Ebrahim Bham – social Justice and Ahmed Kathradas funeral

Ebrahim Bham
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Al Hamdulillah he Allah.

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Allah Allah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah says

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he will more serene.

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He was happy he was a limiter Sleeman kathira kathira Amadou favela

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Manny Rahim.

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circolo Hola.

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My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us a Deen which is comprehensive and covers every aspect of our life. Hence the ayat which I recited and Latina says enter into Islam wholeheartedly and fully. Don't be half hearted. Take some portion of the deen and reject some portion of the deen justice Allah subhanho wa Taala has emphasized the aspect of the budget that we are supposed to perform Salah fear Allah perform our fundamentals and our principles. Islam has also emphasized the importance of good conduct good character, and it is also emphasized opponents adherence to strive for social justice in the community and in a society. Islam as

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chairman Dean Hey, Joe Zindagi kita mom pero por Roshni Delta Jessie ibaadat Kia Miyako jogjakarta. Him, He citra Kumar sloty, idle Co Op Nikita Takata. And the one said part with regard to this is somehow or the other we feel, and these this dichotomy, that sometimes people who are doing the budget and they emphasize the budget, they feel they don't give sufficient

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emphasis upon the aspect of

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conduct and social justice. And sometimes I'm not saying is a general thing, and sometimes people who emphasize the aspect of social social justice or they emphasize the aspect of a flock, sometimes they are negligent or do not pay sufficient importance with regard to

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how beautiful your letter in the Holy Quran says. masala cocoon feasts are part of columna communal mousseline, Valentina Kanata, mo miskeen, just understand this allows the people of Johanna, why are you in Gangnam and they will say, lamb nakumatt akumina, mousseline we have not performed a lot and we have not encouraged and we have not done the feeding of the poor Tanaka SAT. He didn't really say you didn't perform Salah. Why are you in Jana lambda communal mousseline, we did not perform salah and we did not feed the poor. Allah makes mention of both of these things together, salad and the feeding of the poor. And this example that Allah has given that borneol Islam Allah, Allah tala has

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brought the Islam on the on five principles and five pillars, if you look at the example of a construction of a building, the palace plays a most important role without the palace, the building will not be able to survive it will come down, but no building can only be upon pillars after the pillars you put the aesthetics, you put the roof you put the beautiful you know painting that is a most beautiful building, the pillars are strong, the aesthetics are beautiful, and the paint is also beautiful, then you say it is such a beautiful building. In a similar manner our DNA is such that the pillars will be strong our solid zakaat hatch will be there. Then a HELOC and social methods

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financial matters would be like the aesthetics with regard to it.

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And they would be like the outside of the building. They will give the the beautiful aspect of the deal. The way the aesthetics make the person

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Beautiful. And this is how maybe a cream saucer mascotas maybe a cream sauce delivery budget. Maybe a cream sauce from his feet used to swell in long standing in salad. At the same time maybe a cream sauce was in the battlefield. Maybe a cream sauce was signing the Treaty of what a big Navy aquarium la while he was selling was sometimes in butter sometimes. Before the cream sauce alum signed an agreement known as helpful football. What was helpful for all healthful food was it the people of maca came together and said, if anyone is oppressed in Makkah, we the people of Makkah will get together.

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We the People of Mecca will get together to save him from oppression and injustice. Now that is the beauty of Nivea cream sauce. He loves life. He was in a budget he was in the battlefield he was in for in the fall in the front with regard to social justice. Imam ghazali Rama coolala mix mentioned some beautiful incidents about the flock of Nivea cream sauce. He said one person caught up by the name of a Buddha and he said yeah Rasulullah does Allah tala love good conduct? He got me. Jocelyn qimage. This man would call Monica. Yasser Allah, Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah He was celebrated. He took an oath by the one in whose hands lies my love life. None of you shall enter into Jannah except for good conduct conduct

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Without good conduct, you will never be able to enter into gender and part of this beauty and comprehensive aspect of our Deen is the emphasis of Islam upon justice. You know and away from the definition of justice Sen in the audio Quran in Allah

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Subhan Allah tala commands people that they must be just and they must be right yes, and they must fulfill the rights of the relatives. In Allah tala says In fact if I would say if there is one overriding quality and attributes which overrides all qualities in Islamic teachings, it would be justice. And where do we get this from? The Quran tells us la Carrara Santa Rosa una de una de la Makita well Misa Anna Leah Puma nurse will be

