The 3 Types of Trauma Response #shorts

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deep thoughts. My promise to you if you watch this video till the end, you're going to learn something that you didn't know before and it's going to apply

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for the rest of your life. A four year old girl dies, her Muslim mother goes to the Imam, what should the Imam say to the mom? I think we can all agree that being negative is not the solution because it leads to haram things and brings no benefit but opposite of negative is positive Imam can tell her be positive, at least your other child didn't die. How can you be positive if your child has just died? Now here's where it gets really interesting. positive negative, Trevor mulawa presents this middle solution and that is to be neutral. And I found this so interesting, because when you go back and look at the Scripture, look at the Quran. Look at Hadith. There's actually many

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examples of us being guided to stay neutral and stay with the facts.