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Manda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. say he did now Mohammed in wider in my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salim Ali Kumara to La Habra cattle.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala was once again brought us here at the house of our last panel and asked that this Juma be a light for us from last week to this week and from this week, next week, May 8, remove the minuses that we have done and ask Allah in this mobarak Allah will give us for the big sins that we've done, and to increase us in goodness and in love. And in Rama, amin Alhamdulillah. Last week, we touched base once again and returned to our series The days of razor and glory and many familiar faces. Usually it's the the brothers of the year earlier familiar faces the other summary over and over again. And it's those that come up with later that need to hear the

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summary sound. Boy, you're beginning to see my summary is getting bigger than my actual talk. So Alhamdulillah we all know what the series is about. The point of the series is that Islam is in a low place at the moment but Islam the oma important Islam, the deen of Islam, the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the religion of the universe. It's not just our religion, it's not just the religion of insan it's the religion of the angels, the mountains, the sun, the moon, that is Islam, and Islam will always be great and strong, but the oma will go up and down, depending on how firmly we link to Islam. So today, from the east, to the west, we know that the oma is in decline, and that

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we are beneath the feet of oppression. Alhamdulillah we say this is not way is the woman is meant to be and the oma has over 1000 years of its history with led the world and it was the most advanced and most developed society on Earth, said that we have forgotten it. And we hope in sha Allah that this series will remind us as to the greatness of this oma and, and a reminder and an example for us how to get back there. We don't only talk about the city so we can praise our forefathers. No, we went to get the because that's where we belong. As we mentioned, Allah Subhana does contain hieromonk encourages the nurse that you love Mohammed Salim, you are the very best nation that Allah

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has ever created for mankind. If you enjoy what is good, and you forbid what is evil, and you believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. When we do those things, you would find that mobile returned, which is and its glory.

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So we spoke about the stages of Islam. And we said that we shouldn't feel bad and said that we are in a difficult position now because they'll be so solemn didn't start as the king of the world. musala salatu salam didn't start as the leader, he was under federal, and this is the student of Allah subhanaw taala. And through these dark, difficult days, a lot of prepares, prepares the strength. He strengthens us through these difficult times. So when the days of Isa comes in, we're able to handle it and that is the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We mentioned how NaVi Salam struggled for years in Mecca 13 years before Allah opened up a way for him, but it's so bad was it

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that nobody saw Selim actually actually felt he was a failure and allow her to reveal yet is like Sudha Nabi Salam was depressed he was at his lowest unless malwa dakara Boku wa Taala Europe has not deserted you, and Europe does not hate you, oh Mohammed Al Salam. Imagine that Nagisa needed this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He was so low and so down in the dumps, and then Allah open up, open up Medina, we spoke about the establishment of the Islamic State. We spoke about the Battle of butter, we spoke about the treaty have played a big stage by stage how Allah brings is it doesn't happen overnight. Allah does not give you superpower you know, you take the Spanish and hamdulillah

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you are Superman. No, this is not how Allah works. Step by step, Allah lets things fall into place the message and I hope that we understand the message as we go through this, many times they'll be so solemn, and the Sahaba didn't know what Allah intended for them. They didn't know who was gonna win better. They didn't know when they went to Makkah they'll be stopped, they did their part and they left the results in the hands of Allah Subhana Allah, this is the message, you do your part, oh insane, and Allah will do his spot. Victory and success and defeat and failure is in the hands of Allah. Allah says, He gives it to me once if you want is also all greatness and power belongs to me,

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I give is a to whom I want, and I put down whom I want and I give the milk the kingdom to whom I want and I take the kingdom from whom I want I give and I take as I please. You do your part. I do my part. This is the message we see from the life of an apostle Salah. So we spoke about before Amman, that wonderful dream that we saw some head about performing Umrah while he was still at war with maca. As if though it's like one of us saying I have a dream that we entering Mozilla xR and we are in complete control while we know that the

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enemy's controlling the land. So Allah subhanho wa Taala instructed me to perform that Amara go, you will see what happens. And we spoke at length what happened and eventually the Croatian obeso salam entered into a treaty. Without any fighting, the Qureshi should have been forced to negotiate with the Muslims for the first time, the Quran had no choice that they were at war with the Muslims. But they realized that this is not gonna go away, that we are not able to get rid of Mohammed Al salam, we have to rather come to an agreement. And when obeso salam was asked, What do you want? What did he say I want, I want peace. I don't want to fight with you or people of Makkah. Let's stop the war.

