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Yasir Qadhi
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Shala today's brief Hatha lecture is going to be about a topic that has generated some discussion, especially in these particular days. And it goes back to ancient times as a concept of theology. So we're going to discuss what is this aspect, what are the controversy and inshallah what is perhaps the correct opinion and the topic is about the MACD. Many of us have heard this notion of the MACD and it is mentioned in a number of books of Hadith and it is one of the key differences between our theology as well as sooner or soon ism and the non Sunni group, the majority non Sunni group there's two main groups of Islam. So this notion of the MADI, it is one of the fundamental points of

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difference between us and between them. So firstly, what is the MADI? Secondly, what is the evidence of his existence and characteristics? And thirdly, what is some of the historical controversies that taking place the term Maddie is a title it's not a name and it means the rightly guided from Huda mahadi That he is guided and so he will guide he will be guided and He will guide other people. So the Maddie is somebody who is correctly guided he has he Daya he himself is upon the straight path. Now the term Mahadevi is not found in the Quran, meaning as a person going to come nor is it found in the most authentic books of Hadith of Hadith which is Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. But we do

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find references to this concept in some of the other books such as the Sunnah of Abu Dawood, such as the Masada rock about how Kim such as the Sunnah of imager such as the Muslim ummah, Muhammad, we find a number of traditions about a person. And some of them his name is mentioned Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah, the process and I'm set hadith is in Abu Dhabi with a man shall come towards the end of times, his name will be my name, and the name of his father will be the name of my father, meaning Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah, and in other traditions, his description is given, a man shall come with an aquiline nose and abroad forehead, and other traditions, the timeframe will be mentioned towards

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the end of times a man shall come in yet other traditions, the conditions of the time are mentioned the prophecy some said, there will be a time that is full of injustice and evil and Allah will send a person who will bring about justice and harmony, justice and equilibrium. So we learn from this that in the Hadith literature, there is this notion of somebody coming towards the end of times, his name is going to be Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah and his title his description will be the MADI not that his name is Madi, his his description, it's an adjective how you describe him, and he shall come towards the end of times. Now, I said there's no explicit reference in Bukhari and Muslim to

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the Mahadevi. But there is implicit reference there is implied reference in Bukhari and Muslim. For example, in the Sahih Muslim our Prophet sallallahu sallam said that when he Sabina Medea will come down, your Imam shall be from amongst you what you Mom will come in come, the term Imam is used. Scholars have understood this as a reference to the MADI even though it's not explicit In another Hadith also so I'm Muslim. The process I'm said when a sub an Imodium comes down, he shall come down in the white minaret in Damascus. They say this is the OMA yard mosque which was built after the Hadith was mentioned. They say this the Umayyad mosque is gonna come down in the white minaret and

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Salat al Fajr, Adan will have been given the person will be leading or about to lead and a civilian body will come down. The person leading will say Teresa, you come and Isa will say no, this is for you, not for me. Now, there's no name given of the Maddie. But our scholars say this is a reference to the Maddie. Our scholars say this is a reference to the Maddie. If this is the case, then we learn the Maddie is going to be a person who is alive. When Risa and the John are both here, which means the very end of times if you're going back to the lectures I gave here at Epic the signs of Day of Judgment. I mentioned Risa and the journal. They are of the major signs right before the

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trumpet is blown. This is at the very end of times. The fact that Issa comes down and the Maddie is leading Salah means that the MaHA D will witness this end of times. So the coming of the mahadi is signaling the beginning of the very end the last final days on earth. Now, this concept of mahute the in our tradition by our I mean a holla sooner or soon NISM it is very clear

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This is not a supernatural person with wings, he's gonna fly in the Heavens, no. He's a normal human being flesh and blood. He doesn't have supernatural powers. He doesn't have elemental hype. Nobody has elemental him according to us other than Allah subhanho wa Taala right. He does not say Kuhn for your code only Allah is like this. Rather, He is a righteous human being. And a person whom the OMA agrees upon that he should lead them during the time of fitna, there's going to be a time of civil war, a time of chaos, and the Ummah shall agree, this is the person who shall lead us that is the characteristic of the melody, and he shall be fighting that the John until isa comes he won't be

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successful against the jug, but he shall fortify the believers waiting for ISA to come. Behind him, the believers will be fighting that the John and when their isa comes down, Lisa will take over, and Isa will kill the job. So the Maddy according to our tradition is a normal human being of flesh and blood, he has no supernatural powers, he shall be born at the end of times and live a normal life and die and that will be his demise. Now, the other group, the non Sunni group, the major group that is you know, the second largest group of the Ummah, that group has a very different belief about the MACD and they say the MA D has already been born. And the MA D for them is the 12th Imam, they have

