Mufti Menk – Tafseer Lesson – Surah 6 Verse 91

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The history and context of Islam are discussed, including the origin of Surah Tula Nam and the "we" of the time. The "we" and "we" of the time are also discussed, as they relate to the "we" of the time. The "has been revealed" and "has been revealed" verses of the book Makkah are discussed, as they confirm the truth of Islam. The use of shaytan and protecting one's prayer are also discussed, along with the importance of acceptance of Islam as a Christian. The "has been revealed" and "has been revealed" verses of the book Mak forever are also discussed, as they confirm the truth of Islam. The "has been revealed" and "has been revealed" verses of the book Mak forever are also discussed, as they confirm the truth of Islam. The "has been revealed" and "has been revealed" phrases used during interactions with the community are also discussed.
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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we commence always In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless the household of Rasulullah. Salaam, his companions to bless every one of us and to grant us all goodness, my beloved brothers and sisters.

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The verses that we will be going through this evening are from Surah Tula Nam, a surah. That was revealed in Makkah to Makkah Rama. And very quickly, one of the main differences of

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the verses or the sutras that were reviewed in Makkah, from those that were revealed in Medina, is that in Makkah, they primarily dealt with subjects connected to belief, belief in Allah, his qualities belief in the hereafter belief in the fire, Heaven and *, belief,

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all the aspects of belief. And yes, it had a little bit more as well response to some of the questions that had arisen a bit of encouragement, because of the time that the Muslims were facing great difficulty warnings to those who are harming the Muslim in how war would take place should take place, etc. In fact, the details of the war came in Madina munawwara. And a very interesting fact is, the West is known as the Mackie versus are connected to the pre hegira time, not necessarily those verses that were revealed in Makkah, because some of them were revealed in Makkah after the hegira.

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So if it was revealed after Hitler, it's known as madonie. This was Amanda naevus. It's the era it's the Moroccan period, and the Medina period. So the reason I start with the small introduction is because the verses we have this evening are powerful, better, unique. You and I were created by Allah, we have no option but to return to the same Allah, there's no option, no chance, no matter who you are, even if you've never seen a war in your life, you've never had a sickness in your life. You've never ever had a problem in your life, you still want to return to Allah, this evening in Salah Malaysia, verses that were read connected to a very wealthy person, he had almost everything

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in terms of wealth more than so many more than all at the time perhaps. And what happened is, Allah still took him away Subhana Allah, he had to still return to Allah. So it's a lesson for all of us, those who are powerful, those who are wealthy those who are not. For those who are powerful and wealthy, they need to know Allah is telling them this is not going to last. And for those who are sick or sickly, or going through difficulty and hardship, the same thing is being told to them, this is not going to last. So hon Allah Subhana Allah What an amazing way Allah Subhana Allah, Allah has created us. So Allah is speaking about the status and the value of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is the

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highest, whether you acknowledge it or not, it's not going to reduce the value of Allah. If you do not acknowledge the status of Allah, guess what, you're still going to return to Him. And if you've acknowledged it, you will still return to Him. The difference is when you acknowledge the status of Allah and you have tried your best to develop that relationship with Allah to make peace with Allah, you look forward to the day you're going to meet with him. You look forward. That Hadith says man I have been Allah, Allah Holika. Whoever is looking forward with love to the meeting with Allah, Allah is looking forward with love to meet him or her to me, Allah make us from among those, you looking

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forward to meeting with Allah, Allah says, Well, I'm looking forward to meeting with him to Subhana Allah. So this year, this

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is showing us that those who have not acknowledged the status of Allah subhanho wa Taala, it has not affected Allah.

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It has not affected Allah in any way. In fact, it has damaged them. It has made their value lower, they will lose their contentment. They won't know where they're going. They won't know why things are affecting them. A true believer, when goodness comes in his direction, Who does he think? He thinks a lot because the day he came on to the earth, he had nothing. You know, they say it's amazing. If you look at it this way.

