Abdulbary Yahya – 1st Seminary Of Knowledge 2012 Lecture 4 A 2 Of 2

Abdulbary Yahya
AI: Summary © The importance of finding a trustworthy mechanic for car repairs is discussed, as it is crucial to avoid trouble and maintaining respect for the internet. The use of the Quran for teaching and reciting the word of God is emphasized, along with the importance of following rules and practicing manners. The importance of shaming children for doing things and finding practical steps for parents to follow in their own care is also emphasized. The need for people to practice at night is also emphasized, along with the importance of trusting children for growth.
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Put him in jail. And so when you

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when you want to know, or you want your car fixed, right? When you want your car fix,

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you don't know who to go to. And when you don't know which mechanic to go to, you know, you're supposed to go to a mechanic, right? So you got that, okay? But you have to find someone who is trustworthy, right? You ask around, you ask around, see who's trustworthy or not. Because you don't want somebody fixing this part and they held a mess of other parts, try to get you to come back and get right. You want somebody trustworthy. When it comes to the dean, our religion, it's even more important than our car. But we just go to anybody

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you hear about this, you just read on the internet, okay? You don't even know where it's coming from. Maybe it's just some dude, somewhere is just writing, you know, and you're taking your deen from that person.

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And so that's why you have to be careful of where you are taking it from our Dean is very, very important. And it's something that we should be careful with. And so even remember, I said Mr. Malik Rahim, Allah, he was very, when it comes to his manners and so forth.

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And the way he learned the way he taught, is full of respect for the poor and the sooner.

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In fact, every single time before he gave a talk,

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before he gave a talk, out of respect, or before he would read the Hadith of the message of a lots of lightning. So out of respect, he would make Wilson

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not just will do.

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And he would always be in a state of will do and where the nicest clothing and put on the best perfume. What out of respect, because he knows how great the Quran and Sunnah is. And that's why when you show respect for something, when it's important to you, what is what happens? you memorize it. So that's why any mathmatical Rahim Allah, He used to make will do. And he used to be very respectful when somebody speaks about the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah sort of like that. So he would listen. And when he would speak, he would not tolerate anyone that's disrespectful, that would raise their voice or not listening

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to the ideas of the messenger of a loss of the lightning. So much so that Abdullah

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he said, One day, I was with the mathematic

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and he was, you know, because the during those days, you're in the masjid is just this, this dirt on the ground and so forth. And so he was narrating a hadith.

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Scorpion stung him 16 times.

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To the point

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where his face started to change.

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They could see the pain in his face.

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But he would not stop reciting he did not want to stop in the middle of a Hadeeth. He continued to recite and he stayed calm and still out of respect for the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so they came to him afterwards. They say, yeah, Bob Dylan. Look at Minka. Atiba saw something strange did it. And you see his students. They saw that because my mother kept on talking. They didn't say anything. They didn't want to disturb him. That's the kind of manners that they had with their teacher with the man. And so they said, Afterwards, he said, we saw you. I suddenly saw something strange today. We saw Scorpion keep on biting you for 16 times. And

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you continue, he didn't stop.

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or young. I wouldn't be like, get the scorpion out. No. And the men of the Hadith I don't stop out of respect for the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah. So even though he was in pain.

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And so when he was asked about that, he said now yes, it allowed in the Hadith. He also did a

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respect for the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah, Allah. So not going to stop in the middle for a little scorpion. This is the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah.

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And so sometimes even the Quran is being read

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as we just talk, and that's the word of a law. The word of your Creator

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are creators speaking to us

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and we speak away because you know, if you want to speak to a loss of a hammer that stand up and pray, if you want to hear what Allah has to say to you, then you recite the Quran and when the Quran is being recited, sometimes we're so disrespectful,

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that we leave it as if it's just a dormant like, white noise or something like that, just to do what? To, to block out the traffic noise. That's why you turn on the poor and that's what we use the Quran for. That's what some of us unfortunately do.

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With the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. He did not

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even move

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even through all that pain. And Allah Malik Rahim, Allah,

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He said, If you want to answer when somebody get asked a question and you answer in front of them, pretend that you're sitting between that there's you you are between the Hellfire and paradise, because

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it's not permissible for anyone to say anything on behalf of Allah subhanho wa Taala something that he does not know. And alima Malik Rahim, Allah also was someone who was very respectful. He never spoke about this person and that person,

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you know, in a way that would he would he didn't go around looking for, for the faults of people. So sometimes some of the some of the some of the things that people do nowadays, the so called students of knowledge, the only thing that they're doing, they're looking for faults of people

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looking for faults of the people. And you know, there's nobody who's perfect, you have to understand, there's no one that's perfect. If you keep on looking for faults of people, you in the end, you will have no chance. You will have no scholar.