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12 Imams, according to their theology. From their standpoint, they say the MaHA D has already been born. And the Maddy is currently alive amongst us. But he is hidden to the masses. He could be anywhere he could be in this audience. He could be there he could be here. He is alive and active, helping the poor and performing miracles. And according to them, he has supernatural powers, he knows in Malay, and he can control the creation, and they give him powers that are from our perspective, not appropriate, like this is something only Allah azza wa jal has, but from their perspective, they say no, all of the Imams have it. And this is now the 12 imam who is currently

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alive but he's in hiding. They say that the Imam is alive but in hiding. And when the Imam returns, he's not going to be born, he's already born. He's going to be who'd his he's going to become apparent, and He will reveal Himself cash, He will reveal Himself, not that he's going to be born and live in or know, according to us, the mother is going to be born normal birth live a normal life. In fact, in one Hadith, in the Muslim ummah, Muhammad, there is a reference that the mighty might not even be pious in his youth, and he will become pious, when he becomes older. The phrase is, you'll slip it Hola houfy Leila. In one night, Allah will rectify him, which means he was not

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rectified, which means he might have not been the best person that one night or something's going to happen, and he will become a very pious person, then people will begin to respect him. And then people shall eventually say we want you to be in charge. And then the times at the end of times will happen. According to the other group. The Maddie is currently alive and hidden amongst us. And

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the Maddie when he comes back, the main purpose for that group is not to fight against the job or to know it's something that is actually awkward to say. And that is, according to them, the muddy will bring back the rights of the Al bait and will exact revenge upon those that oppose the Al bait. And if you understand this, then fine. If not, then don't worry about it. This is one of the awkward topics. We don't want to flare sectarianism, but we have to teach facts. So we try to unify as much as possible. But this is a fact that does divide and we try to explain without provoking hatred, we're trying to be factual without incendiary topics. But fact of the matter is, some people from

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that group believed that the mad he is going to massacre not the followers of the John, but Muslims who didn't agree with their theology. And that's obviously problematic because that raises sectarianism. We strongly disagree with this. So this is Sunni Islam. This is non Sunni Islam. I didn't mention the term on purpose. Now. Has there been any controversy within our Sunni Islam? Yes, definitely.

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There has always been dissenting voices even within our tradition. Even for example, some of the tabby rune the students of the Sahaba they believed that East 70 Mata Yom is going to be the man the Not that there's going to be a person separate from him. They say, when the process is talking about the malady This is a prediction of Isa, that he is the person

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Soon who will be rightly guided there has been that sentiment. Also in our own tradition, the founder of the Abbas at Empire, what is his name? Who can tell me the founder of the Abbasids?

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The founder don't Google Now yourself

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quick googling?

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No, that's the main fighter Abuja federal monsoon. Abuja federal monsoon is the founder of the Abbasids. He actually his name was Abdullah. He named his son Mohammed, Mohammed ibn Abdullah and he gave him the LACOB al-mahdi. So one of the above said Hola, fah is alma de Billa, whose name is Mohamed ibn Abdullah and his father set up the scenario hoping his son would be the Mati. Interesting, right. He hoped that his son will be the MADI, and this is the first time out of many, many, many times that people try to script a Hollywood script to try to bring the catalyst that the MADI comes. No, you cannot script Allah as other. You cannot script the actual plan that's going to

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happen Allah will bring it to happen. You cannot act the act. When the melody comes, he will be the melody. You cannot write an entire dialogue and pretend you are the melody. Throughout history, more than 40 people throughout all of history. We know of at least 40 There are more I'm sure that have claimed to be the MADI more than 40 beginning with alma de Billa Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah ibn Abu Jaffa monsoon. This is the first and he's within our tradition, so NISM right. And there were many others that had been storage throughout history even recently, any Sudanese in the audience were our Sudanese friends were okay, you know, the MaHA the movement of Sudan, right? The MADI movement,

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they're still around to this day, are they not? Yes, they're still a group in the in Sudan. 150 years ago, somebody claimed to be the mahadi in Sudan. And he fought the British. And for a while he was successful, then the British completely, you know, decimated his followers, but the group remains and he claimed he was the MADI, and there is a movement to this day, they have a leader they consider him to be the MADI in India as well. I don't want to be too explicit, but there is a group some of you know it, that they are a slightly different group than ours, even though they call themselves Sunni, but they are a slightly different group. And they have a math either in the 10s of

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1000s. I have met one or two of them myself. They're in the 10s of 1000s. And they have this and in Iran, there came a fad 200 years ago, multiple people claimed to be the Maddy and one of them founded the Bahai movement. The you know, the Viva, its founder was a Muslim who claimed to be the malady. And then he founded and broke away. And another group called the bobbies, if you know them, they're also also from within that that timeframe. He also said, He's the mahadi. And then what happened happened in 1979. I have given multiple lectures about this, right? A person claimed to be the mahadi, in Arabia in Saudi Arabia, and he hijacked maca itself. Some of you who are above the