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allied send the prophets every prophet Allah tala Hudson and I sent him with Akita and I sent him with a balance the of whom a nurse will be lost to established people upon justice. Allah tala at send me Allah salatu wa sallam to establish justice upon earth. And and the beauty of Islam it has taught us that we must be just even in extreme emotional conflict. And there are two times in a person can swerve away from justice. One is when his own method comes to the fore appname mfat Mega hoonah to add me adult obul Jetta. So let us know what does he say punakha wamena Villa testy shuhada Allah Allah Allah Allah forsaken, I will world leader in I will ask Robin be just even if it

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be against yourself, against your family members, against your parents, against your children, against your cronies against your political allies be just and then another reason why you can stay away from justice because you don't like to do like a person. So another season of Quran, Allah yo g man, Shara comin, Allah, Allah tadeu to not let the dislike of someone because you don't like him. You treat him unjustly, but you don't like him is something else doesn't give you the right to treat him unjustly. Here are the law who are crapola, taqwa be just it is closer towards righteousness. Part of this justice is also part of social justice, what is social justice, they must be justice in

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society, Justice in terms of as far as possible distribution of wealth, not to create such a great class barrier between the rich and the poor, which creates enmity and hostility between people. There must be you know, equal opportunities for everyone. And there must be equality in society. Our our deal teaches us so much about this aspect to worry about the welfare of people whom are the ultimate used to go out and we all know this a lot and one day goes out. And when he goes out into the streets of Medina, he sees a small child crying. And he asked the mother Why is the child crying? You are in front of the child. Why is the child crying? The child is crying because I'm

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really the child of the press. The child is so small

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Why you winning the child of the press? Omar she didn't know it was Omar Omar had commanded that no child will get a stipend from the battle man until the child is weaned of the *. Omar comes back, he cries in front of Allah image, do I understand, Oh Allah, how many children did Omar make zulum upon that he made this command that no child will get a stipend until it is we'll have the breast the next morning he gives the command say that no, now every child will get a stipend irrespective if it is breastfeeding or not. Now, it's just not part of the the aspect of how Omar was worried about the society and people whether they are getting the privilege, whether they are

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they getting the rights, whether they are getting the stipends, when they O'Meara de la Tony used to get a situation where he used to allow people to come give the complaints about the administration. So one day after that time had elapsed, the time it finished. So one person came after the time has elapsed in Morocco, we used to call up people and say, come and give me a complaint. And this person comes and says, I got this need I was that needed. So when he continued with regard to that, then

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then, you know, got angry with him and said, I was sitting there with an income. Now after the time you come and you come in and ask me with regard to your complaints. So out of anger, he took out his work and he walked him across the back. And he went away. And they asked tomorrow, regretted and he started crying. And he said Oh, you are weak. And you are straight and Latella granted to you awaken Atlanta to strength and autonomy to the halifa. And now when a person comes in asked for his assistance for his rights, you treat him in such a manner. How are you going to answer to Allah He went searching for that person to come and ask and say, Come and tell me. He even went to that

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person and said, Give me a stripe across my back the way I expect you across the bank. This is the social justice that Islam has taught us. We today don't regard this as part of,

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you know, our beloved, Allahu alayhi wasallam on one occasion, a woman came she was a prisoner of war. And when she came back, she said, Oh people Oh Prophet, Mohammed

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didn't regard him as a prophet because they don't accept Islam. Oh, Mohammed, I plead with you that whether you want to freely or not,

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that is your discretion. But trust me was on a

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trip he was wanna because my father was an honorable member of the tribe. He was hot in Thai. He was a very famous generous person. He used to feed the poor. He used to fried the characters. And whenever a beggar came to his door he never rejected the beggar over hammered treat me was wanna because my father was hurting.

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What can be a cream sauce? Maybe a cream sauce from said, your father had qualities which are supposed to be the attributes of the believer.

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Your father had attributes which were supposed to be the attributes of the believer, and one rewire those and say that maybe a cream sauce from said go I have for you. Then she said, there are slowly freeing me. What about my What about my people? Maybe academics awesome said you are the true Daughter of your father who was so generous. Go I have freed you, because of your father's generosity.

