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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah, he also NBH mine.

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My brothers and sisters, the last few weeks we've been speaking about the massacre that is occurring, the genocide that is happening in Palestine.

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The crimes that are being committed against our brothers and sisters who were driven out of their homes in 1948, they were

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driven out so many of them were killed. So many of them were exiled, those who left were told you're never allowed to come back and so much more has happened. And yet, over time, the aggressor the occupier happened to con the world into believing that that land is actually theirs, because of a scripture.

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If you and I know that these people are nowhere connected to this particular land, and the reason I say this

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is the honorable Jewish people who know the truth are the ones who actually say this land is not ours. There are so many of those across the world who are saying this land is actually not ours. So unfortunately, the voices have been silenced online. If you try to say anything that depicts the truth, you are blocked, so it becomes more and more difficult to find out what the truth is recently, even Wikipedia has always been compromised. But recently, it's even worse. You try and say the truth of something it is immediately deleted and blocked and the false narrative is being pushed. And this is something that is crazy. But today I want to speak about something a little bit

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different. Although I started this way, because it is the topic we will always speak about by the will of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The issue is, Allah does not need you and die in order to grant a certain population victory. Allah does not need anyone. The victory of the Palestinians shall happen at the hands of the Palestinians themselves. The victory of the Palestinians shall happen at the hands of the Palestinians themselves. Even if nations do not come to their aid, trust me, Allah will fulfill his promise by granting them victory. If not today, then tomorrow. This is the closest they ever were to victory, because the people whom the occupier brought conning them that this is our land and occupying the land, many of them did not know the truth because in their schools, they were actually not taught it

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or they were taught a totally different narrative.

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Why would there be an entire population of people, an entire population of people who want to fight back if there was nothing to fight back for? They are so super determined because it is their land. The same thing happened all over the world where colonizers went in, and the same people had colonized the entire or population of so many different countries, at times for centuries, what happened, they all want at some point, they all want the occupier had to give up at some point. You and I know even in this country, the occupier had to give up at some point when he saw that you know what we getting no way we're actually dying in our 1000s. So the general masses are not fools.

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When they realize that we are living in the in the only place that is unsafe for us, they will go back to where they came from May Allah Almighty grant victory to the Palestinians. Indeed, it's something we always have stood for, and we shall stand for. And at the same time, it's interesting to note, as I said, that even if the nations for whatever reason, are unable to come to the assistance of a population, it doesn't mean that Allah's help will not be with them, they will be granted victory without them. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease.

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If Allah has used you to do good to anyone, let me talk of a poor person you might see on the street here around

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or anyone else if Allah has used you to do good, thank Allah?

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Because Allah chooses whose wealth he wants, in which course this you need to understand. Allah chooses whose wealth he wants, in which course at times we get someone making a big pledge, they never come through with the pledge. Do you know why? Allah doesn't want that money in that cause he wants it perhaps in another course. Or he doesn't want it in any meaningful cause. He wants it to be wasted, whatever because of how it was earned or because of the arrogance of the individual. When someone is arrogant, Allah doesn't take their money. No matter what. Allah doesn't take their effort. Allah doesn't use them to serve a good cause. He only uses them to make trouble to cause

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trouble to promote trouble and to be part of that trouble. May Allah protect us realize that so normally when something bad happens to

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us were taught obviously turn to Allah engage in Israel far seek Allah's forgiveness and so on, which is right. But

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you have to also look at whether or not you paid us a car. A very interesting point. If you paid it, did you pay properly? Number one, and there's two more points. Did you paid properly? Yes, I did. Did you brag about anything you did?

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The answer should be no.

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If you bragged about something you did, the reward is nullified. It's nullified. It's gone. Secondly, did you abuse or belittle someone because of what you did? If the answer is yes, again, the reward is nullified. Hence you suffer. You suffer the consequences when you bragged or you abused because you were the giving hand, not realizing Allah is actually the giving hand. Allah showed you a cause you gave, but then you bragged. So now what happens? This is all from a verse of the Quran where Allah tells you about your charities Allah says, Yeah, are you Halloween man who lie to Brooklyn who saw that article Billman Newell, other, Oh, you who believe do not nullify your

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charities, by bragging about them boasting showing off

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reminding someone I gave I gave I gave I gave and so on. And secondly, other or by abuse belittlement. You think someone is low? Actually, they may be higher than you in the eyes of Allah. The only thing sometimes certain people have is money, they've got nothing else. So if that is the case, we need to realize we shouldn't be from among them. You need to have great character, good conduct humbleness, humility. Don't ever let someone here as we say that you gave no, it's okay. It's okay. I gave it an honor. It's quiet, it's silent. It's gone. I don't want to hear about it. And it's there. Secondly, don't ever belittle someone who are you. I'm the one who raised you. I'm

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the one who gave you I am the one who this I'm the one with that. Because that also Allah does not like at all Allah doesn't like it, you give you give. The true charity is that which is given by the right hand in a way that the left hand doesn't even know about it. Subhanallah now, we have an issue where there is one instance where you're allowed to show people what you did without bragging and without boasting or abusing.

