Ibraheem Menk – Healing The Ummah

Ibraheem Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of changing behavior and finding joy in life through prayer, learning, and setting boundaries between reality and consciousness. They stress the importance of avoiding suffering and negative consequences by practicing prayer and staying in the present moment. They also emphasize the importance of praying with consciousness and staying in the present moment to avoid negative consequences.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah I have been doing this for some years now, but I don't remember the last time my heart beat it so fast. And this is because Wallahi I have before me, my mentor, the person whom we looked up to the person who many people, when they see us speak say, Wallah, here we are reminded of the chef. We hope and pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala grants us acceptance, I mean,

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I'd like to share one or two things before I begin in sha Allah.

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And then perhaps, you know, to calm me down. I was going through the comments on the post

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of the adverse advertisement that was out there. And people were commenting, the three musketeers, some people saying The Three Musketeers

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and others saying it's a dinner. So should we call it a minute

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I usually recite and this is for the purposes of Baraka. It is also for the purpose of calming myself down calming my nerves. So I asked you to pay attention to the words of Allah subhanahu wa Tada our own immune Usha, Utah neurology mibiz Mila healed Walkman you'll recall he was he called levena CAFO who Elijah hen Mr. Zuma had either

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footie hat

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work on LM Khazanah to

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Lm Yeah, didn't come Russo loom income yet known hourly income yet no now other income

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your own Coonley or a woman come

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on home Bella Kim how God Kelly Mattoon Lada Kathy ring, the ledger Hulu Bilwa bedre hon Emma Holly Dean as he Febi semeth One mucha kept beating was the upon the minute

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Elon engine zoom out all had

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you either.

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Have to

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walk on Elon khazana to harass

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Sailor Moon Mala income tomb failure Hulu her calling walk on income dueling in the saw the work done while I was

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on it bonnet

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engine at high E tuna

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really mean what

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you get

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in I mean how only Laroche. You said be who's gonna be handy not being us that be Hohner being hamdulillah being him walk all the other you know who will help go well Deelen hamdulillah he'll be in me.

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Me Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Illa Allah al Amin will be heinous there you know suddenly you want to send me more Allah ha Tamil Ambia you are emammal more saline Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine

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allong Marisa Illa Magill Telugu Salah and Tetra Jalil has either she Tessa hella rbse Rue Allah to answer Waterman bill here will be kind of studying, we thank Allah who believes that he will gel for having gathered us here today. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to surround us with the mullah ICA and to cause his mercy and his Sakina to descend upon us and to raise us with the Gambia. Allah hemos Salatu was Salam and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean, of course we can talk about healing the OMA

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but we must remember what the onma is made up of. And that is units you and I are units of the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So in order to change the Ummah and in order to heal the Ummah, we must heal ourselves. We must change ourselves in Allah Allah you will

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come, how dare you? Are you

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Ruma be forcing him indeed Allah who will not change the condition of a people until they change themselves? Now the big question mark is, how do I change myself? Where do I start? And the reality of life is if we take a look at science and what it tells us today, science actually says to us, that if you want to change, then do something that you don't want to do but have to do every single day. Do something that you don't want to do but have to do every single day. And I implore you to think of the day of a believer, when you wake up in the morning. What is the first thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala wants of you, he wants you to respond to the call of prayer, which one of us wants

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to give up our sleep, and pull those blankets off ourselves, and put our feet onto the floor and trudge towards the bathroom? Only to wash our faces with cold water? Which one of us wants to do this? But Allah Rajpal is that evil July is calling us at a time when others are asleep, to do what to wash our faces and to face the blur and to pray to Allah Hara Bullis that you will gel what is that? What is that doing? That is training you to do something that you don't want to do, but you must do and what happens? Your life changes as a result. I'd like to dig a bit further into this. Allah subhanahu wa taala tells us with Luma oh here Eli you can email you kita Joakim you salah,

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recite that which was revealed to you of the book and established the prayer established the prayer and what does that establishment of your prayer do in masala tenten fascia

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cure? Indeed your Salah prevents you from immorality and evil. Now, if we establish that Salah it prevents us from immorality and evil and do you know what one of the greatest blocks of success in life is? It is the flooding of your brain with a chemical. It is the flooding of your brain with a chemical that you are not you are meant to receive in small doses. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says to you that it prevents you from immorality, what is immorality? You have a wife, you have a husband, perhaps you are single, and you seek the reward without the work. You seek the reward without the work you don't need to get married. You don't need to find a niqab contract and Imam to

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sit there and officiate you don't need to worry about crying children and dirty diapers. What do you do? Go into a room do the ACT enjoy yourself and leave so you enjoy the reward without the consequences or without not the consequences that's not the right word to use, but without the struggle. So what you are actually doing is training your brain, your mind your heart to enjoy reward without struggle such a person will find it very difficult to be successful in life. You see, when you establish your Salah when you establish your Salah in your life then Allah Allah will is that he will Jalil tells you what will happen God the earth law Hello me noon and Lavina

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team ha she rune successful are the believers those who established their Salah in the lives and Lavina whom for your Salah team harsh your own, they pray and they pray as though that is the last prayer. They pray with consciousness thinking of Allah subhanho wa Taala assuming that Allah is in front of them you do that you establish your prayer in your life and you will be successful by the declaration of your Lord your maker, the One who created and you fat fashioned you and brought you into existence. You will be successful by his declaration. So your Salah means a lot and your fragile salah is the beginning of your day. You know how we said that?