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So a treaty was entered into between the Muslims and the kurush that for 10 years, there'll be no more fighting. And one point that the Muslim still didn't do, what was the reason for coming to Mecca. They came to conquer Morocco, what formula they said we're just coming for Morocco. So the crisis come back next year. And we spoke last week about the Amara of how the Muslims came back to Mecca the following year and perform that Kumara A year later, and we said what an amazing experience it must have been anyone who has gone and Amara on Hajj, they will tell you what a great feeling it must have been to go and you know, the Imam was the we had the community imagine the

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motto in inverted commas is Rasulullah saw on Sunday, but they performed Amara as an abyssal Salaam did as the result and this is again an example to us. Maybe some son Luca Mara Ito Mooney will surely make Sora like I'm excited and take from me Manasa can take from me your hijab, Amara, but Alhamdulillah we can say we will ship exactly to the T our wannabe Mohammed Salah.

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He was the leader of that Amara group 2000 Muslims performing Amara and we said what a feeling it must have been imagined you Bilaal last time you saw MCE was almost 10 years ago, you had to run out because you were being abused and tortured, you almost killed and now you come into MCE free man safe and sound of the highest members of society of the elite group of Sahaba your intermec the idols the kurush. All one side, the Muslims had free reign for three days in Mecca. And we said how Allah subhanho wa Taala ohana vehcile salaam wanted to just show the people of kurush. To show you there is a What did they do? They opened up their right shoulder, the main only right not the

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sisters, they opened up the right shoulder and they made a bit of a jog or ammo to show that the Muslims are strong and well. And this is another example that sometimes and it's mentioned in the Quran, Allah says prepare yourself for war. Even if you don't fight, sometimes just the preparation for war is enough to prevent

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that if you look strong on the outside, this is enough to avert calamity and avert fighting. So when the Quran saw the Muslims was strong 2000 of them coming into Makkah, and how they obey in Ibiza Salamis, every command, they wait for him to do everything that we hear and we obey they realize that these people mean business. So Alhamdulillah It was an amazing experience for the Sahaba. And again, imagine again and I will repeat this over and over that's part of struggling requires patience. But if newbies also lump had to wait 20 years to perform an ombre his job was to establish the head for 20 years, the Kaaba was covered with idols, people will come with the sheik, they were

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worshipping, making towel off naked, naked. This is the Kaaba machine aka the Kaaba, which was the keebler for 20 years and be so solemn, had to wait and he couldn't do anything. Step by step Allah says you do your part, leave the big things to me. And now for the first time we're just three days it was only three days that the most that for the first time you had a pure O'Meara done for Allah sake, and therefore the prejudge, and those who are going on Hajj and those performing Amara, you're following the footsteps of the NBN Ebrahim, Mohammed salam, and it's the same or the same type of phenomenon that the angels make in the summer, the bt metamod mig tau of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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this a vida, Allah has it for all of his creation, and you are the and that's why when you say labovick Allahu Allah baycare Allah I've responded, I'm not here as anything. This is the house of Allah, I'm a guest. Allah gave you that invitation, and I've responded to your invitation. So what a great feeling it must be for them and for us, inshallah me all of us get to see by law soon inshallah in our life and see the beta last panel. I mean, amongst the things that occurred during the summer after the after the Amara celebration stage three days, but other things occurred

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as the abyssal Salaam was finishing his Amara, Nagisa Salaam, at the end of his own Morocco performed his nikka this would be his last marriage in his life. The seventh year of hegira in Ibiza, salaam got married after performing Veronica very important to Nokia harangue for you to get married in Iran.