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What ever you have is from Allah such that when you came onto the earth, you had nothing you came naked. Even the clothes that were put on you were put on you. They were not yours Subhanallah they became yours. So no one can say I came to the earth

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I had nothing. As soon as you came, there was something you had. You were breathing, you were there, Allah provided something for you. Some have more, some have less, some don't have what they want, so they're depressed, and some don't have necessity, but they're still happy. Look at how it works. So Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the people of the time. The people have the books, some of them as well as the pagans of Makkah. Those who used to say things against Allah, what was one of the statements they said? They said, Revelation, Allah will not reveal to a man How can Allah reveal to someone? How can book a book come down to someone revelation? What claim is that Allah won't reveal

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a book to Mohammed Salah Salah Who was he stuff Allah, look at the statement. So Allah says Rama de la haka de, if carlu manzanilla, who unabashedly Michi they indeed did not

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respect or grant Allah subhanho wa Taala. They did not acknowledge the status of Allah subhanho wa Taala, when they made the statement, that Allah did not reveal anything to a human being.

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When they said that they did not they were not acknowledging the status of Allah, they were

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putting a blemish, should I say, in that status of Allah trying to nothing's going to harm Allah.

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Those who made the statement they've already died, so Han Allah, they didn't live for more than a few years. Did it help them? No, we are here 14 130 something years later, or 40 years later or more, because this was in Makkah. And we are talking about those who lived

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not decades ago, centuries back Subhan Allah and Allah is saying, Look, they didn't acknowledge the status of Allah. I want to raise a question from myself for us. Will we not be from among those who acknowledge the status of Allah?

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Will we not acknowledge we have acknowledged that this revelation is from him? It's not enough to just say yes, it's from Allah and then leave it aside. Let's do something to learn to learn more. So Allah says they did not acknowledge the status of Allah subhanho wa Taala, when they made such blasphemous statements from their mouths, saying that you know, what? They, Allah didn't reveal upon a human anything. So Allah says, tell them, what about the book that was revealed to Musa Moses May peace be upon him who revealed that? You see from among them, there were those who believed in the Torah. They believe that was from Allah, if you believe that Torah was from Allah, and it was

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revealed to the Prophet Moses, may peace be upon him, why don't you believe in the Quran, and the fact that Allah could reveal and he has reviewed and read it, and check it and compare the two and you will see that it's from the same source and in fact, you will see that this one has actually come with versus confirming what was in that one.

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So this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says, lol kita, Bella deja vu Moosa asked him who revealed the Book that Prophet Moses peace be upon him came with Who was it? What was in the book, Allah says, neuron, wha hoo done leanness.

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In that book, what was there, there was light, there was guidance for the people who revealed that book. As for you, Allah is saying, you make it into pages, you have jotted it down, and you show some of it and you hide a lot of it. Because in those scriptures was confirmation of those who were to come thereafter. So what people do, they show you what they want, what they don't want, they'll hide it. Sometimes they've hidden more than they've shown.

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A lot of the times, unfortunately, and we have to talk about this. When people try to create hatred against Islam and the Muslims, they show you a few verses of the Quran. And they tell you look, this has hate in it. They don't talk about context, because every verse should be understood in the context of its revelation. Yes, rules and regulations shall be extracted, but within the context of revelation by the experts of that extraction, but by every Tom, Dick and Harry,

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but they will not show you the other verses 1000s of them, that have confirmed the peace, the goodness, the beautiful teachings and so on, they will pick on three or four things and they will show that to the world as though the Quran only has four or five verses in it. And that's it.

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If you were to Google verses of hating the Bible, of verses of hate in the Jewish scriptures, or verse, verses of hate in the Torah, Talmud, etc, you will be shocked but we are convinced that those verses are also understood in a context in a context that people may not know if they were to just see the verse

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Subhan Allah, but people are quick to look at the Quran and say, You know what, that's the book The Quran.

