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continue from where we had left off talking about the Syrah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we are still talking about the situation of Arabia before the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What people believe before the coming of the process is to appreciate the blessings that the prophets or some came with when we understand pre Islam, we will appreciate Islam. Just like we understand opposites when we understand black we understand white when we understand night we understand day we always look at opposites to appreciate each thing we contrast. So when we understand Jah Helia when we understand the idolatry, paganism that was prevalent in pre

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Islam, we will appreciate the blessings that ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah gave through our prophecies and by sending our prophets of Allahu Allah who was sending him to the world. Now we know that every nation had prophets. Allah says in the Quran we're Eman, own mutton Illa Allah via Nigeria, every own Mahara prophet. So the Arabs as well had a prophet. And their prophet was, of course, the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, and his son is married. If the Arabs had a prophet, and if this Prophet is Ibrahim is teaching Tauheed Where did paganism come from? Simple question. Ibrahim is upon Tauheed one God, he doesn't have idols is my one God, where does paganism come from? Our

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Prophet says that I'm told us so then we have a historical fact because the prophets Assam said it. Our Profit System told us when and where paganism began and how it began. Hadith in Sahih. Muslim he said,

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I saw Ahmed ibn Lu Hey, Al Husa. He mentioned one person I met even Aloha Aloha Azhar a wandering around in the fire of hell with his entrails cut open. Behind him is a very severe punishment. I saw I'm going to be able to hail because I've been punished in a humiliating manner. Why? The Prophet says that I'm said he was the first to Bedelia Dina is smile. Notice he said Dean smile is my emails, religion, Ibrahim and is married they had a dean, they had a religion that is Islam. The first person to change it was Ahmed Abdullah, hi, Al Jose. And it is narrated that I'm going to know Hey, traveled to Syria, and Syria they had the family of the Amalekites, the family and the

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Amalekites were mentioned in the Old Testament and they are an ancient civilization. And they are a civilization. The Old Testament calls them of giants, meaning they were tall people, and they had structures and they had a civilization. And when he visited the AMA, the the Arabic is called American English or in western languages called the Amalekites. When he visited the family, he found them worshipping idols, and he found them to be this powerful civilization. So he said, What are these idols? So they said, these are our sources of power. When we're in drought, when we're in hunger when the enemy attacks, we pray to these idols and miracles happen. So he said, Can you give

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me one of these idols, I'll bring it back home, I want to take it back. So they gave him an idol by the name of hobo. Now, the point being that Ahmed Abdullah hate brought back to this hotel, and he put it in front of the camera, and this was the first time that paganism started. So there are some books of history that mentioned that Shavon inspired ie through a dream through whispering to Ahmed Abdullah hate the names of the original idols that first began idolatry on this earth. And these are names mentioned in the Quran. How did idolatry began? Allah mentions in the Quran, the people of North were the first people to invent idolatry will call you that. They had to come. Walter Aruna.

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What then what are Swan Walla? Yehudah? Why are why Nossal five names. And even Abbas mentions the story. And this is you can imagine this is at a time when there's only one village on Earth. There's only one civilization and these five people complicated names, but these are the original men what sua yo yo Canossa these five people were righteous men, good people, and when they died, the people built

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Images, statues, icons of them, to remind them of their piety. And slowly but surely as generations kept on going, instead of just looking at the statue to be reminded of the piety, they began worshipping the statue as a stepping stone, as Shavon used it. So it is said that shaitan inspired Ahmed Abdullah, hey, to resurrect these five idols, another Sahaba, who accepted Islam abroad, and authority, a Buddha to authority mentioned that before Islam came, we used to worship rocks and stones. And it is a Muslim, we used to worship rocks and stones. And if we found a rock that looked more beautiful than the rock, we were worshiping, we would throw that rock away and put the other

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rock in his place.

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And if we were traveling in the desert, and we couldn't find a rock, listen to this, we would gather some sand, put it into a pile, bring a goat, squeeze some milk out of it to make the sand firm, and then do pour off around that sand.

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Now, one of the most disgusting stories to be honest,

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is that a novella and I serve now in our staff, now ILA and our staff were two idols. Now, Ada was put on sofa and our staff was put on Marwa. And so the Quraysh one they did go off, they will touch now Ella and our staff when they're going back and forth. When Islam came.

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The Muslims felt hesitant. How can we do say, when it's meant to commemorate now Illa and Assaf so Allah revealed in the Quran, the verses that we all know in NA Safa, well, Murata min SHA, Allah, Safa and Marwah are wholly before not at NSF were put there Safa and Marwa from the signs of Allah before now in an ACEF ever came. Safa and Marwa are from the signs of Allah, so whoever does hedge, then let him there is no sin on you. If you do throw off a sigh between them, there is no sin, meaning don't feel guilty. There is no evil in software and hardware. What is not in an ACEF Isha says that since we were children, we were hearing the story of night and as of the legends that they

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have not eaten Assaf, may Allah forgive us for even narrating such disgusting things. But this is what the books of history say they were two lovers male and female. Now in an accept the surface, the male and the female, there were two lovers, and they could not find a place to be intimate because they were not married,

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except the interior of the cabin.

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So they consummated the romance inside the Kappa. And as a punishment, Allah destroyed them and solidified and petrified them right then in there.

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Now when the courage came across them, they actually took them as a miracle.

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And they put these two on Safa and Marwa and that is why the Muslims are how can we do say between Safa and Marwa? So Allah said, Look, Safa and Marwah have nothing to do with not either, and I serve. So this is the story of Joseph again, it shows you the paganism that the gyri Arabs were upon.