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The OMA is a large group of people and you are a unit of that OMA and if you change yourself, you'll be

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beginning to change the OMA slowly but surely the same way if you want your years to turn into prosperous years, start with that fragile Salah begin with that fragile Salah and all the more reason when Allah Hubble is that you will Jalil is telling you when Allahu Bucha is that you will Jalil is calling you and you hear the words prescribed by him when everybody else is sleeping. Hi Yan also Allah, hi yah fella. Come to Salah Come to success. Allah subhanho wa Taala is inviting you to change your life to become a better human being to be the person that he wants you to be so that you can present yourself before Him a successful human being an A successful believer and all the

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more in Virgil salah or Salah to Mina, Salah is better than sleep. So Allah subhanahu wa taala is actually telling you that if you are to establish the salah, you will change your life. You see it is very easy for us to look at the suffering that is happening and say that our brothers are being bombed, and our sisters are being killed and our children are being decimated. And we feel helpless. And we feel like what can we do and how can we help and in what way can we change the condition that is there. You know where to start. Charity begins at home. Charity begins at home, start with your fragile Salah and it will lead you on to much more. I tell you my brothers and sisters in Islam. If

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you look at the five daily prayers and study them between the Fajr and boho, there is a long period of time. What is Allah subhanahu wa taala Well, it is actually an inference you can take this or you can reject it, no problem. It is just something that I thought of and came up with. Between the Fajr Salah and the Lord salah is a long time and after you have established that Virgil salah, you go into your day with vigor and you start and you have you know this energy to go about your day. And soon comes the afternoon slump and you have Allah subhanho wa Taala inviting you to reinvigorate yourself at the thought of Salah. And then the time between lower anassa is shorter, and the time

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between Maghrib and Isha is even shorter, or Astra Maghrib and measurable Asia is even shorter. I invite you to think of this as your life. When you are born. You are born into this world, and you have the vigor of youth, you have it with you. So you can do whatever you want. You can go about your daily tasks, and that lasts for quite some time in your life. After which the time gets shorter. And you begin to realize that you know what, I'm going closer to my grave. So I should become more competent in my salah. I should become better in my life. And you begin to pray with more consciousness, you begin to think about Allah subhanahu Attallah and you think about the fact

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that you are ultimately going to your Creator those last three prayers are in quick succession. Why? Because your life gets faster and quicker. And as you go towards that issue of Salah you know that I'm about to lie down and sleep for the night. That is the day that you close your eyes. That is the day that you close your eyes forever to meet Allah subhanahu wa taala to stand before Your maker, the One who created you made you fashion you and brought you into existence on that day. On that day.

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Everything else will fall away. There's petty arguments, how you looked in the dunya what you cared about so much in the dunya it will all fall away. And what will matter is what you have prepared in front of Allah subhanahu Attallah what you have to present to him Yeah, Rob, I have my GitHub, and here it is. This is what is written I've written Salah I've written zurka I've written Hajj I've written song. I've written so many beautiful amazing things. Yeah, it is an O Allah. I know I have certain shortcomings. And I hope and pray that you will forgive me I implore you to remember one thing with your shortcomings, especially in today's world of social media, where everybody has to

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see everything. One thing I implore you to remember try

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A by all means to never share the evil that you are engaging in in your life share goodness, but don't share evil and why on the day of Tiama a man will come and

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he will have many bad deeds, he will have many bad deeds that you will kill, who Allah He can have. So, Allah who will place a cover over him his cover, he will place his cover over him. So you will kill Ruby morale. So he will ask him to recognize his sins and admit them and then he will say

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set out to her like Fe duniya for her. Ruhollah Kelly Oh am I covered them for you in the dunya so here I am forgiving you today Allah Akbar. This is a man who got to Allah subhanahu wa taala with those sins What does that mean? He didn't didn't even seek tilba He didn't even seek forgiveness, but he knew deep down that what I'm doing is wrong. So don't My dear sister and don't my dear brother, put that video up there of you. Displaying yourself don't do it. Of you displaying haram and evil and bad and that which displeases Allah subhanho wa Taala you are worried about the millions of views that you may get. But you don't care about the one view that matters the most. And

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that is Allahu Bucha is that you will Gela May Allah subhanahu wa taala forgive us. May Allah subhanahu wa taala gather us together in Jannah to fill those in the manner that we have gathered here today. Well if you don't wanna kneel hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen

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