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Right so in Iran if you put the Haji if you're going on camera and then you see the sister from whichever part of the world and you convinced this is my soulmate we met here in Makkah wait till you're done with your camera then you can propose and have nikka so they'll be so solemn as he finished these nikka or usambara he's Uncle abass the uncle of Nabisco seldom came to him and said that there is a lady maimunah my sister in law Important to note you may Mona,

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her sister is ibises. Her sister is our boss's wife, Alabama's the uncle of NaVi salsa. His wife was my mother's sister and I 20 sister in law and as a sister in law, my mother, daughter of a chief, very prominent lady. her sisters were all married to prominent important men in Makkah. Her husband had just died. And she was she was in need of a husband. So Allah boss comes in abyssal Salaam, his uncle was still in Makkah hadn't yet fully accepted Islam. And he said, Don't you want to get married to maimunah Island ej, the visa Salah didn't come for marriage, but it also the opportunity. This is one of the chief ladies of Quraysh I'm here in Makkah, the atmosphere is tense. How can I

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break this mood by having a wedding? Let me have a wedding in Makkah, and tell the people of Makkah to attend my wedding. We didn't come to fight Instead, we're coming to have a feast and a banquet. So he tells the crush crush. I'm going to get married. Let me have my walima in Makkah and the people of Makkah can eat and drink the crusade. We have no need of your food. Go three days and go. This is the attitude of licorice. Be so solemn, accepted, and he left and outside of Makkah. 10 kilometers outside of Macau, NaVi salsa married maimunah and maimunah rhodiola and heart and it's important for us to know her. Why should we know her? Allah says in the Quran. the wives of Nabeel

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Salaam are not like any other women. They are your mothers. If you don't know the names of the wives of nimbyism, it's like you're not knowing the name of your own mother, your mother. So she would be the last of the lies of Nabhi. So seldom, let me so Salam was about 60 years old. She was in her late 30s, almost 40 when they got married, and once he chose when they asked how many wives that'd be so some look at the context of the marriage. He didn't propose to her the proposal came to him and he uses an opportunity to bring people together through his marriage. And interesting to note something very interesting of Allah subhanaw taala and she must have been very loved and dear to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala maimunah she says the happiest place for her happiest moment was when she made an abyssal Salam outside Mecca and they got married. And this was the place she was happiest. And a lot of cool is that many 50 years later to die at that very spot and to be buried they told today she's buried outside Makkah in that same spot. Right, so she was the last of the wise of an abyssal Salaam and Allah subhanho wa Taala again, people talk about the marriages of Nagisa Salaam and his wives. Do you know that it was her arms gonna be so solemn, after marrying this after the sneaker, head on for no reason to get married again? And how long to have divorce. So Allah says,

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Mohammed, not lawful to you or any women after this finished no more wives for you know is it for you to exchange them for otherwise you can't even divorce them. Even if these other women, the beauty were to please you, except what your right hand position ever is a law of all things and observer. So Allah says to be so Salah, after this, you can't marry again and you can't even divorce them. These are your wives in the dunya and in the euro. So sometimes we talk about the laws pertaining to vehcile sanlam your stick tullos talaq karamba him dadgad sala compulsary on abbyson we have to perform the Hajj sada And may Allah alayhi salatu was Salam Ayesha says, we never saw a

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woman more God fearing when her why she says it's a big thing. And it shows or shows us the flick of maimunah. One example and this is again for the sisters and we can see Islam, we can see Islam in action.

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So maimunah is the sister in law of Abbas dunklen obeso salam, Al Abbas has a son even a bus famous companion, which means he's anti right. He's on T. And this young boy would always, you know, come visit, he's on T when the Navy Sawsan was there so he could spend time with them. So one day, her nephew and even a bus comes and she sees that even a bus is not in you know, he's he's a bit untidy. And so maimunah asks him Yeah, below What's wrong, why is your hand tidy? So he says that my wife has a hide, and she you know, she does my hair. So she's not dirty. I don't want her to touch touch me. Right? It's a hobby. So my Muna explains to him that this is not how Nagisa interacted with us.

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She says, One day I was lying. Nick's gonna be so so under one blanket, we were under the same blanket and he was reciting Quran and I felt I had my main says, and I got up and I went away.

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He asked me last night What's happening? He said, I have my head. No, you come back and lie under the blanket with me. Nothing wrong when you have your head. So she explains her even a bus. Or when a woman has a height, our hands dirty. Is she nudges? No. And therefore this is why in a visa summary dismissal sheet should they could teach us the intimate details of husband and wife and made us understand look again, were the women were before Islam. They were bought and sold LSL declaration the Quran haram for you to inherit women, your brother dies and you take his wife like he's camels. Now completely different. Height and resistance. Let me recycle on with you. No

