When The Heart is at Peace

Ali Hammuda


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The speaker discusses the meaning of "immediate" and the physical and metatangible aspects of it, including the feeling of loneliness and fear in the human heart. They also mention the home of happiness, where we can only see happiness and not fear or anxiety.

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So when the heart is attended to forget about what your limbs may be experiencing, even if it is imprisonment, a physical one or a metaphorical one, you are at peace.

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And you will repeat the words of Imam Abdul Karim who said these are wonderful words who should be written with ink of gold, or something more precious than the ink of gold like the tears of the righteous believer that he sheds for the sake of his Lord, he said,

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fulfilled can be shattered. Now I don't know who in an economical Allah Allah.

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But in the human heart, there is a sense of scattering that can only be gathered by returning back to Allah subhanaw taala.

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While Phil called me Washington using

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Illumina, and in the human heart, there is a sense of loneliness that can only be raised by finding companionship with ALLAH SubhanA

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wa feel called me How awful wapella could have been if you're already in Allah. And in the human heart, there is a sense of fear and anxiety that can only be removed by fleeing back to Allah Warfield can be hacer la, la, you'd fit in or readable, and in the heart, there is a sense of regret, that can only be extinguished by being content with Allah subhanho Wa Alaikum.

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So where is the home of happiness? The home of happiness is the heart we ask Allah gender, to allow us to taste it and to treat our enhance