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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The Messiah will bring about peace and prosperity, and the theory is that he will be a false messiah. The false messiah will be replaced by a new one, and the world will be a messiah. The return of the Hanib is also expected to happen in the coming weeks, and the return of the Hanib is also expected to happen in the coming weeks. The concept of deception and conflict is discussed, and the return of the Hanib is also expected to happen in the coming weeks.
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We live in a shed Bismillah manda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shuffleboards any CD and I'm humbled not only your sacrilege remain a cinematic and we're live but to get to

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the handler of blood Amin always and forever we begin with the praise of Alana sure to Allah, Allah Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanho data and we send our love our greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam despise his poor family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them, meaning we make dua for all those who are going through hardship and struggle to log on victory to the believers. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we start a new series but linked to what's happening in Palestine. For some of us, it might be so

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confusing that how can people still be on the side of the oppressor and the aggressor. And in fact, those who are most supportive of the oppressor are those who are also most religious, most God fearing and God conscious in the religions, because, as you would know, that Zionism even though it began as a secular movement by atheists, Jewish people, the most ardent Zionist, in the world today are Christian Zionists, who believe firmly that the establishment of the State of Israel is a precursor to the coming of the Messiah. And so today we're going to start a series about the Messiah, who is the Messiah, who is awaited savior, because the world is geared to waiting for this

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super person to come and save the world. And at the same time, there will be a false messiah. And so this is leading towards the end of times and so we saw the CDs May Allah grant us prediction, I mean, the Messiah and the Antichrist, just some terminologies are soon gonna be important to understand this. Rasool is a messenger in Abbey is a prophet in Abbey is anybody who Allah communicates to directly either through Jibreel or through a dream Oh, but Allah speaks to and selects them. These are the Gambia and Naboo has come to an end. No person can be a Nabi Allah subhanaw taala closed the door of Naboo with the demise of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, even though we believe in the coming of Nabi Isa, he will no longer have the status of a Nabi, we get a revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala or soon is a higher level Nabhi interview as a more seniority over in OB. So every Rasool is an OB, but not every Nabhi is Rasool

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a mercy, a messiah, this is a Jewish

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it comes from the Jewish tradition, as someone who is it means the Christ as well, Jesus Christ Jesus the Messiah, it is the Anointed One, the appointed one. And it is a promised figure to the Jews that they will have a king who will bring back the kingdom remember the Jews for much of the history, the bunny Surah Eid were persecuted only in the time gonna be dealt with and the misalignment did they really have a kingdom afterwards they were very much persecuted and lived under oppression. And so Allah had promised him that he will send them a king, a Messiah and Savior, not a Superman, he will be a king, but he will bring them out of persecution and he will re

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establish the kingdom. So the Jews are waiting for the Messiah,

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the Messiah, the gel, the gel, of course we took as the Antichrist or the anti Messiah. He is the In Islam we call him at the mercy of the gel, the false or the deceiver, the false Messiah, he will be the counterfeit Messiah, he will look like the Messiah, he will do the work that people assume to be the Messiah, the world will believe he's the Messiah, but he will not be the true Messiah. And he will mislead the world. And he will be the greatest deceiver and the greatest test of faith that this world has ever

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come about. Then, of course, there's another person will come up in our series, the mahadi. In Islamic eschatology, Islamic studies of the End of Times, there is this figure called the MaHA de the guided one. And for us, basically we'll talk in depth about him. He is a ruler, a Khalifa, who will unite the Muslim ummah at a time when we will be disunited, and he will bring about positive reforms. But he's not a super person, he's not in contact, he's not being communicated about Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't have miracles, He will be a guided ruler, like the whole of our Rashid in Abu Bakr and Omar with manually or the Allah and whom He will be similarly upon the guidance of, of

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the qualified Russian and then a resource alum. So as we said, awaited Messiah or savior. Most religions seem to agree that there is going to be a great tribulation towards the end of times. So I think all religions agree the world is headed to a catastrophe. And when mankind is at its darkest moment when we in the middle of this catastrophe, there will be a savior figure who will appear and you will bring mankind out of darkness. Most adherents of different faiths are waiting for this coming

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savior. As we said the concept of the Messiah is actually a Jewish prophecy. It is a, a promise Allah had given the Bani Israel that he will rise up a king in the line of Nevada would, and he will be the savior. And he will many, many people who claim to be the Messiah within Judaism. They was when a visa came through Messiah, obviously we talked about no visa in a minute. The Jews of course, rejected no visa, let's send them the Messiah but they rejected him and so Allah took him away. Shortly after the the return of Nabi, when Allah when a visa had left, the Jews rallied around a false Messiah called Simon. And they rose up against the Romans believing this is the king. And of

