Mufti Menk – Why did Allah Almighty do that?

Friday Lecture, Topic: Why did Allah Almighty do that?

The Christchurch Mosque Tragedy. Cyclone Idai that wiped out almost 90% of Mozambique. Why did these things happen? More importantly, the question on most person’s tongue is – why did Allah allow this to happen?

What happened was not Allah’s doing. Rather it was the result  of man’s actions. We brought it on ourselves. Climate change is the direct result of man’s actions. The killing of 50 persons in Christchurch is again a man’s act.

So the question is not to ask Allah ‘Why’. The correct question to ask is ‘Why not’.

Why shouldn’t the cyclone have happened when we have depleted the ozone layer,  filled the air with greenhouse gases, filled the land with murderous chemicals?

Why shouldn’t the man have murdered 50 people in cold blood when we as Muslims have not educated society that Islam is about unity of the community,  love for your neighbours, respect for all persons, regardless of race and religion?

Our assistance to others is relative to our capacity but what matters is we must reach out. For the mukmin and the believer, our difficulties bring us closer to Allah. For the future reverts, our actions in the face of these difficulties is what brings to them knowledge and understanding and compassion.

So listen to the beloved Sheikh as he informs us of the Mercy of Allah that brings us closer to Him when He takes something away from our lives.