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And then when you don't have scholars to follow what ends up happening. The shaper becomes your scholar becomes your man.

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You don't realize that's when you start looking for the faults of people. You'll find the excuses for them and for nobody is perfect. And Allah Malik Rahim Allah He said, I dropped to NASA, will Medina leonessa Milburn, Medina, lanta kulambu, I saw people I, I was able to meet people. I mean, he was

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old enough to meet at people that they did not have any thoughts. They didn't have too much of that didn't have too much power, are you things are bad, but they kind of have a real business. But they always started to speak about the faults of people, I was looking for faults in people

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that I definitely have.

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And so other people because they started speaking about the false so people, people started making a false upon that person.

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So people started looking for their faults, even if they didn't have the people will look look for their faults, and then make up stuff about them. And then he said, Well, I dropped a drug to NASA and Bill Medina can No, no, you said there are people in Medina that I've met before, that they did have faults for setup for a second to an openness, but they did not go around looking for people's faults, they did not try to expose people's faults and so forth for a second and as I know, you beat him. And so people also did not speak about their faults, also. So when you start looking at people's faults, then of course, people are going to start to look at your faults, and you start

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looking for this, these people's faults and so on and so forth. And it starts to increase and it causes more problems for everybody. And, and so

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when it comes to

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seeking knowledge, also a mathematical him who used to be one of those, that whenever he learned he would apply right away. And this is very important for the students of knowledge. When you're seeking knowledge. When it's someone there's something that you find out that it's the Sunnah, the way of the Messenger of Allah sort of life. So you have to apply it. You have to put it into practice, because the students of knowledge are not applying the Sunnah. They're abandoning the sadhana, then the to the normal people that are on the regular people who are banned in the forum.

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The regular people who are abandoned by which is obligatory

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so you should look

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at the pseudonym for your personal self as if it's mandatory as a student of knowledge, as somebody who's practicing who's trying to follow the parameters certainly look as it looked at as soon as it is mandatory. And that's why the profits of a lot anyway some there are certain things that are good enough for us.

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mandatory upon the prophets of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says yeah you have Muslim men whom Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, this fo our postman who can either I was in la

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de la jolla who is covered up. Yeah, you have Muslim in La, la, la, la La stand up at nighttime, except for a small portion of it. You know, tahajjud prayer is mandatory by the prophets a lot.

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So for us, we had that, take that as a lesson. If you are a teacher, if you are a student of knowledge, you're the person that people look at all martial law, this is the person representing Islam, the sooner to use should be fine. You should look at it should apply it because if you abandon it, everyone will abandon also the mandatory that this assortment if you abandon it, but the problem nowadays, you know, the sudden Is there any time of the companions and the time when the great scholars of the past when somebody says that the sooner that we put into practice nowadays, you know, when somebody says, Oh, it's so no, and then he's I don't have to do it right.

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That's what it means. The sudden that the people nowadays I don't have to do it.

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But you know, when

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Allah Manik Rahim Allah He used to sit down after budget, he used to never sit, he used to sit wherever we were, he prayed in the masjid. And he used to not talk to anyone. And he needed nobody would would talk to him also, when he would remember our loss of Hanoi, I said that until sunrise, and then afterwards, he would go to his halophyte go to the students, and go to the people or net close to him, and we get some lamps to them who's Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. And then he would speak nicely and kind to him kind to them. So this was, this was even medical akima and this is my family because of his great respect for the son of the prophets of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala raised his status. And that's why also Imam Malik he was someone who was very, very well mannered. And he was very shy also, shyness is all good, is really shy in the sense also very spiteful, that he would not eat

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and the place where people would see him because he would be embarrassed, just eating in front of other people. You know, like, sometimes sometimes, you know, some people walk around eating this and that, but he would not eat and he would not. He was the type of person

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that was very respectful the sun and for Medina and the people of sculpt the scholars and the people of knowledge. In fact, did you know that Imam Malik never never rode on a donkey or horse or any animal in Medina? Is it haram to ride? No, it's not. It's just out of his respect. out of his respect for what he says la COVID Medina. Medina, tiene fi Hi, Jessica rasulillah.

