Protect Your Tawheed Legislation Belongs To Allah Alone

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam and the lack of freedom in the United States. They also mention the legalization of abortion and the dangerous actions of Muslims who come after the death of their mother. The speaker warns against the "ball game" and suggests that the "ball game" is a result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result of the "ball game" that is the result
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You and I should know that legislation is a right that belongs to Allah and no one else. Allah azza wa jal, he says in in hook mu Illa legislation and law making belongs to Allah. It is only Allah Who tells us what is forbidden and what is halal. Only Allah, no one else. So now, when there are governments around the world, especially in the Western countries that legislate according to their the their desire, and legislate and make laws according to what the vast majority of people, which is known as democracy. Anyone who supports this process, or accepts this process has fallen into shook on as we learn

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and as a result is damaged distort hate. How is this person going to be expecting to the saved on the Day of Judgment?

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Even we need to be careful

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abortion laws, someone decided to get together and say you know what, it is legal for a woman to abort up to six months.

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Anything beyond four months is considered Laura, who you people to say that this is legal and it is allowed to be done on a loss off.

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On your mother has the right to see whether this matter is halal and haram.

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And it is by consensus of the Ummah that anything past four months is impermissible to about

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same sex marriage. In Allah's law, it is haram.

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Who are these people that come about and say, You know what, let's decide to legalize this the next day, and allow people to practice what they like and what they desire. Anyone who supports this process

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has fallen into a ship

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because he has supported the right of legislation farther than Allah assertion, dangerous now, these are just examples and how many, many Muslims

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that have fallen into something like this. And even this was at the time of Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam a companion came to an abuse of Allah Allah you know Salam.

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When in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam was reading from the Quran, it

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herbarium in dunya, Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he said in the Quran, that the people have taken their rabbis and their priests as lords besides Allah.

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So a companion came and said, the other soul of Allah, the Christians and the Jews are not making Sousou wood to the rabbi's and their priests. So what does it mean that they they have taken them Lords that don't make sue to them? See this companion is thinking that the only form of check is to do sujood taller than Allah. Then in the RE sallallahu alayhi wa sallam corrected his understanding? He said team and I used to your head Luma Hub One Allah where you have removed Allah. He said to him, do the rabbi's in their priests, make lawful what Allah made unlawful and they make unlawful what Allah made lawful, meaning they legislate and they declare what's halal and haram according to

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what they like the companion Sidious that's what happens. He said Fatima Eva to whom? Them supporting them on this mother. That is them worshipping them. That is a shake. They nullified data heat.

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So be very careful, my brothers and sisters that we don't fall into something like this, because the heat will save you on the Day of Judgment. We shift and that's one of its forms all doom and destroy you on the Day of Judgment, no chance the received