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course, he was the false messiah. So they were completely defeated. And that is why the Jews were expelled from Jerusalem. And that is why the Romans destroyed Majid, Luxa, or the temple, because they follow the false messiah, and they failed. He's also an interesting individual. Just as interesting to know there was a rabbi called chapstick, V, who lived in the Ottoman world. He was a Jewish rabbi living under Islamic rule in Turkey. And he claimed to be the Messiah, he claimed to be the Messiah, and people followed him. In fact, he is perhaps the Messiah that received the most followers of all of Judaism. People really believe this man and he had some strange things that he

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did. He didn't follow the Jewish Sharia anymore. And he did all kinds of funny things. Eventually, the Khalifa called him and said, We're going to execute you for being a false messiah. And then he did something strange. He converted to Islam.

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It took off his rabbi hat and he put on the turban and said, I'm a Muslim. And he formed a type of religion between Islam and Judaism called the dawn me that, don't me. And this group is a very secretive group. They have special rituals on the outside, they bought Muslim pa Jewish. And interestingly, this group was instrumental in bringing down the Khalifa, the Ottoman Caliphate was brought down by this group put on me, it was a lot of conspiracy theories around this group and what exactly they're doing. But it's interesting just to note, a false messiah. And the roots of this false messiah was at the thinking of his followers eventually brought down the the Muslim caliphate,

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the Muslim caliphate, as we said, Christianity, Christianity, offshoot of Judaism, they accepted the true Messiah, they accepted the visa as the Messiah, and initially they followed him. But then Christianity came under such severe persecution, that they lost their way, and they elevated the Messiah, beyond the Nabhi, to a God, and they made Nebby Isa, where you have to be law in equal eternity with Allah subhanho wa taala. And they basically said, Allah, He is Allah in Connect, he's not even a man. He's Allah in human form. So we agree with the Christians in who the Messiah is. And we agree that he must come again. And we agree with the Jews in the nature of the Messiah, the

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Messiah is not a God in human form, he is a man, but so that we disagree Of course, with each in terms of other aspects. And so, Islam we believe that the ISA is the true Messiah, born of a virgin, he will come and he will, he will establish the kingdom of Allah subhanaw taala. And he will bring all of mankind to Islam as a servant and as a slave of Allah subhanaw taala. There were many who claim to be messiahs, for example, within Islam as well. So within Islam, we had many false messiahs Minister Hulan Ahmed, the mid of accordionists, he first claimed to be a Mujaddid Reviver, then the mahadi when he claimed to be a Nabi, and the Messiah. And in fact, this is exactly what the gel will

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do. He will claim to be a mahadi, a guide, a reformer, a man will bring peace and he won't bring peace at the time of tribulation, then he will say, I'm a special person, I'm an OB, and people for then he will say, I am the Messiah. And even she'll say, I am God. Now, just think about this.

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Almost half the world's population already believed the Messiah is God. They already worship the Messiah as God. So if someone comes and he claims to be the Messiah, and they follow Him, eventually they will worship him. In fact, they'll actually by extension, worship Him, Christians will worship him. And that is in line with what Allah teaches we'd know about eschatology, the End of Times, The by faith also, it's the it's a sheer offshoot, but also from the idea of a Messiah that eventually formed a whole new religion complete new the religion by behaviorism. Buddhism also is waiting for a final reformer, and Hindus as well. They claim that the final 10th and final Maha Avatar, they

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obviously believe God comes in human form, the last version of God coming down is awaited as well. So the world is waiting for the super human. And as Allah would decree, this is the will of Allah, He will send two very powerful people,

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a true Messiah and a false messiah. And as you can see how divided the world is on something which seems so clear. This is why the age of the gel is the age of deception, not knowing truth from falsehood, and even a sincere person might end up being

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Leaving the dojang through his deception.