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age of 4550. Remember this and I have given multiple lectures because I have interviewed dozens of people. I was too young to remember the incident. But by the time I went to study in, in the University of Medina, many of my teachers were undergraduates when this movement was active, so I interviewed myself multiple people who were aware of this movement, some of whom followed it for a while, and then left the movement. So I interviewed myself, I witnesses people who are in the house of this person and discussing plans and whatnot. I have lots of information. Maybe one day I'll give more lectures because some of it is very sensitive, but in 1979, a person by the name of Mohammed

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Abdullah Abdullah Al Qahtani claimed to be the MADI now in one Hadith and Sunnah Buddhahood it mentions that the MADI shall be given be out in front of the Kaaba between the rochen and the MACOM. That the MA D will take the BR between the rochen and the MACOM are a between the one it says rockin over here. It means the hajat password and the MACOM it means the Maqam Ibrahim, so between them a combi Ibrahim and the door of the Kaaba basically the MADI will be given the Oath of Allegiance this is in a hadith in Abu Dhabi, okay, and a hadith Sahih Bukhari it mentions that not by name because remember, Go body and Muslim don't mention the Matthew my name, but it meant

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chins one of the signs at the end of times is that a righteous man shall flee to Makkah. And the armies will be sent against him to kill him. And Allah azza wa jal will cause the earth to open up and destroy all the armies and the man shall be protected. Now our scholars say this is the muddy the Hadith does not say muddy, but who else can it be? And this is the predominant position that one of the signs of the muddy is that the people will choose them as a leader, the actual leaders will not like the guy so the actual leaders will want to kill him. He's going to flee for his life to muck up, he doesn't have an army, the armies of the Muslim kings, they're going to be in Sahih

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Muslim, it says, three sons of a king are going to fight for power, and the Kaaba is going to be center. So these are all predictions where the end of the times if you're, if you don't know four years ago, when I moved here, I give a whole long series about the signs of judgment. You can listen right here in epic you can listen to that and I went over all of these signs. So in Sahiba hottie it mentions that the earth shall open up and Allah will destroy the armies that are sent against the righteous man, the righteous man who can he be other than the mighty So in 1979, somebody compiled all of these a hadith and wrote a Hollywood drama star for Allah, this person mentally deranged, he

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said, Let me hold the camera hostage. And let me do all of these a hadith and Allah azza wa jal will send his hidden army and the earth will swallow up the army of this government and it will be safe. And so if you know what happened on the first of Muharram in 1400, Hijiri, auspicious New Day, first of all, hold on 1400. He locked up all of the doors of the Kaaba. He took his 100 No sorry 550 People with armed machine guns hidden and whatnot, and they held the kava hostage, they held the Imam of the Haram hostage. They took the microphone and they announced the MACD had come. There's actual video recordings and audio recordings on YouTube in Arabic, very poor quality, but actual

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audio recordings you can listen to them speaking if you listen very carefully because there's poor recording. And the man is quoting the Hadith about widowhood. The Prophet says Adam said that the mighty will come and he will be given by between the rockin and the MACOM. And here he is, and all of you come and give him by.

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You do not take a hadith and make us Hollywood drama out of it. It happens it happens you do not expedite it. But they thought that this is their job. Of course, hundreds of people were killed innocent who judge were killed. For the first time in 1000 years. The wife stopped around the cab for two weeks. The cab people did not visit it because of the hostage holding. And the army had to attack and things happen back and forth. Inside the cab inside the harem machine guns fighting one another people died bloodshed, electrocution chemical warfare. I've gone into detail in other lectures. This happened in 1979. Literally, you know, when I was a child, I didn't I wasn't aware of

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it. I'm just saying it's not enough. It's not like generations ago. It happened in our own lifetimes. And of course, the suppose that Maddie was killed in this battle, and all of his followers were executed that were captured alive. And clearly he wasn't the Maddie. There was no earth swallowing up an army. What not, you don't play games with the Shediac you don't put yourself I am the Mahadevi you know, it doesn't work that way. In fact, one of our scholars said anybody who claims to be the MADI disqualifies himself from being the mighty. I repeat anybody who claims he is the MADI disqualifies himself because the MACD shall not claim it until the people give it to him

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when all of these miracles happen.

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So to be very clear, there are many people now especially on the internet claiming to be the MACD.