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problem. You'd lie next to me under one blanket, Allahu Akbar. Right. So this shows you another example that occurred just after a beautiful example it occurred after the Amara. So the prophets of Solomon Sahaba completed the Amara. Three days, the leaving the walking outside of Makkah, a girl about seven years old runs towards the NaVi system and says, Take me with you to Medina, who is this girl? Her name was Amara, she was the daughter of Hamza Hamza, the uncle of Nagisa Salaam who passed away, right, so there'll be so solemn, and Uncle Hamza, rhodiola, and nmrt died in the Battle of God, this was his daughter, and she was basically an orphan in Makkah, and she longed to go back to

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Medina, with the prophets of Salaam. Now, before I tell you the story, I take you back to how things were for the females in Makkah, but allow us to stay liquid. And while

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he let me he didn't bring cookieless when the female child will be asked, Why were you killed? Why did your parents bury you alive? The kurush that when a daughter was born, they became humiliated. They became sad they and if you were a real man, in inverted commas, you would take your daughter and you would bury her alive. This was the adapt. This was the way of Jay Z. This is what the religion taught them. So this orphan girl, no one wants her. Right if they didn't even want their own daughters. What about another man's daughter? So she runs out? She's an orphan girl, no one wants a

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Sahaba sees this girl and three Sahaba jumped out and they said we will adopt the first one to jump down the scenario of the alarm. His wife is Fatima, daughter of Nabisco Salaam. And he says that Hamza is my uncle. They fully adopt this girl and she will be she's family to me, right? This is my cousin

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is about to adopt her and then another Sahabi comes down they even had a third of their life and we'll talk about them in detail next week in sha Allah only so hobby to be mentioned by name in the Quran. Right? They it says no, you can't a doctor, I will doctor Why? He says because when we became Muslim, Nagisa Salah, made me Hamza's brother zaidan zaidan Hamza Nabisco made us blood. So this is like my brother's daughter. She's my niece. I would like to adopt another Sahabi Jaffer comes out is the brother of Allah. Allah. Right. Jaffa three Sahaba Jaffa. We'll talk about him in detail next week in Sharla as well, Jafar says,

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I have the same lineage like Ali meaning Hamza is my uncle. And in addition to that, my wife was this is this girl's on T. So I have a connection with this girl in both ways, I should adopt her three companions, becoming arguing with one another, to adopt this girl. The Kurdish Look at this, these men are fighting who wants this girl none of us want her in each one of them wants to take her. Now vehcile salam has to come in and he has to intervene. And he says beautiful words say Allah says Allah, Allah, you are from me and I'm from you. You and I are like one, it tells Zaid, you are my brother. And even though he was the adopted son, and he says I come to you will aid in times of

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difficulty for strength. Right. You are one of my closest advisors and Jaffer of the alarm. You look like me the most and you resemble me in conduct the most and to you to the ante of the girl. She has the most right. So to go into Jaffer. And this shows you another example. In an unfortunate incident where parents passes away, the sister, the Sisters of the mother, have the biggest entitlement to the children for the Sharia. Based on this Heidi, and the resources this the the paternal, the maternal Auntie's, the aunties from the mother side, they have the closest bond to the children, and therefore this girl went to her. Once again, it shows you how Islam has transformed these people.

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When they were killing their own children here they are fighting for one another. After this Amara was done, it now became clear. It now became clear of the reserve Islam. This is a clear sign for everyone. The non Muslims all across Arabia, they realize that this religion is not going anywhere.

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In fact, Islam now has the upper hand against the Quran. And the time had come. The time had now come when Islam soon would overrun the crush, and it's just going to be a matter of days, months weeks, I mean Islam will flourish, and the declaration no longer has the upper hand in Arabia. And also therefore, everyone felt that the conquest of Makkah now is near, and Allah subhanho wa Taala. In this period from now and we'll talk about the conquest of Mecca inshallah hamaca was liberated, we thinking about how could Palestine be liberated? We'll talk about how was Makkah liberated. And before the liberation of Makkah, anyone who performed who went to Medina before Morocco was

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conquered. They have a special place in Islam. Allah Subhana sees not equal among you are those who spent in jihad, before the conquest of Mecca, and those who fought before the conquest of Mecca. Those are greater in diraja than they who spent afterwards and fought, but to Allah, but to all Alas, promised the best. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that before Morocco was conquered, when Mecca was conquered, it now became clear Islam is the leading religion, but it was easy to be a Muslim, before that, you were still a minority, you were still inferior. So the last group of Sahaba would now embrace Islam. Who were these last Sahaba and I want to talk to you about We always love

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stories of rebirth, right? We would like to Brother became Muslim. Tell us your story, because it confirms to us what they saw in Islam. Sometimes we don't see the beauty of Islam because we were fortunate enough to be born in it.