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So most religions agree as we sit to the end of times and so let's talk about the world from an Islamic perspective, the eschatology, how far are we from this point in time? What does Islam teacher teach us about? The coming of Nabi Isa, the coming of the jail, what will the world look like? And how close are we? So there are many signs or minus signs of the coming of piano. For example, the man Allah's Prophet, the Prophet some tells us that the time will come with the dunya worldly gain is more important, more important than the diligent and in the last 100 years is the first time we really experienced mess. renunciation of religion. Religion has become irrelevant in

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the world, the majority of Western countries, if you ask them to tick a box, they'll say, I'm not religious. So never before has mankind seen religion becoming irrelevant like we are today. Islamic knowledge would disappear even though the look at the the tsunami says, even though everybody will be lifted it they can read and write, Islamic knowledge will be few and far between. We are living in that age and never before has this happened. We would be not only the permissibility, it will become normal, it will become not strange, it won't become even a something that we are shocked about to see people drinking alcohol, taking drugs, yearning music being played Xena being committed

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openly. I mean, subhanAllah, we, you know, the scholars of the past said, when they read this hadith that a woman and a man would fornication openly publicly, and the world wouldn't even like stop and pause. It would just be normal. They couldn't understand how is this today we know it, well protect our kids. Our kids six, seven years old, have more access to * women, then feed our head with a click of a button, our children can see what we couldn't even see. And it's become known. This didn't happen until maybe 1015 years ago. Subhan Allah, the time will come with so much killing that I mean, sort of one of the one of the hallmarks of the coming of the job is they will be constant

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warfare, killing, killing, killing. And people don't even know who's the good guys bad guys. The killer will know is killing and the kill will know why he's killing

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the part of the signs that

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they will be a loss of Amana, that you would not trust when it especially business.

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The norm would be I feel I'm going to be cheated here. If I get a plumber, I get a electrician I do an investment. Most likely I'm going to be cheated. If I find one good person. I tell me this guy's honest guy. That's the that's the norm. That's the odd man out and honest person. That wasn't the case before. In the past, it was that's the scam. Everyone else abides by regulations. today. We live in that age as an abuser. So have a look at this hadith that says A time will come we're not a single person who would escape the fire or even the smoke of Riba. You can't escape whatever. somehow some way you will translate as best as you try to be Sharia compliant. Even the Sharia

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compliant business they'll tell you, we have to do a cleansing every quarter, because we can't get away from the Riba.

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Everyone will be exposed to the smoke of Riba and the river of course, is one of the seven most destructive sins. Wealth will be spread far and wide. The Muslim ummah will be the wealthiest in the world. But Zakah would not be available the Constitution's can't function. Yet the wealthiest countries in the world are Muslim countries. The Muslim ummah will be massive in number huge amounts of people. But if no is no power, Sahaba couldn't understand it they will feel so they couldn't understand how can the Ummah be large in number, but they are being invaded left, right and center. That means is that your value would be you would have no value and no power

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disunity than me so Solange was asked about a time it was a very long hadith of Hodeidah where he says, Yeah, Rasulullah when things get bad, what would it be like? It'd be so said to be safe, stick with the Jama and stick with the leader of the Muslims to be safe. So he said, Whatever time comes, there will be no Gemma, and there'll be no leader. This is under the VCC if that happens, then avoid being involved in all this fitness stuff. But we are living in that. And as I said, the fall of the caliphate as weak as the Ottoman Khalifa was at least there was someone there someone that we could say was the Khalifa for more than 100 years for the first time in the history of the Ummah do we

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have this age no Gemma, no Khalifa no ruler.

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And this coincides we talk about the formation of the State of Israel which aligns with all these things and I'm not trying to be fatalistic this could be a million years from now, Alana Allah's timeframe is different. But we take heed of the signs that everyone says that or Dharma will be few and rare and scarce through an AMA and when the one generation of Obama leaves the next generation is not to the same caliber. We are still talking about Imam Shafi man Buhari. We don't have the likes of them. We have great scholars may Allah grant us scholars and Allah bless our scholars, but not to the caliber of this previous scholars scholarship. Even though people can read and write it's

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not the same. And then the results and says time will come with the worst people on earth will rule. People who are openly immoral, openly corrupt in the

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dealings in business openly commit Zina openly cheat, and they kill indiscriminately. They are the ones ruling the world.

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And that's what we see.

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The nations of the world will feast on the Muslim lands, we see that women will be clothed with their naked * would be the norm. Not all the signs are bad. So one of the signs that women will increase over men so all of these signs were negative. Some people say this is an evil sign up, but it's the reality is unlocked. One of the projects we get Burano is to do the meet and greet trying to get our single sisters marrying our single to Samaria brothers. And it's, it's finally getting to a point where it's voice to one, you know, it's Allah, Allah, this is the wisdom of Allah. But we get to a point where we can't accommodate they're just more women than men. This is just the

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reality. And there'll be some spoke about this time, that climate and crisis and a kind of

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feminine, geographical and instability will increase, earthquakes will increase time passing quickly. Subhanallah how to the weeks in the years 2023 is almost finished. Basically, it's done. How many of us can just remember last December and now it's, it's over? We ask How did our grandparents managed to raise 1215 Kids, we struggled to raise one or two, just from a time perspective live. So the baraka of time and the baraka of money is gone.