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I free your people because of your generosity. What? What result was there that she goes, and she goes in, tell her brother I've even had him go and see the generosity, go and see the compassion. Go and see the justice of Muhammad. And I'd even had him come in he accepts Islam.

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Islam was in the forefront. And this the reason why I'm making mentioned with regard to it is certain people have taken a certain emphasis towards justice. And in this week, we saw such an icon who had passed away his funeral to pi to place was great headlines with regard to it. Now have these particular aspects that people have strove towards with regard to justice. It is a in Islam. It is the attributes that Islam the way I have outlined, has emphasized now it was supposed to be and how you and I all of us. We are supposed to strive jointly, that we have rebounded and we have social justice, we strive forward about it. And together with the way we strive for you, but we also strive

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for social justice in our community and society. Then only we can say we are true believers in a true sense of the word. While we will be there together with it will also do that. When we do this together. We will also do a budget and this is the way we are if someone does something good in one field. There is nothing wrong

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complimenting him for that the way in via cream sauce from complimented Hatem Thai because of his generosity.

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And of course, with regard to that we don't know how Allah subhanho wa Taala each and every one of us, we strive to do good. Anybody in social justice, how Allah Allah will deal with people, that is not our responsibility. We are not supposed to judge with regard to it. All we know is this, that we are supposed to strive and that Allah has told us and remember this aspect. How do you think Buhari Sharif that maybe a cream sauce limit said I have not been commanded by Allah subhanho wa Taala. To cut open the hearts of people open their bellies. We are suppose in Islam to deal with a parent. We deal with a parent of a person for example, he says he's a Muslim, we are obliged to regard him as

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such, and we leave it in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala to make judgment, who are we to say whom Allah will forgive whom Allah will not forgive? Who are we to make the judgment with regard to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala is so sensitive in this regard. You know, how did you say a Muslim Hadith in Sahih Muslim Muslim says that one person, he charged another person and said Allah won't forgive that person. And Allah subhanho wa Taala as Ana became enraged, and Allah tala as honor came to the fore and he said, Who is there who makes this decision on my behalf that I won't forgive such a person?

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By my honor, by my honor, I will forgive the person whom this person said I won't forgive. And I will put this person who said I will not forgive him I will put him in jail.

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We don't know brothers even if we're trying to Atmos. We make sure that we reach five times daily Sir, what guarantee do we have in a letter would put us in jail? What guarantee do we have that Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept our good deeds? And how what gives us the right to be able to make this judgment on behalf of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala when Osama bin Zayed was in a better a non Muslim was fighting with him. And he ran away and flee. We fled from the battle. And when you fled from the Petro Osama bin Zayed, cornered him and he said La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah look at the circumstances. It seems apparently that he read the kalama to save his life

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because he was fighting the Muslims and when he was cornered, he said Laila Allah Wa, and that time, Osama bin Zayed killed him. And when the reoccurring sources came to know

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that he killed him, after reciting La ilaha illallah wa sallam rebuke Osama to such an extent that Osama said I wished that the Earth could have opened for me and I could have been swallowed. And he said for holla Shaka culpa, Osama Did you open his heart?

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Did you open his heart to see whether he read Kalima with sincerity or not? Did you open his heart?

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And there are so many examples that maybe occur in Slovenia Solomon Islamism taught us that Bursa the Quran has made mention of the nine super of the Holy Quran, I would be not wrong in saying that perhaps in terms of rebonded very, if ever anyone has made any bad in our mother way, verses are made for so many years he made and then shaytan got hold of him, despite his greatly but he died making sits down in front of the police. And Allah subhanho wa Taala granted forgiveness for a woman who showed compassion to a dog and she gave a dog water to drink Allah like it. Who are we to see? Which did allow a like about someone and Allah will forgive him? And who are we to say that

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something we did in our life that displeased Allah and despite all the way but Allah can reject on our good deeds. We are at the mercy of Allah and we all the time we only make effort hoping and wishing Allah subhana wa Taala will forgive it. That is the reality and that is the reality that we are supposed to do. We are also part and parcel of this

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DNA Hama kissy kissy cabaret man. He asked our iconic ijazat nadian nebia cream sauce lamb Khadija Buddha Allah tala a logo COVID de la kata kata tonic ijazat needy

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Kiss, kiss maka, maka, a Colima Purnima nebia krimson aka here, Attorney Joseph LEE and we are living in a community and society where we interact with people of different faiths on a daily basis.