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has in it far less that can be questioned, in order to achieve clarification than any other book. It's the book of Allah clear, very easy to understand, yes, there are certain verses in it that will need explanation. And the experts will be able to explain them. But we must know that the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala, is filled with goodness. And we believe in that book. So Allah says, If masala is Salam received the book, and you've read it, you've seen it, or even if you haven't, but you've acknowledged it, then you acknowledge this one as well. It's part of the same.

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So Allah says, to do, what to funa kathira you actually show show and hide a lot of it. A lot of it is hidden. You don't want to show people this this verse. No, no, no, it's not a take it should hide it behind your back. So Allah says, only to marlim Talamo and Wallah, you have been taught that which neither you know your forefathers have known so much Allah has taught us, you know, who is Allah, his names, his qualities, the Hereafter, the prophecies, what is going to happen, what has already come already prophesized so many things and on top of that, they were there is so much that Allah has taught us through revelation, we should be thankful. Look at the do's and don'ts of a

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Muslim are in place in order to ensure that you lead a pure, clean, beautiful life. That's why the rules are their content, happy, healthy, focused, and going into the hereafter having fulfilled the purpose of your existence on Earth, in a way that you have pleased a lot and you've succeeded in the hereafter. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Padilla, the question was, who revealed the Book to Moses? The answer is, tell them it was Allah, the same Allah who revealed the Koran.

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And then Allah says, You know what, their home we hope to him, yes, a boon, they will probably be lie, they will probably deny, they will probably be, you know, indulging in their amusement and play, Allah says, leave them, let them indulge, you tell them what's right, let them indulge, after that Allah will deal with them. So Allah, our duty is to convey the message clearly Rama la nylund Bella will move in

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our duty is none other than to convey the message clearly.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for all of us to understand this, and to be able to practice upon the goodness of conveying the message as clearly as possible. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, wahaca kita Bonanza now mobarak. And this is the book this book,

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we have revealed it it is blessing the blessing book.

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methodically by God, it has confirmed that which came before it, it has confirmed the Injeel it has confirmed the Torah. It has confirmed the song of Ibrahim and Musa, the Psalms of David and so on. All of this is confirmed in the book.

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There is no

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negation. And there is no contradiction within the Quran. When it comes to the pure, Christine original scripts of that which was revealed in the past.

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belief was always in one Allah, belief in the angels belief in the last day, belief in the books, belief in good and bad faith that it comes from the almighty belief in the messengers all this was part and parcel of the message from the beginning, it was always the same, man was always the same. Yes, sometimes a few rules and regulations change because of the time the times.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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over and above this book being that which confirms what was revealed before it, it also has in it a warning for who

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between zero Malcorra so that you are Mohamed Salah Salem can warn the mother of all cities which city was that? city of Mecca, was known as Omen, Cora

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Cora, the mother of cities. in that region, it was the big city. There were two big cities there MK and five. And this is why the co founder of Makkah, they said Lola lucilla has an allergy liminal Korea teeny Aleem. Why did Allah not reveal this Quran? To a big person from these two cities? Why did he choose someone who was an orphan etc, etc. And Allah says we give virtue to whomsoever we wish, Subhana Allah, it doesn't mean the rich are going to be the bias as well. It doesn't mean the famous are also going to be the bias as well. Mostly you might find, meaning those who are they would be fortunate, but mostly you find those who are downtrodden.

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They except more readily because they have less to change in life.

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When a man is earning haram 100,000 every month, and you tell him brother, this is haram. So keep on keep on saying it's okay. But when the guy is earning $10, haram will probably tell you you're throwing it away, it was easier.