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Which particular situation is that? When by showing them you will either be encouraging others to give or you will confirm that you gave on behalf of others. For example, if you gave me something and said look, I'd like you to do X, Y and Zed with it.

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Without bragging or boasting if I took a picture or a photo or a video and sent it to you to say Brother, the job has been done. What have I done? Have I done wrong? No, nothing wrong. Nothing wrong. I took photos, I took videos, I sent it to you or to my donors or to the donors of whatever charity it was. That's not wrong for as long as there is no bragging. No boasting and no considering someone else's small and little the fact that we gave them No, I just want to know done. Yes, done. Alhamdulillah thank you so much, my brother. And there we go. Sometimes even if the person trusts you, it's good to just give them something to say you know what? The job has been done Jazak Allah

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can you encourage them to give more transparency?

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So that's one particular condition when you want someone to know listen Alhamdulillah it was done. Number two,

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is in fact the first point is supposed to have been when you encourage others so for example, I show you you know, my brother mashallah we we actually got 1000 tents for the refugees, and it was done. I'm not telling you because I want to boast or brag because I know you have the capacity to do 2000.

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So your friends circle, someone you know, someone who respects you, when they hear you did 1000 They say Brother, how can I do it? Am I right? People come to and say put my name in I'd like to do also which means I showed them not because I was bragging or boasting? I showed them because I was encouraging them to give and this is what goes back to the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam where when he was collecting for a certain battle, then the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu came in publicly gave publicly gave, there was no men and there was no other there was no bragging about it and there was no hurt and abuse and belittlement of others. So Allah Almighty says, is to boo sada

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thought, if any if he were to fool her to hell for Cara, for whoever you like whom, if you are going to make your charities open and apparent, and you're going to show them with the conditions that I mentioned just now that either to encourage someone or to confirm delivery, then Allah says it's okay, it's fine. It's acceptable. That's what the Quran says. But

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Allah still says if you're going to hide it and give it to the poor or the needy, whatever cause there is, then it's better for you. Still it's better.

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May Allah Almighty grant us humbleness you see why we have to always keep on reminding each other myself and yourself about these things because Shavon creeps in with all of us mashallah we do good mashallah we pray, mashallah we actually give, we are charitable. But sometimes shaytan creeps up and makes you feel that you know what, I did better, and I am the upper I am the beggar don't feel that that's from shaytan. That was the crime of the devil initially against Adam Alayhis Salam, he said on a pharaoh Minho, you know, he said, I'm better than him. And that that statement resulted in his

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being in him being cursed.

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Shaitan was cursed, because he said I'm better than him. And that resulted in him not obeying the command of Allah to worship Allah by prostrating Subhan Allah, may Allah protect us, we should protect ourselves from haughtiness from showing off. And always search for good causes and be a part of it. A lot of the times the true causes, you have to search for them, they may not come to your door knocking, you have to search for them, it happens. Look, there's a lot of people doing a lot of good work, be a part of it, even if it means a small amount, because it is a seed, say for example, I gave $100 to a course, just 100

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some people might not even afford that. 100 So let's say $10. Okay, I gave $10 to a course.

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Just 10 I gave $10 to a course it's as good as a seed. That's what the Quran says. You just planted it and it's being watered, what will it be watered by? Well, I can explain it's watered by goodness, closeness to Allah worshipping Allah, and so on. So if you continue to do good, you have not harmed you have not bragged you have not abused you have not belittled and you pray and you're close to Allah, you're watering the seed, the seed grows, it grows into what a plant, the plant has fruit or it brings about other seeds, you know that and it grows more and more before you know it, they will be 700 to 7000 to 70,000 to 700,000, depending on what Allah wants of other seeds that have actually

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been sown. And so much more has grown because of the seed that you initially planted of just $10 just $10. But because it came with humbleness, humility and goodness, Allah allowed it to grow when I die, you die. That's the only time we will get to see what happened with our charities. That's the only time I cannot know right now. I cannot know anytime between now and my death. Maybe Allah might give us a few signs. But shaitan comes all the time and makes you feel you're somebody, you're a big person, you're a giver, you're a wealthy guy, you're doing good, you're doing good, you start patting your own cell phone, you're on your back, and you start thinking I'm doing this and doing

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that. Remember, Allah did not need you and I in order to fulfill any course. May Allah Almighty grant us the ability to consider ourselves fortunate to give.