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You know, what is the right balance with regard to it? How do we deal with them? How do we deal with people of people of different faiths, it's a given that somewhere along the line some people more than others, maybe those who are religious and those who might not be able to deal with non Muslims on a daily basis, but everyone who is in the business field, who is in a professional field, his colleagues, sometimes his business partners, his business people, are people of different faiths. How do you deal with them, we have to get the right balance. What is the right balance, the right balance is we preserve our data. We do not compromise with regard to our beliefs, we carry our Deen

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with pride on our sleeves, we will not compromise we will do what Islam has told us to do with the best in the best way, in the best possible way. In the in the in the way and natella can give us opportunity in different circumstances. In difficult situation, difficult circumstances. Sometimes you might be in an office block, and you might not be able to have make Wazoo in the way you normally make in the office who cannot imagine, but you try you at most, you preserve your deal. And yet at the same time, we also share our experiences and our beauty of our Deen with people of other faiths. Because this is a reality that people have been able to come on Islam, not based on what

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they read in the books, not based on what they they they come with regard to the theory. Most of the people who have accepted Islam has come because of seeing the beauty, the simplicity and the greatness of Islamic conduct after a beer in two years after Arabia, so many people accepted Islam, because they saw the flock of the Sahaba that did not accept Islam in the preceding how many years, almost 90 years of Islamic history. Because of

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you know, this example I heard this from one of our own ama, which is so so apt, you know, when zulekha was enamored by the beauty of Hazzard Yusuf alayhi salatu wa sallam, she was taken aback by the beauty of and she became inclined because of the beauty of Yusuf alayhi salatu salam towards him. And then when the people of the city they started taunting saleha you got in love with your slave, the slave of your husband, you got in love with him. Now what did she do that time? She could have given excuses and said no, he's like this and he's like that and because he's so beautiful, what she did. And then the Holy Quran is made mentioned with firma Samia democra hinda, wa salam,

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ala hinda

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Chico, all of those people who objected towards

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and she called all of them, she put them in a reclining position. kwatak Bulava kena she gave everyone a knife gave something to cut with a knife. And when they were busy cutting, she told you so now make your appearance. Yusuf alayhi salatu salam Kavi for a marina who,

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when they saw Yusuf Ali salam, they said Allah wahconah Harsha de la mahadasha Allah Allah see him this is not a human being in

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such beauty can be the beauty of what beauty they started cutting the fingers zuleika Head Head trust and confidence in the beauty of use of to put the beauty of use have in front of those who objected today, in a similar manner, why can we have confidence in the beauty of Islam and show it to people? The way she silence that detractors, by putting in front of them not giving answers, not giving answers to the objection, just putting forward the beauty of Yusuf Alayhi Salam in front of them and they kept silent and they cut the fingers. Why can't we show the beauty of Islam and have the confidence in the beauty of Islam to show the people?

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an unnecessary type of objections we bring about the after. Mr. Muhammad is to conclude with us when Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Rasul Allah passed away when he

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passed away. The historians have made mentioned that rarely in Islamic history had they been such a big janessa mentioned is made between eighth luck with 13 law between 800,000 to 1.3 million people went to spend to his janazah and do you know what is an amazing thing go and look at the books of history. 20,000 non Muslims accepted Islam on the janaza mama.

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They were just so taken aback by the respect people showed towards your mama when you humble. So our ways will lie lies in our ways. They've got an attraction. But the sad part is we instead of sharing those beautiful aspects and realizing he's got our barrier system itself.

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These people in other faiths who spend 1000s. They are people who from the time they are valuable from the time they are children, they are paying for the funeral expenses in other fields. And this was brought forth when I saw with my own eyes at the time of the burial of Ahmed kathrada. They were saying that, where's your coffins, we pay so much with him. Allah has given us this deal. It is beautiful, it is simple. It is so attractive. Time has come, that we with respect and with dignity, and with the best of Allah we remain firm upon it. And we also share that with the people to be able to see the beauty and that is one season upon which I started off. Who the Hulu filmmaker entail to

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Islam wholeheartedly. milagrosa tofi

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