the sake of Allah, when you fast, you have to say you have to fast for the sake of Allah, anything you do, in order to please or

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appease the people, then you have deviated from the true path, you are doing something wrong, and you have nothing to do in that very position. When was the last panel to Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and likewise, brotherhood, because Allah has highlighted its importance in this world, its importance to our life, then a lot provided us with very beautiful regulations, how to keep on track with regards to that, how to make this brotherhood for the sake of Allah, and how to elevate it to a high position, which is far above the other bonds that we find amongst other people. Now as this is a very important thing, and one of the fundamentals of Islam. And we will

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come to see in sha Allah clearly that no one will be able to enter Paradise until he understands what Brotherhood in Islam means, act upon that implemented in his life. So it becomes a reality. And through that, the Muslims can achieve tranquility, they can achieve peace, and they can reach or they can establish the perfect society and the perfect way of living a lot wanted for us. Now, I will turn to our two guests inshallah, and share our ideas with them. I would like to start First of all, with highlighting the high position Allah has dedicated for the people who love one another for the sake of Allah. Now the messengers alone made it clear. In one Hadith he said that on the Day of

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Judgment, you know, we know the Day of Judgment, and the things that will happen on that day, there will be a lot of horror, a lot of strange things happening and people will be sweating, and some of them will be drowning in their sweat. And the sun will be just above the heads of the people. by only a mind we know that the sun is now is 93 million miles away from us. On that day,

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the sun will be only a mile above the heads of the people. So you can imagine this situation I tried that myself, I found it really hard. It's really hard to say it's only

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a million miles away from us. It would burn us. So what about if the sun is only one mind head of our heads above our heads, you can imagine the situation, the mountains will be moved, and the earth will open up and the sky will crack and fall down and all these things that cause the person fear and horror and terror and all sorts of strange feelings that we have never experienced in our lives. Now on that day when the people will be suffering from the pains, and people will be worried about their destiny because now they know for sure, there will be either paradise or hellfire. That's the end of it. They had enough chance they had enough time to rectify this situation to worship Allah to

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come to know their Creator. Those who missed that opportunity. Well, it's over now, they have no other chance. They have no other opportunity. So on that day, people will remain as the prophets of Allah and Islam tells us in an authentic hadith, they will remain waiting for Allah subhanaw taala to judge between the people, they will wait for 50,000 years 50,000 years the people will be waiting under the sun which is only a mile above their heads with all the horrible things and all the terror that is going around and people will be running around. aimless and without with no direction. They don't know what to do. They don't know what's happening there will be waiting for a lot to come

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under between them. And even the people who will who are destined to the Hellfire and they know that because of the pains and the agony that they are suffering from and they are in that waiting for the reckoning. They will say Oh Allah, men start the reckoning start they said, even if we are going to the Hellfire, just start that because we can't handle this situation. It's really hard. It's really tough on the people and the prophets Allah is and I'm seeing on that day when the people are suffering, Allah will see a love of sea to the people. all humanity will be gathered since the time of Adam, until the last last man who will live on this earth. Allah will gather them on one

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And Allah say, ain't no more to have Boone Abuja Lally Where are the ones who loved one another for my sake Subhanallah people are waiting for any hint of hope, any way out of this situation. And people once Allah speaks, the people will be attentive, they want to hear anything that will get them out of this house situation. So Allah would say, Amen, mucho buena vigilante, where are the ones who had loved one another, who had love for one another for my sake, what are they, so those who had love for the sake of Allah, they will come out. So Allah will say to them, today, you will be in my shade, you will be in my shade. And today, there is no shade apart from mine. So

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Subhanallah now the Muslims are living today. And we if we look at the state of the Muslims, we can see that Brotherhood is the last thing in their list

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is the last thing in the heads, they have nothing to do with brotherhood, and they have taken to the ways of the disbelievers. Now, they are at risk of that situation, which is going to happen on the Day of Judgment. And, and if you if you would like because you lived in the West, and Mohammed has many connections, and he has a good experience, you know, in this life, so I would like if you have anything to contribute to the state of the Muslims today with regards to brotherhood, and how they are not really implementing that. And maybe you have any other suggestions. I mean, like, I mean, like nowadays,

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even in Islamic countries and in the West, and in the world, I will say in general, the it became more and more materialistic. Everybody is on the Paper Chase like what they say. And people, even Muslims, most of them, they're getting away from their believes Islamic beliefs or values. That's what I see nowadays. Okay, that's so disappear. Do you see any difference

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between the state of the Muslims today and for example, the non Muslims, the disbelievers, the West, say, for example, do you see that it has become this almost the same thing? Are they still some kind of difference? I mean, I believe that this still kind of maybe, like Islamic countries is like a collectivist like they say ideology. Like people get along with people more, they may help people, but they're still materialistic self interest. But in the West, I think it's kind of worst. Everybody's on his own. You may die in the street, no one would look at you. But of course, there's exceptions of terms. Of course, there's always good in the bad. And that's that that's how I see

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okay, how do you think you share with him the same opinion

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true, like it's and the Arab countries and the

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eastern world is like

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something in the culture that you have to be interacting with each other.

