We Are Truly Insignificant

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The transcript describes a conversation between multiple speakers discussing a situation where a person named Allah is facing accusations of fraud and feels that they have caused harm. The speakers urge people to be lazy and pray for forgiveness, but warn against seeking it. They also mention a situation where someone named Sayid is facing accusations of fraud and feels that they have caused harm.

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If you go up to Mars, you go up to closer to the sun or wherever else you might want to go. You won't even see the Earth, the whole earth you won't even see it. Subhanallah and in that earth there are billions of people each one thinking is the king La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah our mural you

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no cosa for either who are close we move Moby in Allahu Akbar. Does man not see that we created him from a droplet of semen. Now suddenly he comes up as an argumentative human being. Who does he think he is? Allah says, You are created from zero your value is with your connection with Allah nothing else. Nothing else in

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the law he at Cancun, the most honored from amongst you by Allah is the One who has the best relationship with Allah brothers sisters, don't be lazy to pray. Don't be lazy to do what Allah has asked you. Life is too short. We will regret the misdeeds and the bad deeds. We've done something in the past that is not good. You can change it. You can seek forgiveness, Allah will wipe it out he loses or gains nothing by doing that. He will wipe it out but turn to Allah it's better for you. It's better for you if you knew it's better for you may Allah subhanahu wa taala grant a steadfastness and make a strong Amin