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I will not write

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on in a city that has the body of the process of how am I supposed to write isn't how I know it's not wrong? And you might say, well, we'll look

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like he's way exaggerating. No, his he's not telling you to do this. He's not telling you to do it. So you have to understand also there's a difference between water and Shara.

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This is where people make mistakes and there's a lot about your, your own consciousness. Keep it to yourself. You do it. Okay, no problem. But don't make it harder for other people. Also, don't tell Well, you shouldn't. You shouldn't know. Like, for example, obviously you're sleeping. Right when a person

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sometimes is sitting and they're stretching their legs towards the table.

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Let's say somebody stretches a lake for the Qibla you say? You push the pupils leg. Megan.

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Do you understand for yourself, you know out of respect. There is principle when it comes to respect for the Qibla Yes, we have a hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not split and he forbade us from spinning towards a direction and added respect for the dribbler. Yes, there is that that but when it comes to straighten your legs, there is no specific Hadith or anything like that if somebody feels uncomfortable doing so when they feel like that's disrespectful, then it's okay. Don't say hey, you know what? Nobody says? Yes. But I don't want to.

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That's like a man. Remember, he did stretch his legs towards the house? Obviously, ma'am, is how do I know it's not wrong? But I have a great respect for his teacher. He didn't do that. But he didn't tell people to do it. Also, he did not dress for them. So that's why you have to differentiate between law and shadow. What is your cautiousness? And shum is that what that what is the rule that which is the rule so you differentiate when it comes to adapt and things like that, but you have to have manners when it comes to seeking knowledge. When we speak about, you know, some of the great scholars of the past. It was because of their manners before anything else and they used to always

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tandem with the element under contract and learn manners before you seek knowledge. And the people who learn manners seek knowledge in that way. A loss of when when they're sincere, allowed magnifies their, their efforts and, and the effects that they have on the owner becomes very great. Let me give you an example you don't even alleman Buhari, right and even Buhari or even loss of Han Allah.

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Allah man al Bukhari

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everybody knows any member

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but you know when the thief the thief he gets Paloma sobre la he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and easier Hadeeth new saying is that authentic Hadeeth or not, I never heard that before. The whole tape says provato hi

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alleman bohart his name,

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puts the omitted piece

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puts the old back piece

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that's because of the sincerity of these individuals, that you see their books all over. And that's why this insecurity of Mr. Malik that you see as mawatha still being the, you know when you mentioned what, but that's the only one and he is the one that started collecting ideas. So the first collection, real collection of Hadith relate to fit and so forth. And after that other people started collecting and putting together books of Hadith and so forth. And so, he was you know, the first real famous book relates to the hadith of human what

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Allah and Allah Malik Of course, also, he had, you know, you had, he also faced a lot of hardship and a loss of high tests people here because of a fatwa because of problems with the Amir at that time, and the cousin of a

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blue Javelin sword, he, he had a mathematic worked

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to the point where his shoulders dislocated

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and it's just so he had to go also all the aim was also went through a lot of difficulties. And this is a part of a test trial that a lot of wants to raise their status because the prophet SAW them said they said danesi, Bella, allambie athermal and felafel amta The people are tried and tested the most are the profits and then those who follow in their footsteps. And so we asked Allah Subhana Allah to

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grant us and give us knowledge increases that knowledge and help us to apply what we learned a lot

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about Allah, show us the truth as it is the truth and help us to follow it. Well, I didn't advantage about it and show us the falsehood as falsehood which was administered down by and also help us to abstain from the phosphate, which is a federal

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law which

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have an EMA Malik's parents influencing

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This is a you know, all the great scholars are the great scholars of the past. They

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had super mothers

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they had super mothers

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mother he was an orphan also and his mother's father passed away

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while he was still young, and it was his mother who took care of him.

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And Eva Malik was also the same in America him Allah His mother used to

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put him I forgive him I put clothes on him you know and every morning for fight you would wait wait bring him to the masjid have the message of a loss of a livelihood setup and EMA and this is a madman was the same also. And this was like the window around 10 years of age for us at 10 years of age. The thing is, we're always looking at we're always looking at the children. And we look at that they're sleeping. Oh, you know, like, you know, they're so

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comfortable. We don't want to disturb them. Oh, you know, they're only 10 years old. Right? But he The thing is you have to get them used to the worship of Allah if you love them, then you want to be and you want goodness for them. And you want the best for them. That the best that you can give your children is the is the deen is the knowledge of Islam and the etiquettes of Islam. And you know the knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah that's the best that you can give your children and say my Malika Rahim Allah when he grew up when he was very young, his mother used to take care of him and used to bring him to, to the masjid and used to,

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you know, provide whatever he needed to make sure that he grew up in an environment in an environment where there were scholars there are good people.