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Not like opposite to the Western. But we're missing something. Of course, it's like the intention of the Brotherhood as you stated earlier, like you have to have an intention in so you share the same opinion as his so we can see now it is a very bad situation that Muslims are following the example of the rest of the people now the case wasn't the same in the early days of Islam, that was beautiful brotherhood will come to know about that inshallah. But we will have inshallah, to stop for a short while for a few minutes, we'll come back and shall elaborate on a beautiful situation, beautiful examples from how the people, early generations of Islam had beautiful brotherhood and

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they had the best of societies. So we shall I will come back in a few minutes. And we say to our dear viewers, stay tuned.

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Wabi Sabi

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your viewers everywhere a Solomonic Mata La Habra cattle.

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The very first revelation in the call an was a command to read.

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Read in the name of your Lord who create and the prophets Allah lohani slmc men Celica for your cornea Vitaly

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Allahu Allahu

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Allah will make a path easy for paradise. For those who see knowledge, travel to see acknowledged attend classes to seek knowledge. Before that, we're going to begin a program which is called Hooda Academy. It's a school but at the convenience of your homes, you can watch an attended classes wheresoever you are can also take the test and get a degree or an Asia as at least by seeking knowledge from the proper sources in sha Allah, there will be called

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is an Al Qaeda and belief, the fear, interpretation and explanation of the meaning of the Quran.

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The Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam scholar

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and Arabic language has read many many other things. So expect for the academy very soon, inshallah

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begin would be smooth

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and with

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa wabarakatuh. Welcome back. Now, we came to know the high position, as we said of brotherhood in Islam. And we had some hint or some glimpse on the comparison between the state of the Muslims today and that they are following the disbelievers. Now before I go on with the subject, as I mentioned, the state on the day of judgment and all that horror, that along with three of the people who have love for one another, for his sake, he will save him from all that, these horrors and all that heart situation and they will be in the shade of Allah. Another thing that Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us about that will happen on the Day of Judgment is that they

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will be pushed to the right of the throne, the right side of the throne, Throne of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and they will be given this beautiful honor. And furthermore, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I want to we want to demonstrate the high position, so that the Muslims come to know about what is what is the reward that is awaiting those who love one another only for Allah, not for business, not only for friendship or for any of the pleasures of this, this life. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that they will be given pulpits or minbar of new they would sit on pulpits made of light and the faces will be radiated, there will be light, and they will be envied, there

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will be envied the good type of envy, there will be envied by the prophets, and by the martyrs, you see a high person who is better than the prophets and the martyrs,

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they are going to envy those who love one another for the sake of Allah. So you see the honor, it's a good thing to have in our lives. I mean, it's an asset for the Hereafter, as going to be a credit for that day. And it is beneficial in this life, it is beneficial in this life. Now, we came to know that unfortunately, the Muslims are following the materialistic way of life. Everything has become self centered about myself, I want to have my own education or degree, and I want to have my own house and do my own business. And mind my own business. Forget about others. Have you feel that this is the kind of life that actually I believe it's, it's everywhere now, like people, they just, they

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just have this?

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Their their life is it's about them, and maybe their house and the wife and the kids when they get married. That's it. You don't care about the society or about the other nations and maybe they don't even bother about their own children or their own wives because, yeah, woman they just do away with their children, they abandon them, leave them to their own life. Have you come across

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a certain experience personal, or you have seen something about lack of feelings towards others, no interest in others, no concern for the rest of the society, people who just behave with a self centered mentality. Actually, I had this friend of mine, he used to clean American football team for college.

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Once he saw

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a guy, a getting hit in the street

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really badly, and everybody was passing by, they don't really care. He was the only one who who got in and the guy Mashallah he was really big and roughed out. I mean, American football, you know, that that the same thing, something similar happened. When I was living in the UK, I came across a brother who said to me that I saw a man trying to cross the street and he was a very old man. And he seemed to me like a non Muslim, because he was an English man, an old man, and he had no sign of Islamism. You see, so he said, I saw that he was finding difficulty in crossing the streets, the street quickly. So I gave him a hand. And he looked at me and he said, You are a Muslim? So I said

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to him, yes. He said, You Muslims have good manners. I am a Muslim to embraced Islam. Because I saw that young Muslims you have love for one another your concern. You see people who need help you Come on, give them a hand. It's not about just enjoying yourself. And as they say, sometimes damn everybody else. No. Muslim has a different mentality so we can see it can we can introduce Islam to the people through this brotherhood that we have. But Mohammed, have you seen anything that might be attached to our subject about the difference between the Muslim mindset

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Muslim mentality and other ways of life? Well, a bit, because it's like, as brother and Roman said, Now, it's like acting, we're going to towards like the materialistic way. So people tend to like, not

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coordinate with each other or something like that. But I've noticed that the brothers in Islam that practicing Muslim Brothers brothers, they tend to go into the the Brotherhood of Islam, lending a hand being there when you need them.