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Of the last three companions to embrace Islam before the hegira we'll talk about them. And when they became Muslim, this was the final nail in the coffin of the Quran. final nail, because the very best, the brightest, the smartest, decided to become Muslim. The first man we'll talk about is unbeknown to us of the Alon, he was the political genius, the ambassador, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, you know, the the king of spin, he was the guy that whenever there was a political crisis, the crisis in him and he solved the problem. He could speak well was auditor, he was the main guy in the parliament. In fact, he was the main ambassador to the kingdom senior, a senior and Makkah were

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close allies, and he was the main ambassador, he would go and come to every senior as he pleased, and the king and him had a great relationship. Right? I'm gonna ask one of the leaders of the Muslims of the Quran at that time, you will become a leader amongst the Muslims, right? Just a side note, we'll get to this. I don't know how long but inshallah One day, the oldest Masjid on the African continent, the Egyptians, they will tell you, Majid I'm going to be known as the Moji. That was established before he became a Muslim. He was of the worst enemies to Islam. He says this, he says to my son before he dies, I had different stages in my life. The first stage in my life,

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Mohammed was the worst person to me. If I could kill him, I would have killed him. And if I died in that state out of being in the lower splits of Jana, so I'm still in the state. He's a non Muslim of the seas, the ombre Of The Seas. The Amara is a genius. He knows. He said, Look, we done Croatia done, the Muslims are going to take over Makkah soon. If not today, tomorrow, time is going to come. I'm not gonna sit around with a sinking ship. I'm rather going to leave. And like any, you know, these foreign dictators, what happens when they're about to be overthrown, they leave and they go in asylum in some other country and live a lavish life. So he did that said, I'm going to have a senior

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the king have ever seen. He and I were good friends. He will look after me. He says masala, Maja kurush. I'm not going to wait for the Muslims to take over. I'm going to have a senior. So he goes to a senior. And he's a non Muslim. He doesn't accept Islam, and he tells the king You know, I'm here. I'm basically I've given up on my people. There's no way we're gonna win. And I feel shame. And I feel really like much shame that I have to come and live here as a refugee in your country. So give me some You and I are friends. Okay, November senior. Give me one favor. looking awesome. What you want is, you know, there are Muslims here in Abba senior. Let me kill one of the leaders just to

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show the correlation that I'm still missing a man you know, the king I've ever seen. Yes, panela. We know him. He became he was a Muslim. He becomes infuriated with armor, even armor is his friend. He becomes so upset and he says these words he says, Do you want me to kill the messenger of the messenger? To whom Allah sins God, the man who Allah sends gibreel to I should give him over to you, His Messenger and you kill him. Never I'll never do that amorous became so shocked and even knew the king of ever senior was so amazed by Islam. And then the king speaks to him and sometimes it requires you know, whenever we in an argument it requires a third party to open our eyes and the

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king system like my friend, you know, intelligent men. Can you not see that this what this message is is true.

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But this is the truth and you are running away from it. When are you going to come to your senses and understand that this is the religion of Allah and this religion, you yourself know cannot be stopped. So why are you coming to me when the success is over the in Arabia, and the beautiful example the king have ever seen here is a Muslim, right? He never saw an abyssal salam, which means he's a Tabby a Tabby is a follower of Sahaba so this is the only instance where a follow up the Sahaba gave us a hobby Tao

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he gave out to the Sahaba right, Mr. izaki the Muslim Ummah is gonna become a Sahabi to Allah interesting coincidence, never before you have an example like this, so I'm going to go back to Makkah, and he makes his mind he wants to become a Muslim. When he gets to Makkah, he finds another one of gracious superstars on the verge of becoming Muslim highly the Meanwhile he wrote a lot. And this man, I don't know if we get the opportunity we'll be speaking much about him, will speak a lot about him in the weeks to come. Who was Khalid Mali? Before I tell you, who's Khalid I'll tell you about his father. alwaleed alwaleed you'll find him in the Quran. So to answer abasa Allah subhanho