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So it becomes more difficult to change your whole life. That's why

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one of the incidents were one of the rules was asking the some of the power of MCC, among whom Abou soufiane was at the time. He was asking him who follows this man what type of people follow him. So he said, You know what? The poor, those who are low in society and community follow in greater number. He said, Well, that's it. That's that's the same that's been happening with all the messengers Subhan Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us acceptance, you know, we have an issue with ourselves, which is not a bad thing. It's actually a good thing. But it's worth pondering. We always want the best of both. And if there's three we want the best of all three would

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say well give us this as well. We want the guidance, but make us the wealthiest at the same time. May Allah grant us goodness, it's not wrong to say that. But that's just the nature of humankind. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us Baraka in our wealth. And may He also grant us goodness in our Deen and in our relationship with him, I mean, so Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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to warn the people of Makkah and those around so it started off in Makkah and those around look where it beamed today, all the four corners of the globe. Subhan Allah. Allah says when Medina you may not be accurate, he may not be as for those who believe in the Hereafter, they believe in this revelation. And they believe in Allah, they believe in the Quran Subhana Allah, wa home and one of their qualities is Allah salata him you have his own, they protect their prayers. What is the meaning of protecting your prayer? You make sure you don't let go of it. You see the word protecting prayer is so powerful. It gives us the understanding that we need to save guardi because shaytan

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wants to * it. I have five prayers a day hold them hold them tight. Because you know what if one is snatched or you didn't protect your prayer shavon took one away from you. Shut down to the other one away from you. Did you protect your prayer? The answer is at the end of the day if you did all five you say yes I did. Mashallah, you did well. So those who believe in Allah, they protect their prayer. They don't allow shaytan to * one away two away. You ask someone you realize, yeah, I make two a day. I say two a day, okay. We don't want to discourage you but we want you to know that that's not good enough. May Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthen us so imagine when Allah

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says Allah Salah to him, you have a home this is not the only place in the Quran, he uses the word halal. And you know this protection when it comes to Salah. People understand it in different ways. I've just given you an example to try and visualize it to say look, look after it because it's it can be stolen, so protected.

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Then Allah says, Now, before I translate the next verse, let me explain something they were people now that the verses were revealed to Muhammad Rasul Allah, and he started reading the verses. Some of those who didn't want to accept what did they say? They said, jabril came to me too. I also got vs come Let me show you and they started reading verses and saying things and those things had no meaning. They were they were made the laughingstock of

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people laughed at them. One of them was masala later on, and there were so many others, so many others at all different times. This verse applies to all of them. Allah says Who is there more oppressive than the one who fabricates against Allah ally? Or he says, Revelation has come to me and no revelation came to him. So Han Allah, Allah has inspired me through revelation, and no, so to fabricate a lie against Allah, there is nothing more oppressive than that. You can lie about what that man said and what this guy said, falsely accused, someone does all big crimes, major sins, but when you start lying against Allah, now you're playing a totally different ballgame. You are

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somewhere else, because Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is all powerful, all able, you are temporary with the wrong person. Imagine this a powerful person who you have witnessed how he has, you know, destroyed others. You wouldn't even mess with him. Not at all. This is not a powerful person. You're talking of your Creator, the one whom you have no option but to return to you Don't play games with him. You don't lie against him. Yes, if you have committed a sin, with all humbleness and humility, you admit it and you say, Well, I was weak. It's my human nature. That's a quality of a believer. He does not commit to sin out of defiance of Allah. Never. He doesn't say, Oh Allah, you made this

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heroin. I'm going to do it to show you you can't do anything to me. It's not for the law. No believer does that. When the

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person commits a sin as a believer. One of the signs that he is a believer is the fact that he knows it's a sin. He doesn't like it. He's doing it out of human weakness. And immediately he repents to Allah and he regrets it.

