If everything is destined by Allah and if anyone commit any sin then who is to blame?

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If everything is destined by Allah, and if I commit any sin, then who is to blame?

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If I am destined to commit a murder, and then I commit a murder, but naturally I will not be responsible for it. It is Allah who has destined it, therefore, he will be responsible, then why should I be punished for this?

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As far as the question of discovery is concerned, it's a common question asked by Muslim rather than non Muslim about the color of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's difficult to understand.

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I'd love to give an example for people to know that Allah subhana wa Taala has

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ilma gab has knowledge of the unseen, he has knowledge of the future. Let me give an example, that if in a classroom, there is a teacher who teaches the students, after one year has passed, before the examination, the teacher predicts that this child

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he will come first class plus this child, he'll get a second class this child See, he will fail. And once the examination takes place, and when the results are out student a guest a first class first student B he gets a second class student see he fails. The question I would like to ask is that just because the teacher predicted that the student si would fail? Can the student see blame the teacher say that because the teacher predicted that I will fail I have failed.

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But natural answer is no. The teacher predicted the student he will get a first class well, because he knew that the student was studious and he was intelligent. So then B you will have to then see his to play hooky. He used to bunk school. He never used to study nerves through the homework. So based on that, the teacher predicted that students he would fail, but students he cannot blame the teacher because the teacher predicted I will fail Therefore, I failed, the student himself is responsible. Similarly, Allah subhanho wa Taala has him again. For example, when a human being comes at a crossroad there are fire roads from which he can choose road 12345 he has the Free Will he can

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choose any he chooses road three.

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And that's already mentioned in the destiny that he will choose road three, it is not because Allah has mentioned he will choose road three, that he has chosen route three, it is because he will be choosing road three, Allah subhanaw taala writes in advance, because he has in my game, like how the teacher predicts in advance. So Allah knows this person has a choice, he can choose any of the roads from the five roads available, but it uses road three, so Allah knows in advance he will be choosing road three, therefore you mentioned in the car that in the country that he will be choosing road three. Now once he goes to road three. After some time, he comes on another crossroad. 123 he

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chooses route three, because he will be choosing road three, Allah knows in advance as well again, so he's mentioned that after some time, he will come into the crossroad and this particular person will choose again road three, it is not because Allah has mentioned in that deed that he will choose road three that is choosing road three, it is because he has chosen or three, Allah has been in advance. It's a bit confusing. But we realized that allez Elba game, same way, a person.

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If he wants to earn in livelihood, he has both choices. Either you can try hard, work hard, and do on his job and on that money. Or he can rob or you can still the choice is this person prefers to steal. Now Allah knows in advance that at the age of 25, he has the option of working hard and earning honest living or stealing.

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But this person steals. So Allah knows in advance he will be stealing. Therefore I'll add it in that I did he will steal. It did not because a leather tin that he has stolen, it is because he will be stealing a lead in advance. Similarly, if a person commits murder, it's his choice. He can either not commit murder, or he can commit murder choices if any commits murder, who's to blame? He's to blame. So here we realized that allies ilma gab that's the reason they're the same. In although there's a very good couplet Bella Mike Bell receive clinical Gretna Buland de la cadabra, Monday's acquit, whichever that is, which means that make yourself so great

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that before Allah writes the destiny he will ask you what is your wish?