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wa Taala says about an Waleed Rooney woman Hala Haider. He was one of the leaders of kurush right. He was one of three leaders of crush one of the kings of Croatia basically. And he was the poet. So when he saw some came with the Quran, the first thing they did was, oh actually do you are the best poet take some of this code and analyze it and tell us is this the real deal? You tell us if this is poetry, we've This is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah explains in detail how actually analyze the Quran and how we came to this conclusion. So Allah says,

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that only woman Hala wahida leave me to deal with this man. Well, I can alone lead with Allah Humala man Duda The one who I gave him extensive wealth wobba Nina Shahada and I gave him many children are moto moto moto Tomita, and I made for him an easy life to moto and as he and then he wants even more than this color? No, indeed he is to our if I need to. He denies our Ayah Sir, sir Buddha, I'm going to give him a the burden that Allah explains how he found and he looked and he thought to himself, he liberated What is this Quran?

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karrakatta he found and he thought What is this? And then he became proud and arrogant, whom at the bar was stuck about when he became proud and arrogant. And he said in her other co author, this is nothing but magic that affects the hearts in who Illa Kowloon Basha that the innocence of the crush this is only the words of a man this is not from Allah. Don't worry, cooperation. It's just poetry and magic. And then Allah says so loosely he surah right we will give him so loosely.

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So Oh, so loosely he sakasa we will give him soccer or madaraka soccer and what is a soccer. Allah says this is the fire that will cover up the entire body and leave nothing unburned. This is the punishment Allah curses. This man Allahu Allah in the Quran until today we decide this is hard. It's father, right? So it shows you how what kind of home he came from. His father is one of the most cursed men, but Allah subhanho wa Taala because he had the opportunity to say this is really he knew this was from Allah, but for his pride and arrogance, he said, No, this is the words of a man so unless I promise you, he will get a sucker. So this is Holly's father. alwaleed. Before I tell you

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about Harley, I want to tell you about his brother alwaleed as well. So you Harley that her brother alwaleed, the son of Al Walid, right, so this man was so proud of himself. He named his son the same name like him, right, Alba Lee Jr. Sr, le Jr.

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and this would be the first instance we hardly really gets to see Islam.

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This is an amazing story. Khalid robiola, he didn't participate in the Battle of banner. He wasn't the righty remember, he's a calf it is against the Muslims. He didn't get to fight the battle of butter. But his brother alwaleed his big brothers Buta was in the battle. And his brother was taken prisoner captive so hard It came to Medina to pay the ransom to free his brother, and he paid the ransom the full price and him and his brother went back to Makkah. On the way back. We spent the night when he woke up in the morning, he found his brother was gone, and he had taken the camels with him and he ran back to Medina. And he came to know that his brother became a Muslim. While a

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captive in Medina, his brother saw Islam and his brother became a Muslim, and his brother wanted him to pay the full ransom price and then go back to Medina. Right, you want to just make that extra punch to the kurush. So this leaf something in Holly Todd, what kind of religion is this, that your own family you would turn on for the sake of this religion? Now Holly rhodiola was the middle

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The genius of the crush, never until he died until today, if you open the books of his three of the greatest generals of all time, he's probably in the top 10. What he did was unbelievable superhuman. He never lost the battle, even when he fought against the beast on Sunday. He was the man that in every battle, he was the one that almost defeated the Muslims battle aboard the counter attack and the Muslims were almost defeated because almost killed Khalid Mali, the Battle of trench Medina and in the Quran, it was a barrier between he was the only man that broke into Medina managed to get into Medina and come back out. Right so this was the military genius of crush the superstar, the man

00:30:40--> 00:30:42

that whenever he was in a battle he never lost.

00:30:43--> 00:31:15

So Holly tells us how I became a Muslim. He says, whenever I fought against Mohammed Al Salaam, I could feel that this man was not guided by normal you know, as a normal man. Every time I had a foolproof plan of how I was going to catch him ambush them, you take a different course it is even though he could read my mind. Whenever I tried to outmaneuver him, he got away, as if though someone was guiding him and protecting him. So he was a military genius, yet he could not outsmart the Navy so salah and this gave him question marks in his mind.