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But when someone has defiance, may Allah subhanho wa Taala never make us from those, you are committing a sin, you are lying you are against Allah against others, whatever else you are doing, and you are trying to think to yourself and say also sometimes what you're going to do to me what you're going to do to me as law,

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Allah says, Wait, we'll see. Let's see what happens. We give you a chance. People ask why doesn't Allah automatically immediately punished him imagine you lie, you get a slap, lie another one, you get a slap? Well, then what's the point of belief because then it's happening almost instantly. Allah says, we give you a chance, we give you respect. Let's see if you can come. It's part of your test. That's why on earth, so Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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and also from among those who are oppressive, and who fall into the category of those who are talking about just now, the one who says,

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I will send down similar to that I will reveal similar to that which Allah has revealed. That's even worse. Allah revealed the Quran, wait, I'm going to come with him with my own Quran. So Allah says that is very oppressive. And then something Allah says thereafter that can actually shake us. All those who make those big, big statements against Allah, what happens to them at the end, we said it earlier, they die, they've died and they will die and they do die and they shall die. And when they die, what happens? no one hears about them. They can't talk. They are not there. Where did they go? They went back to where they came from, where did they come from? Allah. So they come back to Allah.

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So Allah says, oh, now let's talk to you.

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Let's remind you now, what did you use to say you used to lie against us? You used to say Allah didn't reveal anything. Then you came out and said Allah revealed to me when you came out and said I'm revealing something similar to Allah. Allah says Allah Ta Ala Moana fee cammarata note.

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Look, if you were to if you were able to see those oppressors, those wrongdoers, such as those we've mentioned just now, and even others who have done wrong, Allah says, at the moment of the death at the moment that death comes to them, that particular moment of hardship, the pangs of death. And you see, well, mala ketubah to ID him, you know, the angels with their arms stretched up, calling out to them to say what a three two and four second that that soul come out. It's a call coming on at the soul come up, the soul comes out. So Allah says,

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a leiomyoma to juzo Narada balloony

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On this day, you shall taste you shall be recompensed actually, with the punishment that is disgraceful. Why disgraceful. You thought you could disgrace Allah that can't happen, you will be disgraced.

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So today you will taste a disgraceful punishment as a recompense the makuta coluna Allah

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because you used to fabricate against Allah without the truth, no truth at all. What come to mind it could be wrong. And you used to deny the verses of Allah out of arrogance and pride. When someone comes in tell you you know, Fear Allah Allah says this, you say what fear what Allah What did he say? That's what people say. Today, people who claim to be Muslims, they say this, when you tell them you know, Allah said this, they say, keep quiet. I don't want to hear I know better than you. You know better than Who? It's a verse of Allah. So sometimes it's best to just nod your head out of weakness, and to say just a caliphate or even if you're silent, it's better than being disrespectful

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to Allah. Don't make the mistake of uttering against Allah any word because then you are playing with the wrong fire. Subhana Allah that fire is everlasting.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says thereafter, this is the last verse we will end with the de challah reminder for all of us.

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welaka to Muna Florida. This is like an address to the people

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addressed to the people

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in the hereafter the Day of Judgment, Allah says and even just after the people have died

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in the Hereafter, at any given stage, that Allah wills

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and Allah is addressing the people saying you know what?

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You have now come to us, single, alone. You're just you and us than you are alone. SubhanAllah Think about it. We've been to the graveyard here several times, I'm sure right. The person who had family

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Brothers perhaps sisters that he was popular or she was popular in society, friends and everything else, what happens? The whole community comes and takes them to a to the grave once they bury them, what happens to the rest of the community? Come back? Does anyone just go and sit around and have a cup of tea? They buy the graveyard? Not at all. So who's there? Well, that person is now with Allah in a totally different world that we don't even know details about, besides a small portion that Allah has explained to us. That's it.

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So Allah says, Ah, you came now alone. Now you're alone. When naka de tuna ferrata, now you have come to us a non commercial.

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Just like we created you in the first place. That's how you've come back to us. Imagine where were we prior to our souls being blown into the wombs of our mothers, where we were prior to that, where were we? Allah knows. We don't have the capacity to even think of that. And man thinks his brain is a big deal. man thinks his brain is a big deal when no man on earth can ever remember the moment he was born.