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So if ever you've given anyone, and you've then made them feel small, because you gave them the reward is nullified law to Bucha louzada catacomb, you will not have a reward for that the reward is gone with your words, be careful. Similarly, if you gave you boasted and you bragged about it saying the same thing, the reward is gone. The sadaqa is battle battle means it's it's falsified. It's nullified. It's over. Now, as big as that just by our mouths. So one day the Prophet SAW Selim was speaking to the Companions. And he told them, he said,

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control your tongues. control what your tongues. Why didn't the gerbil or the Allahu Anhu

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he says, oh, messenger SallAllahu wasallam will we be held accountable for what we've said when we haven't acted on it? You see, if I say I'll beat you up, does it mean that I'm already accountable for beating the person up and I didn't act on it? I just said it. You see, does it make sense what I'm saying? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam looked at him and said, Thank you. Let's go okay, I'm moron. What do you think Omaha? You know, it's an Arabic phrase that is expressing astonishment or amazement to say What are you talking about men? Do the people or will the people of hellfire be?

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Will the people of hellfire actually have their heads dragged on the ground in hellfire only because of their tongues? Will they be there for any other reason besides their tongues?

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Well, Holly Akoko NASA Allah mana hurry him Finetti Illa Hassan II do and Sina to him. It will only be the tongue that's the reason why you go to hell because of your tongue. So what your tongue

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so if this hadith that is a powerful narration of the prophets of Salaam is a warning about what we say and let to clarify it if you told someone or beat you up and you do

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Don't beat them up. That's a different example because you won't be held accountable for the beating because you didn't do it. But you held accountable for the threat because you threatening. See you held accountable for the abuse because you're abusing

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May Allah Almighty grant us protection. So when we say things, it's a huge, it's a huge one. Be careful what you say. And the last thing I want to say today is that when you talk about others behind their backs, say good things don't say bad things. When you talk behind someone's back, say good things. And if you really are the one who has been wronged, I am the one who was wrong. I am allowed to say what bad happened to me to be able to protect others. I say, you know, this brother came to me he stole my money. He did this. That's not backbiting why I'm the first party.

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I'm the first part, if you're the first party, you're allowed to talk in order to warn people in order to perhaps complain in order to make a report to authorities, you're allowed to talk you can't go to the police station and say something happened. But I'm not allowed to say it because I'll be backbiting my brother in Islam, and the copper look agency will jail you

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wasting the pursuit. If something happened to you directly, you're allowed to talk about it. Allah says law your hip biller Jarabe su immunol. CO Linderman lolium. Allah doesn't like you to say bad things from your mouth. Unless if you have been wronged you the first party not the second one. I'm not narrating a tale. You know what happened to that guy and those guys, that's a tale that's backbiting first party, I'm allowed to say listen, this would happen to me. I was robbed. If someone asked you for a reference about someone else, you got to say, do me a favor, go talk to that guy. You know why that guy? Something happened between him and him? He's allowed to talk about it. When

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they come to you, when you say, You know what, it happened to me? Yes, correct. This man stole my money. This man did this and that. So that is an exception. But besides that, say good things about others. On the Day of Judgment, you won't regret you won't regret. Today on social media, we just click idiot. Have you seen that? One word, and we press in that one word could be the tipping word for Jana and Johanna on the day of Tiama Wallahi. And that's why I'm here to say don't underestimate your reactions. You call the guy who's close to Allah and idiot and you clicked it and there were 1000 or a million people who saw it and people laughed about it. You don't know what you did to a

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friend of Allah. And Allah says, Man, adda Li Li and socket oven to who will help be whoever has harmed a friend of mine, I announced war against him, Allahu Akbar. That's why I say be careful. Let's be careful all of us. May Allah grant me the consciousness of what I say what I type what I do on social media and all of us, and the way we interact with posts, and I said, when we give charities, we don't need to announce it. So that would mean don't think people have done nothing about something because they may have done more than you can dream of, but they haven't announced it. See, may Allah Almighty grant us goodness, once again, we pray for our brothers and sisters in

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Palestine. In fact, every day, at every time of the day, at every prayer, the entire Ummah should be praying, not just for the Palestinians, but for all those who have been wronged and oppressed across the globe, because it is our cause. May Allah subhanahu Bucha Allah grant us goodness Akula Kohli ha ha sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad