Akram Nadwi – Which story is the best to follow in the Quran?

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various topics related to Islam, including religion, surgery, Islam, and the success of Islam in certain context. They emphasize the importance of sensitive stories and careful consideration for the purpose of finance businesses. The speaker also mentions the use of "has" in certain context, specifically referring to a slow process of Islam surgery.
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You know, I suppose the thing that really all the revelation You know, there are just you know no doubt about that and then nothing in the revelations which is not at best everything at best, but certainly what happens for the peoples alive you know when people are you know your want to out upon religion not necessarily a very details for you want the best some data just for somebody else not to see this for you to people for ever their own life they should think that it is important for you to understand the context like somebody comes to the person or listen what is the best action for me, they said play on the time somebody has come he said look after your time somebody has come You

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know, do jihad or something like that, you know, we keep changing all other sections, but maybe for some people in certain countries, this one is better. This one is better every time people should think really in this moment in what Allah wants from me, meaning that you cannot follow revelation without mind. Thinking must be there is a blue icon FEMA

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you are you're important you think what is your destiny not Abu hanifa maybe Abu hanifa had to do certain way but you have to do different way to you and America different people thing I must follow Abu hanifa Blondie Abu hanifa followed the best you are not following the best you are offering his best to his best is different from your best so you know send this to that parcel awesome all of not just amazing. But if you're in the same context, but as a whole no doubt really the stories of you Rahim and No. And you know these are the bestest story then after that story, they have a no other profits. They're good. Then after that comes the surface very strong. But people need to think the

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best story must be so sensitive notify the purpose

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is to is to finance the business or in the Quran. The best one is surgery, Brahim on Islam and Islam and people like that. Then after that in some others throws out the profit and then the third one is to refuse for Islam. But in a certain context, Oran measure is a slow process.

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