00:31:16--> 00:31:20

They will not be so certain perform that final this Amara to Kaaba,

00:31:21--> 00:31:46

his brother and while he is a Muslim, and his brother Nagisa Salam gives his brother a message. He says, tell Holly ways Holly is not yet in Makkah. It is not right that a man like Khalid, with all his intelligence and a genius, he shouldn't be a Muslim, for him to be in jail, he will tell him, he should come to Islam. And if he joins Islam, you will see how great Islam will be with him. And he will be with Islam

00:31:47--> 00:32:26

as a prediction of libido Salah, we'll see how it comes through. So when Khalid heard this that his brother told him, you know, Khalid, the messenger himself asked about you and said, basically, when are you going to become Muslim? You know that this is the truth. And if you were to become Muslim, you would see how things how things are going to be amazing un Islam belong together. You belong hand in hand. And this made his mind up. When I become Muslim. I win him and I'm going to be now asked they meet up and a third so hobby of mine even done, how the three of them they became, they decided to be going together to the abyssal zone to embrace Islam. Who is this third man with

00:32:26--> 00:33:04

Mariupol Ha. He was the man who kept the keys of the Kaaba, the key keeper of the Kaaba. So the three of them comes from abyssal Salaam. And we saw some so happy to see these three men because he knows that political leadership of Qureshi has come to me, that the military leadership has come to me and the spiritual leadership, the key of the Kaaba has also come to genovesa Lambeth now, the deal is done, Allah has accepted the base of Qureshi to become Muslim. And they are about to embrace Islam and amino acids. The first he puts his hand out in a bit to take the end of nevison to accept Islam. And then he holds his hand back, maybe some summer What's this? And he says, I want to become

00:33:04--> 00:33:43

a Muslim. And we want to become the three of us. We've done so much harm against Islam, how many people died because of how that Hamza was killed because of harlot. So he says, We will accept Islam, but we were one condition from you. What condition so they he says, We want you to ask a lot of forgive our previous sense, we don't want anyone the slate to be clean. We don't want any blood on our necks. So nobody saw some smiles. And he says, Don't you know, but the one who embraces Islam, there is nothing of sin that is before that, and the one who performs hegira is nothing of before that, and the one who performs Hajj and this is us in sha Allah, the One who performs Hajj,

00:33:44--> 00:34:23

that everything before it is gone. And they embrace Islam, these three men, and soon very soon, these three men will add the strength of Islam and we'll talk in detail about what they did, and how there is a remember there is of Islam. As I said at the beginning of this lecture, Islam is strong, but it requires mainly to bring the oma up. And when men become Muslim, the right kind of men and women become Muslim, Islam becomes strong. The message was always there. But only when Omar becomes a Muslim could the Muslims make Salah in public, only when Hamza becomes a Muslim, or the Muslims now stop from being oppressed and persecuted only when highly than these great Sahaba become Muslim

00:34:24--> 00:35:00

would find that Islam spread. So next week, inshallah we continue, and we're not going to continue the order of Kabbalah is done. But next week, inshallah for the first time in the history of Islam, so now internally, the Muslims have basically succeeded in defeating all the local rivals, but they are big, big fish in the ocean, right the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire. Next week, we talk about the first external international battle between the Muslims and the Romans, the first battle between the Muslims and the super powers of the world of that time, the big fish the big guns. So we talked about the Battle of next week.

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Insha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala except from us and forgive us and grant us to be an extension of Zack la fere Santa Monica Prakash just a few announcements.

00:35:09--> 00:35:10

Okay, we'll get to that.

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Right so anyone would like the slides or any questions you can mail me and my email with Mohammed gmail.com. And just a reminder if you'd like to see all the names I know people have all these names like when keep track of all these names come to the Sierra class. You can take notes we can go in detail as the backstory and Eastern University if you like that stuff. charlo Sierra class on a Tuesday evening automatic reminders panel from tomorrow. And on Sunday, Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow is an excellent program. premix perfect. Remember Jamaica muslimeen ultimately, the first thing you'll be asked as a Muslim you and me is Salah, Neville says the first thing on kiama the

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Muslim will be asked about is his Salah. If the soul is correct, the rest of his questioning will be made easy. Do we know enough about Salah? Are we confident that our madrasa education is enough for the rest of my life with Salah What do I do I come late for Salah What if I make a mistake in Salah what breaks my we do all these questions that you have never got the answer. Two days in sha Allah go and learn chef Milan is made from Durban graduate Islamic University of Medina, international speaker Google in YouTube, you would find excellent excellent speaker. Please if you have free time in the weekend, within the whole day, not the whole day, half the day go to UCT middle campus,

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