A Special Gift From Allah

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You know, when you go when you go into the court of kings and the king likes you, they give you something special,

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something special something befitting their status. You don't go to the court of a king and he gives you a fiver

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cinturato mon Taha is monta ha it's no because you love to Salaam says, I can't go any further monta homins end syndrome in the Lotus tree. There will be some Allah and he described it that the leaves were the size of the A's of the elephant.

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Hey, zebra in LA south as long as you the message of Allah from here you go.

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I can't go any further. No person has gone further than that.

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And this is monta ha means the end.

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Nothing after it. Mm, no, we say what does it mean? It means the fact that all the ambia the knowledge all the angel, the knowledge finishes there, it doesn't go any further.

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So then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now enters and I'm not going to go into the thick of this course is very, very detailed. Did the province of Muslim see Allah or did he not see Allah subhanho wa Taala it's a whole 50 bajas, which we don't really have the time to go through. But anyway, the what happens there, he meets Allah, that's what establish, did he see Allah Do you not see Allah? We speak about another occasion inshallah.

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So he meets Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah subhanho wa Taala now gives him some think.

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You know, when you go, when you go into the court of kings, and the king likes you, they give you something special,

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something special, something befitting their status. You don't go to the court of a king, and he gives you a fiver. Why, because a fiver does not be fit the king.

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So what did Allah give one of the main things that he gave to the prophet SAW Allah Allah He was alone with Salah

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Allah Kippur.

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He gave him Salah.

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All the other of the shery were descended to the province and lesson through revelation, the only thing that Allah subhanaw taala called the promise of Allah and Islam to him for was Salah.

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To emphasize to you and I, the importance of Salah.

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The Salah, for a believer is like the mirage.

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See, the water is a Mullah and he was seldom in the miraggio body went to the heavens.

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When a believer prays his Salah

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his soul goes to Allah. He speaks to Allah directly.

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He read Surah Fateha whenever believer read sort of 40 Allah replies on every single sentence.

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It's a mirage. I mean,

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this Allah, Allah subhanaw taala could have just like only

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just 70, Brahim zakka fasting, all the other ribride came and informed the message of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam, but not for Salah, for Salah Allah subhanho wa Taala called the prophet SAW Allah and he was to himself.

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And this is why Subhan Allah, the cell is so important.