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Without formal training, formal education, formal jobs, they built masajid how many of us could say we built the masjid even Subhanallah mosques will be beautiful than our businesses adorned, and the voice will be loud in the microphones, but it would be empty.

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When the Arabs start competing in building the tallest buildings in the world, no unity, no Khalifa. So these are all signs and all of them Subhan. Allah, if you look at the minus signs, basically, like 95 of them have come to pass, we see them. Now they're very specific science talking about the end of times.

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The reason this is the start of the mill hammer, the mill hammer is the Armageddon, the Great Wall. And the great wall is understood to be between the Muslims and the bunny as well. But as far as the yellow skin, Europeans, there will be a major conflict between Muslims on the one side, and at that time, it was understood to be the Romans But by the European superpowers, and that is this Armageddon will begin with a battle in Constantinople, the conquest of Constantinople and that's why most colonists believe the constant the conquest of Christ is to the old one that happened by the Ottomans, there will be another one, the conquest of Constantinople, or there'll be a fight day,

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after the conquest of Constantinople will be will result in the release of the gel, the gel will appear after the Muslims are able to recapture Constantinople. Right? We know that the ummah will be leaderless and divided this has already happened. We know that they will be bunny so eel will return to Jerusalem or return to Palestine. Now, even though as we said, just because it is a hallmark of Qiyamah. So we say we know Xena will increase, we don't say because we want Messiah to come, we must propagate Xena, because Xena must happen and then Nabi Isa can return. And this is what the Christian Zionists are doing. We agree with the Christians. We agree with the Jews that that part of

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Kiama there will be a return of Bani Israel to Jerusalem, but we don't go and actively try and support it might not even be a good thing. But we are confirmed that this is in the Hadith literature. And it is for the first time 1948 The State of Israel, a Jewish country was established in Israel for more than 3000 years.

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And the capital moved in 2017. Remember, it's not just Israel, in Jerusalem, the capital officially move America recognize the shifting of the capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in 2017.

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the Jews are waiting, the coming of the Messiah, the first Messiah and they are still waiting for the Messiah. So they're waiting for a Superman to come and to make them strong against the world. The Christians are waiting for the return of Navy Isa AS God to bring all of mankind under Christianity. And we are of course also waiting for the return of the ISA who will bring all of mankind to Islam. And the return of the Jews in Palestine is common across all three religions.

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And part of the Jewish in the Christian eschatology is the belief that the temple must be rebuilt. And this will be the headquarters where basically most Luxa is will be rebuilt, and this will be the headquarters of of the Messiah.

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Our time is up. We will just end up with this one Hadith and then we'll continue next week. Then a recent Salam speaks says he says

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look out for the signs for the coming of Kiana when Jerusalem becomes flourishes. It's sort of the center of attention, Jerusalem will flourish. It is the centerpiece of the world and Medina will it be in the ruins now it could mean that Medina becomes irrelevant. Medina is irrelevant on the political stage Medina has no relevance. The state their own state of yesterday will be in vain.

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They at this time, there will be a great wall. And the great wall will be, will result eventually to climax in a battle for Constantinople. And at the conquest of Constantinople, will be the emergence of the jungle. And of course, after the gel will come, maybe Isa will be called come, maybe ESA. So now the first chain, the first link in the chain is a lot is going to happen in Jerusalem and the return of the Jews to Jerusalem. And so we'll talk about and then the result is all of this. Like once the gel comes from the conquest of Constantinople until the end of the jail, all of this happens in a six year period. is very, very quick once thing starts is going to move very, very

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quickly. May Allah protect us. We continue next week in sha Allah, Allah grant this protection, just a few announcements as you Fatima Kofoed, who had a 100th birthday a few months ago, she had a stroke. So we asked about the grantor Shiva and strength and there are quite a number of people who are sick, some of them are in hospital, some have gone populations. They want to remain anonymous, but will make the other organs all of them shifa Ward's who are going through hardship and Allah subhanaw taala make easy for them. Allah make it easy. I mean, I mean this Friday or Sunday we spoke about the we thank everybody for coming to the protests last week. And then just an announcement

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tomorrow for Sunday, this Sunday third of December from hopless eight here in the masjid, we will be having a obrah workshop for those who are going on Rancho and those who wants to get into zakat, I hope so don't want to forget

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