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Because sometimes some of us, we say we love our children, and we want them to be good, but then we tossed them into an environment. That's not appropriate. That's not good. But we let them watch things that are not good. So you know, sometimes it's like throwing him into the water and say, don't get wet, then you throw him into the water, how can I say don't get wet. So don't throw them into the water from the very beginning. So if you love your children, you know, just like the mothers, those mothers have these great scholars of the past, they they sacrifice their time and effort to try to have their children be raised properly. Amen. You know, Bhupati Rahim Allah was the

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same, he was also an orphan. Subhana Allah, look at all these great scholars of Islam. They were raised without a father

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without a father,

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because they had super mothers, and you know what, everything that people are learning from them goes back to the mother awesome. So the other reward that the super mothers are also getting. And so that's why, you know, we should be concerned, and make sure that our children, we put them in the correct place, provide for them the best, because you know, when they're born, right, the day they're born, when you hold them, you're not handled I have, I have a two month old daughter, right and miss it very much. I haven't seen it. I've been traveling so much, I always miss it. But I'm at FaceTime, so I get to see it all the time.

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But you know, you you pick up your daughter or your son, you're like, you look at the daughter or son, your baby and you love your baby so much. And you say, you know what, viola, I'm going to give you everything that I can do, I'll do all that I can to give you the best.

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When you have that baby, you made that vow, you made that promise. Whether you did it verbally or not, you're thinking it right? Why don't you not Why do you not continue that when they grow?

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And then five or 610 1112, you still want the best for them. So continue that and fulfill that well outside

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by SMS, which is a follow on to the show, which says in this age, what are the practical steps we can take as parents

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follow in the footsteps of the mothers of these great scholars? Yes. Mashallah. What we what we have to understand

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is that, you can't do it yourself. Okay? We can't do it ourselves. Because when we take care of our children,

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when we take care of our children,

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and then and we're very conscious of what they listen to, what they learn what they watch and everything, but you know, our, our aunts, and uncles, or cousins and so forth, they might not be the same.

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And so what ends up happening is, is our children go play with the other people's children. And everything that you taught goes down the drain.

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And they come back well, but so and so's father allows them to do it. Right. So that's why we as Muslims, especially living in a place where we are a minority, it's very important for us to help each other. You know, like, there's an African saying, and it says it takes a village to raise a child,

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no village, so you have to provide that environment. So the sisters, the brothers and sisters, we have to get together. Let's say you find them, you know, alternatives where we can ourselves, teach our children to get, let's say, you can do something, you can help your children with this for this day, next day, maybe the other house and so forth. And if we provide for them like for sometimes, you know, the best option sometimes is, I don't know if you guys have homeschooling and things like that, where you can provide for them. But, you know, he tried to provide for them in environments and help out, contribute in the masjid and bring them to the places where they are close to good

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people, where they are with good people and also one more thing.

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In order for you to give this to give that which is good to your children, your children have to trust you. Your children have to love you have to come to you when they have concerns. You know, when prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, when he saw the dream, who did he go to? He says in the law, it had Ashura. callicarpa was shumsa Welcome or at home, Lisa God, what did he say this to his father, when he saw something strange? Who did he come to his father, he didn't go to his friends. So when they have concerns when they have problems, you have your your children have to trust you enough. They have

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love you enough that they will come to you instead of going to their friends because when they go to their friends, they're not going to receive good advices.

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And so you have to build that relationship with your children strengthen that relationship to the point where you know, your your bond is strong and they trust you. So when they have concerns, they're not going to the show, please, they're coming to you. Right? Otherwise, they're gonna go to their friend that has a Hey, come on, man, why not? You know, why not?

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Everyone else is doing it. You can have a girlfriend, man, I hope you

00:25:34 --> 00:25:47

I'll help you. Right. So whenever they trust you, you have a good relationship with their children, try to build them. Once you have that. Then it's easy. It's easier because you can you can tell them what you know you can help them out. When they have their concerns. We'll know

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