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Forget about prior to that. So we will you with such a sophisticated brain. You can't even remember the time you were in the womb of your mother. Even though nowadays people can take photos of you. They can take scans and they can show you this is you and this was you you say I can't even believe I was in there.

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And so can allow man wants to become argumentative. Allah says Ah, now you've come to us all alone just like you were prior before when we made you the first time Come on, Hakuna

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Matata to Muhammad Nakamura everything we gave you on the earth, we left it behind your backs are gone. So what did Allah give you? Firstly, your father your mother, your brothers, your sisters, your family every person that was around you Oh, you left them behind. On top of that the gifts Allah give your money your wealth, your authority your looks your what your What? Everything

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you make up sorry to say that everything is gone. Your watches your phone's gone. Everything's Allah says, Dr. Maha Voila. Kumara hora community realized we left everything. It's gone. It's gone. Finished. You have come here alone. What did you bring? think, oh, man, the only thing you're going to take to Allah is your deeds, nothing else. Nothing will lie. The only thing that Allah will judge you by is the green heart that you had. Those are the ones who are going to be very, very content on that day and happy that cleanliness of the heart commences with the worshipping of the maker alone.

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When Allah says can boon Salim he's talking of a pure heart, no sickness, no disease, firstly, and worshipping my maker alone, that's a sign that it's not a diseased heart. Thereafter, I have this heart that fulfills the duties that I have respecting others reaching out to them and so on. There is the rights of the Almighty and the rights of the creatures of the same Almighty all this needs to be fulfilled. How did you treat the animals? Did you throw stones at the dogs that will harm you?

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Now Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease so Allah says, You left everything behind you have come.

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And then Allah says something even more powerful. Why? mana Rama kosha como La Nina.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:36

Shoraka. We don't see with you those intercessors that you claimed were partners with Allah who would be able to help you today? Where are they?

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That's a very powerful verse. This verse is actually one of the most powerful verses when it comes to protecting ourselves from associating any form of partnership with Allah. Because the question Ally's asking you here Hey, you said this person will need to see that one only to see this person is a partner with Allah that one's gonna write me a kitty and the little note and put it in the grave and say this is our man jabril don't travel impolite people are doing it. The last I found a man telling me we pay 25,000 us we get a paper and it's in our and we know we're going to heaven. I said that 25,000 USD is actually a joke. It's a joke. Even that won't help you. piece of paper.

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Allah says, read these verses of surah Langham, read them. Verse number 94. Don't make a mistake, and check it out. Allah says you've you've come along, it's you and I.

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Yes, Mohammed salatu salam will intercede on behalf of those who try their best to follow him. Definitely that is mentioned in Revelation. Allah has spoken about it in different ways. And that the Hadith of the Prophet Salam has explained it to us that too, which allows permission through which it will happen.

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There's a hadith which says those who the prophets are Salaam intercedes for Allah will accepted but they will

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Be some who would have cheated and deceived and Allah may decide not this one and the professor Salam will be asking why not? According to one narration, it's a good explanation. So I mentioning it. He says, You don't know what they did after you, they turned on their backs and they didn't follow Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us the intercession of Mohammed Salah, Salah on the day of piano.

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So this is the beautiful verse where Allah says ma naramata Can we don't see with you, those who you claimed would help you now today between us, they themselves need help. They need help. So Allah so Allah is saying, Look at

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that connection today is cut between you and them. It's just between you and us. Allah Allah

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between you it has been cut Babylon C'mon

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on whatever you used to imagine and believe, whatever you used to think whatever you used to claim, all of that is lost. It's all lost. So these are the verses May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us goodness inshallah next week, we will continue further into Rotterdam until then, a kuqali Hadassah Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina, Muhammad Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Hama, vmdk shadow Allah Allah Allah

Tafseer Lesson, Surah 6 V 91, 22/03/2019

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