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Any person who needs to send out tweets and YouTube videos, many of which are fake and AI and whatnot. Any person who needs to talk about bizarre dreams telling you he's the Maddie automatically disqualifies himself from being the Maddie. I repeat no person who claims to be the Maddie is the magic. The Maddie shall not claim to be the magic. The Maddie will be a righteous person. He will run away from power run away from fame. The people will love him the people will respect him the government's will want to kill him. He's gonna run for his life to the Kaaba. Then when you see that miracle happen, then you know this is the matter until that happens. No we do

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Not directly get involved one final footnote here.

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Is it something that is completely unanimously agreed upon within our Sunni Islam? Responses? No, the vast majority of Adama say yes, there is a concept called the MADI, but throughout history there have always been some Grudem up, you know, minority but they have been there it been husband, for example, said all of the Hadith of the Mahdi, they are weak and another scholar of the of the 70s, a great scholar, the chief judge of the State of Qatar.

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Abdullah muhammad shah, Abdullah, he is actually one of the contemporaries of Chef Ben boss. He's a student of Muhammad Ibrahim, he is coming from definitely the mainstream, you know, hardcore Sunni tradition. He's not an outsider. He was a very core like defender of the idea. There is no Maddie in Sunni Islam, he said, and he's coming from Satanism that the concept of Maddie is imported from the non Sunni group into Sunni Islam. Right. interesting anecdote. He said this during the time of this incident in Makkah, and he was very public about this, these people are all wrong, because there is no concept and he said it in a public conference. In that conference were great scholars, Chef Al

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Bundy if you know his name, shall Yusuf al Qaradawi Sheikh Mohammed Al Ghazali, if you know his name, all of these people were in that conference not sure Abdullah

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Abdullah Al Muhammad was senior to them at age and he made a blunt statement. Lama de Yetta Phil Islam this is something that has come from the non Sunni group and infiltrated our Sunni books, all of the Hadith of the mighty according to him, or we can fabricate it. Share Khalil Bonnie said I want to have a debate with you as a young man at the time a middle aged man and in the room was Yusuf al Qaradawi. And Sheikh

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Hamad Al Ghazali. And others like can you imagine this, you know, and according to the people that were there, I've just listening to them, according to the people that were there. Shahab de la was not convinced, and he remained firm on his position. There is no such thing as the Maddie. Now, interestingly enough, Chef Qaradawi eventually adopted this position as well. And shall Qaradawi also said, I don't accept these Hadith as being authentic. And this is something that is not something that we should believe in. That's their opinion. I respect their opinion. I'm telling you factually, the vast majority of our scholars, even hedger, Ashok Kearney, in fact, a great scholars

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of Hadith of Sahaba and others, they said these Hadith are authentic. So the default position is that there is this notion of MADI however, in our tradition, the MADI does not form a major basis of our theology. It's in the footnotes, it's there. As for the non Sunni group, the belief in the mahadi is of course, Central. It is the pillar of their theology. And for us, it is something incidental so much so even if somebody denies it and says the Hadith are not authentic, he's still within Satanism, we've had people that have said this that, yeah, this concept is not authentic for our traditions. He's still within Satanism. In any case, I wanted to conclude on the key point here,

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because there's a lot of confusion and people are saying this, listen to me carefully. What did I tell you? If somebody claims he's the MACD he cannot be the MACD. So understand this point here. I actually believe there is somebody going to come call the MACD right? But anybody who claims this right now is a liar. We will only know the malady when will we know when the signs come? And what is the main sign that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will miraculously defend them in the in the Haram itself, and the Kaaba shall protect this person and army sent to kill him? That army will be vanquished without any bloodshed from our sight, because we are not allowed to shed blood in Makkah, but Allah

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azza wa jal will cause an earthquake, and that's it. Allah has called upon those people. When that happens, that is the sign of the mahadi. Until then, final point, it gives us a final point, one of our scholars mentioned, why does she have called Darwin not like the concept of the mighty by the way, she'll Qaradawi you and I respect him immensely. Sure. Qaradawi said, Too many people have stopped political activism, thinking that the man they will come and save them.

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And he said, This is not Islam. Even if there is the man or not, you don't just sit back and say we're going to do nothing. You must try your best to bring about a better world, you must try to bring about better society. And when the mahadi comes good, but until the melody comes, we all have work to do. And we cannot use the concept of the melody to become immobilized to become lazy. If the melody comes when the melody comes good for us, actually, we don't want to be there when he does come. We hope and pray we don't see that date. Right. But we're regardless of that belief, we still have an obligation to form a better society and to bring about as much peace and justice as we can

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and with that, Inshallah, if there was some benefit in these comments. I will continue next week is going to look at

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Santa Monica

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning Mina team will quantity now look on it the more slowly been our slaw the bond the one saw the Rena was slobby a lot the one before for sharing you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I didn't want to tell someone the lino one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman wasn't happy a lot it was that good enough along I guess

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was the guilt or I don't know hula.

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