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And we also know that when the Prophet SAW Selim conquered Makkah, they were around 360 Idols around the Kaaba 360 idols of various shapes and sizes, some idols were in the shape of full humans, somewhere in the shape of animals, most of them were in the shape of half human, half animal. And, you know, to this day, the children's fairy tales, half horse and half, you know, human and half lion, just like the sphinx of Egypt, or, you know, the the centaurs, this type of theology, we read in the books of history, that most of these idols were humanoid, a little bit of human, a little bit of animal, and they would then put these, these statues around the gab, also we learned that the

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Quraysh had the theology that Allah has daughters, and that these daughters are his angels. And they would worship the angels, they would worship the angels thinking that these are the daughters of Allah. So they would consider the angels to be the daughters of Allah. Now, the Arabs did not have a specified theology, they didn't have a creed. You know, we as Muslims, we have a creed, we believe in Allah and the angels a day of judgment, call that we have a creed, but the one thing that they all agreed upon, is that we need to worship these idols to come closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. They have some form of idolatry. Does this mean that the entire society was idolatrous? No. history

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records that there were some exceptions to this rule.

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mentioning that in this dismal darkness, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent, and that is exactly what Allah says in the Quran that the processing says in a hadith that Allah in Arabi, Amarante Lima Kumar Jaya Hillstone mimma Alemany Yomi hada. My Lord has commanded me to teach you that which you are ignorant of. And then he says, and before His coming, we're in Allah to Allah Nava Illa. Out of the Mercato home How about whom ye Gemma whom Ill

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Will Kitab the hadith is and Muslims a Muslim, Allah looked at the whole world

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and he despised everyone. Nakata home is more than carry her home Mr. Schad did Cara hides the most harshest he despised them because of idolatry because of Jehovah because of paganism for Nakata home. Ill except for Buckeye, or some remnants of the People of the Book. The teachers of Sandman right, these are the only people in La Jolla, Minneapolis kita. So the Profit System is describing how the world was and that is why we call it Jaya Helia otter Jae Hee Leah, and with the coming of the Prophet system, there will never be another Jahai Leah and that is why Allah calls the prophets of salaam Nora, and Allah calls him Rama to lil Alameen. Because after the coming of the process in

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him, there is never going to be that type of Jaha Lea. And this shows us that a number of benefits and assessor Shall we conclude, number one, the first really major benefit from all of this. And I want you to understand this point because Wallahi it is so essential, living in the current climate where our religion is being bombarded by foreign ideas by alien concepts we're being told we have to reform completely and change our tradition. Number one,

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guidance only comes from Allah.

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Not from our intellect, not from our philosophy, not from our rationalization. The world did not have a prophet or messenger for hundreds of years from the time of Isa till the time of the process of what happened. No philosopher could conceive of the truth, no theologian, no intellectual could guide mankind.

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Allah revealed the Quran to the Prophet system and then hedaya came the Quran is the hedaya. The Prophet system is the new rule. The Quran is the Shiva. Without Allah's guidance, there is no guidance. And why is this important? Because modern mankind believes that guidance is the cumulative experience of what we've done. We keep on modifying we keep on adopting, we keep on changing what is haram today will become Halal tomorrow. What is halal to become haram tomorrow. Our grandfathers thought this was not cool. We think it is cool. So be it is cool. We're progressive. We need to understand very firmly here. Our guidance is the Quran and Sunnah and that is the ultimate guidance.

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We're not going to change the Quran and Sunnah according to the whims of the society according to the tastes and the culture of our generation, no eternal truth. If mankind could not achieve guidance until Allah revealed it, then how can we and if our Prophet system Allah says in the Quran, what will the other cabal learn for her? He could not be guided until Allah gave him the hedaya and Allah says in the Quran, remark Quinteto editie multitap what an imam you didn't know this is addressed to the process and what was the book what was emaan until we gave you the Quran, our resources and I'm sitting in Hara Hara as we're going to come to next week. He did not know ultimate

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truth until Gibreel came down. Is anybody going to claim that modern philosophers are better than our prophets, Islam, that modern ethicists and and more or less theologians and whatnot can just sit there in a room and contemplate and then come forward with how men should live? No. Allah says, I will sign on you and your trucker Sudha we're the ones we're going to tell you how to live your life. The second point of benefit, we'll just mention through you have to initiate the second point of benefit. We really understand Subhanallah that most of mankind are like sheep, and that they follow whatever the leaders say, look at the kurush they knew that this is not the religion of

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Ibrahim, but because everybody's doing it is just too difficult to break away. Deep down inside they know something is wrong. But when all of society is doing a sin in a vise, it's easy to follow. Allah says in the Quran, warmer UK Thoreau Nasi wallow hosta be more meaning most of mankind even if you want them, they're not going to be believers. And Allah says in the Quran, if you follow the majority of mankind, they will lead you astray. majority wants to follow desires. We have to be very frank here. Then

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majority of mankind wants to be animalistic, hedonistic. They don't want Shetty, they don't want law. They just want to follow their desires. And Allah says, No, we have Allah. And that law will tell you how to be a better human. And the final point that will benefit and inshallah will conclude for this week, the story of Solomon tells us and say that I'm going to fail tells us a beautiful fact. Whoever is sincere, will be guided.

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If there's good, and there's sincere sincerity, it doesn't matter if you're living in Jeconiah. It doesn't matter if you're in a pagan society in Iran. It doesn't matter if you're surrounded by idols. If your heart is pure, and you have truth and you want to know the truth, Allah will guide you to the truth. Allah took some manual Farsi out of the depths of Jah Helia in a land which was not even a Christian land. And one by one he came closer to the truth until Allah subhana wa Tada brought him right in front of the feet of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when we show sincerity to Allah, Allah shows Rama and guidance

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