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Like, you could call you up to wake you for solo.

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And going towards death. Yeah, so we can see those who have a Muslim mentality and attached to it. And the sooner they care about the people around them, if they have something good, they want to share it with the other shoe. Okay, that will this is one of the great values to have something go ahead. I just had mine right now. Like I remember back in the in the mosque of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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But as used to come from abroad, for example, they have problems with money or jobs, everybody get it up to help them

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if it's money, or if it's jobs, and everybody I mean, like all kinds of races, colors, but we all Muslim, the I felt the beauty of Islam,

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especially maybe those in the West, they can see because they have people coming from different origins, different races. And they can see that the Muslims someone black with someone white, an Arab, with a South American, and the Chinese, and Japanese, and the Russian all of them together. And they just seem to be like brothers. So this is one of the beautiful aspects of Islam as good to show it to the people so that the people get to know the real image of Islam because we know that Islam is being distorted by the media and sometimes that was done by the actions of some Muslims, ignorant Muslims, Muslims are not practicing. So it is the duty of every Muslim, to show this

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beautiful aspect of Islam to the rest of the people. So they come to appreciate Islam because our our intention as Muslims is still it comes from the same principle we are talking about, we have love for our fellow human beings and a human being will we want good for him, we want or for her, so want them to come to recognize and acknowledge the truth of Islam. And they know the reality of this life. So we don't want we're not heading just to trying to go to attain paradise but ourselves. We want the others to come to that. This is why we are calling the people to Al Islam. And this is the mentality that we want our youth to have. Now brother Abdullah, man, I mean, through your

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experience, and

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you told me that you have a poem about a brotherhood in Islam something in English, I would like to share this with our dear viewers would be a good contribution inshallah. So just wrote something kind of short about the Brotherhood.

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So begin like this. There's nothing as strong and good.

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As the realest and truest brotherhood, that are only found in Islam, my religion that taught me that being real to a butter should be more than an ambition. And that I got to love

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for Him what a love for myself. When it comes to anything big or small money or health. No envy or hate should take place. We all butters no matter the color, or the race.

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self interest is not the case. being true to each other is the base. Even a smile in the face of your butter is a good deed. We therefore each other when someone is or not in need,

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and in the bad time and in the good. And there's still a lot of stuff that we get to know from the chef about a slamming.

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Okay? Baraka Luffy very beautiful Mashallah.

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Mashallah, I've come up with some beautiful aspects of the Brotherhood and Al Islam. And some of the things that we can notice today that people talk about living in a peaceful world, a world of peace and love, and they talk about universal brotherhood and all that. But it's all we can say lip service. It's all in speech, it doesn't show in actions. And we can see that and the word that people are more inclined to seek their own benefit and just look after themselves enjoy their lives as they say, because this is the mindset that has been has become widespread amongst the people. And I say by means of the media, the media is very important that people have become brainwashed I can

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say that this is the only life that I live in.

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So of this my life, I'll enjoy it to the best. And I'll do my utmost to enjoy myself and take the most of this life. So, do you think Mohammed, this should be the mentality of the Muslim? And if this is the case of the person, how would he behave towards the others? How would he perceived others? Of course, shouldn't be like that at all. It's like, you're isolating yourself if you're going to that road, but it's differently in Islam. It's like, it's like you having

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I can say a turn. It's like you're having your best friend. Okay?

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Muslims and non Muslims all all of them have best friends. But in Islam, the term best friend is like described as a brother. So Muslim, the Muslim, the Muslim woman should have like all been best friends, like 1 million plus best friend Do you have Mashallah. So this is a very beautiful idea. This is Jacques Lacan and this is what we need is what we need. It is the people they have this aspect or this concept called friendship. But in Islam, we have something deeper something we have brotherhood, this is how strong the bond is. This was why the most yeah described the oma, the prophet SAW Selim described the oma as strong and firm construction, one building. So and this is

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how the elder generation, especially the companions were, and this example want to follow. I think we're running out of time. But inshallah, we'll have the opportunity to elaborate more on the beauty of brotherhood, and the beauty of Islam in that aspect, so that we can implement it in our lives. And believe me, if we act upon that we can change this world to a better place for all of us to live. And we can,

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we can plant the seeds of mutual love, and a better world. Now for the time being, we will have to stop and we'll have to say, leave our viewers in the protection of Allah subhanaw taala. And we thank our brothers Abdullah, man and Brother Mohammed, and see you on another episode for listening was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh